Maybe you had a dream about wasps and it made you feel petrified. If you want to know whether the meaning of this dream is as horrifying as the dream itself, you are in the right place.

Dreams about wasps are no exception when it comes to the underlying tone of the message. They are positive or negative based on various factors, including the manner in which they relate to your personal life.

Dream about Wasps & Their Meanings
Dream about Wasps & Their Meanings

Wasp Dream Meaning in General

From a positive standpoint, wasp dreams are symbols of independence, hard work, and protection. On the flip side, these dreams represent aggression, hostility, and victims of discrimination, inauthenticity, and vengeance.


Wasp dreams are usually representative of fierce autonomy. You stand by your opinions and beliefs with unwavering conviction, which not many people can handle. Not like that bothers you much, anyway!


Unsurprisingly, dreams about wasps symbolize protection as they are tough creatures. You do not stop to think twice before getting into an argument or fight. 


Wasps not only represent the trigger for hostile or aggressive behaviors but also the belligerency in and of itself. It is rather unsurprising because some wasps are innately violent. If you try swatting a wasp, they almost always try attacking you. 


Wasps symbolize communication in a negative way. They represent misunderstandings, gossip, and the like. So, it is important that you are aware of the way you communicate and with whom, so as not to get caught up in anything unpleasant unnecessarily.

Surrounded by Inauthenticity

Dreams about wasps indicate the presence of someone ungenuine in your life. This interpretation could be linked to the previous one, wherein the person in question is out to tarnish your image by spreading gossip.

Hard Work

Dreams about wasps, although mostly bad, are sometimes good. Wasps are hardworking creatures, so it is understandable that it symbolizes great effort or endurance. This dream might be urging you to work harder in life. 

Time for Execution

It is representative of the importance of acting. Whatever plans have been brewing, you need to execute them now! If you have been procrastinating and letting things down to the wire, it is time to stop.

A Victim of Vengeance

Often a bad omen, a dream about wasps indicates the possibility of being the recipient of someone’s rage and retaliation. It predicts the necessity of staying alert. Think back to a time when you wronged someone who might want payback. 

A Prey to Discrimination 

A wasp dream shows that you may have been discriminated against socially and made to feel like an outcast. Such isolation can dredge up horrible emotions. It can take a massive toll on your self-esteem and confidence. 

Spiritual Meaning of Wasps in Dreams

Spiritually, dream of wasp involves a reflection on your spiritual self. It also represents a fierce and courageous way of life.

Just because most people fear wasps, it does not mean that they are all bad. In fact, wasps are mighty creatures and have several admirable qualities. Let us see what they mean spiritually.  

One spiritual perspective of dreams about wasps entails a request to look inward. Wasps are considered to be natural warriors and protectors, and this dream is asking you to make contact with the spiritual dimension of yourself. 

Finally, dreams about wasps imply the need to deepen familial bonds and bring about fresh perspectives, along with much-needed guidance into your life.

Dream about Wasps – Different Scenarios & Their Meanings

Seeing a wasp in a dream

Dreaming of seeing a wasp typifies anger, displeasure, envy, resentment, and vengeance. It could mean that you are furious about something. On the other hand, it means that someone else is displeased with you. 

Alternatively, this dream symbolizes the possibility of a pleasant event occurring.

Wasp in your house

This dream signifies a change for the better. Your life is about to improve in ways that you would not see coming. Keep that champagne ready because you are about to celebrate something big!

If you were trying to get rid of the wasp in your dream, it indicates joy. Moreover, a wasp buzzing into the window represents prosperity and happiness. Additionally, if the wasp brought along with it some honey, there is scope for financial benefits.

On the other hand, if the wasp cannot exit your place, it represents potential problems or conflicts coming your way. 

Wasp flying

A wasp flying in your dream denotes effort in that you are pressured into working hard for everything. It symbolizes your meticulous methods of doing things. This dream shows that you are completely focused on your tasks and will work diligently to achieve success. 

Additionally, this dream represents gossip and even a conflict of interest. Such disagreements are probably with people you are not particularly fond of, so they will not affect you much. 

Wasps on your bed

It symbolizes an invasion of personal space and an exposure to some form of threat in waking life. You feel insecure, uncomfortable, and vulnerable. 

Dream about being stung by a wasp

A wasp stinging you in your dream signifies an attack from your competitors and calls for you to stay vigilant of those that surround you. Jealousy toward your growth is boiling and there is an aura of deception around. You trust too easily and maybe it is time to work on that. 

This dream also indicates gossip and is a sign for you to beware of the corporate grapevine in real life. Someone is looking to tarnish your professional image. They are harboring negative feelings for you.

Also, a dream of being stung by a wasp is drawing attention to unhealthy habits, anxieties, and dependency on someone or something.

Finally, it represents the nearing end of a relationship. This heartbreak is owing to incompatibilities and disagreements.  

A wasp stinging someone else

If someone else is stung by a wasp, it is a good sign on the one hand. It denotes conquering and triumphing over your rivals in waking life. This dream shows that you are well-versed at deciphering other people’s feelings, allowing you to be a step ahead of them at all times.

On the other hand, this wasp dream is a sign that you feel vulnerable. Specifically, you feel helpless when the people around you are suffering and you know there is nothing you can do. Simply put, you are suffering vicariously. 

Killing a wasp

If you dreamed about killing a wasp, it is a positive sign as it represents the ability to confront people who defy you. You can win over your rivals. This dream represents success and the potential to overcome hurdles. 

Killing a wasp by stepping on it

If you stepped on a wasp, killing it with your entire being, it refers to rumors being spread about you. There are people who dislike you and are willing to bring you down.

Wasp scaring you

Wasps are scary, alright! So, it is not surprising if you felt frightened upon spotting a wasp, even in a dream. According to dream symbolism, it is a note of caution that you are in harm’s way and need to find a way out.

Wasps attacking you

This dream also represents your partaking in acts that are at a tangent to your values and beliefs. Are you under any pressure to engage in such activities? You might fear feeling like an outcast unless you behave a certain way, even if it goes against your principles. 

Consider working on asserting yourself better. Sooner or later, you will end up feeling regret over your actions.

Making wasps angry

A dream where you provoke wasps is a bad sign as it reveals some unforeseen tragedy or betrayal that is about to strike you. Stay on guard with respect to your immediate surroundings.

Alternatively, this dream suggests that a few people around you are not fond of you and possibly devising against you.  

Dream about a wasp on your pet 

If a wasp is comfortably seated on your pet in your dream, it represents a way out of a difficult situation without losing anything. In fact, there is an opportunity to turn the tables around. You can try profiting from your troubles if you put your head in the game.

If the wasp is on your pet’s nose, this dream represents potential betrayal. Someone close to you is looking to exploit your niceness and magnanimity.

Sometimes, you may dream that the wasp is attempting to fly and hide upon landing on your pet’s nose. This dream shows that some people around you are rather merciless. They show no remorse at benefitting from other people without thinking of the latter’s state of being.  

Dreaming of a wasp on something

Seeing a wasp seated on a plain surface in your dream shows that pleasant news is around the corner. This message will alter your life majorly and for the better!

Dreaming of a wasp chasing you

This dream is a good one! Being chased by wasps in your dream signifies something positive, such as a potential love interest. You have a secret admirer and are possibly going to get asked on a date in the coming days.

Dead wasp in your dream

A dream about a dead wasp signifies negative feelings, which are ineffective and do not do anything for you. They lack purpose. 

If you believe the dead wasp represents an angry person you know, have a conversation with them. Retaliation only opens up a vicious cycle.

Additionally, dead wasps symbolize the demise of misinformation or gossip. This optimistic interpretation is a wake-up call for you to calm down and foster hope.

A gigantic wasp in your dream 

This dream denotes the happening of something unexpected and unpleasant, such as a tragedy or betrayal by someone close to you. To put it simply, expect drama!

Catching a wasp

Catching a wasp in your dream is a good sign. Something positive and benefitting is around the corner and you need to keep your eyes open to seize this opportunity. It also signifies your ability to overcome hurdles without much effort. Great job!

Hearing wasps buzzing

This dream signifies the potential to evade an upcoming threat. It also represents the forewarning of an impending illness affecting someone you love.

Additionally, this dream indicates an inability to complete a task you have undertaken for reasons that you cannot forecast.

Swallowing a wasp

Bleh, right? In dream symbolism, it shows that you need to ignore the criticism you receive from people if they do not mean well. Simply ignore their words and move forward.

Dreaming of a Wasp on your various Body Parts

Wasp inside your ear

It indicates conflicts that are about to ensue. People may say something deliberately to annoy you and try not to fall for that. This dream also shows that you are capable of influencing people. 

Wasps in your hair

It symbolizes obstacles in your way to accomplishing your goals. Although the wasp is in your hair, the dream interpretation is tied to your head, which is where you conjure up thoughts, beliefs, values, goals, and the like.

Wasp leaving your eyes

What a scary dream, right? According to dream symbolism, you are not seeing reality. Intentionally or not, you are avoiding the truth and not looking at things for the way they are.

Wasp coming out of your mouth

This strangely frightening dream represents guilt. Have you hurt somebody? Or have you taken part in spreading a rumor about someone?

Wasp exiting your family member’s body 

If you dreamed of a wasp exiting the body of your family member, it shows that your actions have consequences. They have the potential to negatively impact the people you love. 

Wasp Dream Interpretation as per Color

Interestingly, the color of the wasp in your dream adds important detail to dream interpretation. Below is an entertaining list of what each wasp’s color represents.

  • Red Wasp – It means anger, hostility, and ill feelings toward someone else.
  • Black Wasp – It signifies the danger of the problems you are currently facing, so it is imperative you find a fix for it immediately. Dreaming of black wasps is also a sign that you are insecure and feel jealous of those around you. 
  • White Wasp – White wasps typify envy and “an eye for an eye” mindset, according to dream symbolism.
  • Blue Wasp in a Dream – It denotes the need to keep your eyes open and not allow anybody to be an obstacle in your life. Basically, the blue wasp symbolizes resistance to change.
  • Green Wasp It refers to unhealthy habits, dependency, and compulsive behaviors. It is affecting the people around you.
  • Yellow Wasp This dream represents someone close to you who is seeking revenge. Yellow wasps are vindictive and will try to harm those who hurt them. They sting repeatedly, causing grave injury.

Wasp Dream Meaning – A Psychological Perspective

Psychologically, a dream about wasps could indicate a desire to protect your close ones or the beginning of something new. It could also symbolize emotional turmoil.

Dreams about bugs are scary in general. However, wasp dreams have negative and positive connotations, depending on how they relate to your waking life. 

An optimistic explanation for dreams about wasps includes the desire to protect those around us. Think about it. Wasps are excellent parents and display noteworthy team effort. Now, ponder whether your interpersonal relationships match up to these standards.

On the flip side, dreams about wasps signify a period of emotional turbulence and great distress. Have you been feeling like things are not working for you? If yes, this dream definitely reflects your current psychological state.

Moreover, you may feel as if there is nothing much to look forward to and have possibly become distrustful of others. Such vulnerability and insecurity may be owing to betrayal or unexpected tragedies in the past.

Parting Thoughts from ThePleasantDream

It is imperative to remember that wasps are not always harmful and not all wasps are fierce and dangerous. More importantly, in dream interpretation, wasps emanate positivity, too.

Even if the dream is one of deprivation, take a minute. Assess your current life situation. The dream may simply be requesting you to change something so you can live a fuller life.