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91 Ways to Decipher A Dream About Throwing Up

91 Ways to Decipher A Dream About Throwing Up

Updated on Feb 13, 2023 | Published on Dec 24, 2021

Reviewed by Katina Tarver, MA (Mental Health and Wellness Counseling) , Life Coach

Dream About Throwing Up - 80 Scenarios and Their Meanings

Just as in real life, a dream about throwing up is quite an unpleasant incident to dream about. The dream about throwing up is as repulsive and frightening as the act is in waking life.

In waking life, vomiting is often an act indulged in to get rid of the unpleasantries within one’s system. Similarly, the dream symbolism also shares the same meaning. 

Simultaneously, it is important to pay attention to the various details that are going to be covered.

Dream About Throwing Up - 80 Scenarios and Their Meanings
Dream About Throwing Up – 80 Scenarios and Their Meanings

Dream of Vomiting – General Interpretations 

Dreaming about throwing up symbolizes your rigidity, exhaustion, prevention of an illness, worry or humiliation, discontentment, disorganized nature, disgust, growth, and success.

Below, the general interpretations and meaning of dreaming about throwing up are listed. 

1. Rigidity

A dream about throwing up is a symbol of your rejection of some feelings and emotions. You are finding it difficult to express and change some beliefs, opinions, and feelings. This conveys your rigidity.

Your problem with communication can also land you in a conflict with someone close to you.

Therefore, this dream is a sign that you learn to face your true feelings and beliefs. You need to express them in a level-headed manner. 

You can always seek help to ensure you are being firm and standing your ground. 

2. Burn-out

When you dream of throwing up, it can indicate that you are exhausted from a specific situation in your current life. This is draining you and pushing you to the extent of burnout. 

This situation can be a toxic relationship, a demanding and tiring job, unreliable friends. It could also include parents who criticize or complain excessively. 

3. Prevention of a Sickness

If you dream of throwing up, it is a cue that you or someone close to you will fall sick.

As this dream has indicated to you of possible sickness, you can eat healthily and exercise to engage in its prevention. 

This kind of sickness is preventative and taking care of oneself can ensure you avoid such a feat. 

4. Worry or Humiliation

If you dream of throwing up, it is your dream signaling you to pay attention to the experiences that are currently worrying you or embarrassing you. 

5. Dissatisfaction 

Such a dream is symbolic of your discontentment or dissatisfaction in your waking life. This dream is a sign asking you to take it a little slow.

It is a reminder to not amplify or overstate some aspects of your personal life. 

6. Disorganized

This dream is symbolic of your disorganized nature. Your disorganization has unleashed chaos in your life. You need to get a grip and have a little more direction. 

7. Cut What No Longer Serves You

To elaborate, there are certain people or relationships that are hindering your progress and holding you back.

These people and relationships no longer serve any purpose in your life except for causing damage. 

Therefore, you need to let go of these people or relationships. This includes anything that has previously caused your pain. 

8. Loathe Yourself

There is certain behavior that does not make you feel good about yourself. A dream about throwing up is a sign that you loathe yourself for practicing such habits.

The secrecy of the habits further adds to the disgust you feel.

You need to seek professional help and work towards eradicating this filthy habit for your own peace of mind. 

9. Overexert Yourself

This dream could be an indication that you are indulging in life excessively. You are putting in too many hours at work and exerting yourself unnecessarily.

You have too much on your plate and you cannot afford to put more on it. 

10. Growth

A dream about throwing up ensures that there are going to be some positive changes in your life.

These changes are specifically related to your thought pattern and they will ensure that your perspective goes through a change. 

This will further help you in achieving overall growth in your life. 

11. Success

Such a dream indicates that you are going to prosper and gain success in terms of business. You will have to make a crucial decision if you want to invest in the project or not as it entails a lot of risks. 

This dream is a sign that you should be courageous and take the risk as the results will be in your favor. You need to decide to ensure you are ahead of your competition. 

Dream about Throwing Up – Who is Vomiting?

Multiple people can throw up in a dream. The multiple possibilities modify the interpretation of dreaming about throwing up.

Therefore, it is important to pay heed to this specific detail. 

1. Dream about Someone else Throwing up

In the dream, if you recognize the person vomiting as someone close to you, then this person has committed an error.

This dream is shedding light on the negative aspects of this person and that you should be cautious. 

You should be vigilant as you have many fake friends in your circle. A specific person is deceitful and dishonest. 

This dream can mean that the person will displease or insult you in some manner. This person will blame you for something specific. You are warned. 

You are going to meet someone who despises you as they irritate you. Therefore, you try to evade this person at any cost. 

You are currently facing some issues and problems. This dream is an indication that you wish to resolve these problems. 

There will be a competition in your workplace where you and your colleagues have to impress the superiors.

You will beat your rivals because of your patience. This will aid in conserving your energy to reach the finish line. 

2. Dream about Many People Throwing up

A dream where several people are throwing up is not a good sign. This indicates that there are some fake friends who will deceive you.

Truth be told, this can also be a close trusted friend or colleague. This will make the deception more surprising and heartbreaking.

You have been suppressing some negative emotions. This dream signifies that these emotions should be released. You must let go of the past pains that you have held on to. 

People who make you anxious, agitated and despondent do not deserve your time or energy.

As a lot of people are trying to push their negative energy onto others, you should move away from it. The sooner you realize this, the more peace you will have. 

3. Dream about Seeing Yourself Throwing Up

Such a dream indicates cleansing of the negativity and the toxicity. You are eliminating the negativity appearing in all shapes. 

A dream of seeing yourself throw up represents your disposal of toxic and unhealthy relationships. You are adapting to the new scenario and are currently healing. 

The anxiety and stress in your life might be causing your health to deteriorate. This dream is an indication that you are risking your health.

You need to keep your health in check and always prioritize it. 

A dream of this kind signifies that you will soon experience rivalry of some sort in your life. 

This dream can also indicate luck or problems in some aspects of your life. These aspects are business, personal life (family), property, and social position. 

4. Dream about Your Child or Baby Throwing Up

A dream of your own child throwing up represents a fresh start. You will get a chance to redo or start over. It is indicated that a fresh start is mostly related to your work.  

There is also a specific aspect of your life that is causing you stress and you are feeling pressured by this. 

5. Dream about Children Throwing Up

A dream about a child or many children throwing up indicates that you currently wish to withdraw from demanding and unpleasant situations. This entails a taxing job or a toxic relationship. 

These no longer contribute positively to your life and have been draining your energy. 

6. Dream about a Baby Throwing Up

If you spot a baby throwing up in your dream, it indicates new beginnings, just like how babies are new in this world. 

In general, when a baby throws up, it is usually an issue related to feeding, specifically, excessive feeding.

If this is the case then it means that you feel weighed down or that it is too heavy for you to carry around anymore. 

7. Dream about Animals Throwing Up

In the general sense, this dream indicates your feelings and concerns about your pet or a pet in your immediate environment. 

Such a dream is also representative of independence, flexibility, courage, vigor, and rejuvenation. 

8. Dream about a Dog Throwing Up

A dream where specifically a dog is throwing up is a sign that you need to reevaluate your relationship with a friend. This can be a close acquaintance or a distant friend. 

9. Dream about a Drunk Person Vomiting

A drunk person throwing up in the dream is an indication of betrayal, deception, or accusation. You can expect one of these from someone close to you. 

This is a warning that you need to be cautious as you are surrounded by fake friends. You need to be on the lookout for who are the genuine people in your circle. 

10. Dream about a Pregnant Person Vomiting

This dream is symbolic of the pity you feel for someone else. This person has committed errors and made some bad decisions. 

However, this person is solely responsible for these errors and decisions. Your grief and pity don’t change this fact. You can help this person only as much as they allow. Do not overstep your bounds. 

11. Dream about a Sick Person Throwing Up

A dream where you spot a sick person throwing up is a sign that you will begin a new friendship or relationship. This relationship or friendship will be detrimental for you. 

You will pour your heart out to a person who will exploit your trust. 

12. Dream about your Parent Throwing Up 

This dream is an indication that a specific person from your life is going to assault your problem as theirs and wash them away from your hands. 

They are trying to ease it up for you and are also aware that they are more competent to deal with these problems.

Your role here is to express gratitude and acknowledge the huge role this person played in solving your issues. 

This is how you repay this person and also close the circle of taking and giving. 

13. Dream about Someone Important To you Throwing Up

When a loved one or someone close to you is throwing up, it points to portending disappointments and some nasty, sour, or appalling news. 

This news will be associated with the loved one or someone close to you and will be atypical and uncommon for them to engage in something like this.

Your vomiting is the reaction to hearing this news about them. 

14. Dream about Someone you Do Not Know throwing Up

This dream of a stranger throwing up is a bad omen as it indicates a nasty and troublesome encounter with someone you despise.

This encounter is unpleasant as the stranger has no concept of private space and is also inappropriate. 

You can speculate deeper reasoning for their behavior. However, this is a warning to ensure and prioritize your safety and comfort by being vigilant of your surroundings in social gatherings and public places. 

Dream of Throwing Up – What are you Vomiting?

There are multiple items that you can throw up in your dreams. Some of these items may be bizarre but they have a serious impact on the meaning. Some such items are: 

15. Dream of Throwing Up Blood

This dream is a sign of serious concern about your health. This dream indicates that you need to go for a check-up as your health may be at risk. 

A dream of throwing up blood represents your reduced productivity. You are currently in a slump and have lost your motivation and inspiration. You have lost your passion. 

Currently, you are susceptible and it suggests that you are worried. Seeing blood in your vomit means that it is the beginning of your psychological troubles. 

16. Dreaming about Throwing Up Feces

Dreaming of vomiting feces indicates a life-altering change heading your way. You are in the process of cleansing and are removing things that no longer benefit you in any manner. 

This dream is also symbolic of your lack of confidence in yourself. This prevents you from socializing as well as seeking out new opportunities. Do not let others dictate your fate. 

Your recent financial decisions have been poor and need to be re-evaluated. Dreaming of throwing up poop is a sign that you need to be more cautious. You need to work harder to showcase your capabilities. 

17. Dream of Throwing Up Water

When you dream of throwing up water, it means that an item that you rented will have to be returned. Alternatively, it also signifies that you will have to endure a significant loss financially. 

18. Dream of Throwing Up Wine

You won some money or gained unexpected financial luck in a game. This specific dream reflects the loss of the money that was previously won. 

19. Dream of Throwing Up Silver

Such a dream signifies and is symbolic of pregnancy. Someone in your vicinity will get pregnant. This will be someone close to you or you itself in the near future. 

20. Dream of Throwing Up Jewels

Dreaming of throwing up a jewel is a good sign. It indicates that you will soon receive some unexpected luck. This will take you by surprise as things will finally fall into place for you. 

21. Dream of Throwing Up Fruit Pits

Something from your past is haunting you. Dreaming of the vomiting pit of the fruit symbolizes your guilt.

Your guilt is specifically related to how badly you treated someone. It is also related to you possibly hurting someone too.  

22. Dream of Throwing Up Fruit

If you spot fruit in your vomit specifically when you throw up, it symbolizes fresh beginnings. It means that a new beginning is around the corner. This dream is a sign to prepare you for it. 

23. Dream of Throwing Up Vegetable 

A dream where you throw up vegetables signifies growth. This growth will be facilitated by the advice that people around you have for you. 

24. Dream of Throwing Up Mucus

 If you spot someone aggressively puking greenish liquid or mucus, it is indicating a certain toxic situation in your life currently. 

If there was a little mucus, it indicates that there will be a dispute or a quarrel.

Similarly, if the mucus is greenish in color, it means that you require grounding techniques to be rooted to the present. 

25. Dream of Throwing Up Metals

Here the metals refer to gold, silver, or bronze specifically. If you dream of silver, bronze, or gold coins, this indicates money. 

Similarly, any silver items are said to be related to fertility and to giving birth. Therefore, it means that there is a chance you will have a baby in your real life. 

26. Dream of Throwing Up Diamonds

Dreaming of anything valuable means that good things are headed your way.

Therefore, dreaming of throwing up diamonds or any other precious stones indicates that you will soon receive a gift. 

27. Dream of Throwing Up Rings 

This dream represents that the probable relationships in your life are going to be demanding and taxing. You need to buckle up. 

28. Dream of Throwing Up Worms 

A dream of throwing up worms can be disgusting. The meaning of such a dream is that you need to discard or dispose of the toxic items from your life. 

Certain deceitful problems were holding you back. You were not aware of this and this dream indicates that you will do away with these problems too. You will finally be free from the shackles. 

29. Dream of Throwing Up Rice

Your mental and physical health is important. When you dream of throwing up rice specifically, it is a representation of your physical and mental illness.

You need to go for a full checkup to ensure you catch whatever it is early. 

30. Dream of Throwing Up Hair

Once again, dreaming of throwing up hair is quite horrendous. However, this dream is a warning. You need to be on the lookout as someone is a threat to your safety and your freedom. 

31. Dream of Throwing Up Stones

A dream of throwing up stones symbolizes your crude and savage behavior. This dream is also trying to indicate that you are being reckless about your expenses.

Therefore, you need to keep your attitude and your wallet in check.  

32. Dream of Throwing Up Fish

This dream indicates your lack of ability to confront an issue. Your negative emotions and feelings need to be expressed appropriately. 

This dream is a message from your subconscious that you are being uptight, rigid, and emotional. Additionally, this dream is representative of your financial troubles. 

Lastly, this dream is a reminder that you are not completely engaged in or dedicated to your current relationship.

You are currently preoccupied with a change in your personal life specifically to escape your reality. 

33. Dream of Throwing Up Paper

A dream where you are throwing up paper indicates multiple possibilities containing a working relationship. There is someone you desire and want to catch their attention by doing you a favor. 

There are certain issues that are holding you back. This dream indicates that you are ready to confront these issues by diving deep into your subconscious. 

Such a dream is a sign that you want to introspect more and that you have high expectations regarding a specific thing. 

34. Dream of Throwing Up Oatmeal

When you throw up oatmeal in your dream, it indicates that you feel empty and you have been desperately trying to fill that space.

This dream also indicates that you are holding on to your anger regarding someone specific. 

This dream symbolizes your bad decisions and choices. You need to remember that you cannot do everything by yourself and that you need to express your needs and wants. Good days will follow the difficult time. 

Your older habits and the former ways of being no longer contribute to your growth. This dream also reflects your abandonment issues and worthlessness.

35. Dream of Throwing Up Glass

If you see yourself or someone throwing up glass in your dream, it indicates that you are trying to escape the weight of an important decision.

Such a dream also represents the birth of a child or the birth of a fresh idea. 

It is a warning about a dangerous situation and also requires you to change your perspective regarding certain issues. 

It indicates your issues related to distrust and fear as you are always vigilant. 

36. Dream of Throwing Up Teeth

A dream where you or someone else is throwing up teeth is a sign that there are certain faults in either your thought or relationships.

You are working to the point of burn-out or putting in too much effort for minimal returns. 

Here, need to be vigilant about the emotions and feelings that are not attended to. Additionally, You are finding it difficult to trust people.

This is specifically related to your mother or a motherly figure being ignorant about your needs. 

37. Dream of Throwing Up Foam

Such a dream symbolizes your easy-going attitude about your health. This is mainly related to harboring a grudge further indicating that you need to focus on the present. This dream signifies a feud or a conflict.

This dream is a reflection of your perseverance. You have some fresh ideas that have contributed to your knowledge. 

Finally, there is a possibility that you are on the road to dependency. This will bring your sorrow, misery, and dejection. 

38. Dream of Throwing up Animals Or Reptiles

In the dream, if you are throwing up animals or reptiles, specifically snakes, it is a symbol of hope, ambition, and a destination that you aspire to reach. 

39. Dream of Throwing up Cockroaches

A dream where you throw up cockroaches indicates that you are disposing of the negative thoughts that no longer have any purpose in your life. These include your anxieties, obsessions, and torments. 

40. Dream of Throwing up Mice

This dream signifies your reluctance in accepting something even when you do not want to. This change came about unexpectedly and you have to accept it despite feeling the exact opposite about it. 

41. Dream of Throwing Up Raw Egg

Dreaming of throwing up a raw egg is bizarre but it indicates the stressful situation you are in. Someone is going to be inconsiderate of your feelings and it is a sign that there will be chaos and havoc. 

Such a dream signifies the need to improve your situation before things go South. 

Dream of Vomiting – Who is Vomiting on You?

The meaning of dreaming about throwing up can evolve based on specifically who is throwing up on you. Some of the possible plots are elaborated below: 

42. Dream about a Baby Throwing Up Milk On You

Such a dream is an indication that you need to change up your routine. Simultaneously, it is a sign for enhancing various aspects of your professional and personal life. You need to be more clear about your goals. 

You are also altering your social circle. A few good and trusting friends are still around. Here, the rule is that you have a choice regarding certain choices. 

When a baby throws up milk on you, it means that the compassionate and benevolent aspect of your personality is on display. Practicing yoga as well as meditation can help this further. 

It also means that you will reunite with your long-lost friends and have a good laugh with them. 

43. Dream About a Child Throwing Up on You

A random child throwing up on you indicates that you will worry about a loved one in the future as they may be in a dangerous situation. You might have to protect this person. 

44. Dream About Your Child Throwing Up on You

As a parent, you will worry indefinitely and incessantly. This dream about your own child vomiting on you is a sign that you will fret about their health or their grades. 

45. Dream About Your Parents Throwing Up On You

This dream is an indication that you ought to be cautious. There is someone who intends to harm you or hinder your plans. Your enemy is merciless and therefore, you will benefit from identifying in your real life. 

They will attack or plan their attack when you are down. 

The last interpretation of such a dream is that your parents are unloading their worries on you. 

46. Dream About You Throwing Up On Yourself

Dreaming about throwing up on yourself is a sign that you have something to apologize for.

A loved one was at the wrong place at the wrong time and you ended up upsetting them. You will attempt to justify your reaction. 

You will explain that your reaction does not change based on the person in front of you. Due to this reasoning, you intend they would not take your words seriously. 

47. Dream About Other People Throwing Up on You

If you spot other people throwing up on you, it indicates that your efforts are useless. You will try to police and monitor another person’s behavior.

Despite your effort, they will react in the opposite manner. 

Vomiting in Dream – Where?

The location where you or someone else is throwing up in your dream is said to change the implications of the meaning. Therefore, based on some of the locations, the interpretations are listed below: 

48. Dreaming of Throwing Up in Car

A dream of throwing up in a car or any other vehicle represents your difficulty in coping with a change. Your confusion stems from your impatience. You need to take some time to process the change. 

This should be followed by any crucial decisions. You cannot be spontaneous as it is an open invitation for trouble. 

49. Dreaming of Throwing Up in a Public Place

Dreaming of throwing up in a public place is a sign that your words or actions will be criticized.

You will be accused of purposefully revealing a secret when it was an accident on your end. You will have to earn the person’s forgiveness earnestly. 

50. Dream of Throwing Up in Buildings

Buildings are symbolic of an individual’s current state of mind. Dreaming of seeing puke in a building is an indication of the person’s current status. 

51. Dream of Throwing up on the Walls

If you spot vomit on the walls, it means that something is invigorating or exciting. This has aroused your interest. It can also indicate sexual excitement. 

52. Dream of Vomit on the Toilet

Seeing vomit on the toilet in your dream is quite a horrific scene. However, it points towards your psychological state of mind or your current spiritual well-being.

Therefore, it discloses crucial information about yourself. 

53. Dream of A Toilet Filled with your Own Vomit

It is a nauseating sight to see your own vomit-filled in the toilet. However, this dream is an indication that someone you know requires your assistance.

Further, it can also be symbolic of your difficulty in communicating. 

54. Dream of Throwing up at Home

Home is supposed to be a safe space. However, a dream of seeing vomit in a home is a reflection of your social status.

This specifically reveals about your social standing which is as important as your other aspects of self. 

55. Dream of Throwing Up at Work or School

A dream about throwing up at school or your work is a sign that you will do some Nobel work. You will be guiding and paving the way for the people who seek your guidance. 

56. Dream about Seeing Vomit on the Ground

Here, you spot puke on the ground but did not see someone vomiting in the dream. This means that you are repulsed by your current environment. 

The fact that it was not cleaned suggests and indicates that you or the people around you feel defeated. You or the people around you feel there is no point in making an effort anymore. 

57. Dream of Throwing Up on Your Clothes

Dreaming about throwing up on your clothes is a sign that someone in your vicinity requires your assistance. 

You need to be more attentive to your surroundings and put yourself in others’ shoes to understand the depth of their problems.

This is followed by you lending your help in whatever capacity you can. 

Dream about Throwing Up – Color of the Vomit

Based on the color of vomit the interpretations and meaning can alter. Therefore, pay attention to the color of the vomit in your dream. The interpretations and meaning based on the various colors are: 

58. Dream about Vomiting White Stuff

This is a positive and good dream. Dreaming about white vomit symbolizes scrutiny, inspection, and grace. These are qualities that the dreamer possesses. 

The dreamer will have peace of mind and tranquility in the future. It also indicates happiness and joy.

59. Dream about Throwing up Something Yellow or Green

This dream is a reflection of your desire to eliminate your troubles and worries but you are failing at it. The two possibilities for this failure are the lack of your effort or that something is hindering this process. 

To avoid any damage, this issue needs to be resolved immediately. This timestamp acts as a sign to ask for help from the dependable people around you. 

60. Dream about Red Vomit

When a dreamer spots red puke in their dream, it means that the dreamer will be caught in the middle of some sort of brutality or roughness. Therefore, you need to be careful and vigilant. 

61. Dream about Vomiting Black Stuff 

Dreaming about black vomit is a bad omen and does not bring anything good. It signifies your susceptibility to depression and anxiety.

You need to seek professional help if you do find yourself displaying symptoms. 

62. Dream about Green Vomit 

A dream with green vomit indicates that you do not have control in your life and that things are spiraling. You need to find some grounding and slow down for once. 

63. Dream about Orange Vomit

Such a dream symbolizes your current vulnerable state. You once again need to be on the lookout and ensure no one takes advantage of you in this state. 

64. Dream about Yellow Vomit 

If you dream of yellow vomit, it signifies that you are currently occupied with a project. It also indicates that you are caught up in the drama of another person’s life. 

65. Dream about Blue Vomit 

When you dream of vomit that is blue, it is a sign that you will engage in self-analysis or some soul-searching. It also signifies your intelligence. This dream indicates your guilt or innocence. 

Dream about Vomiting – Other Interpretations

66. Dream about Preventing Yourself from Throwing Up

When you have this specific dream, it means that you are not assertive about what you stand for. You are embarrassed and do not want to make a fool of yourself. 

This dream is an indication that you prefer to refrain from expressing your beliefs and opinions.

Trying to stop yourself from throwing up is a sign that you are holding on to certain habits and practices that no longer serve you. These habits and practices are harmful. 

67. Dream about Not Being Able to Prevent Yourself from Vomiting 

If you are not able to stop yourself from vomiting, then it means that a significant alteration or modification is underway currently in your life.

You are surpassing your expectations and setting bigger expectations and goals. 

68. Dream about Seeing Vomit

Specifically, seeing vomit in your dream has sexual implications. Further, it can also mean that you loathe and feel repulsed by yourself or certain aspects of yourself. 

69. Dream about Cleaning Vomit 

This dream is a good omen. It represents your financial and economic success that is headed your way. However, this success requires a lot of effort from your end. 

A dream about cleaning vomit is also an ode to your altruistic self that wants to help everyone. However, you need to be vigilant as people will try to exploit you. 

70. Dream about Taking Medication for Throwing up

If you take medication to stop throwing up, then it means that you will have great success after a lifetime of adversities.

This dream is a sign that you cannot give up. You need to trust the process and practice patience. 

71. Dream about Constant Vomiting 

In case you find yourself in a situation where you cannot stop puking, it is symbolic of your everlasting troubles in your waking life.

You are currently struggling and do not know how to get out of this circle of troubles and issues. 

Since the situation is getting more difficult to handle, you feel like you are powerless and losing a sense of control. 

Alternatively, if you cannot stop throwing up, you will become prosperous due to inheritance or through another way. Businessmen can expect a deal with immense profit. This influx of money can also be due to a lottery win. 

72. Dream that You are About to Throw up

A dream where you feel like you are about to throw up indicates that someone close to you will blame you for something. You haven’t committed the act that you have been accused of. 

The unexpected nature of the accusation will make you want to throw up. 

73. Dream about Feeling Nauseated and Throwing Up

Feeling nauseous and then throwing up is a bad sign. This means that you will have some hiccups and issues soon.

You will be given new responsibilities and you will have a difficult time coping without any help. 

74. Dream about Smelling your Vomit 

This dream of smelling your vomit in the dream s a supposed warning. You are supposed to buckle up as you will have to clean up a mess. This mess may not be yours and will be of someone in your vicinity. 

75. Dream about Being Surrounded by Vomit 

In your dream, if you spot that there is vomit all around you, it is symbolic of your rigidity regarding opinions and perspectives. 

If you have this dream, it is a sign that you need to be more malleable with your opinions and beliefs. This is specifically applicable to those that are relevant to important aspects of your life. 

76. Dream of Forcing Yourself to Throw Up

Unfortunately, this dream is a bad omen. Such a dream points towards some mental health issues you are facing. Some thoughts are insidious and are messing with your head.

If you dream of forcing yourself to throw up, it is a sign that you need to reach out to those who you rely on or a professional to help you overcome this crisis. 

77. Dream about being Sick but are Unable to Throw Up

A dream like this is a reminder that you are concealing something from someone close to you. You concealed it because you are ashamed and feared that it would hurt this person. 

However, it is time you confess so that you are no longer tortured by dreams like this. 

78. Dream about Stepping into Colorless Vomit

If the vomit you stepped on is colorless and is largely unnoticeable, it means that you will receive help from the people you least expect it from. 

The help is related to resolving a specific issue or providing you with financial support for an idea or a project that you want to launch.  

79. Dream about Stepping into Nasty and Smelly Vomit

In cases where the vomit is nasty or smelly in your dream, it is symbolic of deception. This indicates that someone in your vicinity who you might not even know will try to cheat you.

This will be an unexpected attack. 

80. Dream about Slimy Vomit

If your vomit is slimy, it symbolizes your vulnerability. It also means rejuvenation and vigor regarding your professional life. This can be interpreted as good news. 

Spiritual meaning of vomiting in a dream

Vomiting in a dream spiritually indicates emotional difficulties, fearing rejection, surprise circumstance, unrecognized hard work, and chronic physical sickness. 

Spiritually, dreaming about throwing up explains the ejection of the negative and unwanted energies and situations from one’s life. It entails certain embarrassing situations. 

There are multiple general interpretations of the spiritual meaning of dreaming of throwing up. They are: 

1. Emotional Difficulties

Dreaming about throwing up indicates that you are currently facing certain difficulties and this is causing mental turmoil. Your difficulty in coping is causing anxiety. 

This anxiety is increasing your nausea and making you feel squeamish.  

2. Misery

There is an increasing awareness of the importance of mental peace. Ignoring your mental health will result in a physical illness in the long run. 

Therefore, throwing up is an indication of misery. 

3. Fear of Rejection

Despite the best efforts from your end in relationships, business or work, you are constantly preoccupied with the fear of abandonment or rejection. 

Spiritually, dreaming of throwing up is a sign of ejecting this fear out. 

4. Unexpected Situations

Life is filled with unexpected twists and turns that take us by surprise. However, a dream about throwing up is an omen that too many of these surprises can make you feel ill or depressed. 

Therefore, you need to cope with this effectively.

5. Unrecognized Hard Work

You are giving your all in terms of effort in your professional life. However, it is going unnoticed. This makes you feel dejected and emotional. 

These feelings evoke a physical reaction which results in throwing up. 

6. Chronic Physical Illness

Dreaming of throwing up is a cry for help and is a sign that you want to escape your current reality.

You have been taking medication for a long period and have been cooped up. This aroused a desire to run away. 

However, there are situations that are given certain elaborate explanations. They are listed below:

7. Dreaming about Vomiting

Such a dream is an indication of the difficult times that are coming ahead. 

8. Dreaming about Seeing Vomit

Seeing vomit in your dream is a sign that there have been different interpretations in waking life. It is related to the loss of control in your life. 

9. Dreaming about a Child or Baby Vomit

If you see a child or a baby throwing up in a dream, it is a sign that you desire to get away from strenuous situations and certain childhood memories.

You need to depart from a toxic relationship or a job that no longer serves you as you need to face the world more positively. 

10. A Women Dreaming about Throwing Up

If a woman is throwing up in the dream, then it indicates a conflict with relatives. The dreamer needs to remember that most conflicts or difficult situations are conquered.

However, some are lost and you need to accept your fate. 

Additionally, the other multiple interpretations and meaning of dreaming of throwing up are:

  • Poverty
  • Disease
  • Rumors or gossiping
  • Bad luck
  • Joy
  • Conflict
  • Worry

Biblical meaning of dream about throwing up

In the bible, dreaming about throwing up signifies emancipation, triumph over enemies, receiving blessing by clearing the hindrances, and going back on your word. 

Biblically, there are multiple interpretations and meanings for dreaming of throwing up. They are s listed below:

1. Emancipation 

A dream where you throw up is a sign of emancipation from every sin you have committed and from all the negative and evil deposit that has been hindering your progress, health, the road to salvation, and the good work you have done so far. 

2. Triumph

Dreaming about throwing up indicates that you have triumphed over your enemies. Therefore, throwing up is seen as a good rehabilitation as evils residing in your body have been ejected.

3. Clearing the Blocks to Receive Blessings and Deliverance

It is denoted that eating in a dream contaminates your spiritual power. This results in a hindrance to your progress in life due to the emotional luggage deposited in your body. 

You will not be able to cash the blessings and deliverance in waking life. One important factor to remember is you mostly throw up post the consumption of food or any substance. 

4. Revoking and Backtracking on Beliefs

Biblically, a dream about throwing up means that you are going back on your preconceived ideas and your beliefs about the life you wanted for yourself.

You are backtracking on your stance on relationships as well as situations. 

5. A Woman Dreaming about Throwing Up

Ant impediments to the woman’s woman and marriage will be cleared when they have a dream about throwing up.

The fragile nature of a woman’s stomach ensures that the content reaches the stomach quickly. 

6. A Woman Dreaming about Throwing Up Blood

This dream is an omen for chronic illness that results in death. The solution to this is to go to deliverance and should assert to no longer live in sin. 

Dream of throwing up – Islamic Meaning 

In Islam, dreaming about throwing up represents returning a lost item, revealing a secret, financial trouble, and indulging in futile diets. 

There are various interpretations of throwing up or vomiting in Islam. Some of them vary depending on the scenario. We will delve into some of these interpretations.

1. Dream of Throwing Up

In Islam, there are many interpretations of dreaming about throwing up that are elaborated below:

  • Return an item to the owner
  • Disclosing secrets
  • One’s recovery by controlling the stomach
  • Unnecessary expenditure on food
  •  A poor person indulging in futile diets

2. Dream of Throwing Up Clean Food

If you dream of throwing up clean food, it means that your life will get easier. 

3. Dreaming of Throwing Up Food

Dreaming about throwing up food symbolizes your engagement in charity. You will give away an item to someone who needs it. 

4. Dreaming of Throwing Up Blood

A dream where you are throwing up blood represents your atonement to your sins. It also symbolizes your abstinence from the forbidden fruit.

Lastly, it indicates satiating one’s craving or fulfilling your oath. 

5. Poor Person Dreaming of Throwing Up Blood

A dream of throwing up blood has positive implications for a poor person. It indicates that you are going to get more money, produce a son, or arrival of a relative from their expedition. 

6. Dream of the Thrown Up Blood Collected in a Bowl

A specific scenario of the blood thrown up being collected in a bowl in a dream is interpreted as a relative coming to reside with you.

It also means that your son will encounter a major sickness. Either one is a possibility. 

7. Dream of the Throwing Up the Blood on the Floor

If the blood is spilled on the floor when throwing up in the dream, it means that there will be a death of a son or a relative. You will experience the demise of either one. 

8. Dream of Throwing Up One’s Bowels or Intestines

When the intestines or bowels come out while throwing up in a dream, it is symbolic of specifically the death of a child. 

9. A Sick Person Dream of Throwing Up

For a sick person, this dream is symbolic of death. 

10. Dreaming of Throwing Up a Snake

If you spot yourself throwing up snakes in your dream, it is symbolic of death or alienating yourself from your enemies. 

11. Ruler or Governor Dreaming of Throwing Up

A dream of throwing up has negative connotations for well-known and rich people. For a governor or a ruler, this dream means that they have to return the money they took from the people unjustly. 

12. Dreaming of Licking the Vomit After Throwing Up

When a person has this dream, it means that they are affluent enough to not worry about the debt they have. They are unbothered. 

13. Dreaming of Throwing Up in a Basin

The meaning of the dream of throwing up in a basin swings between atoning for your sins to having to give a share of your illegally acquired money to a woman. 

14. Dreaming of Throwing Up filled with Suffering And An Aftertaste

This dream indicates that you will be caught for your wrongdoings and will be forced to apologize earnestly. However, you did not want to be caught. 

It is also symbolic of health issues, financial troubles, or paying for the damages. 

15. Dreaming of Throwing Up After Drinking Wine

If the dream entails drinking wine and throwing it up afterward, it symbolizes acquiring some illegal money that has to be returned to its owner. 

16. Dreaming of Getting Drunk and Throwing Up

If you have a dream like this, it means that you are a selfish, greedy, and miserly person who is not looking after your family. 

17. Dreaming of Swallowing a Pearl and Throwing Up Honey

When you have such a dream, it means that you will be able to depict an accurate interpretation of the verses from the Quran. 

18. Dreaming of Drinking Milk and Throwing It up 

You need to confront the truth and should not run away from it. A dream where you drink milk and puke it out is sending you this message. 

19. Dreaming of Drinking Milk and Throwing It Honey

This dream symbolizes your atonement for the sins you have committed. 

20. Dreaming of Throwing Up Yellow Stuff

A dream of vomiting yellow stuff that is bitter indicates that you will be remorseful about your wrongdoings after you have served your time. 

21. Dreaming of Throwing Up Mucus

Here, you will atone for your wrongdoings in your will without anyone forcing you to do so. 

22. Dreaming of Swallowing the Vomit Before Throwing Up

Such a dream is a sign that you will not abide by your word and will go back on it. 

23. Dreaming of Throwing Up Incessantly 

Dreaming of Throwing up excessively is a sign that your life is coming to end and are nearing death. This also indicates that you will die due to chronic and long-standing sickness. 

Dreaming About Throwing Up – Psychological Meaning

It is a well-known fact that Sigmund Freud contended that dreams were the window to one’s subconscious.

Here, the theory is that the troubles and worries of your daily life are expressed when you dream about throwing up. 

The experiences that we have encountered in our everyday life have an impact on our dreams. 

Another explanation for this dream is that intuitively, one is always aware of their troubles and problems.

When this becomes overbearing, this subtle reminder ensures that we throw up or in essence deal with the problem. 

When you wake up feeling sick, it means that you have been impacted in an emotional manner due to the release that occurred in your dream. 

Final Thoughts

This comprehensive article on dreaming about throwing up helps us discern that one of the main interpretations is ejecting negative from within the body. 

However, the dream dictionary advises you to remember the details of the dream.

Understandably, it can be disgusting to concentrate on the specific. The specifics and the details add further to the analysis. 

You need to remember that in some cases if you spot someone throwing up in real life, and then have a dream about the same, it can merely be a reflection of the current scenario. 

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