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Dream about Wearing Heels – 25 Types & Their Interpretations

Dream about Wearing Heels – 25 Types & Their Interpretations

Updated on Jan 16, 2023 | Published on Jul 12, 2022

Reviewed by Dr. Nereida Gonzalez-Berrios, MD , Certified Psychiatrist

Dream about Wearing Heels – 25 Types & Their Interpretations

So, you had a dream about wearing heels… and think it’s because your feet are sore after wearing one? Or, is it because you want to buy a pair soon?

Well, the meanings might be much deeper than you guess… and this think-piece is ready to say it all.

So, let’s not waste a wink and get started!

Dream about Wearing Heels – 25 Types & Their Interpretations
Dream about Wearing Heels – 25 Types & Their Interpretations

Dream about Wearing Heels – General Interpretations

Dreaming about wearing heels means that you fear losing someone important to you. You may feel betrayed or guilty about something. Moreover, it suggests that you need some space in your real life. 

In reality, wearing high heels is a mixture of pain and pleasure… while your feet and knees pleading for relief, you can look taller and sleeker. But when it comes to dreaming about wearing heels, do they have a similar meaning?

C’mon, let’s know the common meanings here…

1. It indicates a fear of losing someone.

The dream suggests that you fear losing someone important in your life. If you are already in a relationship, it may end soon. Your partner may leave you for someone else.

The sight may be disgraceful, and the trauma may be too much to handle.

2. You feel guilty about something.

Dreaming about wearing heels suggests that you feel guilty about a situation. Possibly someone asked for your help, and you didn’t pay enough attention.

Today the results disturb you, and you blame yourself for not helping them out of their situation.

3. The dream symbolizes betrayal.

Such dreams symbolize that you feel betrayed by someone. The entire situation has made you feel weak.

If wearing heels was a painful experience in the dream, it indicates that you need time to forgive them. If it doesn’t hurt, it foretells that the person is out of your life for your betterment.

4. It suggests that you need space.

The dream foretells that you are too occupied following the rules set by others. Someone else dominates you, and you only fulfill their wishes. All of this makes you feel pressured, and you feel you need space for yourself.

5. You are a sensitive person.

If you see someone in pain, you feel hurt too. The dream suggests you are a sensitive person who feels sad to see others in pain.

The dream is an indication for you to take charge and do something for the person in trouble.

High Heels in Dream Meaning – 25 Types & Their Interpretations

Dreaming of black high heels symbolizes your passionate and ambitious nature. Whereas, dreams of white high heels signify you’re nervous about an important matter in your life.

Since the color, condition, and even your action impacts your detailed dream interpretation so vastly, let’s try finding your exact dreams here…

1. Dream of wearing high heels shoes

The dream of wearing high heels shoes signals your achievements. Hence, obviously, it is a positive dream.

However, the dream also implies that you want to reach your goals through shortcuts. You want to achieve success soon.

Moreover, you hold your past and memories very tightly. It is difficult for you to move on.

Alternatively, it suggests that you are looking for love and security.

2. Dream about broken high heel

The dream books predict that if you dream of the broken high heel, you’ll not get the man you desire. He’ll understand that you want to trick him.

Similarly, the dream indicates that you’ll face many problems as you move towards your goals. However, believe in yourself and continue your journey.

In the dream, if the heels got broken by you and you still continue walking, it reminds you of recent bad luck in your intimate relationship.

3. Dream of black high heels

Black high heels in a dream are a symbol of your passionate nature. You are extremely ambitious about your goals.

And this dream stands out from all other dreams. Why? Because the dream indicates that you have a crazy desire to achieve power.

You want to be authoritative and in a supreme position because you love dominating others. Your desire holds true for your personal and professional life too.

4. Dream of white high heels

White high heels are a symbol of pregnancy. You are nervous about having a child and embracing motherhood. You are unsure if you’ll be able to handle it well.

Alternatively, the dream can also mean that you are nervous about something important in your life. Probably you are nervous about going on a date. You feel that you may ruin the date, and he won’t see you again.

5. Dream of walking in heels

According to the dream books, this dream may have various meanings. You need details of the dream to get an accurate interpretation. An important aspect of knowing its meaning is to focus on how you feel in the dream.

If you are comfortable walking on the heels of the dream, it suggests that you will be successful in your goals. But if you feel uncomfortable, consider this dream a warning sign as many troubles await you.

6. Dream of a man wearing heels

A dream of a man wearing heels represents that your reputation is harmed. Even if you try to reverse the situation, you’ll fail. But it’s okay.

Please take it as a part of life and move on. Everyone faces difficulties, and their name gets spoiled in some instances of life.

Move on from the past and find better activities to do to develop your image again.

7. Dream of red high heels

Dream of red high heels suggests that people will seek your advice. It also suggests that you must decide to solve an issue at the workplace.

Wearing red heels in your dream is a sign that you will succeed through your own effort.

8. Dream of pink high heels

Dream of pink high heels signals that you are a merciful and loving person and you desire affection in your everyday life. You are always ready to offer your love and support to the folks around you.

Because of your nature, many people seek you when they are sad and depressed. The positive thing about your attitude is that you will have many shoulders to lean on when you feel low.

9. Dream about yellow high heels

Dreaming about yellow high heels indicates that you noticed the approach of someone really interested in you.

It also implies that you must pursue your ambitions passionately and with great optimism. That means you will maintain a comfortable standard of living to snatch all the opportunities life offers you.

10. Dream of new high heels

Having a dream of new high heels hints that you are ready for major changes in your life. Unconsciously, you desire to launch a new company and expand in pursuit of financial security. You also want to be independent and enjoy your peace of mind in the future.

11. Dream of golden high heels

Dream of golden high heels shows you might gain wealth and fortune. To see golden high heels in a dream also denotes success in the financial sphere of your real life.

However, wearing platinum high heels in the dream indicates that you will get a promotion at your workplace.

12. Dream of women’s heels

A woman’s heel in your dream suggests that you are stressed out in your real life. The reason behind this can be your doubt or idleness, which you try to overcome.

You are inquisitive about unraveling everything unknown about a certain issue that prevents you from moving forward because you are unaware of several risks.  

13. Dream of blue high heels

According to the dream dictionary, having a dream of blue high heels signifies that you don’t hide any secrets from anyone. But probably, someone else hides a secret from you.

However, a dream of broken blue high heels indicates that you are hiding a burdensome secret that disturbs you a lot.

14. Dream about seeing heels

Dreaming about seeing heels is a metaphor for development, expansion, insight, and wisdom. You move forward and look towards a better future.

Your dream predicts a strong level of consciousness and awareness in real life. Through this dream, your subconscious tells you to be a little relaxed and carefree towards the approach of your life.

Additionally, this dream about seeing heels indicates a connection and bond of friendship with other people. Convey a desire to fit in whenever you sense excess attention on yourself.

15. Dream about buying heels

According to the dream dictionary, the dream of buying heels indicates a fun event. Make your life more joyful and only then you’ll experience more clarity in your relationships with others.

It also shows you are developing or focusing newly discovered energies on a particular area of your life.

This dream may be a sign of materialism, wealth, or abundance. Moreover, it signifies peace and successful commercial pursuits—life, gentleness, warmth, and fertility.

16. Dream about wearing heels

Dream of wearing heels indicated wisdom and intelligence. You buried some feelings inside you. This dream says that your sentiments affect the people around you.

It also says that you’re always open to learning new things. You quickly absorb any new knowledge and information. However, you fear accepting a few things in real life. It is possible that you feel disconnected from the people around you.

17. Dream about green high heels

According to the dream book, the dream about green high heels sometimes represents your mental and intellectual aspects. It also says that you have a lot to work on before you achieve your set goals and develop your career completely. 

Your dream suggests that you have a strong spiritual connection.

A new chapter will start in your life. It predicts a challenging and unavoidable circumstance. You may start losing faith in others during this phase.

18. Dream about running in heels

According to dream interpretation, the dream about running in heels indicates your competitive nature and your adherence to regulations.

But it also says that people easily use you.  They pressure you to make some unwanted decisions in your real life.

Additionally, the dream signifies initiative and direction. By being persistent and working hard, you will succeed in your goals. You are happy and accepting of all that life offers.

19. Dream of falling in heels

Having a dream of falling while wearing heels predicts the difficulties and setbacks you will face in the coming days. You let others decide your paths and goals for you.

However, this dream indicates some positivity also. It says that you are surrounded by love and warmth. You also discovered something significantly valuable about yourself.

This dream also indicates powerful spiritual growth and supernatural energy. It says that you must feel confident and make your existence valuable.

20. Dream of walking in heels

The dream of walking in heels hints at your drive for education. It is high time for you to delegate some of your duties to others and focus on your studies. It also indicates that the adjustment will go well.

It also indicates your self-assurance and mindset of becoming the best at everything you do and you prove yourself every time. This dream also indicates the value, time, and skill you are putting into yourself.

Additionally, it means you have a faithful supporter.

Alternatively, it implies there is a dark force or energy at work.

21. Dream of high heels breaking

Breaking high heels in a dream indicates your identity, personality, and your self-esteem. It is the perfect time to make a new start. Your dream indicates a sudden surge in confidence.

It may also imply you take your friends for granted.

Nevertheless, you become more aware and knowledgeable about your subconscious every day.

The dream of high heels breaking is often a sign of tyranny, fear, power play, and total control. It says you will want to bring up a few topics you normally avoid discussing.

22. Dream of putting on high heels

Dream of putting on high heels represents your creative and spiritual aspects. You can keep calm in challenging situations.

Moreover, you mix well with everyone, so nobody feels awkward around you. Hence, you are a good company, and people like to be with you.

Additionally, you are ready to make sacrifices in different situations.

Your dream is a symbol of freedom of expression. You believe in saying what is in your heart.

23. Dream of someone wearing high heels

If you see someone wearing high heels in your dream, it signifies spiritual refreshment. You think that people speak ill of you in your absence. However, you keep your hopes alive that things may change soon.

During such instances, be patient and let others realize the truth.

Alternatively, this dream also indicates clarity towards your future goals. Your dream is a sign of gentleness, confidence, and enthusiasm.

24. Dream of small heels shoes

Dreaming of small heels shoes predicts that you will soon get a promotion. Alternatively, you may get married or be blessed with abundant finances.

Take note of the shoes in the dream. How were they? If the shoes you wore in the dream were clean and comfortable, it suggests that you will get any of the abovementioned things. Moreover, you’ll live in your comfort zone and be happy.

But if your shoes were dirty but felt comfortable, it is a sign of inheritance. It shows that you have a stubborn husband who needs guidance.

However, if the shoes felt uncomfortable in the dream, the subconscious warns you to avoid taking something in your waking life.

25. Dream of gray high heels

If you see a pair of gray high heels in your dreams, it’s a bad omen for you and your loved ones. Someone might fall sick or get hospitalized due to accidents. Be careful while you’re walking or driving outside.

Further, it might also imply troubles are chasing you in all areas of your life. This dream might alert you about the troubles due to your absentmindedness or someone else’s conspiracies.

Questions to ask yourself to interpret high heels dreams correctly.

Only a slight difference of one detail in the dream can change its entire interpretation. Hence, it is essential to double-check that you didn’t miss any important aspect of your dream. So, answer these questions and embrace the perfect interpretation…

1. How long were the heels in the dream?

2. What was the color of the heels in the dream?

3. What activity were you doing with the heels?

4. How did it feel while wearing the heels in the dream?

5. Who wore the heels in the dream?

A word from ThePleasantDream

Dreaming of wearing heels may seem girly, but even men might have these dreams. So, make sure you or a loved one never ignores dreams because they’re too girly or boyish.

Pay attention to the messages and it might help you prevent many mishaps. Make sure you don’t jump to conclusions too fast.

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