Dream of arrows represents your roots and the risks you are taking need to be reconsidered.

Besides, it alludes to suppressed emotional requirements where you might be being forced to commit unlawful acts. 

On the other hand, this dream is a warning about accepting love. You are experiencing the strain of life’s constant demands being placed on you.

Dream of Arrows – General Interpretations

Maybe you’re having identity issues or feeling uneasy about yourself. Here is a list of different interpretations of arrows in a dream:

  • Your impatience is a theme in your dream. 
  • Your urge to express yourself is strong.
  • It’s possible that you’re following an unknown life path.
  • A warning sign for life’s worries is represented by this dream. 

Spiritual dream interpretation of arrows

Your dream shows that you have the capacity to act rapidly. For this, you question your success and the objectives you have previously attained.

Besides, arrows in dreams predict failure to fulfill your highest aspirations and goals. 

Dreaming of Arrows – Common Plots and Their Interpretations

Let’s look at some common dream plots and their relevant interpretation.

Bow and arrow 

A bow and arrow represents your current situation in life or in your relationships where some things require appreciation.

On the other hand, your progress and growth are being hampered by your internal worries. 

Shooting arrows 

This dream serves as a caution about your unreasonable thoughts where you sense that everything is moving too quickly.

Therefore, you must use caution when making purchases and safeguard your funds. 

Alternatively, it is an indicator of average performance. Therefore, you need to stop being so self-absorbed and start paying more attention to the outer world.

Making arrows

Control over your life is a metaphor used in the dream. You’re trying to get a fresh start. Sometimes, especially for people in need, your constancy is symbolized by this dream.

Besides, your odd experiences and uncommon tastes could alienate those around you.

Flying arrows 

It symbolizes your anxieties about a secret aspect of your life being revealed or made public.

Hitting the target with an arrow

You may be too proud to ask for help if you are having financial issues or money concerns.

Unfortunately, if you hit the target in your dream, it serves as a warning about your propensity to manipulate or control others or situations.

Additionally it can also mean you are having trouble putting your thoughts and feelings into words.

Killing someone with an arrow

A symbol of the sun, resurrection, and immortality is represented by the dream. Besides, the channels of communication with someone need to be improved where you are attempting to process or digest something. 

Holding bow and arrow

Your personal self-discovery, transition, and transformation into a new stage of life are all predicted by the dream.

You are putting something to rest and letting the past go. However, you must make new connections and friends. 

Rusty arrows

It is a sign that you have a date, an important date, or an appointment coming up. The dream can also symbolize whatever barriers stand in your way, you can get beyond them and succeed. 

Hitting an animal with an arrow

You collaborate effectively with others and are a team player. You minimize the contribution that others made to your achievement.

Someone shooting arrows at you

This dream is a sign that you lack originality and have a propensity to copy the thoughts and views of others.

There are some situations you are not dealing with because you seem to be moving in circles and nowhere. 

Breaking arrows

Dreaming about breaking arrows or broken arrows denotes a political problem. You must take a moment to breathe and slow down. 

You are vehemently denying a part of who you are. The tension in your life may be indicated by the dream. You can be evading a basic compulsion or fear.

Aiming arrows 

This dream represents that you are suppressing your feelings. Alternatively, you are following someone else’s agenda and suggestions.

On the other hand, your attempt to make significant changes is predicted by this dream. 

Arrow sheath

You’re uneasy about a circumstance or a connection. This dream suggests that you need to get out of a constricting circumstance or mindset. Your voice seems to be being muffled. 

Choosing an arrow 

The dream denotes the cessation of a habit or activity. You’re looking for approval or acceptance.

Alternatively, your personality is at odds with some elements. It represents your short-temperedness & can also symbolize that your thinking is hazy. 

Psychological dream interpretation of arrows

The dream represents fresh chances. You must adjust your route and shift your direction. It can further mean that either you detest someone or someone dislikes you.

On the other hand, your feminine attitudes and feelings are represented by it. You are in a difficult or awkward situation.


The dream demonstrates your high moral character and honesty and it suggests you must concentrate on your life’s purpose and objectives.

Though, your dream represents the cost of living that you have chosen yet you must stay current with life if you don’t want to fall behind.