Dream of being a servant usually refers to your feelings of being criticized for everything you do. You have always been subservient for everyone around you.

It is also a sign that you often put others’ needs before yours. You always try to help others, disregarding your health and physical or mental condition.

Dream of Being a Servant – General Interpretations

A dream of being a servant shows a lack of self esteem, feeling stuck, career and financial problems, toxic relationships, struggles, challenges, emotional problems, and so on.

Dreams of being a servant are usually associated with criticism and submission to the wishes of others. It is a sign of showing your respect to people.

Following are some general interpretations analyzed from dreams of being a servant –

1.  You are being very modest in your behavior.

2.  You always respect people around you.

3.  Lack of feelings of superiority with people in your life.

4.  Sign of warning stating your friends’ poor thoughts of you.

5.  It is an omen of humbleness, modesty and humility.

6.  Explores the risk of being dependent on others.

7.  Possibility of betrayal and deceit by friends and loved ones.  

Dreaming of Being a Servant – Common Scenarios and Interpretations

If you are having dreams of being a servant, keep reading to find out what your dream symbolizes!

Dream of Being a Servant

This dream is often related to being submissive and modest in your behavior. You might have feelings of low self-esteem.

It is also a symbol of warning. You should be careful around your friends and other people around you.

Besides, it can be a sign that you are feeling stuck and emotionally manipulated in a situation. Maybe it is a toxic relationship where people are taking you for granted. 

Dream of Being Fired as a Servant

If you see yourself being fired as a servant in your dream, it means that you will have a stable financial situation. There will be an opportunity to improve your income and lead a very peaceful life.

Though more often it shows that you are going through struggles and challenges in your waking life. This might be your call that things are changing for good.

So try to find a positive perspective in the seemingly negative situations. 

Dream of Being a Servant Serving Someone You Know

It is an indication that you are exhausted. Your energy is depleted leaving you very tired and dealing with fatigue.

You have worked extra hard and deserve some rest to recover. Often it shows that the relationship dynamics between you and that person is somehow toxic. 

So you are feeling overwhelmed, insecure, and being used. In any case, try to solve the issues with clear communication.

Being a Servant to Your Boss

It portends obstacles in your life. You will face difficulties in your personal and professional life.

The journey towards your success will not be easy. Besides, it shows that your boss might be using you for their personal reasons. Hence, you are feeling tired and stuck in your professional life. 

Sometimes it’s a sign of a toxic work culture and power dynamics going on in your waking life. You need to take strong actions to upskill yourself and protect yourself from toxicity. 

Dream of Seeing Yourself as a Maid Servant

Dreams of seeing yourself as a maid servant is a sign of disappointment in your partner. You are annoyed and upset with your partner because of their actions and problematic behavior.

Maybe your partner is restricting you. But you do not want to submit to their will. 

Sometimes it shows that you are feeling taken for granted in your work and personal life. It is a sign to stand by you and to make a change in your life. 

Dream of Being a Servant and Pretending Not to Be One

Such dreams indicate that you are not afraid of showing your vulnerable side to others. You have fallen weak some time in your life and are not hesitant to depend on others for help and support.

Besides, it shows a lack of self esteem and your insecurities about yourself. It shows that your current position is tiring you and it is somehow embarrassing you. Or maybe you fear that your loved ones would judge you because of it. 

Try to solve your dilemma. Everyone has their growth journey. Start yours!

Psychological Significance of Being a Servant in a Dream 

Psychologically, it is a sign that things easily influence you. You are sensitive to others’ needs and often people manipulate you because of that. This causes feelings of poor self-esteem.

It can also signify opening of new opportunities with support from others. This will help you reach your goals.  

Spiritual Significance of Being a Servant in a Dream 

Spiritually, the dream of being a servant can signify your wish to serve as God’s Disciple. It is a symbol of God’s Angels who are spending their time serving the Lord.

It can also be a representation of providing care for all of God’s children and ensuring a happy and safe home.

Closing Thoughts

When you are dreaming of being a servant, it means that you will get new opportunities to improve yourselves. You will realize the need for humbleness and modesty in your life.

You will bring luck and good fortune to others around you. It also points towards having a positive outlook in life and having faith in your decisions and actions.