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Dream about Butterfly – Understand 33 Scenarios & Its Interpretations

Dream about Butterfly – Understand 33 Scenarios & Its Interpretations

Updated on Jul 04, 2022 | Published on Dec 21, 2021

Reviewed by Katina Tarver, MA (Mental Health and Wellness Counseling) , Life Coach

Dream about Butterfly - 33 Examples and Their Interpretations

Dreams about butterflies are related to transformation. Caterpillars transforming into butterflies is one of nature’s beautiful things. In the dream world as well, butterflies denote transformation.

Butterfly dreams represent life cycles. Since butterflies come into this earth through a beautiful life cycle of their own, seeing butterflies in a dream also represents the life cycle we are in. 

Dream about Butterfly - 33 Examples and Their Interpretations
Dream about Butterfly – 33 Examples and Their Interpretations

Butterfly In Dream Meaning – General Interpretation

Butterflies in dreams have a deep spiritual meaning. They symbolize transformation, spiritual messages, and the cycle of life. They hold an insightful meaning in our journey to peace and spiritual enlightenment.

Butterflies In Dreams are deep and are rooted in our inner self. We may see butterflies in our dreams when we are really thinking about our life and its deeper meaning.

These are not good or bad dreams, they are just loaded with a bigger message. 

Butterflies symbolize many things, as will be listed below. As the dreamer, you may have to look closely at where you are in your life right now. Your love life, for example, could be the reason for your dreams of butterflies. 

You could even be going through a big spiritual shift. It does not happen often, but sometimes, we feel something changing within us.

You may have to think about the recent events in your life that could lead to such internal transformation. 

Butterflies In dreams also symbolize the peace you may be experiencing in your life right now or the peace you look forward to after difficult times.

Butterflies are harmless, peaceful beings in nature. Butterflies also exist only in peaceful environments. 

Lastly, butterfly dreams do not necessarily mean only good things. Often, transformation or adaptation comes after a long period of struggle.

A butterfly dream meaning is just the reassurance that you will overcome the difficult life period. 

Butterfly dream meaning can thus symbolize the following:- 

1. Symbol of Transformation 

Butterfly dreams are essentially a symbol of transformation; much like butterflies in real life. They signify going from one phase of life to another.

A caterpillar transforms into a butterfly who then takes a new flight into life. Similarly, we sometimes go through something huge, which leads to a huge change within us.

Often, the change is even going from one age to another, like teenage to adulthood. 

Transformations are not small changes. The butterfly is a very apt dream symbol for transformation, because it shows just how vast and absolute the change is within us. 

2. Personal life cycles 

We often hear that life comes full circle. Butterfly dream meaning reminds us of exactly that emotion when we progress from one thing to the next in a neat cycle. 

It is not that we always end up where we started. It means that we move through life in phases, we say hello to new things when we say goodbye to something old. It is all a part of our life cycle. 

Our dream of butterflies is a sign that we are moving through these phases. For example, to get a new job, we quit the old one. These cycles are a part of everyone’s life.

However, we may need to be reminded that it is okay to go through them. 

Dreams about butterflies essentially remind us that it is okay to feel a failure as success will follow. It is okay to end something so something new can start. 

3. Symbol of renewal 

Butterfly dreams also signify renewal. It means that you may experience emotion as intense as rebirth soon. 

For example, you may be feeling extremely frustrated with your job. You may be about to give up on a journey that has become too painful for you.

However, butterfly dreams mean that there will be hope again. The way out of the pain will lead to something good and new. 

4. Symbol of peace

On a lighter note, butterfly dreams represent peace and play. People often find butterflies in gardens, and butterflies only stay calm in peaceful environments.

This dream can thus also be a sign for you to stop and take in your surroundings. They are a sign to experience a few peaceful moments a day and find a calm space where you can relax.

It can also be a sign to indulge in some playful times. 

5. Symbol of energy

According to some interpretations, butterflies are a sign of the energy you put into the world.

It means that you may have grown into someone that is considerate of other people and they find your energy beneficial for their own spiritual growth.  

6. Symbol of overcoming difficulties 

Butterflies in dreams symbolize transformation, rebirth, and life cycles. All these together mean that whatever painful situation you find yourself in, you will successfully pass. 

Butterflies roaming in the sky above you is also a good sign. It means that you may rise through your disappointments and adapt to the new challenges life may throw at you.

Adapting is often considered an excellent virtue in life. 

Dream about Butterfly – 33 Examples and Their Interpretations 

Dreams about butterflies can be of various types, just like butterflies are of various types, colors, etc. Read further to understand your own butterfly dream meaning. 

1. Monarch butterfly dream meaning 

The monarch butterfly is the orange, white, and black colored butterfly. It is commonly found around the world and is common in dreams as well. 

Monarch butterfly dreams represent the feeling of hope. It is also a reminder to look after yourself. You can only rise above and away from the pain if you take care of yourself.

The monarch butterfly in your dream means you need to think of your own needs now.

This butterfly is also a sign that the world can be good again, and that there is a lot of potentials out there. There is hope for good things to happen. 

2. Butterfly on a flower dream meaning 

Dreams of butterflies on flowers can be common, just as how butterflies are often seen resting on flowers in real life. This image shows the butterfly constantly around the flower as well. 

In your real life, this could be a representation of you around your partner. Perhaps you may be going through a patch where you do not have a lot of trust in your partner.

This could stem from something they did as well. 

3. Dream of butterflies landing on you 

Dream of butterflies landing on you symbolizes your energy which has an attractive force. It can also be called your ability to manifest what you want.

This dream shows that you have the power to attract what you want from your life. 

This is also a sign to trust your instincts. It means that you have such a strong sense of self, that you know your own needs well. If you trust your instincts and act on them, you will achieve it. 

4. Dream of butterfly landing on your face 

If a butterfly lands on your face in your dreams, it is considered a warning sign.

If a butterfly landing on you means being able to express and manifest your needs, a dream where a butterfly lands on your face can be interpreted further. 

It means that your needs may be extremely materialistic. It shows that you may be too caught up in achieving possessions and not paying attention to attaining more spiritual needs like peace and inner joy. 

5. Dream of butterfly landing on your hands 

Dreams of butterflies landing on your hands emphasize your ability to manifest your goals in life. Hands are the most used part of our body in terms of action.

Hence in the dream world as well, if our hands are in focus, the meaning includes what we do to reach a goal. 

Our goals or our careers are based on our actions. A dream of a butterfly landing on our hands is a reminder that we can manifest our highest goals if we put our minds to it.

Our actions need to be oriented towards our goal. 

6. Dreams about catching a butterfly 

Dreaming of catching a butterfly indicates that you are ready to reach your goals and desires. Catching a butterfly in real life means taking swift action.

Similarly, in dreams as well, butterflies mean taking action towards your goal. 

Often, goals can just be to become better or to transform. We may have been in one similar situation for too long and now we need to change or evolve.

This dream is a good sign that you will be able to. 

7. Dream about a butterfly escaping 

On the other hand, if the butterfly in your dream escapes in front of you, that is not considered a good sign. It suggests that something you were holding on to for long has slipped from your hands. 

This change is not great and it focuses on what you have lost, not what you will encounter again.

If the dreamer is in a rocky relationship, this dream could mean that your partner may choose to leave you. 

8. Dreaming about a butterfly flying 

A dream where you see a butterfly flying represents hardships. It is possible that recently you have been through difficult situations where your ability to deal with problems was tested. 

The positive aspect of these situations is that when you come out of them, you truly know your own capabilities.

The butterfly flying dream is thus a reminder not just of difficult times but also of your ability to rise above them. 

9. Stuffed butterfly dream meaning 

Dreaming of stuffed butterflies is a sign to not give up, even if the endeavor in front of you looks challenging and stressful.

This dream is a sign that even if you may seem like you can’t handle something big, you actually can. 

Change and growth do not come easily, and definitely not through giving up. This dream is a reminder to keep going, because only then can you learn, grow and test your skills. 

10. Stuffed butterfly on a wall dream meaning 

Dreaming of a stuffed butterfly on a wall represents a feeling of loneliness, isolation or feeling sad.

Sometimes we feel like, despite our best efforts, we do not get noticed and we may feel upset. The stuffed butterfly on the wall reflects that feeling. 

11. Dreaming about a butterfly in your house 

Butterflies are gentle beings, even in the dream world. They indirectly signify emotional healing as well, because when we transform, we are also said to be on a healing journey.

Butterflies in your home especially are related to healing with the help of your community. 

House represents community and relationships in the dream world. We can only reach spiritual enlightenment or inner healing when we are at peace with the people in our life.

These people provide a soft ground for us to fall back on when we fail. 

Butterflies in your house in the dream thus signify that you have relationships in your life that provide this kind of supportive environment.

You are free to rise to your goals because you know they have your back if you fall. 

12. Dreaming about a cocoon 

Dreams about a cocoon are also related to butterflies as they are an important part of a butterfly’s journey into the world. It is in the cocoon that a caterpillar matures and grows into a butterfly. 

In the dream world, the cocoon represents a period of growth as well. Psychologically speaking, we all go through phases of maturing into a different way of thinking. We think differently as adults than we did as kids. 

These phases matter because we may go through confusion and feel lost when we are in them.

A dream of a cocoon can thus feel reassuring that all the changes you may be experiencing within you as well as the potential confusion, is a part of growth. 

We may even feel like we are shut off from everyone else when we are in a cocoon. The butterfly here is thus an example that feeling shut off or isolated is not necessarily bad.

It could also mean that you are going through something good for yourself, like maturing. 

13. Caterpillar turning into a butterfly dream meaning 

Dreams of caterpillars turning into butterflies represent a deep spiritual transformation. Essentially, caterpillars turn into butterflies after they finish a maturation cycle.

For dreamers, this could mean growing up and discovering newer priorities as well. 

Spiritual transformations also start on a smaller scale. We often realize a lot of things in life as we grow up; we discover our needs, goals, desires, etc.

In that regard, this dream signifies such transformations that start within us and become more prominent. 

14. Big butterfly dream meaning 

Big butterflies in dreams simply represent big transformations. This means that you may be expecting to go through a monumental shift in your life, like moving to a new country or completely making over your appearance. 

Sometimes, this dream is also a sign for you to embrace change. We may be afraid to make changes because they are not easy.

However, this dream could be a sign that you should still make moves towards change because you internally feel the need yourself. 

15. Dreaming of two butterflies 

Two butterflies in a dream signify a relationship, marriage or a couple. This dream can indicate a happy relationship or equation that you share with your partner.

It is a sign that you both help each other through your spiritual journeys and growth. 

16. A swarm of butterflies dream meaning 

Dreaming of a swarm of butterflies is a good sign. It is a symbol of happiness. This dream suggests that people in your life, that you deeply care about, are feeling joy. Their happiness in turn makes you happy. 

If not your friends or family, your happiness can even come in the form of good news for your life.

You may have applied for a job out of the country or reached out to an old relative and have heard back from them, which makes you happy. 

17. Butterfly attacking you dream meaning

A dream where a butterfly is attacking you represents your own fear of transformation. Positive life changes, no matter how necessary, are still a big change. Some dreamers may have fears regarding such changes as well. 

Butterflies, because they are gentle creatures that represent transformation, don’t usually attack people.

Butterflies attacking you in dreams thus is a distinct sign that you may be halting the change that is at the surface for you, and you may need to let it in. 

This is also a negative interpretation because it means you may currently be in a situation that is not serving you well.

You are only continuing there because of your fear of change. This is not good for your spiritual or personal growth. 

18. Butterfly eating you in dream meaning 

Dreams of a butterfly eating you may also be an absurd image in real life, however, in dreams it symbolizes something deeper. 

If you believe a butterfly is your spirit animal, this dream may be common for you. A creature, especially one that you believe to be your spirit animal, eating you indicate death for the purpose of healing. 

This means that your spirit guide may be eating you, essentially biting away parts of you, so you can be reborn.

This rebirth signifies a deep spiritual transformation. We often need to face the death of something old to be able to introduce something new. 

19. Eating a butterfly dream meaning 

Dreams about eating a butterfly may seem trivial since butterflies do not really put up a fight. This dream does not mean gaining victory over anything, rather it signifies trying to accept something. 

Even though change usually occurs gradually, over a period of time, we may still need time to accept the changes.

A dream of eating butterflies means we are processing the changes happening around us and are still not sure how we feel about them. 

A dream where the butterfly leaves a good taste in your mouth means that you are able to digest the change. A sweet taste means that you may even like the changes happening in your life. 

However, a dream where the butterfly leaves a bitter taste in your mouth means being unable to deal with the changes.

If you spit out the butterfly in your dream, it shows that you are not happy with the changes at all. 

20. Dead butterfly dream meaning 

Dreaming of dead butterflies is not an entirely negative dream. A lot of cultures around the world celebrate the spirit of the people who left them that year. Mexico, the US, etc. have festivals or days to celebrate such spirits. 

Monarch butterflies particularly represent the spirit of the dead people in Mexico. In dreams as well, dead butterflies represent something that is not a part of your life anymore. 

Life cycles move in a way that when one new phase occurs, the older one dies out. For example, marriage means the death of your bachelor days.

Similarly, a dream of a dead butterfly means that you are ready for one phase of your life to end. 

Being ready for a change, dreaming of a dead butterfly is thus a sign that you may be getting a new identity.

You may even be on the verge of the end of your student identity, ready to enter the world of work, for example. 

21. Dream about killing a butterfly 

Dreams about killing or catching and killing a butterfly are not entirely uncommon.  Butterflies signify growth and transformation; hence killing a butterfly in your dream means effectively killing any chance of growth. 

We all know we have the potential to do a lot of things. We may even feel like we eventually will get to them. However, sometimes we don’t want to think of a potentially better situation or chance of transformation. 

In fact, we may be so opposed to it that we intentionally kill any chance of that happening. It is possible that we engage in other activities to avoid something important.

We may even take more concrete, personal steps to close a metaphorical door. 

This is represented in dreams through killing a butterfly. The dreamer can either realize what they are doing or try to keep an open mind to change in the future.

If not, the dreamer may have the realization that only they are to be blamed. 

Dreams about Butterflies Based on Differently Colour

Following are some dreams about differently colored butterflies that have a distinct meaning in the dream world. 

22. Black butterfly meaning in dreams 

Black butterflies in dreams signify the work you do on your inner self. Transformation is as much an internal journey as it is an external one.

We may makeover our appearances, but how we feel and transform in our minds is what matters most. 

Black butterflies in dreams are a symbol of the shadow work that you do on yourself. This transformation may not be visibly seen by everyone at once, but it is the most important part of your spiritual journey. 

23. White butterfly meaning in dreams 

Dreams about white butterflies are a symbol of your spirit guides. When the butterfly you see in your dream is trying to tell you something, the message is not casual.

It is something your spirit guide wants you to pay attention to. 

When you interpret this message, you may feel inspired or strangely motivated to do something. This is what your spiritual energy desires from you. 

24. Dreaming about a black and white butterfly 

Black and white butterflies are dream symbols to represent duality. The world works in a dualistic manner, for example, good and bad, negative and positive. They are both an equal part of life. 

A dream about duality thus is a reminder for you to not be overwhelmed by negative things, as they are as much a part of life as the positive things.

If you feel stuck in a role, this dream can remind you that there are two ways to look at and solve your problem. 

25. Dream of a purple coloured butterfly 

Purple-colored butterflies in dreams signify healing energy and a nurturing figure, like a mother. Purple is considered a harmless color and has a deep significance in the energy world. 

You may be going through a time where people need your help in their spiritual journeys. Your guidance or mere presence may positively impact people, and they may be getting attracted to your energy. 

26. Blue butterfly meaning in dreams 

The blue color is not frequently found in nature. Very few animals, insects, or plants are blue in color. Hence, in the dream world as well, blue butterflies represent unique energy or characteristic. 

Blue butterflies in your dreams indicate that you are trying to carve a unique path for yourself in this world.

You may be defying the norms that have been put on you, and it may be difficult, but this is your own unique journey that you are choosing. 

This dream can be reassuring for those who are feeling overwhelmed because of the unique stressors that come with this path.

It suggests that you are different and hence have creative, out-of-the-box ways of thinking as well. 

27. Green butterfly meaning in dreams 

Dreaming about a green-colored butterfly represents growth and success, even if it stems from a singular effort. It shows that all that you do, step by step, is being noticed by the universe. 

It is a good sign because when you are in the initial stages of your bigger life plans, such a dream can be a sign of encouragement. Dreamers may feel happy that their efforts will be rewarded successfully. 

28. Dreaming about yellow butterflies 

Yellow butterflies in dreams signify expressing yourself, acting towards what you feel is right, and making your life truly your own.

This dream is also a representation of your imaginative side and ability to plan your own future. 

29. Orange butterfly in dream meaning 

Dreams about orange butterflies are usually a sign to get moving towards your goal. Transformation does not happen overnight.

Big goals are not achieved immediately. Hence, the dreamer can take this as a reminder to put in more work.

30. Red butterfly dream meaning 

Red butterflies in dreams are related to your home environment, relationships, and how you feel in them. This dream is a sign to look at how secure or insecure you feel with your partner. 

It is also a sign to look at your physical health. If you do need to make lifestyle changes to feel better, both physically and mentally, this dream is a sign to start making those changes. 

31. Dreaming of brown butterflies 

Dreams about brown butterflies are associated with how you treat your body and mind. Wellness is about more than your physical body. A dream of brown butterflies is a symbol of being kinder to yourself. 

This dream also represents nurturing yourself so you can even nurture the people who are dependent on you. It is a reminder to transform how you talk to yourself and make it a kinder, more gentle dialogue. 

32. Rainbow coloured butterfly dream meaning 

In nature, a rainbow is usually seen after a period of rain. Similarly in the dream world as well, a rainbow-colored object signifies the time that comes after a difficult time. We all go through hardships at some or another time.

A rainbow-colored butterfly is a reminder that no matter how difficult, that time will pass. And you will come out of it in a beautiful manner.

The beauty here can even mean a refreshing manner, with a new life perspective. 

33. Pink butterfly dream meaning 

Dreaming of pink butterflies is like the phrase – looking at the world through pink-colored glasses. This means that your current view of your life is very rosy, where everyone supports you and brings you joy. 

This dream is also an encouragement to pursue your goals because along with luck, you have good social support that will help you grow and mature into a successful being. 

Biblical Meaning Of Butterflies In Dreams 

Biblically as well, dreams of butterflies signify growth and transformation. They are a sign of a person growing to be a believer.

The Biblical meaning of butterflies in dreams suggests that transformation can also be philosophical or ideological.

We may grow to become believers in some faith or theory and that could transform our way of thinking and behavior. 

Growth can also be in the form of learning to care for others and taking the time to heal them. Sometimes we can be self-centered and our idea of growth might be restricted to ourselves. 

However, butterflies in dreams mean that we may leave that aspect of our personality at a younger age and evolve to be more considerate of the people around us, helping our community as well. 

Lastly, dreams about butterflies also signify the death of an old self. This leads to the rebirth of a new self, which has a more considerate and mature way of thinking and living. 

Spiritual Meaning Of Dreams about Butterfly

Spiritually, butterfly dreams are a good sign. We are constantly changing beings. We don’t sit in one place for too long, either physically or mentally. Hence, change is a good and also necessary part of our life. 

Butterfly dreams signify a change of a higher order. They represent massive transformations that we go through only a few times in life.

But even if it’s only a few times, these transformations are necessary for us. 

They allow us to reach for spiritual enlightenment. They also allow us to realize our inner spiritual needs and the things and parts of our identity we need to leave behind. 

These dreams are also our spirit guide because they symbolize the feeling of overcoming our difficulties.

They tell us that through the death of old things and identities, through the hardships, we will find our new selves. 

This new self is not just us, it is who we become after the inner transformation. It is how we mature and evolve into better people who are more sure of their needs and goals. 


Dreams about butterflies are related to transformation. It represents our internal evolution, our growth, and our life cycles. 

Butterfly dreams remind us that there is something good after the pain, rebirth after death, and change after difficulties and hardships. It is thus a positive dream, even if it feels overwhelming at first!

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