Oil lamps are no longer in use, at least not in the majority of households across the planet. So, what do you think a dream of oil lamp represents? 

Contrary to general perception, the symbolism of these types of lamps goes deep. And you must definitely not overlook this dream if you care about your and your close ones’ well-being. 

What Does a Dream of Oil Lamp Signify?

A dream of oil lamp symbolizes knowledge and enlightenment, reconciliation, positive changes, a bright future, etc. On the contrary, such a dream can even hint at a disease or even death.

Before the invention of electricity, oil lamps were once used in almost every household as a source of light after nightfall. But an object as necessary as that is no better than darkness once it runs out of oil. 

Therefore, an oil lamp has several symbolisms. Sometimes it can mirror your overall health, wellness, and longevity. 

Sometimes, it can be the universe warning you of impending doom. 

Spiritual Meaning of Oil Lamp In Dreams

On a spiritual level, an oil lamp is closely related to life and living. 

So, a lamp with a burning flame has a positive meaning while an unlit lamp or one where the flame goes out portends trouble. 

Psychological Meaning of An Oil Lamp in A Dream

According to the dream, you are an optimist. You not only anticipate the future but are always ready to take advantage of each and every opportunity that passes by you. 

Additionally, the dream shows you tend to think logically at all times and are consistent with your goals. 

Oil Lamp In Dreams – Various Types & Interpretations

Find out more about the meaning of your dreams in the following sections. 

To see a burning oil lamp in a dream

It is a good sign that symbolizes a blissful period, pleasant happenings, and happiness.

Lighting an oil lamp in a dream

It portends positive changes in the offing. 

If you have been having your share of bad days, expect a ray of light to fall on you soon. For those who have been working on their goals, the scenario symbolizes success. 

It may also mean you will bring light to someone’s dark phase of life. 

Extinguishing an oil lamp in a dream

The scenario stands for transformations. Initially, you will probably look upon them adversely as they are likely to push you out of your familiar space.

But in due time, you will realize that everything that happened was for the best. 

On the other hand, if you have been neglecting your health and wellness for a long time now, you might experience some health-related complications soon. 

The scenario is also associated with a close one’s death. 

To dream of buying an oil lamp

First, ask yourself if you want to make radical changes in your life. 

If yes, the scenario is the higher realm assuring you that you have made the right choice. 

Additionally, the dream implies your decision will ultimately lead you to great success. 

Buying an oil lamp also means you will soon get information to resolve a major problem. 

Nonetheless, the interpretation also depends on whether you bought a new or used oil lamp.

An oil lamp burning with a clear flame

An oil lamp burning with a clear flame symbolizes an increase in your fortune and improvement in almost all spheres of your life.

Something catching fire from the flame of an oil lamp

In this context, the ‘something’ represents you and the oil lamp stands for people you trust and rely on.

An oil lamp is supposed to light up a place. But in this case, the flame caught on to you. And that probably means you will be humiliated by those you trust. 

Dropping an oil lamp accidentally in a dream

Here, the higher realm is warning you to be aware of evil people in your surroundings. 

Also, your dream indicates you must not be too trusting of people however close you think they are to you.  

To dream of putting out an oil lamp that illuminates your house

If the oil lamp that illuminates your house was put out, the scenario portends misfortunes befalling the family. 

Giving an oil lamp to someone

According to the dream, you lack the inspiration and motivation to resolve an issue.

Receiving an oil lamp as a gift

Someone giving you an oil lamp as a gift is a message from the subconscious to follow your heart.

Often, things work out the best when the brain and the heart go hand in hand. At other times, reason comes before emotion. 

But not this time! This time you need to let your heart win over your reason. 

An old oil lamp dream meaning

An old oil lamp means you will have to work really hard to achieve your goals. 

Believe in yourself and your abilities. Stay determined and keep going forward. They sure will pay off.

To dream of a broken oil lamp

You might hear an unpleasant piece of news about a close one if you see a broken oil lamp. 

Broken lamps can also be a sign of loneliness. Perhaps you think your near ones couldn’t care any less about you. 

Sometimes, a broken oil lamp also signifies an illness that must not be taken lightly. 

Carrying an oil lamp in a dream

The act of carrying an oil lamp from one place to another symbolizes your freedom.

Throwing an oil lamp at someone in a dream

If you throw an oil lamp at someone, there’s a great possibility that you will get into a serious conflict with someone. 

Through the dream, the subconscious warns you to hold back your words as they will likely lead to great emotional damage. 

To dream about stealing an oil lamp

Do you often draw pleasure from others’ misery? If so, the dream suggests you fix that as soon as possible. 

You might be in a better position today. But you ought to remember that what goes around usually comes back around!

A sick person dreaming of an oil lamp

In this case, the lamp is equivalent to the dreamer’s life. And the interpretation depends on what actually happened in the dream. 

If the lamp was lit brightly, the scenario implies a speedy recovery. On the contrary, if the light gets dimmed, it is a sign that his or her condition will get worse. 

In the worst case, if the flame goes out completely, the dream foreshadows his or her death.


Therefore, a dream of oil lamp can have a positive or negative meaning. While some scenarios symbolize a bright future with no trace of worry, a few may hint at forthcoming problems. 

And the dream, most probably showed up, to warn you ahead of time so you can take up necessary measures to overcome them. 

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