Dreams about death are symbolic of your worries for loved ones, a warning about loved one’s health and happiness, and often your pleas for help. Sometimes, it signifies your need for care and love while other times it asks you to let go of poor habits.

Types of Dreams about Death & their Interpretations
Types of Dreams about Death & their Interpretations

Do All Death Dreams Signify Something Ominous?

Death dreams are very common and don’t always imply “death. It represents the ending of a certain phase of your life, further implying new beginnings.

Dreams involving death are symbolic of good and bad changes in your waking life. It may often depict you mustn’t alway sacrifice for others, you hate the dying person, you haven’t come to terms with someone’s death. It can mean many other things like…

New beginnings

This means you are going to enter a new phase of your life and fresh positive beginnings are going to take over.

Wake up Call

It is also interpreted as a wake-up call about your health or an area in your life that needs attention but you constantly ignore it.


Dreams about death are also your subconscious mind’s way of trying to understand and deal with anxiety.

A part of you has died

Most of our dreams include dream symbols and by paying attention to them, you’ll know which part of you has died.

Fear of the unknown

Having a dream about death means you are fearful of an unknown entity or a situation. You are uncertain about something in your life.


Having a dream about death signifies you are mourning over something or someone in your life like a failed relationship, the sudden demise of a person, a lost job opportunity, or something similar for which you are feeling the intense emotions of loss and fear.

Dream about Death with Various People Dying

Dreaming of death based on who passes away symbolizes many different things. Seeing someone dying doesn’t always mean the same. So, if you dream of…

Yourself dying

Dreaming of your own death is scary and confusing at the same time. You are watching the death of your Such dreams are messengers that your life is going through a transitional state. 

You’ll stop giving others the care and love they don’t return. You will focus on yourself, fulfill your own needs, and indulge in self-love and self-care.

Parents dying

If the dying person is your…

  • Dad: It means you need comfort from a loved one or you have trapped emotions and it’s time to release them. This also means your relationship with your parents has evolved and you are entering a new phase of relationship with them with more understanding and support.
  • Mom: It’s a sign that you need to face your worries and eliminate the stress from your life. If your mother has already passed away in reality, it means you are missing a mother figure in your life.

Multiple loved ones dying

You care about them too much and are constantly worried about their safety, well-being, and health in real life. It’s normal to have such dreams if the loved one is traveling to a distant place or is sick in real life.

Brother dying

The dream signifies the loss of brotherly love and friendship in your life. Brothers represent a bond of friendship so your dream means your friendship is suffering. You should try to offer more love and attention in your friendships.

Moreover, if the dying brother is:

  • Older: It means you want to be independent and break the chains of authority.
  • Younger: It means you are losing the immature and irresponsible aspect of yourself in waking life.

Friend dying in dreams

It means your relationship with your friend is changing negatively or positively. It represents their most dominant characteristic and what they mean to you.

If the friend represents laziness, selfishness, greed, etc… it means you are witnessing the personal death of these qualities in your waking life. 

Old friends dying

It is the representation of the child within you who is feeling suffocated and is on the verge of collapsing during lack of fun in waking life.

A child dying

It is the representation of the painful struggle of the inner child residing within you. This also means you handle so many things at once that you have left no time for yourself.

Your partner dying

In dreams, if the dying person is your

  • Boyfriend: Notice if your boyfriend’s behavior changed or if you lost interest in your boyfriend. If yes, the dream confirms that your relationship is either going to hit the rock bottom or going to reach another level.
  • Girlfriend: Dream analysts say you have a fear of losing your partner due to which you are having such negative dreams. Or, you want to end the relationship but your girlfriend isn’t ready to make the decision. 

Stranger dying

In this dream if…

  • Only the stranger dies: It signifies you are going to see your income flourishing.
  • If the stranger was in their old age: It’s time to eliminate your old bad habits to gracefully move ahead in life. 

Your pet dying

The spiritual meaning of this dream lies close to your inner child and its love for the comfort zone. It means you need to come out of your comfort zone.

If the pet was dying and you felt almost nothing wrong about it, it means you are finally ready to emerge as an independent person.

Your own son/daughter dying

Your dream implies:

  • Your concern for your child
  • You need to pamper your inner child and erase all traumas
  • You need to pay attention to your new beginnings and future and prepare for it

Celebrities dying dream meaning

Try to analyze the celebrity’s dominant quality to which you relate the most – charisma, hard work, talent in specific fields, career, kindness, meanness, etc. and check if you desire these qualities in your waking life.

Family members dying

The dream says that it’s time to say goodbye to the toxic qualities that the family member represents.

Or, your relationship with them has changed or is changing. You don’t share the same bond as you used to share before.

An animal dying

It can reflect your career, a goal, or a relationship that has been ruined and destroyed. The part of your life has been ruined to the same degree and the state of the animal represents. 

Other Common Death Dreams

You may also see other dreams with the reason of death, funeral rites, or people that are dead IRL. Let’s see what those imply…

Death Dreams with Various Reasons of Death

In dreams, the death reason also implies grave things. So, the meaning of you dying from…

  • Suicide: It means you want to quit something in your life like a job or a relationship. Or, you want to receive care and love from your parents but they are not available, so you are trying to destroy the emotions and pain you feel.
  • Car crash: This means your emotions are going to be released. Or, you’ll be more prepared to face the everyday struggles of daily life.
  • Drowning: It’s your unconscious mind stating that soon there will be an upsurge of intense emotions in your waking life.
  • Falling: You want to achieve something big in life and you’ll face obstacles along the way. Or, it means you are facing a lack of personal space in your waking life. So, you must speak up and spend some time alone. 

Dream of someone who’s dead in reality

In dreams, if you see dead…

  • Relatives: This is how your unconscious mind deals with the trauma of personal loss. By reliving the event, your mind tries to process everything in its own way to accept reality.
  • Other people: Analyze whether you’re missing the deceased or can’t accept their leave. If not, the dead person had some unfulfilled wishes about their funeral or last rites and they want you to fulfill those wishes. 

Funeral dreams

In dreams, if the funeral was:

  • Your: It means you are losing an aspect of yourself or a long-time situation is coming to an end. Or, Instead of dealing with your fears, you repress them and you must confront them.
  • Someone else’s: It indicates your fears of losing someone, something or losing control over a situation. Or, it signifies you have come to terms with something and moved on.

Waking up from a dream before dying

According to psychotherapist Jeffrey Sumber, we always wake up from a dream before dying or just after death as we don’t know what happens after death and our mind lacks the data to process what happens to us after our souls leave our bodies.

Can You Avoid or Prevent Having a Death Dream?

According to the dream dictionary, dreams about death symbolize inner changes transformation which represents discovery, positive development, and ongoing struggle. 

Hence, you must focus on finding the root cause and work on it instead of trying to prevent the dream.

When you start dealing with the main issues, the dreams about death will start to disappear. 

A word from ThePleasantDream

After having dreams of death, take care of your emotions after waking up. Clear your mind before you start finding connecting the dots. Even if it’s bad news, see if you can resist it somehow and never lose hope!