A dream of nipple can seriously make you wonder if something’s wrong with you. After all, why would anyone dream of something so random? But did you know that dreaming of a nipple doesn’t always have to be related to sex or breastfeeding?

Dream experts believe that a nipple in your dreams signifies short-lived pleasures. Don’t believe us? Then keep reading this think piece!

Dream of Nipple – General interpretations

Dreaming of a nipple can indicate that you are giving in to your physical desires, or that you wish to be more productive. Alternatively, these dreams can also mean that you will indulge in short-term pleasures or that you are re-evaluating your life goals.

Many people believe that a nipple is only related to sexual or maternal desires. Even though that might be true in some circumstances, a nipple can indicate things that are way deeper.

If you want to know more, then take a look at the general interpretations.

1. You are giving in to your physical desires

The most obvious dream interpretation of a nipple is that you are succumbing to your physical desires.

Even though you’re trying your best to not let it affect your life, you can’t stop thinking of your dark dreams and wishes.

2. You want to be more productive

Another dream interpretation of a nipple can also be that you want to do something more meaningful in your life by being more productive.

You are tired of how things are going in your life so far and you wish for a better chance.

3. You will indulge in short-term pleasures

One negative interpretation is that you often indulge in short-term pleasures without focusing on long-term goals. Your mind is telling you to stop being reckless and to concentrate more on serious things.

4. You are re-evaluating life goals

One more dream meaning of a nipple is that you are rethinking your life goals.

This is probably because something major has happened to you, which is making you prioritize your life in a different fashion than before.

5. You will meet your soulmate

One positive meaning is that you will soon meet the love of your life.

Dreaming of a nipple generally indicates marriage, but it can also mean that you will come across someone who will be your perfect match and you both will work out amazingly.

Dreams about Nipples – 25 Types and Interpretations

Dreaming of a woman’s nipple indicates that marriage is around the corner for you, while dreaming of a man’s nipple foretells marital problems. Isn’t it fascinating to know that even the smallest changes in dream details can cause the entire dream interpretation to change?

Well, this is only a small snippet of the entire think piece. So come on, let’s dive deeper!

1. Dream of a woman’s nipple

Having a dream where you see a woman’s nipple clearly shows that your love life is soon going to change for the better.

Marriage is just around the corner, so you need to start making preparations accordingly. This dream is a positive dream because it foretells that your marriage events will be very exciting and full of joy.

2. Dream of a man’s nipple

On the other hand, a man’s nipple is not a very good sign in the dream realm. It symbolizes trouble and turbulence in your marital life.

You will have frequent fights with your spouse that will become worse with the passage of time. Your subconscious mind is telling you to handle things carefully and talk things out with your partner openly.

3. Dream of milk coming out of a nipple

If milk comes out of the nipple in your dreams, it symbolizes finding a compatible husband or wife. For example, if a woman has this dream, it means that she is struggling to find a good match for her.

If a man has the same dream, it indicates that he is surrounded by a lot of women who wish to marry him but he hasn’t found the perfect woman yet.

4. Dream of a child suckling on a nipple

Dreaming of a child sucking on your nipples to get nourishment from it indicates a happy release from all your worries and troubles.

You have probably gone through a lot of emotional turmoil in the past few days or weeks but now you can take a break and enjoy life. However, you should also be careful to not ignore your responsibilities.

5. Dream of an adult suckling on a nipple

If, however, the person suckling on your nipples is not a child but a full-grown adult, it foretells trouble.

This dream symbolizes that you are spending recklessly and this will cause problems in your life sooner or later. Your financial situation will worsen and you will end up in a lot of debt. Try to curb your spending habits.

6. Dream of pus coming out of a nipple

If pus or some other liquid is oozing out of a nipple in your dreams, it reflects your insecurity and negative feelings toward your current relationship. You constantly feel that your significant other is cheating on you or isn’t interested in you.

Instead of focusing on the negative things, try to relax and concentrate on the positive aspects of your relationship.

7. Dream of a brightly-coloured nipple

If the nipple in your dreams looks healthy and bright, it indicates good things. This dream means that the dreamer is energetic and positive-minded in their waking life.

You have a habit of turning any adversity into a positive challenge, which is why you’re so popular among all your friends and colleagues. You know how to win your battles.

8. Dream of a large nipple

Seeing a nipple that is larger than the average-sized nipples is also a good indication. It means that there will be an increase in your material wealth.

You will probably work very hard to increase your earnings or you might even suddenly win a large sum of money through a lottery or something. Take care to spend your wealth wisely.

9. Dream of a painful nipple

Dreaming of a painful or ulcerated nipple is directly related to your health in the waking world. You might be suffering from some sort of disease that you’re not aware of.

However, your mind is signaling you to visit the doctor and take precautions as soon as possible. Otherwise, your health will deteriorate and there might not be any cure.

10. Dream of having multiple nipples

Seeing yourself having more than two nipples in your dream is a very important sign from your subconscious mind. It indicates that you will soon have many options in front of you but most of those options will lead you toward failure.

Therefore, you need to be very wise and think carefully before choosing the path that will ensure success.

11. Dream of touching someone else’s nipple

Even though touching another person’s nipple in real life can be pretty offensive, in the dream world, anything is possible.

So, if you dream of this, then it signifies happy news. The other person in your dreams will give you some kind of good news, probably about their marriage or pregnancy. You will be very happy for them.

12. Dream of seeing your nipples in the mirror

If you dream that you are looking at your naked self in the mirror and your eyes automatically go to your nipples, it does not signify good things.

This dream denotes that you are overly concerned about your looks. You try your best to look attractive by working out or putting on makeup and fancy clothes, but even then, you feel insecure.

13. Dream of rash around a nipple

Dreaming of rash around your nipple, specifically in the areola, indicates that you might go bankrupt soon.

Due to your careless transactions, you will lose out on a lot of money, such as gambling or purchasing unnecessary and expensive items. You have to start spending more wisely from now to avoid becoming bankrupt.

14. Dream of a child’s nipple

Dreaming of a child’s nipples indicates that you are too dependent on others. Even though you have the potential and maturity to do things on your own, you always want to put the burden on other people.

Alternatively, this dream can also mean that you are scared of accepting tough tasks because you think that you’re not worthy enough.

15. Dream of stretched nipples

Stretched nipples in your dreams indicate that you are being too generous to others, especially with your money. This dream is a reflection of your vulnerable nature.

You often lend large sums of money to people without thinking things properly. Even though it’s good to be generous, not everyone deserves your kindness.

16. Dream of a man touching your nipples

Dreaming of a man touching your nipples, especially a known man, indicates that this person is not your friend. He might seem to help you out a lot and give you advice, but in reality, he is plotting to bring you down.

Maybe he is jealous of your success or popularity so he is scheming against you. This dream is a sign to be wary.

17. Dream of a woman touching your nipples

On the other hand, if a woman touches your nipples, it means that your love life will soon change. It can either be for the better or for worse, depending on the dream details.

But this dream is a signal to be prepared for the upcoming changes. You might either meet the woman of your dreams or have a horrible breakup with your current partner.

18. Dream of squeezing nipples

Having a dream where you are squeezing your nipples shows that you are longing for something or someone in your life.

Lately, you might have been feeling empty or incomplete, even though you don’t understand why. Dreaming of squeezing your nipples is actually an important dream because it tells you to go on a spiritual journey.

19. Dream of buying a plastic nipple

If you dream that you are purchasing a plastic nipple sucker or nipple guard from a store, it symbolizes that you will soon entertain important guests in your house.

These people might be distinguished individuals from your workplace or social circle. This is the perfect opportunity to connect with others.

20. Dream of selling a plastic nipple

Dreaming of selling a plastic nipple sucker or nipple toy is a sign that you will meet a long-lost friend or relative.

Even if this person isn’t a long-lost one, they might have lost contact with you over time. But fate has brought you both together, so you should make the best of this opportunity.

Pay attention to this dream because the person might give you important news.

21. Dream of having no nipple

If you see that one fine day, you suddenly have no nipple in your dreams, it means that you constantly let others push you around.

Your inner spirit is asking you to take charge and be more assertive. Even your closest friends and relatives have started to treat you like you are insignificant and you must not let them.

22. Dream of an inward nipple

A nipple that seems to be inward instead of pointing outwards shows that you are different from others but in a good way.

Your creative and innovative ideas often help to solve major problems and you know how to get out of a tricky situation simply by utilizing unusual methods. You must nourish your creative abilities.

23. Dream of touching an elderly woman’s nipples

Dreaming of touching an elderly woman’s nipples is a good sign because it means that you will soon receive a large fortune that you will share with your loved ones.

Alternatively, this dream can also point to communication problems between you and your partner. You both must talk honestly and openly to solve problems.

24. Dream of touching an elderly man’s nipples

Touching an elderly man’s nipples in your dreams indicates that you tend to be passive-aggressive in serious situations. Instead of directly confronting someone, you like to stay quiet and show your anger.

Alternatively, it can also mean that you are zoning out and not paying attention to your life problems at the moment.

25. Dream of nipple in another body part

Seeing your nipples being in another part of your body instead of on your chest can make you feel quite puzzled. But believe it or not, many people do have this dream.

It basically symbolizes that you are trying to express an important aspect of yourself. You want others to know that you can make the best out of a negative situation.

Spiritual Interpretation of dream of nipple

Spiritually, dreaming of a nipple means that you will take a long and tedious journey towards an unknown destination.

Even though you will get tired and encounter lots of problems on the way, you will become spiritually wiser.

Biblical Interpretation of dreams of nipple

Biblically, a nipple represents motherly love and affection. Even if you’re not a mother, having dreams of a nipple can mean that you are caring and warm-hearted.

It can also reflect your wish of becoming a parent one day.

Psychological Interpretation of dreaming of nipple

In psychology, dreaming of nipples can indicate that you need to pay more attention to your health.

You should take medicines, exercise regularly, and eat healthy foods. Alternatively, it can also mean that there is some illness inside you.

Questions to ask yourself to interpret nipple dreams correctly

No matter what details you see while dreaming, it’s important to retain as many of them as possible after you wake up. I know it’s pretty difficult to remember those dream details, so here are some questions to help you out.

1. How often do you dream of a nipple?

2. What are your feelings while dreaming of a nipple?

3. Do you dream of seeing your own nipples?

4. Did you dream of touching someone’s nipples?

5. Did someone else touch your nipples in your dreams?

6. Is the nipple in your dreams healthy or injured?

7. Does any liquid squirt out from your nipple?

8. How big or small is the nipple in your dreams?

9. Did you dream of seeing more than two nipples on someone?

10. Did you dream of seeing someone having no nipples at all?

A word from ThePleasantDream

While some dreams of nipples can hint at good news, some others don’t. Ultimately, it will all depend on your ability to understand your dreams and apply them in your real-life scenarios.

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