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Are you fed up with dreams about shooting? Here’s what it means [40+ Types]

Are you fed up with dreams about shooting? Here’s what it means [40+ Types]

Updated on Dec 19, 2022 | Published on Jun 13, 2021

Reviewed by Dr. Nereida Gonzalez-Berrios, MD , Certified Psychiatrist

Dream about Shooting - 40 Types & its Interpretations

Did you dream about shooting someone? Did you get shot in your dream? Or, did you find guns and bullets in your dream? If yes, I am sure you are still recovering from the shock.

The dream was indeed scary but sometimes it creates such a deep impact on your conscious mind that you fail to focus on anything else – constantly wondering about its interpretation.

Keep reading this article to find out the exact interpretations of your dreams about the shooting.

Dream about Shooting - 40 Types & its Interpretations
Dream about Shooting – 40 Types & its Interpretations

Shooting Dream Meaning – 5 General Interpretations

Shooting dreams can be extremely scary but it’s not always destructive. It can imply several things like an upcoming joy, hidden anger, or can ever be a warning for an upcoming danger!

Shooting dreams indicate your goals and ambitions in life that are unfulfilled. If you are shooting in general, it is a sign that you are walking on the right path towards achieving your target.

On the contrary, if you dream of shooting in a negative way, it indicates your anger. It symbolizes the need to hurt others for self-defense. If you are shooting to kill somebody in a dream, it highlights your conflicts with enemies.

Similarly, depending on various factors of a dream, there can be several meanings of these dreams. Let’s quickly explore some of them at large.

1. A warning!

The first interpretation is that such dreams can be taken as a symbol of warning. You should avoid unwanted things in your waking life.

When someone in your dream shoots with the intent of killing you, try to avoid arguments. If you find a gang or police shooting at you in a dream, it signifies that you have problems related to the control system.

When you find a gun pointing you in the face to shoot but suddenly you escape, it is a sign that you should work to revive relationships with others.

2. Unhappiness

If you hear or see shooting in your dream, you can relate it to unhappiness and disappointment in your life. This can be between a married couple or relatives or any of your close ones. The reason for this disappointment is due to your selfish nature in the relationship.

 Shooting indicates that your close one is going to experience some conflict in life soon. Avoid anger to get rid of negative things in life.

3. Upcoming joy

Clay shooting is a clear sign of upcoming joy and happiness in your life. It will suggest efficient results for the students or the ones seeking new jobs.

Although clay shooting indicates upcoming joy, mass shooting brings negative signs. It can suggest problems in life. If you are shooting at a target, it means you need to protect them.

Shooting friends in a dream suggests that you’re going to land into an argument soon. If you dream of shooting your family members, it means someone close to you is in trouble.

4. Hidden Anger

You often feel like killing somebody in your real life too because you are angry at that person. This is what happens in our dreams too.

Hidden anger is a clear cause of such shooting dreams. If you find yourself shooting someone, it reflects your anger. This someone can be a known person or a stranger. To avoid conflicts in real life, it is recommended that you learn to control your anger.

5. Problems with enemies

One of the interpretations of shooting dreams also implies that you may have problems with your enemies. This reflects your frustration, helplessness, and release of negative feelings for them.

Hence, if you find yourself shooting someone in a dream, it suggests a forthcoming problem in your life. You may be victimized in a problem developed by others. Or, you may be unnecessarily dragged into the problems of your friends or relatives.

If you find yourself shooting others in a dream, it’s time to be cautious of what is to come!

Dream about Shooting – 40 Types & its Interpretations

Every dream is a sign. It either indicates your past or your future. Shooting dreams are a reflection of your own feelings. The meaning of each dream can be clearly defined on the basis of what you see in the dream. However, the details of the dream have to be particular in nature to interpret the correct meaning of the dream.

To rest your curiosity, we have gathered all the meanings of such scary shooting dreams. If you remember your dream in detail, we are here to tell you what it means.

1. Dream of shooting the enemy

Such dreams have a heavy impact on your subconscious mind. If you find yourself shooting in a war, it depicts that you will have a conflict with the other person in near future. When you find yourself aiming for an enemy in a dream, it is an indication that you are preparing yourself for a goal.

The success of this goal totally depends on your gut instincts and skills. Focus on your goals and avoid distractions in order to accomplish the targeted goal.

2. Dream of shooting someone with a gun

Dreaming of holding a gun and shooting someone reflects your hidden conflict in real life. You might have hatred or frustrating feelings for a specific person that you haven’t expressed till now. Negative feelings only bring you pain and stress if held long.

Try to focus on the positive aspects of your life and leave the toxicity behind. Renew your relationship with the person and improve it for the best.

3. Dream of someone getting shot and killed

What? Did you just shoot and kill someone in the dream? Wait, don’t panic. It is only a nightmare. When you see killing someone with a shotgun, it is an indication that you should leave your ego aside.

Death dreams bring good news. It signifies a new beginning or transition in your life. Like, you could be getting a job that you have been desperately looking for or some bad phase in your life is ending. Learn to embrace the change.

4. Dream of shooting with a fake gun

Shooting dreams are common. If you find yourself shooting with a toy gun or water gun in a dream, it means something different. A fake gun represents reaching your goals in life.

 It is serving as a reminder to you to get organized in your life. Your next day should be planned properly. Note down the things you need to finish tomorrow. Set your objectives and organize them on the basis of priority. Focus on the list and accept the responsibilities that come your way.

5. Dream of shooting your mother

This is definitely one of the most disgusting dreams but don’t worry, it’s not what you think it is. You experienced this dream because your mother disagrees with the things you want in life.

It suggests the suppressed anger or frustration towards your mother. It does not say that you hate your mother but it suggests that you dislike a personality trait in her which you will otherwise desire to change in her.

Shooting your mother in a dream represents your own inner qualities. Pay attention to her positive side and ignore the negativity surrounding you.

6. Dream of shooting your father

Dream of shooting your father is a message from your subconscious to manage your inner thoughts. It indicates repressed negative feelings towards your father or some similar character traits within you that you fail to embrace.

You either had some fight with your father or you don’t like a masculine aspect of yourself. That aspect could be inherited from your father.

Again, overlook the negative vibes and try to pay more attention to the positive characteristics. Be grateful for the traits you possess because of him.

7. Dream of shooting someone you don’t know

Often, we see strangers in our dreams. When you shoot someone you don’t know, this dream predicts your self-perception. You are probably dismissing some undiscovered parts of your personality. It is signaling you not to do that.

Don’t dislike yourself or your traits because you haven’t explored yourself completely. Take a plunge and strive to know yourself better. Give yourself a chance. There’s a possibility that you will fall in love with your new version.

8. Dream of not being able to load the gun to shoot someone

In the dream, did you want to shoot someone but were unable to load the gun? If you just said yes, this dream is linked to your targets in waking life.

It suggests that you can be victimized by someone who is feeling insecure. If you’re a woman, somebody’s jealousy towards you will put your reputation at stake.

For men, you might feel adrift from the world. You are working hard but don’t have proper targets set. Be true to yourself and work with determination.

9. Dream of shooting someone with a sniper gun

Sniper guns in dreams suggest careful planning and being optimistic in life. They also represent a negative attitude towards life. If you had this dream, you have already become a pessimist or are on the verge of becoming one.

But the good news is that if you become determined to approach life positively, you will be able to easily overcome this situation.

The meaning of this dream depends on whether you are shooting someone with a sniper or are being shot with a sniper.

10. Dream of shooting someone with a pistol

Did you dream of shooting someone with a pistol, revolver, or a small silver gun? Shooting anything in a dream represents a target. This dream is a sign that you have to focus on your targets.

Work tirelessly towards your objectives. It can be working an extra hour at work or getting an hour less to sleep because of work.

Work hard but also spare time for the family. Spend quality time with the family rather than being on social media or creating business connections. Balancing both is important.

11. Dream of shooting someone with a rifle

Rifles have a direct connection to your goals and ambitions. If the rifle did not shoot, you’re going through a stressful period in your life. Even though you are going through a tough time, it indicates you are bringing changes in life.

It is possible that you’re working along with someone on something important in your life, and you are finding that stressful. You might feel tired but try to reduce the stress in life. Meditate if needed.

12. Dream of shooting someone with a machine gun

Machine guns are capable of targeting three hundred rounds a minute. The dream of shooting someone with a machine gun indicates quick action.

Each bullet fired out of the machine gun is an opportunity for you to progress in your life. When you see it as belt feeding, this suggests that you will have many opportunities in your life.

To make optimum use of these opportunities, concentrate on your goals. Avoid sleep and other distractions for the time being. A short-term compromise can help you earn long-term profits.

13. Dream of shooting someone with stun gun or airgun

Did a stun gun or airgun appear in your dream? Did it point at you? This kind of dream is an indication that something will act as a barrier on your path. Something will stop you from reaching your goal. The stun gun is a symbol of healing in life.

However, the airgun represents a potential threat in your life. Even though seeing someone shooting an airgun can seem worrying and threatening, airguns are not lethal.

14. Dream of shooting someone with shotgun

Shotguns in dreams symbolize protection. If you are shot with a shotgun in a dream, it suggests you need to make an urgent decision.

If you see a dream of shooting someone with a shotgun, it asks you to ponder over any hidden issues in your life. This is all coming from your subconscious mind. Shotguns in dreams reflect your inner frustration or anger. It indicates that you should be able to take control of your life.

15. Dream of shooting someone with laser gun

The laser gun dreams highlight your success. Lasers are considered visionary. It provides you a ray of hope and the ability to ideate during tough times. Lasers are linked to our view of life at a very basic level.

If you see a laser gun loaded and you shoot others, it suggests that you need rest. When you play with a laser gun and shoot others, it represents new beginnings in life.

16. Dream of shooting with a gun but it is not firing

When you shoot with a gun, you expect it to fire. On the contrary, if you see a dream of shooting with a gun but it is not firing, it indicates that you have lost control over some particular situations in life. This situation can be in your professional or personal life.

Whatever it is, nobody knows this except you. So sit in peace and try to solve the situation. Do not take things on your ego if the gun does not fire in the dream.

17. Dream of shooting and massacres

This dream can directly affect your mental health. The amount of destruction creeps you out. Consider this as a dream symbol and not true in its sense. This dream signifies an abrupt change is about to happen.

If you find yourself shooting at a massacre, it reveals your suppressed frustration towards a certain religion or race in general. Avoid paying attention to some aspects. Life doesn’t work as per our choice and we have very little control over it. Try to ignore people who disappoint you.

18. Dream of shooting an animal

Dream of shooting an animal clearly signifies new start-ups. Your soul will feel restless. You will be going through an emotional phase. This dream is a sign that you want society to accept your desires and dreams. By doing this, you’ll hurt someone who doesn’t deserve to be hurt.

When you shoot an animal in a dream, it represents your professional dealings and ambitions for success. Focus your energy on one thing at a time. Follow your passion. Be excited to welcome new things in life.

19. Dream of someone getting shot who you don’t know

Such dreams are very common among introverts. Dream of someone getting shot who you don’t know implies your fear of talking to strangers. You avoid opening up to new people in your life. It’s high time to change that. Make new friends. Talk to strangers. Give new people a chance to heal your old wounds.

Stop living in the past and get over the experiences. Because of the past, you cannot ruin your future. Welcome new people in life for a better future.

20. Dream about witnessing a shooting

If you witness a shooting, it is a sign of unhappiness and dissatisfaction in your relationship or marriage life. This is possible because your partner can be selfish, over-possessive, insecure, or short-tempered which is affecting the relationship.

Another possibility is that something from your professional life can hamper your personal relationships. Like, if you’re working late continuously for a long period of time at your office, it can affect your relationship with your partner.

21. Dream about hearing a shooting

When you dream about hearing a shooting sound, this is a warning alarm for you about something.

In such cases, it is advisable to be alert. People around you are not working towards your betterment. To put it in simpler terms, you’re surrounded by fake people who have no good intentions towards you.

At such a stage, you should be very careful in your personal as well as professional dealings in order to avoid getting deceived.

22. Dreams about shooting with an arrow

This dream is an indication that you are trying to express your anger suppressed within your heart.  It also suggests that some words or actions of yours have hurt someone very deeply and caused them immense pain.

Conversely, if you see a dream where you are shot with an arrow, it reveals that you are hurt emotionally. You’re in pain. You may also be suffering from a bad heartbreak. You still wish for some people to change and mend their ways so that things can go back to normalcy.

23. Dream about shooting with multiple arrows

If you see a dream about shooting with multiple arrows, it points to your inner difficulties, challenges, and disputes. This dream indicates enmity or competition. It also resembles jealousy or insecurity due to over possessiveness in relationships.

You have to be alert of people trying to be a third-wheel in your relationship. Such people are threats to your love life. They will shake the stability of your personal relations. Alternately, it can also be someone that you like a lot but aren’t able to connect with them on good terms.

24. Dream about shooting gang members

To see a dream about shooting gang members signifies you are either overworked or overwhelmed by people. It can also be that your fears have overpowered you. This is why you feel weak, tired, and helpless. You begin to think that even if you put in the effort, it is going to be a waste.

You are badly in need of a break but you believe you cannot afford that even. If you’re stuck in this situation, give your mind some rest. Meditate. Avoid overthinking.

25. Dreams about shooting in a war zone

Dreams about shooting in a war zone indicate some past life experience. Usually, these dreams make you feel like you are at an actual war place fighting against something.

It represents that something is bigger than you that has been bothering you. But there’s also a matter of fact to be noted that you’re not fighting alone against it.

If the people in your dream are shot and dying in a war zone, it represents that you will achieve the conclusion of the conflict that you’re having with somebody.

26. Dream about people dying because of your shooting

This kind of dream showcases your personality traits. This dream is a clear sign that you are lazy and unproductive in nature.

When you dream about people dying because of your shooting, it indicates that you have set too many goals for yourself but you aren’t working towards it as needed.

Don’t rush. Remember, you cannot achieve the desired results if you don’t work hard. Under such circumstances, if you don’t find the energy to work, take one goal at a time and focus.

27. Dream about shooting to kill someone

When you shoot people in a dream to kill somebody, it implies that you are going through a problem in your real life. This problem can be with your enemies or people you can’t easily get along with. It can involve people who are trying to cause trouble to you.

The dream is a symbol of frustration, helplessness, and stubbornness. The only thing you can do here is to maintain distance from people who give negative vibes. Be wise in every decision you make.

28. Dream about shooting your friends

If you dream about shooting your friends, it indicates that you are soon going to argue or fight with someone very close to you. For married people, there’s a chance that you may get divorced from your wife. In case you are single, you may quit your job.

Some dream scholars say that if you had this dream, you may dangerously fall in love. Because of this love, you might get distracted from your goals. Instead, you will take a path that might ruin your life.

29. Dream about shooting your relatives

To dream about shooting your relatives is a sign that someone close to you is in great trouble. They will try to seek your help. When you try to help them, you will be caught up in a mess that is difficult to escape from.

Take proper care while helping your near ones. Watch out for all the problems that can arise due to your help. Give multiple thoughts before taking any step ahead.

30. Dream of shooting people from behind

This dream means that you are anxious about something in life. Calm your nerves. Don’t flow with it and take any actions. If you do so, you may only regret it later. Think practically. Illogical attitude and thoughts can make you miss some golden opportunities and harm you.

These opportunities can be in your private life or can be career-oriented too. If this happens, it will only lead you to mental stress. Therefore, keep calm and you will pass the hurdles.

31. Dream of shooting someone in the stomach

Dream of shooting someone in the stomach or abdomen signifies that you are going to be attacked soon. This attack can be verbal or physical depending on the issue. It can be caused by known or unknown people but this is likely to happen very soon.

The verbal attack can be because of a love affair or a private relationship. So be careful. Don’t rush your actions. Watch out for any arguments.

32. Dream of hurting someone with a shot

This kind of dream has two meanings. The first one is your anger – you might be feeling outrageous. Confront the person who made you angry or forgive them. You need to get rid of this anger quickly to regain your peace.

The other meaning of the dream of hurting someone with a shot is a professional dispute. Hence, be careful in providing your professional services. It’s a possibility that it can lead to problems. This can also disturb your financial stability.

33. Dream of shooting at school

The meaning of this dream is that you are worried about your family members. Hence, pay more attention to them and spend more time with your family.

If this has been troubling you for a long time now, you must also visit your relatives that you haven’t met in a while. You can also think of talking to some distant relatives over the phone to end this worry.

Take a day off from work and stay home with your parents. Cook something for them or do something that can bring a smile to their face.

34. Dream of shooting at a target

Dream of shooting at a target reflects your focus on a particular goal. It wouldn’t be superfluous if you got distracted for a while and looked around. You can lose the eye for details if you focus too much.

If you hit the target, it is a sign you are walking on the correct path. However, if you miss it, the dream indicates all the chances, prospects, and opportunities that you have missed till now. It shows a lack of dedication.

35. Dream of chaotic shooting

The dream about chaotic shooting asks you to get more organized. A lot of dream books state that this dream is often seen by those who need to think hard about their carefree lifestyle.

It is a sign for you to get more organized. Work on a priority basis. Organize your schedule. Plan your day. Make a to-do list and stick to it. Assign a goal to yourself every day if you want to start slow. But, make sure you accomplish it.

36. Dream of running away from shooting

This dream highlights your vulnerability. The dream of running away from shooting explains that you fear the world outside and are trying to seek mental peace. To achieve a peaceful state, you wouldn’t mind going to asylum also.

Fears residing in your heart are overpowering. Until you face these fears, they are going to impact your mental peace. This shows that you are still not prepared to face what’s disturbing you.

37. Dream of shooting a lifeless target

To dream of shooting a lifeless target in a dream reflects your effort to accomplish a set goal. It implies that you should keep working hard and not give up on your goals. You can come across frightening situations.

In such instances, never give up. Remember your efforts are going to show results. Don’t lose the dedication. Fill your mind with optimistic views. You are going to achieve your dream soon.

38. Dream of shooting but not hearing the sound

This dream means that you will be exposed to some rumor soon that nobody will believe. If you’re shooting in this dream, it signifies that you are surrounded by liars and fake people.

It implies that you are going to have a tough time because of the people around you. Because of this, you will let go of your cool; which will further amplify the problem.

This dream also means that after all the problems; you will reach a better position.

39. Dream of shooting in the air

To find you shooting in the air in the dream is a sign of victory. It shows you will win against all your enemies. This will upgrade your power and position in society. It will also enhance your reputation as you will find your efforts finally paying off.

If the person dreaming does not fire the gun in his hand, it shows that the person will not protect himself. This is because he doesn’t want to hurt anybody else.

40 Dreams about shooting with water gun

If you dreamt of water guns, there’s a high chance you are going to reconcile with an old friend. It can be anywhere – in a restaurant, on a street, or even at work. You will both be happy and delighted to have bumped into each other.

Infact, some dream interpreters suggest that water guns may also be an implication of an ex trying to make up with you in real life. They will take all the efforts necessary to win you back.

What does it mean when you dream of being shot at?

In dreams, if you’re being shot at, it means your subconscious mind is asking you to release your pain. Let your emotions flow. You should move on from them. It suggests that there’s no point holding things from the past.

It asks you to be adult and mature and accept the situation as it is. If you keep making excuses for the other person all the time, you’re going to end up hurting yourself in the end.

If you are being hunted and shot at, the subconscious mind is asking you to forgive yourself and attain tranquillity.

If you are riding a car and are shot, it means that you are going through a tough situation that asks you to take a close call with someone you are in conflict with.

For a detailed dig, read here.

Questions to ask yourself to interpret shooting dreams correctly

Different dreams convey different meanings. By now, we have seen the general interpretations of the dreams about shooting. We have also studied different types of shooting dreams and their hidden meanings.

But no one can help you interpret your dream than you yourself – ask the right questions and try to answer them with as much details as possible

  1. Who was shooting in the dream?
  2. Where did you shoot?
  3. What was your target?
  4. What weapon did you use?
  5. How many bullets or arrows were shot?
  6. Where did you take the shot?
  7. Were you shooting or someone was shooting at you?
  8. How many people were there in the dream?
  9. Did the person you shot at, die or was still alive?

Over to you…

Dreams of shooting usually occur when you are in the urge of avoiding things, incidents or people that can prove toxic for you. It can be because you feel you’re losing control of certain aspects of your life. If you feel the need, just take a break and follow your instinct.

To dream about the shooting is usually an indication to allow yourself to explore the unknown parts of yourself. So, just allow yourself to flow with the wave.

Take this think-piece as a guide but don’t allow it to limit you or your brain. Remember, you can always try and revise your future with your present actions!