Dreaming about throwing up symbolizes your rigidity, exhaustion, prevention of an illness, worry or humiliation, discontentment, disorganized nature, disgust, growth, and success.

Dream About Throwing Up - 80 Scenarios and Their Meanings
Dream About Throwing Up – Various Scenarios and Their Meanings

General Interpretations of Dream about Vomiting

Just as in real life, a dream about throwing up is quite an unpleasant incident to dream about. The dream about throwing up is as repulsive and frightening as the act is in waking life.

In waking life, vomiting is often an act indulged in to get rid of the unpleasantries within one’s system. Similarly, the dream symbolism also shares the same meaning. 

Rigidity – It is a symbol of your rejection of some feelings and emotions. You are finding it difficult to express and change some beliefs, opinions, and feelings. This conveys your rigidity.

Dissatisfaction – Such a dream is symbolic of your discontentment or dissatisfaction in your waking life. This is a sign asking you to take it a little slow.

Disorganized – This is symbolic of your disorganized nature. Your disorganization has unleashed chaos in your life. You need to get a grip and have a little more direction. 

Loathe Yourself – It is a sign that you loathe yourself for practicing such habits. The secrecy of the habits further adds to the disgust you feel.

Growth – It ensures that there are going to be some positive changes in your life. This will further help you in achieving overall growth in your life. 

Success – It indicates that you are going to prosper and gain success in terms of business.

Spiritual Meaning of Vomiting in a Dream

Spiritually, dreaming about throwing up explains the ejection of the negative and unwanted energies and situations from one’s life. It entails certain embarrassing situations. 

It spiritually indicates emotional difficulties, fearing rejection, surprise circumstance, unrecognized hard work, and chronic physical sickness. 

Multiple people can throw up in a dream. The multiple possibilities modify the interpretation of dreaming about throwing up.

Therefore, it is important to pay heed to this specific detail. 

Dream about Seeing Yourself Throwing Up

It indicates cleansing of the negativity and the toxicity. You are eliminating the negativity appearing in all shapes. 

A dream of seeing yourself throw up represents your disposal of toxic and unhealthy relationships. You are adapting to the new scenario and are currently healing. 

The anxiety and stress in your life might be causing your health to deteriorate. This is an indication that you are risking your health.

Dream about Your Child or Baby Throwing Up

It represents a fresh start. You will get a chance to redo or start over. It is indicated that a fresh start is mostly related to your work.  

There is also a specific aspect of your life that is causing you stress and you are feeling pressured by this. 

Dream about Children Throwing Up

A dream about a child or many children throwing up indicates that you currently wish to withdraw from demanding and unpleasant situations. This entails a taxing job or a toxic relationship

Dream about a Baby Throwing Up

If you spot a baby throwing up in your dream, it indicates new beginnings, just like how babies are new in this world. 

If this is the case then it means that you feel weighed down or that it is too heavy for you to carry around anymore. 

Dream about Animals Throwing Up

It indicates your feelings and concerns about your pet or a pet in your immediate environment. 

Such a dream is also representative of independence, flexibility, courage, vigor, and rejuvenation. 

Dream about a Dog Throwing Up

A dream where specifically a dog is throwing up is a sign that you need to reevaluate your relationship with a friend. This can be a close acquaintance or a distant friend. 

Dream about a Drunk Person Vomiting

It is an indication of betrayal, deception, or accusation. You can expect one of these from someone close to you. 

This is a warning that you need to be cautious as you are surrounded by fake friends. You need to be on the lookout for who are the genuine people in your circle. 

Dream about a Pregnant Person Vomiting

It is symbolic of the pity you feel for someone else. This person has committed errors and made some bad decisions. 

However, this person is solely responsible for these errors and decisions. Your grief and pity don’t change this fact. You can help this person only as much as they allow. Do not overstep your bounds. 

Dream about a Sick Person Throwing Up

It is a sign that you will begin a new friendship or relationship. This relationship or friendship will be detrimental for you. 

Dream about your Parent Throwing Up 

This is an indication that a specific person from your life is going to assault your problem as theirs and wash them away from your hands. 

They are trying to ease it up for you and are also aware that they are more competent to deal with these problems.  

There are multiple items that you can throw up in your dreams. Some of these items may be bizarre but they have a serious impact on the meaning. Some such items are: 

Throwing Up Blood

This is a sign of serious concern about your health. This indicates that you need to go for a check-up as your health may be at risk. 

Throwing Up Feces

It indicates a life-altering change heading your way. You are in the process of cleansing and are removing things that no longer benefit you in any manner. 

Throwing Up Wine

You won some money or gained unexpected financial luck in a game. This specific dream reflects the loss of the money that was previously won. 

Throwing Up Fruit

If you spot fruit in your vomit specifically when you throw up, it symbolizes fresh beginnings. It means that a new beginning is around the corner. This dream is a sign to prepare you for it. 

Throwing Up Vegetable 

A dream where you throw up vegetables signifies growth. This growth will be facilitated by the advice that people around you have for you.  

Throwing Up Rice

Your mental and physical health is important. When you dream of throwing up rice specifically, it is a representation of your physical and mental illness.

You need to go for a full checkup to ensure you catch whatever it is early. 

Throwing Up Hair

This is a warning. You need to be on the lookout as someone is a threat to your safety and your freedom. 

Throwing Up Fish

It indicates your lack of ability to confront an issue. Your negative emotions and feelings need to be expressed appropriately. 

This is a message from your subconscious that you are being uptight, rigid, and emotional. Additionally, this is representative of your financial troubles. 

Throwing Up Paper

A dream where you are throwing up paper indicates multiple possibilities containing a working relationship. There is someone you desire and want to catch their attention by doing you a favor. 

Throwing Up Oatmeal

It symbolizes your bad decisions and choices. You need to remember that you cannot do everything by yourself and that you need to express your needs and wants. Good days will follow the difficult time. 

Throwing Up Glass

If you see yourself or someone throwing up glass in your dream, it indicates that you are trying to escape the weight of an important decision.

Such a dream also represents the birth of a child or the birth of a fresh idea. 

Throwing Up Foam

It symbolizes your easy-going attitude about your health. This is mainly related to harboring a grudge further indicating that you need to focus on the present. This dream signifies a feud or a conflict.

Throwing up Cockroaches

It indicates that you are disposing of the negative thoughts that no longer have any purpose in your life. These include your anxieties, obsessions, and torments. 

Throwing up Mice

This signifies your reluctance in accepting something even when you do not want to. This change came about unexpectedly and you have to accept it despite feeling the exact opposite about it. 

Vomiting in Dream Based on the Location

The location where you or someone else is throwing up in your dream is said to change the implications of the meaning. Therefore, based on some of the locations, the interpretations are listed below: 

Throwing Up in Car

A dream of throwing up in a car or any other vehicle represents your difficulty in coping with a change. Your confusion stems from your impatience. You need to take some time to process the change. 

Throwing Up in a Public Place

Dreaming of throwing up in a public place is a sign that your words or actions will be criticized.

Throwing Up in Buildings

Buildings are symbolic of an individual’s current state of mind. Dreaming of seeing puke in a building is an indication of the person’s current status. 

Throwing up on the Walls

If you spot vomit on the walls, it means that something is invigorating or exciting. This has aroused your interest. It can also indicate sexual excitement. 

Vomit on the Toilet

Seeing vomit on the toilet in your dream is quite a horrific scene. However, it points towards your psychological state of mind or your current spiritual well-being.

Throwing Up at Work or School

A dream about throwing up at school or your work is a sign that you will do some Nobel work. You will be guiding and paving the way for the people who seek your guidance.

Dream about Throwing Up Based on Color of the Vomit

Based on the color of vomit the interpretations and meaning can alter. Therefore, pay attention to the color of the vomit in your dream. The interpretations and meaning based on the various colors are: 

Vomiting White Stuff – It symbolizes scrutiny, inspection, and grace. These are qualities that the dreamer possesses. 

Throwing up Something Yellow or Green – This is a reflection of your desire to eliminate your troubles and worries but you are failing at it. 

Red Vomit – It means that the dreamer will be caught in the middle of some sort of brutality or roughness.

Vomiting Black Stuff – It signifies your susceptibility to depression and anxiety.

Green Vomit – It indicates that you do not have control in your life and that things are spiraling.

Orange Vomit – You once again need to be on the lookout and ensure no one takes advantage of you in this state. 

Yellow Vomit – It signifies that you are currently occupied with a project. It also indicates that you are caught up in the drama of another person’s life. 

Blue Vomit – It is a sign that you will engage in self-analysis or some soul-searching. It also signifies your intelligence. This dream indicates your guilt or innocence.

Dream about Vomiting – Other Interpretations

Preventing Yourself from Throwing Up

It means that you are not assertive about what you stand for. You are embarrassed and do not want to make a fool of yourself. 

This dream is an indication that you prefer to refrain from expressing your beliefs and opinions.

Taking Medication for Throwing up

If you take medication to stop throwing up, then it means that you will have great success after a lifetime of adversities.

Constant Vomiting 

In case you find yourself in a situation where you cannot stop puking, it is symbolic of your everlasting troubles in your waking life.

You are currently struggling and do not know how to get out of this circle of troubles and issues. 

You are About to Throw up

A dream where you feel like you are about to throw up indicates that someone close to you will blame you for something. You haven’t committed the act that you have been accused of. 

Feeling Nauseated and Throwing Up

Feeling nauseous and then throwing up is a bad sign. This means that you will have some hiccups and issues soon.

Smelling your Vomit 

You are supposed to buckle up as you will have to clean up a mess. This mess may not be yours and will be of someone in your vicinity. 

Forcing Yourself to Throw Up

This is a bad omen. Such a dream points towards some mental health issues you are facing. Some thoughts are insidious and are messing with your head.

Being Sick but are Unable to Throw Up

A dream like this is a reminder that you are concealing something from someone close to you. You concealed it because you are ashamed and feared that it would hurt this person. 

Final Thoughts

This comprehensive article on dreaming about throwing up helps us discern that one of the main interpretations is ejecting negative from within the body. 

Understandably, it can be disgusting to concentrate on the specific. The specifics and the details add further to the analysis. 

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