Dreams about shooting, in a negative way, indicates your anger. It symbolizes the need to hurt others for self-defense. If you are shooting to kill somebody in a dream, it highlights your conflicts with enemies.

Dream about Shooting - Various Types & its Interpretations
Dream about Shooting – Various Types & its Interpretations

What do Shooting Dreams Imply?

Shooting dreams can imply several things like an upcoming joy, hidden anger, or can ever be a warning for an upcoming danger!

Shooting dreams indicate your goals and ambitions in life that are unfulfilled. They are also a sign that you are walking on the right path towards achieving your target.

There can be several more meanings of these dreams, so let’s explore them.

A warning!

When someone in your dream shoots with the intent of killing you, it warns you to avoid arguments. Rather, you should work to improve your relationships with others.


You can relate it to unhappiness and disappointment in your marriage or with relatives. The reason for this disappointment is due to your selfish nature in the relationship.

Upcoming joy

These dreams are also a clear sign of upcoming joy and happiness in your life. If you’re a student or job seeker, it suggests efficient results.

Hidden Anger

This shows you often feel like killing a known person or a stranger in your real life because you are angry at them. To avoid conflicts in real life, the dream recommends that you learn to control your anger.

Problems with enemies

It also implies that your enemies will push you into problems. This will lead to your frustration, helplessness, and release of negative feelings for them. The dream reminds you to be cautious of what is to come!

Common Dreams about Shooting where You’re the Shooter

Shooting dreams where you are the shooter are a reflection of your own feelings. The meaning of each dream can be clearly defined on the basis of what you see in the dream.

So, If you remember your dream details, find out what it means.

People dying because of your shooting

This dream is a clear sign that you are lazy and unproductive in nature. You have set too many goals for yourself but you aren’t working towards it as needed.

Remember, you cannot achieve the desired results if you don’t work hard. Under such circumstances, if you don’t find the energy to work, take one goal at a time and focus.

Shooting to kill someone in dreams

It implies that you are going through a problem in your real life with your enemies or people you can’t easily get along with. 

The dream is a symbol of frustration, helplessness, and stubbornness. The only thing you can do here is to maintain distance from them and make wise decisions.

Hurting someone with a shot

It may either mean you are feeling outrageous. You must confront the person who made you angry or forgive them. You need to get rid of this anger quickly to regain your peace.

Alternatively, it depicts a professional dispute which can harm your financial stability.

Troubles while shooting

In your dreams, if you’re

  • Unable to load the gun to shoot someone: If you’re a woman, somebody’s jealousy towards you will put your reputation at stake. For men, you are working hard but don’t have proper targets set. You need to be more determined.
  • Shooting with a gun but it is not firing: It indicates that you have lost control over some particular situations in life. Try to solve the situation peacefully ASAP. 

Shooting but not hearing the sound

It signifies that you are surrounded by liars and fake people and you’ll have a tough time for them. Alternatively, it means that after all the problems; you will reach a better position.

Shooting people from behind

This dream means that you are anxious about something in life. Calm your nerves or else you may miss some golden opportunities in your private life or career and harm yourself.

Shooting someone in the stomach

It signifies that you are going to be attacked verbally or physically very soon due to a love affair or a private relationship. 

Shooting with different arms

In your shooting dreams, different weapons have different significance. For instance, if you dream of shooting with a/an

  • Gun: It means you might have hatred or frustrating feelings for a specific person. You must leave the toxicity behind and renew your relationship with them.
  • Sniper gun: These dreams suggest careful planning and being optimistic in life as you have a strong negative attitude towards life. If you become determined to approach life positively, you will easily overcome this situation.
  • Pistol, revolver, or a small silver gun: This dream is a sign that you must focus on your targets and work tirelessly towards your objectives. 
  • Rifle: If the rifle did not shoot, you’re going through a stressful period in your life but you’ll bring important changes in life.
  • Machine gun: This suggests that you will have many opportunities in your life. Concentrate on your goals to make optimum use of them. 
  • Arrow: You are trying to express your anger suppressed within your heart.  Or,your words or actions have hurt someone very deeply. But if you’re shot with an arrow, you are hurt emotionally. 

Shooting at Various Aims

Recollect whom you aimed your weapon at in dreams as that depicts more news about your waking life. So, if you were shooting…

  • The enemy: It depicts that you will have a conflict with the other person in near future or you are preparing yourself for a goal.
  • Your mother: You experienced this dream because your mother disagrees with the things you want in life. So, it suggests the suppressed anger or frustration towards your mother. 
  • Your father: It is a message from your subconscious to manage your inner thoughts or repressed negative feelings towards your father or some similar character traits within you.
  • An animal: This dream is a sign that you want society to accept your desires and goals. In the process, you’ll hurt someone who doesn’t deserve to be hurt.
  • Your friends: It indicates that you are soon going to argue or fight with someone very close to you. You may get divorced or quit your job.

Shooting Dreams where You Aren’t the Shooter

In some shooting dreams, you might only watch the shooting from the sidelines. For instance, if you dream of…

Someone getting shot and killed

It signifies a new beginning or transition in your life like getting a job that you have been desperately looking. It also says that you should leave your ego aside.

Dream meaning of seeing a shooting

It is a sign of unhappiness and dissatisfaction in your relationship or marriage life because your partner can be selfish, over-possessive, insecure, or short-tempered.

Another possibility is that something from your professional life can hamper your personal relationships

War zone shooting 

These dreams indicate some past life experience. You feel like you are at an actual war place fighting against something. It reminds you that you’re not fighting alone against it.

Dreaming about school shooting 

It shows that you are worried about your family members. If this has been troubling you for a long time now, you must also visit your relatives that you haven’t met in a while. 

Chaotic shooting

The dream asks you to get more organized. You need to think hard about your carefree lifestyle and plan your daily life.

A word from ThePleasantDream

Dreams of shooting usually occur when you are in the urge of avoiding things, incidents, or people that can prove toxic for you. It can be because you feel you’re losing control of certain aspects of your life. 

If necessary, just take a break and follow your instinct. Study your dream in detail and take the best course of action.