Dream of afterlife suggests you have recently lost someone close to you. It springs from your desire to reunite with your loved ones. It also depicts your fear of death and constant overthinking about the possibility of life after death due to your fear. 

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What Does it Mean to Dream of Afterlife?

Dreaming of the afterlife points toward your problems in your current life. You are trying to escape the stressful situation with thoughts of finding comfort in a different life.  

Here are the common meanings of this dream type.

Fear of death

This suggests you are so afraid of dying that you wonder if there is life after death. It is your way of ensuring you will live forever.

But you must realize you do not have control over life or death and must live in peace and let go of the constant fear of death.


It signifies your stressful life due to great troubles. You try to escape it and move on to the afterlife.

The dream might also result from a traumatic event you were trapped in and reaching the afterlife trying to escape it.

Live forever

The vision also points towards your will to live for eternity. You want to live the life that comes after death and not be gone forever.

Hence, you are forcing yourself to believe in reincarnation. But you must go easy on yourself as you can never know if such things exist.


It suggests you have lost a loved one recently or a long time ago. But you have not got closure and are still clinging to your loss.

The dream indicates your desire to reunite with them in the afterlife. 


The dream may also result from your curiosity about the afterlife. You want to know the possibilities after death and whether an afterlife exists. 

Wish to visit previous life places

This suggests you have been thinking a lot about your previous lives. You want to visit the places you might have been to in your previous life.

However, such a wish is baseless, and you must focus on the present rather than the past.


Sometimes, it throws light on the wisdom you have acquired in your life. You are superior to many in various subjects and have a keen insight into things. 

The knowledge results from your curiosity and hard work over the years. So, you realize your strength and wisely use your knowledge. 


It is a harbinger of a transformation. The hardships and misfortunes in your present life will fade away, and you will experience a change for good, both in your personal and professional life.

So be prepared to make the best use of the opportunity.

Spiritual awakening

You have been brooding over the past and the future so much that you have lost focus on the present and the people around you.

So, you will finally realize the importance of the present and your close ones, leading to a spiritual awakening.

The dream of an afterlife has more meanings depending upon the setting and context in which you had them. So, follow along to know what your dream of the afterlife means.

Dream of seeing yourself in the afterlife

This symbolizes you will go through a transformation in your waking life. It will be an inner change or a turn of events in the family or at work.

It will require you to make an important decision about the change.

Becoming a ghost in the afterlife

It reflects a traumatic life experience. You have been through something that haunts you like a ghost. Overthinking about the traumatic event results in such a dream.

Dreaming of being alive in the afterlife

Your vision indicates the end of an important event in your life. But it will be followed by a new beginning, thus giving your life a bigger purpose.

So you must let go of everything from the past and focus on the new beginning.

Someone in the afterlife

This suggests you have lost that person recently. You miss them in real life and hope to connect with them in the afterlife.

Your lover in the afterlife

It is suggestive of missing someone you love. You have lost your lover or not seen them for a long time. 

Seeing heaven in the afterlife

The scenario is a depiction of your broken relationships. It may be due to a lack of communication or a tiff in the family.

But it is time to realize the importance of family and mend things with them.

A word from ThePleasantDream

Dreams of the afterlife suggest many things regarding your beliefs on life after death and your personal life. There are many other messages, but for that, you must study your dream and your circumstances better. 

Once you reach the crux of the message, understand what steps to take for a better life!