The spiritual meaning of falling in dreams tells you that you might symbolize a more profound meaning, like losing balance in real life or moving out of control. When we dream about falling recurrently, it signifies factors like longing for independence.

These dreams are most common during the deeper stages of your sleep cycle. So, let’s dig deeper into all the meanings!

What is the Spiritual Meaning of Falling In Dreams?

From the spiritual standpoint, falling in your dreams might imply that things in your life are going out of control. It can stem from feelings of hopelessness or even feeling like you are always behind, no matter what you do. 

So, let’s check what else it might mean.

1. You are uncertain about the future

Most commonly, the spiritual meaning of falling in a dream shows your feelings of uncertainty about the future. It symbolizes that you are falling into something unknown. 

These dreams are especially common when moving towards a new part of your life. 

2. It depicts the hopelessness

Falling into the unknown also symbolizes how we tend to grasp anything we can during a hopeless situation. So, you might have this dream when nothing is going your way.

Alternatively, dreams about falling might also indicate that you are lagging in life. It is a more symbolic representation of “falling behind” than others. 

3. It shows the feeling of someone close drifting apart

Sometimes, in these dreams, you see someone close to you falling from a high altitude. It’s symbolic of someone close to you growing apart from you. Your bond is breaking and it shows how hurt you are

Moreover, in the dream, you might try to reach out to them but cannot do anything. It symbolizes how you are trying to prevent this separation, but your efforts are in vain. 

4. Someone might betray you

If you dreamt that someone is pushing you from a height and you are falling incessantly, it can be an anticipation that someone will betray you. 

This betrayal can come from anybody in the family, friends, or even professional circle.

5. It asks you to fix a situation

In your dreams, you might hold on to something but still fall. This scenario might indicate that you are trying to take care of a situation out of control. Though the said situation has not gone completely out of hand but is about to worsen. 

6. Be careful about abrupt ends

Some things in life end abruptly, and it takes time to deal with them. Your dream about stumbling and falling might indicate that it is time to take care of such ends. 

Moreover, if you dream that you have fallen on a cold floor and are lying without any actions, something in your life has ended abruptly. 

Sometimes, the dream also gives you clues about what might end if you still do not have an idea. The spiritual world signals you to take things into your hand and deal with them more proactively. 

7. You fear losing authority

Dreaming about falling might also indicate that you currently fear losing authority. Take a moment and think about what brought this feeling and how you can take care of the same. 

This is especially your reason if conflicts occur in your professional area.

8. It represents a lack of pride

You can also dream about falling because of a lack of pride in front of others. You feel insecure and feel as though you are less than others. 

9. You need more support

Sometimes you may want more support but do not get it. And through such dreams, this feeling often manifests itself. These dreams tend to be more persistent if you cannot seek support.

10. Your life is stagnant

And finally, another typical instance of this dream is when there is constant stagnation in your life. It shows that you feel like you cannot proceed no matter what you do. 

A word from ThePleasantDream

Dreams about falling represent a lot about your feelings and can usually be experienced from feelings of lack of pride, stagnation, lack of authority, the anticipation of being betrayed, and others. 

So, understand which one is your case as the spiritual realm wants you to focus on that area and improve your life!

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