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What is all the Buzz about Wasp Dreams? [47 Types and Their Meanings]

What is all the Buzz about Wasp Dreams? [47 Types and Their Meanings]

Updated on Jan 19, 2023 | Published on Sep 21, 2021

Reviewed by Dr. Nereida Gonzalez-Berrios, MD , Certified Psychiatrist

Dream about Wasps - 47 Scenarios and Their Meanings

Maybe you had a dream about wasps and it made you feel petrified. If you want to know whether the meaning of this dream is as horrifying as the dream itself, you are in the right place.

Dreams about wasps are no exception when it comes to the underlying tone of the message. They are positive or negative based on various factors, including the manner in which they relate to your personal life.

Dream about Wasps - 47 Scenarios and Their Meanings
Dream about Wasps – 47 Scenarios and Their Meanings

Wasp Dream Meaning – General Interpretation

From a positive standpoint, wasp dreams are symbols of independence, hard work, and protection. On the flip side, these dreams represent aggression, hostility, and victims of discrimination, inauthenticity, and vengeance.

1. Independence

Wasp dreams are usually representative of fierce autonomy. You stand by your opinions and beliefs with unwavering conviction, which not many people can handle. Not like that bothers you much, anyway!

Moreover, your words can sometimes leave a sting, so try being more mindful regarding the way you communicate.  

2. Protection

Unsurprisingly, dreams about wasps symbolize protection as they are tough creatures. You do not stop to think twice before getting into an argument or fight. 

With that said, apart from self-protection, this symbol extends to other people. Your loved ones feel safe around you and they know you have their backs at all times. 

3. Hostility

Wasps not only represent the trigger for hostile or aggressive behaviors but also the belligerency in and of itself. It is rather unsurprising because some wasps are innately violent. If you try swatting a wasp, they almost always try attacking you. 

You must be familiar with the fact that bees die upon stinging. On the contrary, wasps do not die and are quite persistent in their stings. Such aggression may stem from others or even from yourself. 

4. Gossip

Wasps are inherently social, much like bees. In dream symbolism, they signify a grapevine network of sorts. Do not be too surprised if you hear a new, and probably appalling, piece of information. 

Wasps symbolize communication in a negative way. They represent misunderstandings, gossip, and the like. So, it is important that you are aware of the way you communicate and with whom, so as not to get caught up in anything unpleasant unnecessarily.

5. Surrounded by Inauthenticity

Dreams about wasps indicate the presence of someone ungenuine in your life. This interpretation could be linked to the previous one, wherein the person in question is out to tarnish your image by spreading gossip.

Learn to be assertive and confrontational whenever necessary. Remember that you do not need to sacrifice your happiness and peace of mind for someone who is not good for you. Be mindful of the people you trust and interact with regularly.

6. Hard Work

Dreams about wasps, although mostly bad, are sometimes good. Wasps are hardworking creatures, so it is understandable that it symbolizes great effort or endurance. 

This dream might be urging you to work harder in life. On the other hand, it is telling you that you are doing enough already and you will reap the benefits of your effort soon. 

7. Time for Execution

Dreaming of wasps is representative of the importance of acting. Whatever plans have been brewing, you need to execute them now! If you have been procrastinating and letting things down to the wire, it is time to stop.

Put your productivity goggles on and get on with what you need to do to achieve your goals. Rome was not built in a day, right? You have expectations for yourself that can only be met with diligent effort and a good work ethic.

8. A Victim of Vengeance

Often a bad omen, a dream about wasps indicates the possibility of being the recipient of someone’s rage and retaliation. It predicts the necessity of staying alert. Think back to a time when you wronged someone who might want payback. 

It is also a time for self-reflection. Reassess your attitudes and behaviors and do what is necessary to rectify any negative ones. Apart from causing them distress, think twice before you do wrong by somebody, for it can put you in trouble. Make amends before it is too late!

9. A Prey to Discrimination 

A wasp dream shows that you may have been discriminated against socially and made to feel like an outcast. Such isolation can dredge up horrible emotions. It can take a massive toll on your self-esteem and confidence. 

Additionally, this dream indicates the possibility of betrayal by someone you love and trust. Again, this event will trouble you plenty. 

Remind yourself of things that actually define your self-worth. Better yet, get a professional to help you through this process.

Dream about Wasps – 47 Scenarios and Their Meanings

1. Dreams about wasps and bees

Dreams about bees and wasps can be the same sometimes. Both dream contents have negative and positive interpretations depending on various factors.

Bees and wasps are different creatures, despite sharing many similarities. For instance, the hives of bees and wasps resemble each other structurally in several ways. 

Both insects are rather social, but wasps have much less in their nests than bees. This difference plays a role in dream interpretation. Dreams about wasps are more centered on people close to you and your immediate environment when compared to bee dreams.

Another important point is that these insects seldom oppose each other. In fact, sometimes, they will work together if the situation deems such cooperation necessary. This detail is important when gaining insights into dreams.

However, if the wasps and bees are fighting each other in your dream, it shows that there is jealousy around you, particularly professionally. Your competitors will try to use unfair means of getting what they want. Such an act will obstruct the accomplishment of your goals.   

2. Seeing a wasp in your dream

Dreaming of seeing a wasp typifies anger, displeasure, envy, resentment, and vengeance. It could mean that you are furious about something. On the other hand, it means that someone else is displeased with you. 

Alternatively, this dream symbolizes the possibility of a pleasant event occurring.

3. Dream about a wasp up your nose

A dream about a wasp up your nose signifies affection, joy, and solidarity.

4. Dreaming of a wasp inside your ear

This dream is a scary one for sure! It indicates conflicts that are about to ensue. People may say something deliberately to annoy you and try not to fall for that. 

Additionally, keep your envy in check, and more so when you do not have the entire picture.

This dream also shows that you are capable of influencing people. You can use such power to uplift and motivate others, or spread rumors and discourage people. The choice lies with you. 

5. Dreams about wasps in your hair

A dream about wasps in your hair symbolizes obstacles in your way to accomplishing your goals. Although the wasp is in your hair, the dream interpretation is tied to your head, which is where you conjure up thoughts, beliefs, values, goals, and the like.

Examine all the goals you have made so far. Try to think of possible hindrances that could stop you from achieving these. Sometimes, what stops you from reaching your objectives is yourself and your anxieties or self-doubt. If this is the case, consider working on it.

Hair in itself is often seen as a symbol of vigor and a source of ideas. Therefore, it is understandable that dreams about wasps in your hair represent the blocking of the same.

6. Dream about a wasp leaving your eyes

What a scary dream, right? According to dream symbolism, you are not seeing reality. Intentionally or not, you are avoiding the truth and not looking at things for the way they are.

7. Dreaming of a wasp coming out of your mouth

This strangely frightening dream represents guilt. Have you hurt somebody? Or have you taken part in spreading a rumor about someone? If yes, think about your actions and find ways to make amends.

8. Wasp exiting your family member’s body in dream

If you dreamed of a wasp exiting the body of your family member, it shows that your actions have consequences. They have the potential to negatively impact the people you love. When there are secrets involved, act prudently.

9. Dream about wasps’ nest

This dream typically represents a potential loss. It is urging you to protect the people and things that matter most to you.

Dreaming of a wasp’s nest is also a symbol of establishing the foundation of your life. You need to build on this ground and move forward.

It can also reveal mistreatment of which you are on the receiving end. Do you think someone is being rude to you or acting aggressively around you? On the other hand, you are frustrated and dissatisfied because of someone disappointing you. 

Lastly, this dream portrays unhappiness with your current work atmosphere. It is not allowing you to grow, and quite possibly, obstructing your climb up the professional ladder. Assess your occupational condition and see what you can change in order to progress.

10. Dreaming of an empty wasp nest

If this wasp nest is empty, it denotes hostility and unwarranted aggression toward others, which is doing you no good. Remember that trying to bring somebody down is not helpful. No matter what they have done to cross you, go about it with a cool head.

11. Dream about a hive filled with wasps

This dream is a bad omen and points toward some form of stress, discomfort, sadness, or nervousness concerning a real-life situation. 

If you happen to come across the nest in your dream, it unveils problems or conflicts. This disagreement is with someone from your workplace. They might be plotting something against you, so keep your eyes open! 

12. A wasp building a nest in your dream

This dream is one of warning in that some people are plotting against you. Your progress intimidates them and they want to bring you down. So, stay prepared lest you lose something major.

13. Dreaming of eradicating the wasps’ nest

It makes sense that this dream represents banters or quarrels, specifically with your romantic partner. Additionally, such a dream indicates the nearing death of your relationship.

14. Dream about being stung by a wasp

A wasp stinging you in your dream signifies an attack from your competitors and calls for you to stay vigilant of those that surround you. Jealousy toward your growth is boiling and there is an aura of deception around. You trust too easily and maybe it is time to work on that. 

This dream also indicates gossip and is a sign for you to beware of the corporate grapevine in real life. Someone is looking to tarnish your professional image. They are harboring negative feelings for you.

Also, a dream of being stung by a wasp is drawing attention to unhealthy habits, anxieties, and dependency on someone or something.

Finally, it represents the nearing end of a relationship. This heartbreak is owing to incompatibilities and disagreements.  

15. A wasp stinging someone else in your dream

If someone else is stung by a wasp, it is a good sign on the one hand. It denotes conquering and triumphing over your rivals in waking life. This dream shows that you are well-versed at deciphering other people’s feelings, allowing you to be a step ahead of them at all times.

On the other hand, this wasp dream is a sign that you feel vulnerable. Specifically, you feel helpless when the people around you are suffering and you know there is nothing you can do. Simply put, you are suffering vicariously. 

16. Killing a wasp dream meaning

If you dreamed about killing a wasp, it is a positive sign as it represents the ability to confront people who defy you. You can win over your rivals. This dream represents success and the potential to overcome hurdles. 

17. Dreaming of killing a wasp by stepping on it

If you stepped on a wasp, killing it with your entire being, it refers to rumors being spread about you. There are people who dislike you and are willing to bring you down.

18. Dream about a wasp scaring you

Wasps are scary, alright! So, it is not surprising if you felt frightened upon spotting a wasp, even in a dream. According to dream symbolism, it is a note of caution that you are in harm’s way and need to find a way out.

19. Wasps attacking you in your dream

Wasps, in general, represent rage, disagreements, and arguments. Metaphorically, this dream shows that you are being attacked by such difficulties and you must brace yourself for a turbulent period ahead. These problems may be brought on by someone you know. 

This dream also represents your partaking in acts that are at a tangent to your values and beliefs. Are you under any pressure to engage in such activities? You might fear feeling like an outcast unless you behave a certain way, even if it goes against your principles. 

Consider working on asserting yourself better. Sooner or later, you will end up feeling regret over your actions.

20. Making wasps angry in your dream

A dream where you provoke wasps is a bad sign as it reveals some unforeseen tragedy or betrayal that is about to strike you. Stay on guard with respect to your immediate surroundings.

Alternatively, this dream suggests that a few people around you are not fond of you and possibly devising against you.  

21. Dream about wasps going around you

If wasps surround you in your dream, it reveals the possibility of a conflict. This argument will not affect your life in any major way. If you can find a quick solution, go ahead with it. Otherwise, let it take its course. Sometimes doing nothing is what is best for you! 

22. Wasps mating in your dream

This dream signifies trust and support. People close to you have your backs and are eager to see you succeed in life. They will also lend a hand whenever you need it.

What you need to keep in mind is that reaching out is good and healthy. In other words, if you think you could use an extra set of hands, ask for it and you will definitely get it!

23. Dream about a wasp on your pet 

If a wasp is comfortably seated on your pet in your dream, it represents a way out of a difficult situation without losing anything. In fact, there is an opportunity to turn the tables around. You can try profiting from your troubles if you put your head in the game.

If the wasp is on your pet’s nose, this dream represents potential betrayal. Someone close to you is looking to exploit your niceness and magnanimity.

Sometimes, you may dream that the wasp is attempting to fly and hide upon landing on your pet’s nose. This dream shows that some people around you are rather merciless. They show no remorse at benefitting from other people without thinking of the latter’s state of being.  

24. Dream about a wasp in your house

This dream signifies a change for the better. Your life is about to improve in ways that you would not see coming. Keep that champagne ready because you are about to celebrate something big!

If you were trying to get rid of the wasp in your dream, it indicates joy. Moreover, a wasp buzzing into the window represents prosperity and happiness. Additionally, if the wasp brought along with it some honey, there is scope for financial benefits.

On the other hand, if the wasp cannot exit your place, it represents potential problems or conflicts coming your way. 

25. Wasp flying dream meaning

A wasp flying in your dream denotes effort in that you are pressured into working hard for everything. It symbolizes your meticulous methods of doing things. This dream shows that you are completely focused on your tasks and will work diligently to achieve success. 

Additionally, this dream represents gossip and even a conflict of interest. Such disagreements are probably with people you are not particularly fond of, so they will not affect you much. 

26. Dreaming of a wasp on something

Seeing a wasp seated on a plain surface in your dream shows that pleasant news is around the corner. This message will alter your life majorly and for the better!

27. Dreaming of yourself turning into a wasp

What a bizarre dream, right? This dream is a bad sign and represents feeling overwhelmed. You feel surrounded by negativity, which evokes unpleasant emotions.

Your sense of self-worth is low and you are feeling down in the dumps. Harboring such negative feelings toward yourself is detrimental, so consider seeking professional help.

28. Dream about other people turning into wasps

Yes, another strange dream. In dream symbolism, people turning into wasps reveals that these people are not good for you. Relationships with them might take a toll on your well-being. 

Remember that adult attachments are a choice and you always have a way out, even if it seems otherwise.

29. Dreaming of a wasp chasing you

This dream is a good one! Being chased by wasps in your dream signifies something positive, such as a potential love interest. You have a secret admirer and are possibly going to get asked on a date in the coming days.

30. Dead wasp in your dream

As mentioned earlier, wasps on their own are symbols of hostility, frustration, aggression, and rage. Meanwhile, dead wasps represent the futility of these emotions.

A dream about a dead wasp signifies negative feelings, which are ineffective and do not do anything for you. They lack purpose. 

For instance, you may assume that the recipient of your anger would understand where you are coming from, but they fail to do so. In this case, you would have merely come across as a rude person and nothing more. No objective gets fulfilled.

Anger typically conceals many emotions. Try to dig deeper to find these underlying feelings and where they stem from. If someone genuinely does something to cross you, talk to them about it in a cool manner. Communicate the way their actions made you feel. 

If you believe the dead wasp represents an angry person you know, have a conversation with them. Retaliation only opens up a vicious cycle.

Additionally, dead wasps symbolize the demise of misinformation or gossip. This optimistic interpretation is a wake-up call for you to calm down and foster hope.

31. Dreaming of a baby wasp

Dreaming of a baby wasp or a larva indicates conflicts of interest either at work or at home. 

32. A paper wasp in your dream

Paper wasps symbolize the need to not pay attention to unsolicited criticism and unwarranted aggression that surround you currently. It does not cause any real damage, so best to just let it be. Carry on with your life and that will do you a world of good!

33. A gigantic wasp in your dream 

This dream denotes the happening of something unexpected and unpleasant, such as a tragedy or betrayal by someone close to you. To put it simply, expect drama!

34. Dream about a queen wasp

Dreaming of a queen wasp represents familial biases that currently persist. A family relative might set you against someone or something, so it is imperative that you protect beliefs and convictions. Be careful of whom you let into your life.

35. Catching a wasp in your dream

Catching a wasp in your dream is a good sign. Something positive and benefitting is around the corner and you need to keep your eyes open to seize this opportunity. It also signifies your ability to overcome hurdles without much effort. Great job!

36. Dreaming of hearing wasps buzzing

This dream signifies the potential to evade an upcoming threat. It also represents the forewarning of an impending illness affecting someone you love.

Additionally, this dream indicates an inability to complete a task you have undertaken for reasons that you cannot forecast.

37. A swarm of wasps in your dream

If you dreamed of a swarm of wasps, it means that you need to become more aware of your surroundings in your waking life. Someone is detrimental to your wellbeing, physical or emotional.

Another interpretation involves minor challenges. These problems will upset you but fret not, as they do not damage your life in any way. Approach the issue calmly and you will definitely find a way to circumvent it. 

38. Swallowing a wasp in your dream

Bleh, right? In dream symbolism, it shows that you need to ignore the criticism you receive from people if they do not mean well. Simply ignore their words and move forward.

39. Dream about wasps on your bed

This dream is eerie. It symbolizes an invasion of personal space and an exposure to some form of threat in waking life. You feel insecure, uncomfortable, and vulnerable. 

Moreover, there is a sense that you cannot trust anybody and have only yourself to rely on. This vulnerability makes you susceptible to attacks from competitors.

As discomfiting as it is, in times like this, the best way through it is to reach out. Talk to people you love, so they know what you are going through and provide the reassurance and emotional safety you need.

40. Dreaming of wasps and spiders

This dream represents your need to make a decision that is going to be life-altering for you. The dream is also urging you to establish your routine, habits, traditions, and the like. 

Have you been preoccupied with something that may happen to you? Try relaxing and thinking of things that you can control instead of worrying about things that are beyond your control.

41. Dreams about wasps and ants

Dreaming of wasps and ants is a good sign. It shows that you are the epitome of esprit de corps – you embody team spirit. This characteristic obviously indicates that you are great at what you do and things are working out for you professionally. 

With that said, you need to move forward in life to lead a smooth one. Sometimes, it can be challenging to work with ambitious people. At the same time, you need to spend time with them outside of work as it will help you personally and career-wise.    

Wasp Dream Interpretation as per Color

Interestingly, the color of the wasp in your dream adds important detail to dream interpretation. Below is an entertaining list of what each wasp’s color represents.

42. Red Wasp 

Dreaming of a red wasp reveals anger, hostility, and ill feelings toward someone else.

43. Black Wasp 

A black wasp in your dream represents misunderstanding and negativity. This dream also signifies the danger of the problems you are currently facing, so it is imperative you find a fix for it immediately.

Dreaming of black wasps is also a sign that you are insecure and feel jealous of those around you. You harbor some form of resentment, and it is taking a toll on your emotional health. 

44. White Wasp 

White wasps typify envy and “an eye for an eye” mindset, according to dream symbolism.

45. Blue Wasp 

A blue wasp in your dream denotes the need to keep your eyes open and not allow anybody to be an obstacle in your life. People may try to restrict you from progressing. Basically, the blue wasp symbolizes resistance to change.

46. Green Wasp 

Dreams about green wasps refer to unhealthy habits, dependency, and compulsive behaviors. It is affecting the people around you.

47. Yellow Wasp

Did you hurt anybody in the recent past? This insect in your dream represents someone close to you who is seeking revenge. Yellow wasps are vindictive and will try to harm those who hurt them. They sting repeatedly, causing grave injury. 

Wasp Dream Meaning – A Psychological Perspective

Psychologically, a dream about wasps could indicate a desire to protect your close ones or the beginning of something new. It could also symbolize emotional turmoil.

Dreams about bugs are scary in general. However, wasp dreams have negative and positive connotations, depending on how they relate to your waking life. 

An optimistic explanation for dreams about wasps includes the desire to protect those around us. Think about it. Wasps are excellent parents and display noteworthy team effort. Now, ponder whether your interpersonal relationships match up to these standards.

Next, wasps are famous for constructing solid nests efficiently and in no time. Therefore, whatever you are “building” in real life is probably as solid as a wasp’s nest. Such an establishment includes family, a job, or even an actual house.

On the flip side, dreams about wasps signify a period of emotional turbulence and great distress. Have you been feeling like things are not working for you? If yes, this dream definitely reflects your current psychological state.

Moreover, you may feel as if there is nothing much to look forward to and have possibly become distrustful of others. Such vulnerability and insecurity may be owing to betrayal or unexpected tragedies in the past.

Being stuck in the past or worried about the future makes you lose contact with the present. You can start with being more mindful of your daily activities and try looking up some breathing or grounding exercises. These suggestions can be a good place to begin.

Biblical Meaning of Wasps in Dreams

The biblical interpretation of a wasp dream revolves around help. It includes being saved by God, finding the answer to your problems unexpectedly, and encountering someone helpful.

As per the Bible, wasps are tools God used to wipe away people. The same goes for hornets. If you consider yourself a religious person, a dream about a wasp could be a sign that you need to assess your life and make necessary changes to better it.

Another interpretation involves arriving at an unexpected solution for a problem. It is God’s way of saving you from that predicament.

There are three verses in the Bible involving the mention of hornets, which are outlined below. Keep in mind that the word hornet is used interchangeably with the family Vespidae. Through these verses, God promises to rid Israel of its enemies using such insects.

Joshua 24:12

“Then I sent the hornet before you and it drove out the two kings of the Amorites from before you, but not by your sword or your bow.”

Deuteronomy 7:20

“Moreover, the Lord your God will send the hornet among them until even the survivors who hide from you have perished.”

Exodus 23:28

“I will send the hornet ahead of you to drive the Hivites, Canaanites, and Hittites out of your way.”

Upon understanding the purpose of wasps in the Bible, you can interpret your dreams about wasps as one of saving. God intends to rid you of your problems. So, stay hopeful and positive, and you are bound to find a solution.

If you dream of a wasp attempting to enter your residence, it means that you are prohibiting someone good from coming into your life. Try considering that maybe this person was sent by God to help you out. 

Suppose a wasp is chasing you in your dream. Biblically, it means that you are avoiding something that is potentially the panacea for your predicament. For instance, someone you do not particularly like could be key in resolving your issues.

Spiritual Meaning of Wasps in Dreams

Spiritually, wasp dreams involve a reflection on your spiritual self. It also represents a fierce and courageous way of life.

Just because most people fear wasps, it does not mean that they are all bad. In fact, wasps are mighty creatures and have several admirable qualities. Let us see what they mean spiritually.  

One spiritual perspective of dreams about wasps entails a request to look inward. Wasps are considered to be natural warriors and protectors, and this dream is asking you to make contact with the spiritual dimension of yourself. 

Secondly, wasps represent a controlling and fierce mindset. A particular species of wasp is considered to be so insidious that it is named after the Egyptian God of chaos and war, Set. It is also referred to as the crypt-keeper wasp

These wasps’ diabolically parasitic means of functioning pave the way to their identification. These wasps also signify control, as they are skilled at manipulating the host to carry out minor tasks. 

For instance, they may coax the host into piercing through the tree bark, which they cannot do on their own. Therefore, in a twisted way, this dream is telling you to take control of your spiritual life. It is time to execute your plans and fulfill your goals!

Finally, dreams about wasps imply the need to deepen familial bonds and bring about fresh perspectives, along with much-needed guidance into your life.

Various Cultural Interpretations of Wasps in Dreams 

Most cultures consider wasps as symbols of power, diligence, or something positive. Following is an account of how different cultures interpret wasps.


In Hinduism, the goddess Bhramari is symbolic of wasps, hornets, bees, and the like. Bhramari is the incarnation of Goddess Parvati. Therefore, people belonging to this way of life believe in protecting these otherwise frightening creatures.

In this culture, wasps signify the presence of the aforementioned Goddess, her protecting you, or a message from her. 

Also, when you witness wasps in your dreams or while in a meditative state, it denotes the goddess’ visit. Consequently, several Hindus have begun hunting for the smaller things in life. They believe it leads them to the right things at the correct time.


According to Shamanism, a wasp is dual-sided and can be used to your benefit. Doing so will allow you to reach new and incredible heights in life. 


A wasp dream, in Islamic dream interpretations, symbolizes an evil individual who is also influential. On the other hand, a swarm of wasps represents being haunted by gossip or rumors by people who want to bring you down.

Wasp larvae undergo metamorphosis before becoming wasps. According to religious beliefs, such a process is due to a curse, making dreams about wasps a bad omen. These dreams signify people who have ill intentions, gossip, and engage in immoral and unjust acts.

An invasion of a place by wasps represents conflicts with powerful people while getting stung by wasps indicates someone trying to discredit you.   

Native American

Wasps are integral to Native American creation myths and typify being systematic, diligent, productive, and in control. People say that these creations are analogous to those of the Aboriginal cultural tales. 

Additionally, the Choctaw believe that wasps, apart from snakes, have venom originating from a special, magical plant.

Positive and Negative Omens of Wasps

Despite most people getting scared at the sight of wasps, they can be a good omen. Following is the list of pros for dreaming about wasps or witnessing them.

  1. Fertility
  2. Abundance
  3. Symbols of a rebirth of life and seasons
  4. Strong and safe foundation
  5. Diligence
  6. Good interpersonal and familial skills
  7. Structure and order
  8. Teamwork
  9. Efficiency
  10. Intelligence
  11. Self-improvement
  12. Prosperity 

On the flip side, the negative associations with wasps in dreams or waking life include the following.

  1. Challenges
  2. Unforeseen tragedies
  3. Betrayal
  4. Anxiety
  5. Loss 
  6. Misfortune
  7. Suspicion
  8. Fear
  9. Overwhelming feelings
  10. A loss of control  

Parting Thoughts from ThePleasantDream

It is imperative to remember that wasps are not always harmful and not all wasps are fierce and dangerous. More importantly, in dream interpretation, wasps emanate positivity, too.

Even if the dream is one of deprivation, take a minute. Assess your current life situation. The dream may simply be requesting you to change something so you can live a fuller life. How you think of the dream symbols also makes an incredible difference. 

Pay attention to how your dreams resonate with your waking life before jumping to any conclusions or labeling the dream as good or bad. So, the next time you encounter a wasp in your waking or fantasy life, do not be so terrified!