Dream of being ignored can be an expression of low self esteem, not being able to express yourself, feeling ignored in real life, lack of empathy, and so on.

In brief, it is mostly an expression of your repressed feelings. 

General Dream Interpretation of Being Ignored

Dreams of Being Ignored are often associated with your feelings in waking life. Your repressed thoughts and feelings often manifest itself from the subconscious into your dreams.

We often dream of being ignored by someone who is significant to us in our waking life. These dreams have various elements that can be understood in different ways.

Some general interpretations of Dreams of Being Ignored are explained below –

1. They represent your inability to express your thoughts and emotions.

2. They also relate to a rocky relationship in your waking life.

3. They are signs of your difficulty to feel seen and accepted.

4. They are a far cry to provide release to all things trapped inside your mind.

5. It is a symbol of emotional detachment and unavailability.

6. You feel powerless and out of control in relationships.

7. You are trying hard to be visible and independent.

Dream of Being Ignored – Various Scenarios and Interpretations

Dreams of being ignored are emotional visions of repressed thoughts and emotions. They represent your struggle in emotional expression.

Keep reading to find out what your dream of being ignored could mean for you!

Dream of Your Existence Being Ignored 

It suggests that you are experiencing the inability to express your emotions. You repress your thoughts and feelings. These repressed feelings threaten to break out time and again and manifest themselves in the form of dreams.

Sometimes they also result in you holding grudges against people in your waking life.These dreams are considered as warnings about something that is being hidden from you.

Dream of Being Ignored by Family

If you see a dream of being ignored by a family member, this means that some family member is trying to be passive aggressive with you.

They do not want to hurt you intentionally, hence choose to ignore you. They don’t inflict pain, outwardly.

Dream of Being Ignored by a Friend

This means that you feel left out in their company. You do not feel important when you go out with them.

You feel rejected and isolated when you go on an outing with your friends. This feeling confuses you and affects your friendships in waking life.

Being Ignored by Male Partner

These dreams tend to be common occurrences to females. They suggest that the men in your life are having difficulty in being open with what they feel.

Being Ignored by Female Partner

It means that your partner may be feeling emotionally neglected. Their emotional needs are not being met in waking life.

Being Ignored by Siblings

It means that you should reflect back to your past. Your previous experiences with them need evaluation.

Being Ignored by Husband

This dream refers to the lack of attention and affection. You feel that your husband does not acknowledge your presence.

Being Ignored by Young Woman

It means that the feelings between them have cooled down. Both of them want to cut ties. They are looking for new partners.

Being Ignored by Everyone

If you dream that everyone you know from your waking life is ignoring you, this vision can be a sign that your level of self-confidence has increased.

Being Ignored by Your Children

It shows that you might be having some conflicts with your loved ones. It is a sign that you are feeling useless in their life, especially now when things are changing. 

Psychological Meaning of Dream of Being Ignored

Psychologically, dreams of being ignored have a very significant meaning. These dreams are usually manifestations of your subconscious. You are repressing your feelings and emotions. 

It often shows that you struggle to communicate which makes things difficult for you and your close ones. Letting tension build creates cracks in relationships that become irreparable. You should resolve your issues as soon as possible.

A word from ThePleasantDream

Dreams of Being Ignored are often associated with your feelings in waking life. Your repressed thoughts and feelings often manifest itself from the subconscious into your dreams.