Your dream about Thanksgiving indicates that you are too accommodating for your own good. Sometimes it foretells that you will fall in love with someone amazing. Or, it conveys that you are great at managing time. 

In order to find out what else it means, let’s dive in. 

What Does a Dream about Thanksgiving Mean?

A dream about Thanksgiving conveys that you are always competing with your siblings. Alternatively, it suggests that you accept yourself in spite of your negativities. Let’s know in detail here!

People pleaser: 

The scenario indicates that you always want to please others and feel validated. You find it difficult to voice your own opinions when you don’t agree with someone. 


This denotes that you have a bad relationship with your siblings. You often compete with each other.

Rather than being supportive, you are jealous of each other’s accomplishments. 


It portends that you accept yourself for who you are.

You recognize all your strengths and weaknesses, and you don’t care about what other people think about you.

Common Thanksgiving Dreams & Their Interpretations 

When you dream about Thanksgiving, recall whether there are people around you and your actions. Every little detail has a mystery hidden behind them. So, dig in to know it all!

Dream of thanksgiving dinner

This indicates that you have a happy family life. You support each other in need and celebrate each other’s successes. 

You feel safe when you talk to each other. Rather than passing judgment, you respect each other’s differences.

Let your family know how grateful you are for them.

Dream about thanksgiving preparations

It suggests that your parents expect too much of you. Rather than being supportive, they show disappointment when you fail.

They expect you to be successful in everything and take care of all their needs. 

Missing guests on Thanksgiving dinner

The vision conveys that your feelings for someone are unrequited. You want to spend the rest of your life with them, but you know that it is not possible. 

This is a message to let them go and move on, because hope will only lead to disappointment.

Remember that there are a lot of people out there, so look for love somewhere else.

Dream of ruined Thanksgiving

This implies that you went through something traumatic in the past. You get distressed when something reminds you of what has happened, and you often have nightmares.

You feel hopeless about the future and you find it difficult to maintain close relationships. 

Mysterious guest on Thanksgiving

It foretells that you will soon meet the love of your life. You will fall head over heels in love, and this person is going to share your feelings.

Rather than wasting any time, the two of you will immediately get into a relationship. 

Being alone on Thanksgiving

The scenario indicates that you find it difficult to express your feelings because you’re often clueless about them.

You also believe that they make you weak. But it is important to get in touch with them.

Spending Thanksgiving with people other than family

This denotes that your parents try to control all of your decisions. They get upset when you don’t listen to their directions.

It’s a reminder that nobody can tell you how to live your life. 

Dreaming about Thanksgiving turkey

It pretends that you love eating. You go to fancy restaurants, and you binge eat. You find comfort in food when you are going through the highs and lows of life.

You dream of trying all the famous dishes and cuisines of the world.

Yourself praying for Thanksgiving

The subconscious vision suggests that you don’t take the good things in your life for granted.

You are glad about being blessed with your roof, meals, health, and loved ones. You have your own ways of showing people how grateful you are for them.

Others praying for Thanksgiving

This predicts that you will have a stable life with a secure job and finances.

You will find contentment in all your relationships. Highs and lows are going to be there, but you will never hit a crisis. 

Dream of watching Thanksgiving parade

This indicates that you love children and fantasize about having your own someday. You often visit children’s homes, and being a school teacher is one of your career goals.

Interacting with a child makes your day, and you always shower them with your love. 

Writing Thanksgiving cards

It denotes that you are down to earth. You have a strong sense of humility and never exaggerate or downplay your accomplishments.

You genuinely wish others success. You don’t care about class or status, and you can adapt to any situation. 

Playing turkey tag on Thanksgiving

Your vision suggests that you live in luxury you cannot afford. You buy unnecessarily expensive things.

You can never pay your bills on time because you don’t have a budget. It’s time for you to start saving money. 

Making a Thanksgiving dessert

This implies that you have excellent time management skills. You can easily guess how much time a task might take, and you often set time limits for yourself.

You don’t waste your time on meaningless things, and you respect others’ time. 

Decorating your house for Thanksgiving

This conveys that you are a workaholic and you never make time for your family or anything else. 

You don’t take any breaks, and your coworkers always come to you when they need a job done. 

A word from ThePleasantDream

Even though dreams of Thanksgiving seem to be positive, they have all kinds of messages hidden behind them. Through this, your subconscious mind may even send you warnings, so don’t take them lightly. 

Rather, be vigilant about every little detail, put them together and find out the final message before assuming anything!