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Dreams about Pus – 65 Scenarios and Interpretations 

Dreams about Pus – 65 Scenarios and Interpretations 

Updated on Mar 07, 2023 | Published on Nov 05, 2022

Reviewed by Katina Tarver, MA (Mental Health and Wellness Counseling) , Life Coach

Dreams about Pus - 65 Scenarios and Interpretations 

Pus is not a good sight – be it in your waking life or your sleep. Plus, dreams about pus are not very common elements. 

You can have it if you have seen it in your waking life or you have been thinking about it, or if something is making you feel repulsed. Besides, these scenarios more often denote your abilities to overcome struggles in life. 

But there is more. Let’s dig deeper –

Dreams about Pus – General Interpretations 

Dreams about pus more often than not symbolize feeling repulsed and situations that trigger it. Often it shows terrible news, bad luck, accidents, negative emotions, guilt, shame, and things getting worse. In brief, it shows that you need to address your issues and begin healing.

Dreams about pus can have various meanings for different people. They are often common occurrences for people who are going through some skin issues or such making one come across it. 

Some of its general interpretation are given below –

1. Positively it shows that you are brimming with positive energy even in troubling times. 

2. Besides, you wish to have the support of people you love in your problems and troubles. 

3. It shows that you might be suffering from some physical injury. Or you should visit a doctor soon.

4. This dream suggests that you will prove to be a true friend for the people you know.

5. Sometimes it shows that you will dig up a buried argument with someone from your past.

6. Besides, you are trying hard to avoid uncovering your dark secret. 

7. It is time to start accepting help from your friends and family

Now, let’s get to its specific scenarios –

Dreaming of Pus – 65 Scenarios and Interpretations 

This have been explained by many interpreters. These carry important and significant messages for every dreamer about the emotions or situations that need their serious attention. 

Some of the scenarios of are explained below. Read on to find out what it could mean for you –

1. Dreams about Seeing Pus

These are signs that you will overcome some troubles and difficulties in your life. You are someone who radiates positive energy even in the darkest of times.

You will find yourself wishing for help and support from your friends and family. 

2. Dreams about Seeing Pus on Someone Else

This dream plot indicates that you are not someone who abandons their friends. You will not fall prey to peer pressure.

You have a strong moral code that will guide you through a difficult phase in your life. 

3. Dreams about Suddenly Finding Pus on Yourself

This dream symbolizes a possible injury. A past physical trauma has not healed. You are still suffering because of it.

Maybe you should visit a doctor as it is important to take care of your health. You have to prioritize your wellbeing over everything else.

4. Dreams about Pus from a Wound

This dream represents past conflicts. You will dig up an argument with someone you had made peace with. Or you will engage in an argument with them over trivial matters.

You have realized that it is not possible to revive your old relationship with the individual. 

5. Dreams about Pus from Someone Else’s Wound

This dream talks about your role as a mediator in an argument. You will find yourself in between two people you equally love and respect. You should try to be diplomatic in such situations to avoid problems. 

6. Dreams about Cleaning Pus

This dream suggests that you have some secrets that you want to keep hidden. You don’t want the world to know of these secrets.

You have done something in the past that you are not proud of. 

7. Dreams about Someone Else Cleaning Pus 

This dream shows your lack of judgment. You have confided in the wrong person. You will share your ideas with someone you trust, but they will betray you.

Or, you will be taken advantage of. Someone will use you to achieve their dreams and goals.

8. Dreams about You Cleaning Pus from Other’s Wound

This dream suggests that a friend will come to your help in your time of need. You will solve a major problem with your friend.

Your friends will advise you. You should not hesitate in accepting their help and support.

9. Dreams about Pus on Arms 

This dream is considered to be a positive omen. Your business ventures will turn out to be successful. 

Your efforts and hard work will finally pay off. You will reach your destination very soon.

10. Dreams about Pus on Legs

It often refer to monetary gains. You will soon be blessed with abundant fortune and prosperity. 

Maybe you will be very rich. All your financial problems will be solved because of your smart savings and investments. 

11. Dreams about Pus on Face 

These signify illness in your family. You will show concerns for a loved one. 

They will ignore your advice of visiting the doctor. You will feel helpless in convincing them to seek treatment for their problems. 

12. Dreams about Cleaning Pus from Arms

You will encounter major obstacles in your waking life. You will have to be confident and believe in yourself. This will help you come up with solutions.

You should not pay heed to what others say about your progress. You will find a way to resolve things on your end. 

13. Dreams about Cleaning Pus from Legs

This dream suggests that you should not pay heed to clothes’ criticism and malicious comments on your work. 

You have a goal that you need to fulfill. You have someone in your life who believes in the work you do. 

14. Dreams about Cleaning Pus from Face

Such dreams are often considered to carry motivating messages. You should not give up on your dreams. 

Besides, you may feel like you cannot achieve something, but that is wrong. You have to show persistence in order to receive your desired results. 

15. Dream about Pus in Mouth 

These dreams do not carry negative meanings. This is a sign that you will soon hear some good news. 

It can be related to your business, career or even your love life. You will be really joyful and ecstatic in your waking life.

16. Dream about Cleaning Pus from Mouth

This may indicate a new beginning. A new start or a new life will be born.

You will end old relationships and prepare to move on to better things. Someone in your family will give birth in the immediate future. 

17. Dream about Cleaning Pus from Someone Else’s Mouth

You will use your knowledge and understanding to avoid major trouble in your future. 

Maybe you will try your best to steer clear of risky paths. You will do everything you can to prevent an unfortunate event. 

18. Dream about Pus on Clothes

These dreams are a sign of a big family crisis. Someone in your family will be stuck in major trouble. 

It can affect them physically, emotionally or financially. You will feel empathetic towards them. You will extend a helping hand to resolve their issues.

19. Dreams about Cleaning Pus from Clothes

This dream teaches you to accept help from people who care for you. You should learn to let go of your stubbornness. Besides, you will be brimming with positive energy.

It is good sometimes to rely on others instead of being independent all the time. You will get good advice from someone who has gone through the same situation as you.

20. Dreams about Pus in Purulent Angina

This dream warns you to avoid confiding in every person. You should watch what you are saying to others.

There is someone who is listening to your words very carefully. You have to remain very cautious as they plan on using your own words against you. 

21. Dreams about Someone Else’s Pus in Purulent Angina

This dream is a projection of your subconscious mind. It suggests that you should avoid interfering in the lives of your loved ones. 

You are obsessed with the well being of the people you love. 

22. Dreams about Pus in Pimple

There is something that has been troubling you for a very long time. You are feeling helpless as you have not been able to find a solution yet.

23. Dreams about Squeezing Pus

This dream scenario represents memories and nostalgia. You have realized your hidden potential. You require help from a higher source to achieve your dreams. 

Besides, you want to make a difference in your society or community. You are aspiring to be a philanthropist in your waking life. And you should remain confident in your life. Determination and persistence is the only key element in your path to success.

24. Dreams about Others Squeezing Pus

This dream suggests that you have learnt to adapt well to new situations. Something important and significant in your life has come to an end. 

You should realize that only you can control your fate and destiny. 

25. Dreams about Infection with Pus

These dreams are considered as symbols of good and positive news. You are encountering feelings of anxiety and excitement about something new.

You are very easy to influence. 

26. Dreams about Pus on Teeth

Often it tells about your insecurities. Besides, something is nauseating you or making you disgusted. 

27. Dreams about Pus and Blood

Usually it shows pain and struggles in life. Often it is a sign of sacrifice.

28. Dreams about Pus in Nose

Usually it shows that your senses are giving you signs of trouble. Listen to your gut feelings.

29. Dreams about Pus Bursting from Your Skin

It shows that you are feeling overwhelmed or frustrated and need to vent out your negative emotions.

30. Pus Constantly Spilling

Often it is a sign of negativity or toxic people surrounding you. 

31. Dreams about Very Little Pus 

Usually it shows that you need to be more careful about issues bothering you before it gets worse. 

32. Dreams about Too Much Pus 

It shows that there is a lot going on around you and you need to work on it as soon as possible. 

33. Dreams about Pus on Chin

Often it shows that you are not confident about yourself and need some external support.

34. Dream about Pus on Ex-Partner’s Face

It shows that you are hurt by someone. Not everyone you talk to and confide in will be your friend. You should choose your company wisely.

35. Dreams about Pus on Knee

It shows that you are feeling a lack of strength and need to work upon your skills. 

36. Dreams about Pus in Eyes

Often it shows that you are in a very sensitive situation and your perspective towards the world is challenged. 

37. Dreams about Pus on Forehead

Usually it shows that you are facing a stain on your esteem and it might hurt your social stance. 

38. Dreams about Pus and Flesh

Often it is a sign of some serious struggles in your life. Besides, it might show guilt, shame, and other negative emotions.

39. Dreams about Pus on Back

Usually it shows that you are being ignorant towards your flaws and vulnerabilities. 

40. Dreams about Dried Pus

It is a sign of some old traumas or painful memories that you need to heal now. 

41. Dreams about Body Full of Pus

Often it shows a disgustful personality. Besides, it is a sign of guilt, shame, and other negative emotions. 

42. Dreams about Yellow Pus 

Often it shows the beginning of some issues that require your attention. 

43. Dreams about Brown Pus

More often it shows a serious situation and you need to take it as an emergency instead of being oblivious for more damage. 

44. Dreams about White Pus

It shows that you might have minor inconveniences but the situation is in your control. 

45. Dreams about Green Pus

Often it is a sign of additional problems making things worse for you. You need to be more careful and attentive. 

46. Dreams about Black Pus

Mostly it shows that you are being ignorant about your problems and it is making things worse with time. 

47. Dreams about Red Pus

Often it shows danger and serious harm. Sometimes it shows impatience about your vulnerabilities and issues. 

48. Dreams about Pink Pus

It is a sign of problems lightly showing you the early warning signs that you need to take and work upon. 

49. Pus with Build Ups

Usually it shows that there is a reason for everything and you need to look at the cause instead of the symptom. 

50. Dreams about Pus Discharging after a Surgery

Often it shows that something too harsh has happened to you and the wounds are still fresh. You need to be more careful and take your time to heal. 

51. Pus Discharge from Inflammation

It is a sign of being ignorant to a problem which is finally showing its outcome. 

52. Dreams about Very Thick Pus

It shows you are clear about the issues and it can be solved with effort. 

53. Dreams about Very Fluid Pus

Often it shows that things are getting more messed up and you need to have patience.

54. Dreams about Pus with a Foul Smell

Usually it shows that you need to urgently work upon the negativity surrounding or it will start harming you.

55. Dreams about Putting Disinfectant on Pus

Often it shows that you are trying to make things better.

56. Dreams about Pus Discharge with Pain

Usually it shows that you need some serious care. Hence address your problems instead of ignoring it.

57. Dreams about Pus Filled Swellings

It shows you have emotional knots that you need to check. 

58. Dreams about Pus Discharge from Fingers

Often it shows that your daily life is getting affected because of your negative emotions or decisions. 

59. Dreams about Pus Filled Cavity inside Body

Often it shows negativity, danger, and depression that you need to work upon. 

60. Dreams about Healing Pus

It shows spiritual growth, healing, and wellbeing. 

61. Dreams about Pus in Piercings

You will realize that some danger is lurking around the corner because of your choices. 

62. Dreams about Pus in Nails

You feel that life has been unfair towards you. You have not been given an opportunity to succeed in life.

63. Dreams about Taking Antibiotics Pills to Treat Pus

You are having doubts about your waking life. You are looking up to your mentors for advice.

64. Dreams about Draining the Wound to Treat Pus

You will feel conflicted to choose the right path. You need to work upon the source of your problems. 

65. Dreams about Seeing a Doctor to Treat Pus Discharge

It tells you to see your problems and work on your healing process.

Spiritual Meaning of Dreams about Pus

Spiritually, mostly it is a sign that you need to seek spiritual relief as soon as possible. The toxicity around you is harming you and you might be getting wounded with negative emotions and feelings. Accepting your inner dilemmas and darkness would help you grow closer to your light within. 

Biblical Meaning of Dreaming about Pus

Biblically, often it is taken as a sign to reach the right people and seek help. Besides, it tells one to start the process of healing. At the same time, often it is a sign of one’s inner negativity and emotions that takes one on the wrong path. So reflect upon it and so what is right for your path of devotion. 

Psychological Meaning of Dreams about Pus

Psychologically, these are often associated with the emotions of feeling repulsed and situations that trigger it. Besides, it shows your wish to have the support of people you love in your problems and troubles. 

Sometimes, through the scenario, your subconscious mind is trying to warn you to be cautious of the people you associate with. Also, it tells you to see your problems and work on your healing process. 

Closing Thoughts

These are a manifestation of your repressed thoughts and desires that are being projected into your slumber state. These dreams are often carriers of message to prioritize your well-being and to heal. 

Often these shows the emotions are situations that repulse us and thus, that we try to hide or neglect. However, it will only make things worse. Instead address the issues. Own your flaws. And work for your growth. 

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