Dreaming about wearing heels means that you fear losing someone important to you. You may feel betrayed or guilty about something. Moreover, it suggests that you need some space in your real life.

Dream about Wearing Heels – Various Types & Their Interpretations
Dream about Wearing Heels – Various Types & Their Interpretations

Dream about Wearing Heels – General Interpretations

In reality, wearing high heels is a mixture of pain and pleasure… while your feet and knees pleading for relief, you can look taller and sleeker.

But when it comes to dreaming about wearing heels, do they have a similar meaning?

C’mon, let’s know the common meanings here…

  • It indicates a fear of losing someone
  • You feel guilty about something
  • The dream symbolizes betrayal
  • It suggests that you need space
  • You are a sensitive person

High Heels in Dream Meaning – Various Types & Their Interpretations

Dreaming of black high heels symbolizes your passionate and ambitious nature. Whereas, dreams of white high heels signify you’re nervous about an important matter in your life.

Since the color, condition, and even your action impacts your detailed dream interpretation so vastly, let’s try finding your exact dreams here…

Dream of wearing high heels shoes

The dream of wearing high heels shoes signals your achievements. Hence, obviously, it is a positive dream.

However, the dream also implies that you want to reach your goals through shortcuts. You want to achieve success soon.

Dream about broken high heel

The dream books predict that if you dream of the broken high heel, you’ll not get the man you desire. He’ll understand that you want to trick him.

Similarly, the dream indicates that you’ll face many problems as you move towards your goals. However, believe in yourself and continue your journey.

Dream of walking in heels

It suggests that you will be successful in your goals. But if you feel uncomfortable, consider this dream a warning sign as many troubles await you.

A man wearing heels

A dream of a man wearing heels represents that your reputation is harmed. Even if you try to reverse the situation, you’ll fail.

New high heels

It hints that you are ready for major changes in your life. Unconsciously, you desire to launch a new company and expand in pursuit of financial security.

Wearing heels

It indicated wisdom and intelligence. You buried some feelings inside you. This dream says that your sentiments affect the people around you.

Running in heels

Dream about running in heels indicates your competitive nature and your adherence to regulations. But it also says that people easily use you. 

Falling in heels

Having a dream of falling while wearing heels predicts the difficulties and setbacks you will face in the coming days. You let others decide your paths and goals for you.

High heels breaking

Breaking high heels in a dream indicates your identity, personality, and your self-esteem. It is the perfect time to make a new start. Your dream indicates a sudden surge in confidence.

Small heels shoes

It predicts that you will soon get a promotion. Alternatively, you may get married or be blessed with abundant finances.

Dream about Wearing Heels based on Different Colors

Black high heels – Black high heels in a dream are a symbol of your passionate nature. You are extremely ambitious about your goals.

White high heels – White high heels are a symbol of pregnancy. Alternatively, the dream can also mean that you are nervous about something important in your life. 

Red high heels – Dream of red high heels suggests that people will seek your advice. It also suggests that you must decide to solve an issue at the workplace.

Pink high heels – It signals that you are a merciful and loving person and you desire affection in your everyday life.

Yellow high heels – It indicates that you noticed the approach of someone really interested in you.

Golden high heels – Dream of golden high heels shows you might gain wealth and fortune. To see golden high heels in a dream also denotes success in the financial sphere of your real life.

Blue high heels – It signifies that you don’t hide any secrets from anyone. But probably, someone else hides a secret from you.

Green high heels – It represents your mental and intellectual aspects. It also says that you have a lot to work on before you achieve your set goals and develop your career completely. 

Gray high heels – It might imply troubles are chasing you in all areas of your life. This dream might alert you about the troubles due to your absentmindedness or someone else’s conspiracies.

A word from ThePleasantDream

Dreaming of wearing heels may seem girly, but even men might have these dreams. So, make sure you or a loved one never ignores dreams because they’re too girly or boyish.

Pay attention to the messages and it might help you prevent many mishaps. Make sure you don’t jump to conclusions too fast.

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