A dream about skydiving will probably leave you feeling uneasy and fearful of the future.

As for the significance, it can either be an ill omen or a harbinger of positive happenings depending on the dream details and real-life circumstances. 

So, if you are looking for assistance to help you interpret a similar dream, consider going through the article. 

Dream About Skydiving - Plots & Their Meanings
Dream About Skydiving – Plots & Their Meanings

What Does It Mean To Have A Dream Of Skydiving?

Skydiving in the dream world is closely associated with risk-taking, danger, excitement, and fear. However, various other skydiving dream scenarios indicate letting go of something. In certain cases, such a plot can also be a sign that your goals and aspirations are too high and unrealistic.

Skydiving is an extreme sport where you jump out of an aircraft or something similar putting your life on the line.

Considering that, the dream means you have or are planning to take a gigantic risk in your waking life.

On the surface, the risk may seem kind of thrilling but your dream wants you to remind yourself of the consequences. However, there’s more –  

  • Willing to take risks

It means you are willing or trying to take up risks in the real world.

As to why the scenario happened, your subconscious may be advising you not to take up too much on your shoulder without thinking about the consequences. 

  • Letting go of control

When we skydive, we literally give up control. Considering that, the dream denotes that you have let go of your control over a matter or someone you have been clinging to.

  • Fear

Fear is another common symbol of skydiving dreams.

If your near ones or certain situations are compelling you to confront one of your fears, a skydiving dream can surface in your sleep state. 

  • A need to surpass yourself

It can mean you need to leave your present self for something better. Take the dream as an encouragement to explore new realms of life.

  • High ideals

Skydiving can also mean your goals and aspirations are too high to the point of them becoming unrealistic. 

  • Freedom

One of the most common traits among people who skydive is that they have a thirst for freedom.

Similarly, the plot denotes you expect or desire more freedom to pursue your life goals. 

  • Problems 

It is often associated with problems that you cannot afford to leave unresolved. To lessen the damage, your subconscious urges you to solve it at the earliest. 

  • Trust

It is also symbolic of trust. If that resonates, the scenario indicates you trust yourself and your near ones enough to attempt something immensely dangerous. 

  • Danger

The spectacle denotes a situation in your waking life that has dangerous elements that you may or may not be able to eliminate. In this case, the dream advises you to weigh the pros and cons of the whole matter. 

Various Dream Plots of Skydiving & Its Meanings

A dream about going skydiving

The first thing you need to recall is how the parachute floats in the sky. Did it go down smoothly or was it a bumpy flight

In the case of the former, the spectacle denotes you have good people around you. 

On the other hand, the spectacle can be symbolic of your exceedingly high morals, principles, and ambitions. If you do have set high goals, in reality, try asking yourself if they seem realistic and achievable. 

Besides, it can also mean you are looking for ways to incorporate more fun and excitement into your life. 

Becoming a skydiver in a dream

Based on the plot, you have taken up too many risks and responsibilities without even thinking about the consequences.

Note that if you fail to live up to your commitments and others’ expectations, you will eventually lose people’s trust and loyalty. 

A dream about skydiving from a airplane

The scenario foretells a potential trip to a distant land. 

Skydiving off the cliff

It is an ill omen. Most likely you will receive a piece of unpleasant news shortly. 

Parachute not working and getting stuck mid-air

It represents your unwillingness to seek help even when you desperately need it. 

In the same scenario, if you were able to fix the parachute and land safely, the dream symbolizes your ability to take care of your problems efficiently without relying on others. 

Skydiving and falling due to the failure of your parachute

The scenario is symbolic of your powerlessness in a certain matter. Also, the dream hints at feelings of hatred and resentment after being let down by people you trust. 

Seeing a parachute at home

Assuming you do not own a parachute, the spectacle tells that you are an unsocial person.

It can be a lack of trust, timidness, or shyness on your part but whatever the reason is, you are not a social butterfly

Alternatively, the spectacle may indicate something completely different from what we have stated above.

Your parachute failed to open

It reflects your fear and helplessness. The fear might have stemmed from your belief that a dear one who is supposed to be with you during your tough days has abandoned you. 

The spectacle also denotes putting all your hopes and faith into something that will not reap any reward. 

Experiencing trouble while skydiving

As per the scenario, you are likely to face threats in the foreseeable future. The dream advises you to act with caution.

Jumping/ Skydiving without a parachute and landing recklessly

Based on the plot, your mind is in a state of utter chaos. Most likely, you are filled with skepticism regarding an event that will take place soon.

In this case, your dream may be telling you to calm down your mind. 

Parachuting and skydiving

Encountering such a spectacle shows you are having a tough time in the real world. 

Another meaning of the dream is that you are either escaping from problems or concealing them under the rug instead of solving them. 

Most likely, the dream happened, reminding you to take care of your problems that need immediate attention. 

Skydiving and losing control

According to the plot, you are pushed into a situation where you are given no room to say anything or back out. 

Falling while skydiving

It is an ill omen and generally, the spectacle is associated with health problems. Alternatively, it can be hinting at a sickness you are not yet aware of, urging you to take up the necessary steps before the disease progresses. 

Someone else skydiving

It indicates you will do everything in your power to protect yourself, your people, and all that is rightfully yours.

Negatively, the scenario is a sign that you are jealous of other people’s accomplishments. 

Another approach to the dream is that you do not get along very well with your people, perhaps due to your own wrongdoings. 

Seeing a flight of skydivers

The dream is symbolic of the dreamer’s jealousy of other people’s successful lives and accomplishments. 

Skydiving without a parachute

There is a possibility that you are afraid of life and the unpredictable events that would come along with it because you think no one will help you out in times of trouble. 

Alternatively, the scenario hints at one or a couple of personality traits the dreamer needs to fix about himself or herself. 


As you have read, it’s not fair to say that a dream about skydiving is good or not, without deep analysis.

So, the key is to deeply analyze every possible meaning as well as your real-life happenings and figure out in which aspects of your life the scenario fits best. 

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