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Dream of Kids – A Guide With 30 Different Scenarios

Dream of Kids – A Guide With 30 Different Scenarios

Updated on Jun 21, 2022 | Published on Oct 20, 2021

Reviewed by Katina Tarver, MA (Mental Health and Wellness Counseling) , Life Coach

Dream of Kids - 30 Scenarios & Their Interpretations

Dreams of kids can have a promising interpretation. They often represent new opportunities that are full of potential in your near future. These dreams also represent growth and development. 

Dreams of kids usually represent an inner child within you or your desire to nurture or care for someone. 

Dreams about kids are a symbol of positive life events, moving forward in life and relationships and seeing new avenues at work. These positive interpretations make dreams of kids a happy dream, in most scenarios. 

Dream of Kids - A Guide With 30 Different Scenarios
Dream of Kids – A Guide With 30 Different Scenarios

Children Dream Meaning: General Interpretation 

Dreams of kids signify positive life events, relationships and work. They symbolize positive feelings, your inner desires to nurture, grow and develop. In some scenarios, they reflect a need of wanting to be nurtured by someone else. 

Dreams about kids have a positive and joyful interpretation. They signify the happiness that most people feel when they see a sweet, cuddly new child. 

Babies signify growth and development, even in our dreams. We see kids as a symbol of growth. Dreams about kids can also represent new opportunities; like a new role or position. These opportunities have room for us to show personal growth. 

Dream of kids is also more common among women, and people who have kids themselves. Wanting kids or trying to reconnect with your own childhood self is also a reason to have such dreams. 

Lastly, these dreams point to a need to nurture or be nurtured. It is linked to feelings of care, wisdom, effort and achieving new goals or milestones.

Dreams of kids symbolise various aspects linked to our waking life. They can be listed as follows.

Symbol of your inner child 

Dreams about kids are quite common, because they symbolise the inner child that we all have. Our inner child remembers everything about our life and is a channel that we use to express our inner desires and personalities. 

Our inner child is often the part of our personalities that we hide due to reasons of the past. This inner child however is also our true self and hence often comes out in various ways, like dreams of children, particularly our own selves as children. 

Symbol of new opportunities 

To see a child in a dream is also a symbol of new opportunities, or existing plans leading to newer ones. New opportunities are a positive sign, as they mean your personal or professional life may get a boost. 

Dreams where you see children also signify an emotional state of being ready for something new. Much like our waking life, where we anticipate a baby only when we really desire one, these new opportunities come as a much desired change. 

Symbol of growth and development 

Children symbolise growth and development, even in our dreams. We look at children as small humans that are waiting to learn and adapt. Similarly, dreams about kids indicate that we may have a period of growth coming in our life. 

Professional growth such as a promotion or learning a new skill or personal growth like a relationship milestone are positive and noteworthy events. Hence, such dreams are considered to be a positive symbol. 

Symbol of potential 

All the above symbols point towards one more interpretation; symbol of potential. Babies, or children, because they are so new to the world, signify potential. We don’t know what or how they will learn, and the possibilities are endless. 

In dreams as well, kids signify life potential. Consider cases like a new relationship or moving to a new city. Seeing children in dreams becomes a positive sign; acting as a symbol of validation for dreamers looking for that assurance.

Dream Of Kids – 30 Scenarios & Their Interpretations 

Dreams of kids can be of various types, depending on what the child in the dream is doing, how many children there are and what you are doing in the dream. Following are the types and their interpretations.

1. Dream of children playing

A dream about children playing is a happy dream. It shows happiness and prosperity in your waking life. It even means that you may be gearing up for positive changes or experiences 

2. Dream of child playing 

This dream has a positive interpretation for families. It signifies harmony and understanding. Conflicts are a part of any family life, but seeing a child playing in your dream is an indication that people will move beyond them and show understanding. 

Dream about a kid playing is in general a positive image, as it radiates joy and a playful mood. However, in a deeper sense it also shows feelings of being at peace with your surroundings, like your home life. 

3. Dream about feeding a child 

A dream of feeding a child on the other hand has a more stressful interpretation, especially for people with families. Feeding someone, especially a dependent such as a child, represents the act of providing for someone.

This dream suggests that you may be worried about how you are going to provide for your family, especially your children. Parents often have this dream because they may be trying hard to ensure the best life for their kids. 

4. Playing with a small child in your dream 

This dream is interpreted as marital happiness or happiness in a relationship. When you play with a child, you are giving them your attention. Similarly, in dreams, playing with a kid shows that you are giving a relationship in your life attention and importance.

It is also an indication that your life with this person brings you joy and hence you are giving it your efforts and positivity back. It also means you have designed your life well enough that you have time for both work and play. 

5. Dreams about hearing a kid cry

The interpretation of this dream depends on who the kid is in your dream. Hearing your own kid cry in your dream is largely related to what is going on in your waking life. Parents often fear that their kid needs their help and hence hear them cry in dreams. 

However, dreaming about someone else’s kid crying means that you may be dealing with unrealistic goals that are now giving you stress. Hearing kids cry is a helpless feeling, especially in your dream, and when you don’t know how to comfort them.

Setting unrealistic goals for yourself can give you such a helpless feeling, as you are now in a position where you are farther from achieving your goals. It is a reminder to always be organised and composed when setting goals for yourself. 

6. Dreams about someone else’s kid 

Such a dream warns dreamers about the presence of other people and their gossip in the dreamer’s relationships. It shows that other people’s opinions and rumors may be causing a strain in your relationship. 

7. Dreaming of a child you don’t have

The meaning of a child in dreams when you don’t have one is a reflection of your inner desire to have children. For someone who is actively trying to have a baby, such dreams are a reflection of their everyday struggle. 

Dreaming of kids you don’t have can also mean that you are afraid of either not finding the right partner or not having a baby in the time frame you want, and that fear is translating in your dreams. 

8. Dream about having kids 

Dreams about having kids, especially when you are not expecting one, means a fruitful period awaits you. It also means it’s time to nurture and work on your projects, both personal and professional.

Dreams about having kids when you already are expecting one or trying for one can merely be a reflection of your thoughts and actions from your waking life. 

9. Dream about having lots of kids 

While dreams of having a kid signifies your plans coming to fruition, dreams where you have a lot of kids signifies doubting your own goals and plans. We often tend to set high goals for ourselves, out of our ambition. 

This dream shows that we may be second guessing ourselves and questioning whether the multiple investments we may have made towards our future were a mistake. It is possible to have these dreams when you are facing a lot of responsibilities.  

10. Dream about a sick kid

Dreams about a sick child are a call to attention from an area of your life that may not be going well. It is a reminder that there is a person, project or relationship in your life that requires you to tend to it. 

It is the sick baby’s state in your dream that allows you to look closely at your life to see what needs your help. You can provide care and nurse it back to wellness. 

11. Dream of a crying kid 

Similarly, if the child in your dream won’t stop crying, it is a call for you to focus on a particular area of your life. If you have already identified the life area that needs your help, the dream can also mean that someone in the situation is acting like a child. 

12. Dream of playing with a child 

Playing with a child in your dream represents love and care that you take towards a relationship in your life. Playing with children requires not just time, but also an inner sense of happiness. This is reflected in your dreams. 

We work towards our relationships by making time for big and small moments and creating moments of joy. This work is not tedious, but is indicative of a good relationship that you are invested in. 

13. Child hugging you in dreams 

This dream is a symbol of someone in your close circle needing your help and protection. It is not always intentional to ignore someone’s needs, especially if the person is someone we love. This dream is a reminder to check who in your life needs you. 

14. Dreams about toddlers 

These are particularly positive dreams. Toddlers are dream symbols of a great group of friends. Toddlers in dreams represent playfulness, but more importantly, a set of people you can count on. 

Toddlers also represent learning new things and adapting, especially from the people around you. 

15. Dream meaning toddler girl 

While most dreams with children have a joyful interpretation, dreaming of a toddler girl in particular has an added meaning. It represents the feelings of comfort and a sense of wisdom. 

It indicates that you may have feelings of protection towards someone, or are trying to share your wisdom with someone. The age of the child in your dream matters here, because only toddlers (age 1- 4) signify the wisdom aspect of this interpretation.

16. Dreams about holding a kid 

Dreams where you see yourself holding a kid signify responsibility. Responsibility can either be forced upon the dreamer, such as having to take care of work duties that you did not sign up for. 

However, often dreamers even desire responsibility, such as wanting to take care of someone. This comes from a need to nurture someone, such as a loved one. Dreams of holding a baby reflect such deep needs within the dreamer.

17. Dreaming of an evil kid

This dream reflects a worry that you see something bad happening in your life. While this dream is not necessarily an omen, it does indicate that you have an internal fear that your life may take a negative turn. 

18. Losing a kid in your dream 

Dreams where you lose a kid, especially a baby, reflect a lack in your own life. This dream may make you feel helpless; or make you remember a loss from your own life. It’s one of the few scenarios with a child in a dream which has a negative interpretation. 

19. Dreams about being a small child 

Much like the dreams where seeing a child means wanting to take care of them or nurture a relationship, a dream where you see yourself being a child means that you want someone to take care of you. 

Children require love and nourishment; and being a child makes people give you that care. Hence these dreams allow dreamers to realise that they are perhaps needing that in their life. It can also mean that you miss being a carefree child yourself. 

20. Newborn child in dream 

This is a positive dream with a deeper meaning in our waking life. Newborn children are known to completely transform the life of the family they are born into. Thus, seeing them in dreams similarly indicates a life transformation that may be coming your way. 

Newborn children in dreams also signify vitality. That means that the transformation will not be a small one. It might change your life entirely, if you are ready to explore new ways of life. 

21. Dreams about an orphan child 

Some interpretations suggest that this dream is actually a sign of prosperity. Seeing an orphan in your dream is an indication that professional or personal prosperity is coming your way. 

22. Dreams about kids singing 

The interpretation of this dream is actually as happy as the image it portrays. It is a sign of happiness and wellbeing, whether it’s financial or personal. It also means that you may be expecting happy news or things to work out positively in your near future. 

23. Seeing a kid die in your dreams 

This dream can be interpreted as a reflection of the pain within you. Seeing a child die is a difficult image to see, even if it is in your dreams. However, if you have a lot of worry, anxiety or negative thoughts, it is possible to have such a dream. 

24. child vomiting in dream 

While this dream is not pleasing to look at, it has a comforting meaning. It suggests that you may be concerned for the health of people around you or may be conscious of their health. 

This dream can however also be interpreted as a sign that you are not taking care of others enough; this is the case when you see the child in your dream vomiting, but you don’t do anything about it.

25. Seeing a sleeping child in your dream 

Dreams where you see a kid sleeping indicate confidence. It shows a sense of self that is so secure that even the people around you may have a lot of trust in you. 

26. Dreams about arguing with a child 

This dream reflects a lack of understanding that you are facing with someone in your life. Arguing with this person may take up your time and effort but it does not lead to any productive benefits. 

You may even be thinking that the person is being unreasonable and is incapable of understanding, much like an actual child in waking life. 

27. Child helping you in your dream 

In our waking lives, it is not usual to take help from a child. It may even be an embarrassing thing for some adults if a child is in a position to help them. Hence, in dreams, it can be interpreted that the kid is trying to tell you something. 

It is on you to see what the message is; or whether it is a depiction of a life event where some lay person helped you with something that you could have done yourself. 

28. Babysitting a child in your dream 

Babysitting a child in your dream suggests that you may be taking on a lot more responsibility and taking care of others. Responsibilities and conflicts leave you with less time for yourself and such dreams can be considered a reminder to rest. 

29. Dreams about beating a child 

Dreams where you see yourself beating a child actually show your frustration in life. It is mainly a professional setback or disappointment that can make one feel so frustrated. This interpretation also indicates that you may be feeling a lot more anger than you realise. 

30. Saving a child in your dream 

This dream can be interpreted as your own desire to seem competent and moral in the eyes of the people. Children in real life do need protection, but seeing a dream where you rescue a child says more about the dreamer than the child’s need to be saved. 

Biblical Meaning of a Child in a Dream

Biblically, dreams of kids represent aspects of childhood such as growth, naivety, guidance and the desire for nurturance. The meaning also varies according to the dreamer’s life situations. 

We can see that biblically also the meaning of such dreams is essentially related to growth, immaturity, innocence and the need for guidance and care.

It is on us to understand how the dream must be interpreted. For example, if a person in our life is really in need of our help, or we see someone struggling, this dream can be interpreted as a sign for us to act accordingly and give them guidance. 

The same is true for other mentioned biblical meanings of the dream as well. It is a positive dream in this regard, as it allows us to understand our feelings, needs and behaviours, through what we see in our dreams. 

Spiritual Understanding of Dream about Kids

Spiritually, dreams of kids are a reflection of your own inner child, your creative avenues, new energy and feelings of nurturing.

We all have an inner child. As we saw in the general interpretation, the inner child is our way of letting out our playful trusting personalities. However dreams of kids show our inner child for a more symbolic reason. 

We could be having these dreams either to remember a childhood event or to have a safe way to feel certain things that our current adult self is not comfortable voicing out. 

Spiritually, children are also considered largely creative. They express themselves through games and play and often, through seemingly playful dreams, we even realise deeper feelings from our waking life. 

Dreams of children can also be interpreted as our spiritual selves embracing simpler things in life. These are either a way for our inner selves to suppress what is happening if it is traumatic and embrace a simpler way of looking at things. 

Dreams of children also point to a need of wanting to nurture or be nurtured by someone. This is true for all human beings, however, sometimes the need is more pronounced and we may not feel at peace till it is met. These dreams act as a reminder for what we need. 

Lastly, children are also considered naive and too trusting. Often, our spiritual selves need a reminder of how we can tend to be too naive or assume that everyone around us can be trusted. In reality, we all know that is not the case. 

Thus, dreams about children have a deep spiritual meaning as well. It is on us to understand what our spiritual self needs to be able to function well and move forward through life. 


Dreams about kids have a positive interpretation in most scenarios. These dreams represent growth, development and potential. They show our inner child, our effort and a side of us that desires nurturing.