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Arrows in a Dream – 44 Plots and Thier Meanings

Arrows in a Dream – 44 Plots and Thier Meanings

Updated on Jan 18, 2023 | Published on Aug 01, 2022

Reviewed by Dr. Nereida Gonzalez-Berrios, MD , Certified Psychiatrist

Arrows in a Dream - 44 Plots and Scenarios

Dream of arrows represents a young man in your life. There is something for which you must get ready.

This dream is a warning about accepting love. You are experiencing the strain of life’s constant demands being placed on you.

Dream of Arrows – General Interpretations

Dream of arrows represents your roots. The risks you are taking need to be reconsidered. You might be being forced to commit unlawful acts. It alludes to suppressed emotional requirements. You are resentful of that person. 

Maybe you’re having identity issues or feeling uneasy about yourself. Here is a list of different interpretations of arrows in a dream:

1. Your impatience is a theme in your dream. 

2. Your urge to express yourself is strong.

3. It’s possible that you’re following an unknown life path.

4. A warning sign for life’s worries is represented by an arrow dream. 

Dreaming of Arrows – 44 Plots and Their Interpretations

You need to focus more on a certain topic. This dream alludes to disorganized thinking and conflicting viewpoints.

You must get in touch with someone and ask for assistance. You feel excluded from a situation or a connection. 

1. Dream about bow and arrow 

A dream involving a bow and arrow represents your current situation in life or in your relationships. Some things require appreciation.

Your progress and growth are being hampered by your internal worries. 

2. Dream about shooting arrows 

Sadly, Dream about shooting an arrow should serve as a caution about your unreasonable thoughts. You sense that everything is moving too quickly. You must use caution when making purchases and safeguard your funds. 

It is an indicator of average performance. You need to stop being so self-absorbed and start paying more attention to the outer world.

A metaphor for your commitment to achieving your goals is a shooting arrows dream. 

3. Dream of making arrows

Control over your life is a metaphor used in the dream. You’re trying to get a fresh start. Sometimes, especially for people in need, your constancy is symbolized by this dream.

Your odd experiences and uncommon tastes could alienate those around you.

4. Dream about flying arrows 

Dreaming of flying arrows symbolizes your anxieties about a secret aspect of your life being revealed or made public.

There are many areas of your life where you are anxious. Be careful not to rush into a relationship with someone who isn’t right for you. 

5. Dream of hitting the target with an arrow

You may be too proud to ask for help if you are having financial issues or money concerns. You’re disclosing way too much. 

Unfortunately, if you hit the target in your dream, it serves as a warning about your propensity to manipulate or control others or situations.

You are having trouble putting your thoughts and feelings into words.

6. Dream about flaming arrows 

Dreaming of flaming arrows is a sign that you want to be more approachable. Your emotions are under your control.

Your life needs more color and happiness. It makes sexuality a focal point. You gave up some principles or ideas when you relocated. 

7. Dream of killing someone with an arrow

A symbol of the sun, resurrection, and immortality is represented by the dream.

The channels of communication with someone need to be improved. You are attempting to process or digest something. 

8. Dream about seeing arrows 

Dreaming of seeing arrows denotes cleansing and purification. You might be doing too much.

You are doubting someone’s commitment or the concept of unwavering love. It implies a change in how you live your daily life. Simply take it easy. 

9. Dream about red arrows 

Red arrows in dreams represent feelings of inadequacy or insecurity. You must discover a secure means of expressing your emotions.

You should express your emotions more honestly. It is proof of revival and rebirth. You are wallowing in your own misery. 

10. Dream about big arrows 

Dreaming about big arrows portends something clever, innovative, and outstanding. You should stop and rest. Your perception of yourself is skewed.

The dream portends love and a long, blissful marriage. You need to think more optimistically. 

11. Dream about holding bow and arrow

Your personal self-discovery, transition, and transformation into a new stage of life are all predicted by the dream.

You are putting something to rest and letting the past go. You must make new connections and friends. 

12. Dream of sharpening an arrow

Either you or someone else is a complete moron. You seek closeness or emotional gratification. Your dream serves as a reminder of your desire for the truth.

Maybe you’re overlooking someone or something or taking certain things for granted.

13. Dream of other people sharpening arrows

Dreaming about other people sharpening arrows suggests your determination and perseverance. You must begin considering the situation from your own perspective. 

14. Dream of rusty arrows

Dreaming of rusty arrows is a sign that you have a date, an important date, or an appointment coming up. Whatever barriers stand in your way, you can get beyond them and succeed. 

15. Dream of losing arrows

You should get into a routine and exert more control over your life. This dream suggests close emotional ties. You’re under a lot of stress and strain.

A dream in which you are losing arrows portends potential and opportunities. 

16. Dream of hitting an animal with an arrow

You collaborate effectively with others and are a team player. You minimize the contribution that others made to your achievement.

Success in love is the goal. You must state and satiate your thirst for love and desires.

17. Dream about Cupid’s arrows 

Dream about Cupid’s arrows portends the survival of custom, family, faith, and culture.

You are applying what you’ve learned from previous experiences to your current circumstance. In some areas of your life, you are going beyond what is possible. 

18. Dream of selling arrows

The dream suggests money, fortune, peace, creativity, and joy. You have no trouble expressing yourself. A hint for the harmony of the male force and the feminine mystique is represented by selling arrows in a dream. 

19. Dream of buying arrows

You’re embarking on a spiritual path and expanding your awareness. You are deafening yourself to something.

This dream is a symbol of hope, joy, and family connection. You need to reconnect with nature and live a simpler, more primitive life.

20. Dream about arrow attack 

The dissatisfaction of a one-sided discourse manifests itself in these dreams. You’re being excessively assertive and aggressive.

To move forward and develop personally, you must get rid of the negative in your life. 

21. Dream of bestowing arrows to someone

A dream in which you are bestowing arrows to someone suggests that you are or feel like the only support for some other person or circumstance. You are not delving into the issue sufficiently. 

22. Dream about stealing arrows

You are forced to acknowledge your assertive and aggressive side by someone or something. It denotes aridity, solitude, and a sense of helplessness and loneliness.

Instead of expressing your feelings, you might be controlling them too much.

23. Dream about someone shooting arrows at you

Dreaming that someone is shooting arrows at you is a sign that you lack originality and have a propensity to copy the thoughts and views of others.

There are some situations you are not dealing with. You seem to be moving in circles and nowhere. 

24. Dream of someone stealing your arrows

Dream of someone stealing your arrows is a warning sign for unspoken hatred that, if not communicated in a controlled way, could explode in violence. You should better concentrate your efforts on achieving your goal. 

25. Dream of finding arrows

Unfortunately, having a dream of finding arrows at you is a warning sign for unclear thinking. You’re used to getting your way all the time. You may occasionally feel lost, constrained, and trapped. 

26. Dream about using arrows

A dream about using arrows alludes to the value of timing in various circumstances. You are dealing with comments made about your appearance and who you are.

In some way, you are shouting for aid. Your dream portends momentary concerns and conflicts. 

27. Dream about throwing arrows

You need to make significant changes since you can no longer proceed in the same direction. This vision indicates rebirth or survival. You’re making room for a fresh start and getting rid of old routines and ideas.

28. Dream about white arrows 

The dream of a white arrow symbolizes the calm before the storm. Maybe something makes you feel guilty.

You need to be protected. It expresses your sense of vulnerability and your desire for defense. You need to adjust to some situations. 

29. Dream about breaking arrows

Dreaming about breaking arrows or broken arrows denotes a political problem. You must take a moment to breathe and slow down. 

You are vehemently denying a part of who you are. The tension in your life may be indicated by the dream. You can be evading a basic compulsion or fear.

30. Dream about arrow roots 

A dream concerning arrow roots portends a discussion of various viewpoints. They have chosen the wrong life path.

You are feeling revolted by something you did or disgusted with your own body. This is a warning sign for money issues. 

31. Dream of someone breaking an arrow

You are looking forward to something. Dreaming about someone breaking an arrow denotes your suggestiveness.

You’re seeking a platform to share your unique ideas and experiences. You’re acting immature or like a child. 

32. Dream about faulty arrows 

Dreaming of faulty arrows conveys a message about an unimportant issue or circumstance. You are disinterested or psychologically bored with something.

You’re prepared to advance. The dream is proof of your propensity to cling on to everything. 

33. Dream of tiny arrows

Maybe you’re dating someone who makes you think of your own father, mother, or another relative. The dream is a yearning for simplicity.

It’s important to protect yourself. You must put your desires into action. 

34. Dream about arrow symbol 

The arrow symbol is a symbol of thrift and economy in dreams. You are looking at your options or coming up with new ideas in your brainstorming session. You’re prepared to advance. 

35. Dream of right arrow

This message encourages the release of some suppressed or trapped emotions. You must get beyond various difficulties and hindrances. A dream with a right arrow as its emblem denotes innocence, modesty, or humility. 

36. Dream of left arrow

You’re lying, being crafty, or trying to manipulate people. Maybe you think you don’t deserve the things you already have.

It mentions a birth (either an actual birth or birth of a new idea). If you continue on your current life path, you will have a significant setback.

37. Dream of up arrow

The dream is a sign of impending exposure. You are making an effort to manage the ups and downs of life. You must summon your courage and advocate for yourself.

It conveys a sense of self-purification and regeneration. You consider your high status to be precarious.

38. Dream of down arrow

You are suffering from your current way of life. Dreaming of a down arrow can reflect your emotional rhythm. You need to view things from a wider angle.

Through your own strength of character and tenacity, you will overcome a challenging circumstance. 

39. Dream about arrow in sky 

Dreaming of an arrow in the sky suggests that you are worrying and unhappy in your life. You feel uncomfortable or out of place in a particular circumstance or relationship.

You are either taking someone else or yourself for granted. It denotes virility and brawn. 

40. Dream about an arrow in your hands

Dreaming of an arrow in your hands denotes happiness and fulfillment in your life. You are sacrificing your morals or principles.

You miss the convenience of home or more comfortable settings. Grace, purity, beauty, dignity, prosperity, and status are foretold in this dream. 

41. Dream of other people making arrows

Your objectives or plans have experienced an unanticipated setback. Dreaming about other people making arrows denotes poise and balance in your life or the requirement to reestablish balance. You’re placing a bet on something. 

42. Dream about aiming arrows 

Dreams of aiming arrows represent the sun. You are suppressing your feelings. You are following someone else’s agenda and suggestions.

Your attempt to make significant changes is predicted by this dream. 

43. Dream of arrow sheath

You’re uneasy about a circumstance or a connection. Dreaming about an arrow sheath suggests that you need to get out of a constricting circumstance or mindset. Your voice seems to be being muffled. 

44. Dream about choosing an arrow 

The dream denotes the cessation of a habit or activity. You’re looking for approval or acceptance.

Your personality is at odds with some elements. It represents your short-temperedness. Your thinking is hazy. 

Spiritual dream interpretation of arrows

Your dream shows that you have the capacity to act rapidly. You question your success and the objectives you have previously attained.

Arrows in dreams predict failure to fulfill your highest aspirations and goals. 

Biblical dream interpretation of arrows

You must take up obligations and become more independent. The arrows in a dream represents your intense lust and passion.

You are giving someone else the ability to make decisions for you and transfer authority to them. 

Psychological dream interpretation of arrows

Arrows in dreams might lead to fresh chances. You must adjust your route and shift your direction. Either you detest someone or someone dislikes you.

Your feminine attitudes and feelings are represented by it. You are in a difficult or awkward situation.


If you do not get involved in life, it will pass you by. This demonstrates your high moral character and honesty. You must concentrate on your life’s purpose and objectives.

You’re going through an identity crisis. Your dream represents the cost of living that you have chosen. You must stay current with life if you don’t want to fall behind.