The dream of jealousy is all about your feelings of inadequacy. You feel that you do not have anything sufficient to offer in a situation or a relationship. 

Moreover, there is a need to have complete control over insecurities to get clarification regarding your role and your importance in a situation.

Let’s explore further –

Reasons Behind the Dream of Jealousy

The following are the reasons which lead to the occurrence of this dream –

  • It is a sign of incompleteness
  • You are unable to live up to other’s expectations
  • Revisiting your actions from close quarters
  • Unfair attitude toward others
  • Trying to resolve issues that are arising in your daily life
  • Your partner has been good to another individual
  • There is a chance that you are being too demanding

Spiritual Meaning of Jealousy in a Dream

The spiritual meaning of this dream talks about the insecurity and threat you experience while going through different stages of life.

Moreover, it reflects that you do not have faith in your ability and hence cannot avoid the fear of losing something significant.

Besides, this interpretation also talks about abiding by God’s advice about believing in your abilities and trusting that nothing can go wrong in this life’s journey.

Common Jealousy Dream Plots and Interpretations

Some of the plots on jealousy that commonly occur in your subconscious mind are as follows –

Dream of Someone’s Jealousy Toward You

This scenario appears as a warning to keep a watch over envious individuals.

It might well happen that someone might spread lies about you as you have not agreed to their demands.

Someone Accusing You of Jealousy

You will soon have arguments with someone you spend a lot of time with and discuss various matters related to daily life.

They can be one of your family members, a colleague, or your partner.

Jealousy Toward Your Partner

You are fearful of loving them more than they do, and hence you always remain on the lookout for finding proof of them being unfaithful.

Jealousy Toward Your Ex-Partner

Certain things between you and your ex have remained unresolved, which has forced you to end the relationship.

Another perspective suggests that something has reminded you about the past in waking life, while your ex is a significant part of it.

Jealousy Toward Your Friend

This dream of jealousy plot denotes that you are subconsciously competing with them while carrying out all your life’s responsibilities, as you intend to prove that you are better and possess more capability than them.

Jealousy Toward Your Colleague

Nothing matters to you more than your career. Due to this reason, you are not only ready to sacrifice your leisure time but also your relationships with others.

Jealousy Toward Your Parents

It reflects that you blame them for your failures or problems and ignore your inability to differentiate between good and bad.

Jealousy Toward Your Siblings

There is some problem related to your heritage, where you might have inherited some property or money you need to share with others.

Jealousy of Different Individuals

You can come across different individuals portraying their jealousy toward you and vice-versa. It is time to check out their implications –

  • Partner

It refers to the fact that you lack attention, which is happening because your partner has stopped showcasing their affection of late.

Alternatively, the dream of jealousy sequence also suggests that poor communication has enabled you to maintain distance from one another.

  • Ex-Partner

You have the habit of thinking highly of yourself due to the belief that no one can remain immune to your charisma and charm. Hence, you always try to become the center of attention and let others pay attention to your views.

  • Friend

It signifies that you will soon realize about not having anything in common among yourselves. You have outgrown one another, and the time is right for you to mix with those having interests similar to yours.

  • Colleague

The sequence mentions that your colleague is trying to show themselves superior to you in front of the boss by not making them give value to your effort.

Alternatively, it suggests you trust your potential and not fall under the trap of provocation from anyone in life.

  • Parents

This scenario under the dream of jealousy denotes that you are trying your best to prove yourself right in front of the wrong people, as you have realized that someone does not like you.

It symbolizes unfulfilled desires that make you regret not using your earlier opportunities in the best possible manner.

Besides, it tells you to live in the present and consider making your future better than wasting time by thinking of the past.

Psychological Perspective about Dream of Being Jealous

This perspective of the dream reflects your protective feelings, sense of abandonment, and an understanding of how everything should unfold during life.

Final Words

The dream of jealousy calls for listening to your instincts and believing in your abilities to understand various aspects as well as deal with the challenges of life. 

You are willing to make due changes in your behavioral patterns, solve problems that have been pending for a long time and hence lead a peaceful life.