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Dreaming about Hands – 120+ Dream Scenarios & Their Interpretations

Dreaming about Hands – 120+ Dream Scenarios & Their Interpretations

Updated on Jan 18, 2023 | Published on Apr 29, 2022

Reviewed by Katina Tarver, MA (Mental Health and Wellness Counseling) , Life Coach

Dreaming about hands – 120+ Scenarios and Their Interpretations

Are you dreaming about hands a lot? Did the recurring dream disturb your peace of mind? Wondering what the hands represent?

In dream lore, hands imply many things depending on what exactly happened in your dream. Hand dreams carry crucial messages from the subconscious world.

Whether your dreams have negative or positive connotations… which aspect of your life it refers to… if it has any link with the faith that you follow… you’ll find all the details here.

So, don’t wait anymore and just dig in…

Dreaming about hands – 120+ Scenarios and Their Interpretations
Dreaming about hands – 120+ Scenarios and Their Interpretations

Dreaming about hands – General Interpretations

Dreams about hands may imply your plea for assistance, guidance, protection, a faithful person in your life, or bad luck in your future.

In your dreams, your hands show many implications starting from bad luck to your longing for something or someone in your waking life. There are lots of different meanings depending on the other elements in your dream.

However, before we begin with specific dream interpretation related to hands, let’s go through some general hand dreams interpretation…

1. You’re in need for assistance

Holding hands in your dream indicates the need for help from someone. You’re living a stressful life and dealing with problems alone.

You think you are capable of handling situations but understand that asking for help doesn’t mean that you’re weak.

Your well-wishers are there to help you, so there’s no shame in asking for it. Choose your pillar wisely and never rely upon someone who can take advantage of your situation.

There are so many selfless people in your life who actually want to help you. Pay attention and identify the worthy ones.

2. There’s bad luck on your way

According to Chinese dreaming interpretations, this dream symbolizes bad luck and negative energy. Dreaming of holding hands tells you that in the upcoming time, you will face a severe financial downfall.  

The downfall can come to you in different forms… you might suffer loss in business, loss in shares, etc. If you borrow large amounts of money from banks, then your debts will soon burden you.

For the coming months or years, think twice before making any financial decisions. One wrong move can ruin your life. So be mindful before making any investments.

3. You need protection

Holding hands with someone also means that you want someone who can keep you warm and safe while you walk your journey. Little things matter to you and small, little gestures can make you happy or sad.

When you are experiencing an emotional roller coaster, you want someone to be there by your side, assuring that everything will get better.

You think you are incapable and always need shoulders to rely upon. This dream hints at your urge to be protected and comforted.

You believe that your loved ones won’t ever let you down and always be there as your pillar of strength.

4. You want a trustworthy partner in your life

Psychologically, holding hands signifies your need to have a trustworthy life partner. You want someone by your side to support you and be there for you.

You will put faith and loyalty as the base of this relationship and expect the same from them.

Your current situation is the reason you crave a person so trustworthy in your life. You were always neglected or discouraged and even betrayed. Now you want to believe in someone who can actually assure loyalty.

5. You need guidance

Holding hands, spiritually, means that heaven is guiding your path in life. Your guardian angel is leading you to the right path. Think deeply if you really want to find out the depth of this dream.

If you see yourself walking unevenly on a path and trip, then you’ll walk straight after holding hands. This means you must stick to your ethics and do things that your morals tell you to, no matter how bad a situation is.

If something or someone forces you to change your directions, but you are satisfied with the situation then that means you’re making wrong decisions. Think about your choices in real life.

So, these were a few general interpretations. But wait, I have a huge list of dreams of hands waiting for you. Scroll down to your dream, and find out what it has to tell you.

Dream about Hands – 120 Types of Dream & Their Interpretation

If you remember it-bits from your dream, then no need to guess from the general interpretations. Pen down the different things you noticed to know what your dream represents better.

For instance, deformed hands bring a bad omen of failure… but scarred hands in dreams imply permanent consequences in waking life.

Ready to find out what your dream means? Let’s begin!

1. Dream of beautiful hands

This kind of dream is a positive omen. It means that you’ll have a very stable life.

Beautiful hands also symbolize the beautiful world around you. You will have financial stability, a well-apprehended love life, and a beautiful family.

Your work life will also be full of achievements and you’ll also find someone who loves you truly.

2. Dream of deformed hands

Deformed hands in dreams is a negative omen. It implies that you live an unhealthy lifestyle and it will soon impact your health. You may fall ill and face severe health-related complications.

Your hard work will be wasted. Things won’t happen in the way you have thought or planned. Bad times are lying ahead, so be cautious with every step you take.

3. Dream of having old hands

Old hands in a dream implies your work life is very stressful for you. It is leaving you tired and frustrated because you’ve taken the entire burden upon yourself. Understand that just like work, your health is important as well.

If you’re not cautious, you will suffer from various stress-related issues. You will lose your stamina and energy.

Negativity will surround you, so it’s important to take a break and give yourself some time and space to relax.

4. Dream of baby hands

Dreaming of baby hands signifies innocence, vulnerability, and good temperament.

You are generous and always think about other people’s feelings before reacting to any situation. Breaking someone’s trust or heart is not your thing.

This trait can be good and bad at the same time, because some people may use you for their own benefit. Don’t let anyone take advantage of you.

5. Dream of bloody hands

Dreams of bloody hands stand for dishonesty, bad behavior, and mischievous nature. That blood on your hands is the signal of your past bad deeds and now you feel guilty about it.

Your dream hints at changing the course of your nature. You lived a life full of negativity but now it’s time that you change into a good person. When you have a chance, take it and be a better version of yourself.

6. Dream of missing one finger in hands

In your dream…

If the index finger is missing, then it implies you mind your own business instead of poking your nose into other people’s lives.

If the thumb is missing, then that means you’ll make a fool of yourself.

If your middle finger is missing, then that’s a message to change your perspective. Stop feeding your ego and accept the beautiful things wholeheartedly.

In summary, the missing fingers signify nothing but a behavior that you must change in yourself.

7. Dream of hairy hands

Hairy hands in your dream signify your buried secret. You are always disguised and don’t let people identify you. No one out there can actually claim that they know your real identity.

The reason behind your disguise might be the insecurities that don’t let you have the courage to show your real self. You are under-confident and fail to trust people and their actions.

8. Dream of having a scar on your hand

A scar on your hand dream meaning revolves around doing something big… which will leave great impact on you. You won’t be able to erase that impact.

Any action or decision you make will have some permanent consequences. Doing things in a hurry can lead you to dangers.

That scar can also refer to betrayal by someone close. You can never expect disloyalty from that person, but when they stab you in the back, it leaves you with an unforgettable impact.

9. Dream of smaller hands

Smaller hands in dreams indicate your narrow-mindedness and your belief system. You are an orthodox and support patriarchy. Your thoughts and beliefs about certain fields are narrow.

It’s not your fault for what you believe. Your fault is that you don’t try to change it and continue to do so.

Question your thoughts and ask yourself whether your actions are justified or not. Try to adapt a new perspective and broaden your mindset.

10. Dream of admiring your hands

For women, this dream often signifies the admiration they get from the men surrounding them. You are beautiful and attractive. Anyone can fall for you if they see you for the first time.

You are always the center of attraction in the crowd. Men out there dream to become your life partner.

This dream is also a signal that you’ll fall for someone possessive and jealous. Be aware when you choose a partner.

11. Dreaming of tied hands

Dreams about tied hands indicate that someone holds you back from the path of success. You try to move ahead but at every step, something stops you.

This is a very serious concern and you must identify what’s actually hampering your growth. This dream hints at the imbalance of emotions, fear of commitments, and self-doubt.  

12. Dream of an amputated hand

An amputated hand in your dream hints at the upcoming storm in your relationship. You may not agree with your partner and that will lead to arguments and fights. This miscommunication can actually ruin your relationship.

Your partner’s ideas and thoughts are completely opposite to yours. You want to tell them their faults but they are not ready to accept it.

13. Dreaming of dirty hands

The dirty hands in your dream signify your hard work and efforts. You are honest and dedicated to your work and aren’t afraid to do the real struggle.  

This dream also hints at the sacrifices that you’ll make to achieve success in life. You’ll fulfill all of your desires but it will take a lot of time.

Your dirty hands determine that you are honest, you know the difference between right and wrong, and are willing to practice what’s right.

14. Dream of waving hands

Waving hands in your dreams indicates separation from a loved one. This will be a temporary separation and as time passes you will again reunite.

But the mere thought of being unable to see that person or feel their presence… makes you anxious. This dream can also mean you desperately want love and approval.

If you want accuracy in the interpretation, remember your thoughts and feelings while waving your hands.

15. Dreaming about fist

Dreaming about clenched fists denotes your anger and irritation towards a person.

This person offended you to the core. But the truth is it’s just a miscommunication that has happened and it can be resolved only if you wish to.

The person you are angry with has got nothing against you in mind. It’s only you who has hold onto the negative feelings.

If the fist is in front of your face, that someone is planning to stab you on your back. Don’t let anyone do that. Think twice before making any decision.

16. Dream about handshake

Dreaming about a handshake means that you’ll soon receive appreciation and acknowledgment. The person shaking your hands in the dream will do it.

Shaking hands with a famous person means you’ll get recognition from a well-known person.

Shaking hands with a common person means that you’ll make a good move and a long-prevailing issue in your life will end.

17. Dream about wearing handcuffs

Dreaming about wearing handcuffs means something is holding you back. You are not moving ahead in life.

The reason can be that you are scared to fail. Or, someone is intentionally obstructing your way towards achieving success.

Sit down and figure out who is the person that wants you to fail. If the reason is you then take measures to gain confidence.

But if the reason is someone else then try to cut all ties from that person. Change the situation or else change the cause.

18. Dream about rough hands

Dreaming about rough hands signifies good fortune. If your hands are hairy and rough then that means you do not respect other people’s feelings.

Remember, your behavior is not limited to others, it also affects you. Be easy on your life and love yourself. Live a life where you and the people around you are happy.

19. Dreaming about holding hands

Dreaming about holding hands indicates a romantic relationship. You have the feeling of being protected, loved, and cared for by the person. This dream can also refer to a friend who stands by you even in your worst times.

There’s someone in your life you don’t wanna lose ever. You also want help from someone with whom you can communicate and ask for help.

20. Dream of washing your hands

When you dream of washing your hands, it indicates that you feel guilty for your actions in waking life and instantly regret it.

You probably engaged yourself in a dishonest activity and then regretted it. But you also wish to sort everything out before it’s too late.

21. Dream about elderly hands

When some hardships and difficulties are knocking at your door, that’s when you see elderly hands in your dream. They can be a great learning lesson for your life.  

Speak out your heart, make your own decisions, and express your emotions. Achieve your goal and try to celebrate the success of achieving it with your loved ones.

22. Dream of hands tied with rope

When you dream of your hands tied with a rope, you might have no control over your life or your life decisions.

You may have to face many hardships in life… or trying to achieve your goal might not be as easy as it seems.

The situations that are lying ahead might be full of complications. They might be overwhelming and difficult to handle.

23. Dream of detached hands

There might be a lot of things that once used to bring you extreme joy… like business ideas, hobbies, your daily routine, or daily chores now don’t seem so exciting to you.

Dreaming of detached hands also indicates that you need to take full control of your life and for that, you need to come out of the toxic bond that you shared.

24. Dream about itchy hands

Dreams of an itchy left hand denote good luck and wealth. It means that money will soon start pouring into your life.

If your right hand itches in your dreams, that means you will soon lose whatever money you had and it’s not good news. At times, it is really difficult to figure out which hand was itching in your dream.

25. Dream about hands on fire

Dreaming about hands on fire is not good. You get this dream when your life doesn’t run smoothly or you made a poor choice about your work. A small mistake can lead to a huge loss.

Instead of paying attention and focusing well, you are very careless about your work. This dream warns you to be careful and responsible.

26. Dream of seeing your hands

If you see your own hands in your dream, then you must learn to be grateful. Remember that your hands affect your life, be it in a good or bad way.

You act with the help of your hands. Hands help you to be a better human being, so always be grateful.

27. Dream of seeing someone else’s hand

This dream indicates receiving or giving away. It may also relate to intimacy. It is a sign that communicates you to open yourself in front of other people.

You may want people to love you or hate you. Decide and think as to how you wish to interact with people.

28. Dream of large hands

Large hands in your dream depict that good things are on your way. You can receive good news very soon. You may have set some goals and your hard work will finally be paid off.

If you can meet your ends, then your financial position may also get better and you might be filled with money and success.

29. Dream about holding someone else’s hands

Dreaming about holding someone else’s hands signifies unity. You might have a desire to always stand near your loved ones, your friends, or your family.

You might fear losing that person so you try to protect them from everything possible to ensure that they aren’t harmed.

30. Dream of shaking someone’s hand

You get the dream of shaking someone’s hand when you make a deal with someone.

It implies you are a generous and helpful person when you choose to make a deal with someone who is weaker than you, maybe financially or in a position.

Your humble and caring nature can be seen through this action.

31. Dream of strong hands

You get the dream of strong hands when you can make good decisions in life. It is a sign of competence. It is also a hint that you can work without any trouble or disturbance.

You present yourself well with a good attitude and dignity in front of other people.

32. Dream of defective hands

Losing your finger or your hand in a dream signifies that you will soon be filled with wealth and good news.

When you see many fingers or hands, then you will get some good news about someone getting hitched within your family. Defective hands in a dream are a good and positive sign.

33. Dream of broken hand

Our real-life actions reflect back to us in the form of our dreams. Seeing hands is one of them. When you dream of a broken hand, it indicates that you can’t act in any conversation.

Broken hands in a dream usually signify an attack on your ego. Hence, you must lower down your guards and be welcoming of the change – it will minimize the damage.  

34. Dream of left hand

Dreaming of the left hand is a sign of your feminine aspect. Other than this, it may also signify your receptive qualities.

It also hints at your graciousness and your good nature. You’re always ready to help others when they are in need and never bring your ego in between.

35. Dream of right hand

If you see a right hand in your dream, it refers to the active and masculine attributes. It can also mean that you are right in certain situations and yet people don’t believe you.  

Be active and ready to face any situation. The masculine power in you helps you fight and win over any tough challenge that may come on your way.

36. Dream of clasped hands

You might have dreamt of clasped hands or both hands closed in a fist. This kind of dream means togetherness, wholeness, acceptance, or harmony. You either have an abundance of these or long for them.

37. Dream of losing your hands because someone cut off

When you dream of losing your hands because someone has cut them off, it signifies the loss of touch. This dream says that you might now be unable to approach others.

If you see the left hand being cut off in the dream, it symbolizes the loss of the feminine side. Similarly, the right hand being cut off portrays the loss of the masculine side.

38. Dream of bee or wasp stinging hands

When you dream of bee or wasp stinging hands, it symbolizes that you are working with people who are hard to please. You’re possibly frustrated with your professional life which led to this dream.

39. Dream of missing hand

When you dream of missing hands that never existed, it recommends that you have lost the power and the capability to do anything.

40. Dream of stabbed or cut hand

A dream of your hands being hurt or injured is indicative of the fact that your efforts to do a project have not been very good. Try harder or seek a mentor’s opinion.

41. Dream of giving a helping hand

When you dream of someone else who is giving you a helping hand, it means that you require help.

In this case, do not hesitate to reach out to anyone for help. Whenever required, depend on others and reach the peak of your life.

42. Dream of washing/cleaning someone from your hands

When you dream of washing or cleaning something, pay attention to what object you are cleaning.

If you are washing clothes or laundry, it means that you are regenerating your outer image. When you see cleaning windows with your hands, it says that you want to have a clearer perspective of life.

43. Dream of holding broken glass in your hand

When you dream of holding a broken glass, it says that your relationship with a particular person breaks apart. That person themselves will initiate the breakup.

So, if you see this kind of dream, let that relationship go.

44. Dream of wielding weapons by hand

When you dream of using equipment like guns and bombs, be careful since violence may take place in your waking life. Attempt to gain control of your anger to not make things worse.

45. Dream of hands and birds

Your dream of birds in your hands or birds trying to land says you are looking for freedom. If you saw you captured a bird and kept it… it denotes that you snatched away someone else’s freedom.

If you require more hints, pay attention to the type of bird in your dreams.

46. Dream of leading someone by the hand

Dreaming of leading someone by the hand indicates that you must handle a situation that will appear in the future. It might be a work project that you will have to lead.

Or, it might also imply you must help someone who will face a difficult life situation. Observe carefully which person you led in your dream.

47. Hands injured in your dream

If you dream of injured hands, it indicates the hardships in your personal life relationships. You may have to tolerate several conflicts in the coming time.

For example, if your dream displays an animal bite on your hand, it symbolizes that you will dismiss your intuition and it will lead to something grave.

48. Poop in hands dream meaning

When you dream of poop on your hands, it means that you are hanging on to something dirty. It symbolically tells you to tidy up your act as you have made your hands dirty for other people.

You can analyze this dream with other details like your emotions, location, and the people around you during the dream.

49. Dream about dog biting hand

A dream of a dog biting your hand refers to the parts that you cannot control or that might turn against you.

If a woman sees this dream, it associates her with her bitterness. This dog bite might result in a threat to the dreamer’s close ones.

50. Worms coming out in hands dream

When you dream of worms coming out in your hands, it signifies negative aspects like sickness, disgust, weak behaviors, or carelessness.

This dream might also symbolize death and rebirth. It is a sign of some regeneration that is happening in your life.

51. Rats or Mice Biting your hands in a dream

A dream of rats or mice biting your hands is a warning message.

Rats and mice indicate bad omen. Mice indicate your thoughts and habits that require to be solved, thus telling you to protect yourself. Rats hint toward unsafe people, places, or circumstances that will come up.

52. Dream of hands palms

When you dream of the palm of your hand, it refers to power, healing, and safety. The palm-shaped Hamsa symbol safeguards you from evil.

The Hamsa symbol has an eye in the middle which brings virtue, abundance, richness, luck, and good health.

53. Dreams about hands grabbing you

Dreaming about hands grabbing you refers to something being done against your wish. Symbolically, these hands refer to the people or unconscious manners that pull you back from developing yourself.

Thoughts of being grabbed in your sleep may also be due to sleep paralysis.

54. Blood on hands dream

When you dream of someone’s blood on your hands, it symbolizes someone who is to be blamed for harming others.

This dream often relates to the dark side that is unknown and has not been identified. You should also try to identify the person whose blood is on your hand.

55. Dream of unattractive hands

The sight of unattractive hands in your dreams, be it yours or of someone else’s, symbolizes damage, or some evil coming to create destruction in your life.

Deformed hands refer to some troublesome or upsetting event that might appear in the future. This unpredicted event or set of events may bring hardships or problems in your everyday life.

56. Dream of burning hands

Dreaming of burnt hands is a bad omen. If you see hands covered with blisters or burnt flesh, it symbolizes the loss of something while pursuing other ventures in real life.

This venture looks beneficial but might turn out to be useless. This will lead to not just the failure of the venture, but also to another loss that is of prime importance to you.

57. Dream of someone kissing a hand

If a woman dreams of having her hand kissed, it is a warning message for her to be more careful in her love life.

If someone is lifting up her hand to their lips to kiss it, then that is a very kind and affectionate act. But, it is a public display of affection too so be careful who touches you in public.

58. Dream of carrying fire in your hands

When you dream of carrying fire in your hands, it brings out a very positive sign. If you are capable enough to hold flames without getting injured or burnt… It reveals that you can perform a difficult task without any loss.

This kind of dream symbolizes the quick achievement of tasks, which results in high esteem and extraordinary success.

59. Dream of holding hands with a loved one

The dream of holding hands with your lover, spouse, or special someone foresees approaching trying times.

You might be put in a difficult situation or a test, together with your partner or separately, regarding your love for each other.

The results of this test can give you a real picture of your love, or symbolize future happiness.

60. Dream of holding hands with enemy

When you dream of holding hands with an enemy, rival, past friend, or ex-lover, it indicates a special event or series of events… which might restore friendly terms between the two parties.

A situation that will finally lead to forgiveness and inner peace. Both parties will be able to get rid of regret or any other negative feeling that they have been holding for a long time.  

61. Dream of holding stranger’s hand

Dreams of holding a stranger’s hand often relate to volunteer activities. It might symbolize that you will soon join a charitable or volunteering service.

In this dream, seeing the hands of a stranger is also indicative of receiving help during tough times, be it physical, emotional, or financial. 

62. Dream of holding hands with a fictional character

When you dream of holding hands with a fictional character, it usually symbolizes meeting a character of a person in real life.  

This person might be one having a great job, creativity, artistic skills, or a distinctive personality.

Your part here will probably be to mentor or coach, and your participation will be the key factor in advancing this relationship and making it long-lasting.

63. Dream of adversaries holding hands

Dreaming of rivals or enemies holding hands symbolizes an upcoming major dispute, especially between the two parties presented.

This turbulent event is a conflict between two of your opponents and does not involve you directly, but it might bring problems or more negative effects in your everyday life.

64. Dream of hands pressed together

When you dream of hands held or pressed together, it symbolizes conflicts that are not so deep or life-changing.

When you see your hands clasped tightly in a dream, it indicates that you have got into a conflict with someone who is jealous of you.

This jealousy might arise from your recent accomplishments or your desire for some material or social gain.

65. Dream of examining your hands

A dream of examining your hands says that you are busy solving problems or doing some tiresome work.

Examining tiny details of the palm says that you are busy problem-solving or working for ambitions that are necessary for you or your family.

This dream can also symbolize future health problems caused by outside forces.

66. Dream of you kissing someone’s hands

When you dream of kissing someone’s hands who you know, it indicates awkwardness or dishonor.

This dream might be a symbol of disrespect as you lower yourself or your status when you kiss somebody’s hand who has a higher position in the society,

67. Dream of swollen hands

Your dream of enlarged or swollen hands indicates unpredicted events that will result in something positive.

Swollen hands in a dream refer to having no control over a specific event or series of events, but will anyway be beneficial financially.

This gain might include receiving money, monetary favors, or a good return on investment.

68. Dream of being taken care of by someone’s hands

When you dream of someone’s hands taking care of you, it is indicative of you getting help during a terrible situation.

This may include getting financial aid during need, being cared for during a serious illness, or emotional assistance, such as someone being with you when your loved one has passed away.

The person who is caring for you will probably be someone whose help or support you longed for.

69. Dream of hands pressed together for prayer

Dreaming of hands pressed together in prayer, either yours or someone else’s hands, is symbolic of being into issues that are difficult to solve.

This kind of prayer might be a symbol of gratitude for receiving some help. The help or aid received in this type of dream was not from a person but from a supernormal power or an outer force.

70. Dream of a hand grabbing at something

When you dream of hands that are grabbing at or reaching for something, it refers to illogical fear. It is indicative of being scared of improbable or unimaginable things, such as death or massive injury.

When you dream of something that is far from your reach, it might refer to the loss of precious elements, whether living or nonliving. 

71. Dream of white and big hands

Dreaming of white, big hands carries different meanings for different people. For wealthy people, it symbolizes building a social network or a happy emotional relationship.

For poor or struggling people, it generally indicates a reduction in their living standard, perhaps symbolizing financial loss, loss of work, or loss of life safety.

72. Dream of washing hands in cold water

When you dream of washing hands in cold water, specifically your own hands, it is a good omen. It might foretell positive incidents and events in your future, particularly related to your close ones.

This perception may predict a large family gathering. You’ll meet people you haven’t met for a long time, or attend a party with a group of friends.

73. Dream of hands with warts

When you dream of hands with warts, specifically your own, it indicates an ill omen. Warts covering your hands might symbolize relationship issues with friends, family, or your lover.

It can also symbolize distractions in your life which will result in hardships on your way to achieving goals.

74. Dream of shaking hands with celebrity

Recurring dreams of shaking hands with a celebrity or a famous person is a positive indication of you becoming a socially prominent person in the future.

This kind of dream might result in the addition of some great personalities to your group of friends and connections. It might include people who will be of great support and aid to you in the future.

75. Dream of reaching up to shake a hand

When you dream of reaching up to shake someone else’s hand, it might be an implication of an approaching competition.

This dream symbolizes that your future activities might be exposed to challenges from someone who is against you or from someone who you work or live with.

But, if the hand that you shook was gloved, it generally says that you will navigate the challenge by defeating everyone else.  

76. Dream of shaking hands with someone shorter

Seeing a dream of shaking hands with someone shorter means that you are liked in your group. When people like your personality in real life and respect you, it shows your affection and cares towards them.

Due to these instances, people recognize you as a loyal and affectionate person who is ready to help others when in need.

77. Dream of getting a manicure for your hands

A dream of getting a manicure for your hands is a good sign of showing satisfaction. This kind of dream is usually good for women.

This dream signifies that you can satisfy all your personal needs without any help from anyone. It’s indicative of your intelligence in handling things in a proper and better way than the others.

78. Dream of giving someone’s hands a manicure

When you dream of giving someone a manicure, especially with broken, dirty, or worn nails, it’s a sign that you’ll reach your long-term goal after lots of struggle.

To fulfill some of your desires, you may have to break the trust of someone close. This may lead to distrust and some unfixable conflicts.

79. Dreaming of cutting your hand off

When you see a dream of cutting your own hands off or maybe someone else’s hands, it hints at a loss that you might face shortly.

It might be an indication of someone close stabbing you or maybe someone passing away suddenly.

If your hands are in pain after getting cut off in a dream, it is a clear sign of someone close to you or maybe not so close passing away.

80. Dream of licking someone’s hand

In the present or the future, if someone controls or influences you, then this dream is here to give you a warning.

When you lick your palm in your dream, it clearly indicates that someone has full power over you and he/she may leverage it for their own benefit.  

It may have a negative impact on you. So, be careful and try to come out of all this before it’s too late.

81. Dream of children’s hands

This dream is a perfectly happy sign with some positive information about your present or maybe the coming future.

You might get some good news soon or maybe blessings in the future. Overall, this dream will bring joy to you.

It might make you financially strong, improve your health, wish for your well-being, and hope for good news to come your way.

82. Dream of hands colored with henna

This dream may be a sign of death or some negative and bad news coming your way. Seeing your hands covered in henna or tattoos is never a good sign.

This dream involves you in a murder plot or some killing from which you need to keep yourself safe.

Before going to some important meeting or project, you might be nervous, and anxious, but you must take this dream as a warning and keep yourself safe.

83. Dream of gloves with spikes on your hands

This dream of seeing spiked gloves on your hands is a positive sign. It indicates that you are improving, especially in your working industry.

Based on your skills and performance at your workplace, you might also get a promotion.

This dream might also hint at your personal life where you’ll go well with your personal relationships and learn a lot from them.

84. Dream of trying to wash hands without soap

Trying to wash your hands without soap in your dream signifies the goal that you have aimed at but you don’t have the guidance or support of anyone around.

An assistant helps you reduce your workload just like the soap helps you reduce or get rid of the dirt from your hands.

Since this dream doesn’t have any soap, it means you won’t get any help. So, work carefully while also taking care of your health.

85. Dream of someone pouring water on your hands

There might be goals that keep you preoccupied so that’s when you dream of someone pouring water on your hands.

You won’t want to share some dreams with others but this kind of dream indicates that you might face a rift in some relationships. So, be extremely careful to ensure that your secret does not get leaked.

86. Dream of being right hand to someone

If you are in the hands of a very powerful person, you might feel dejected or disappointed shortly.

You might have certain dreams or goals that might not be fulfilled, but rest assured that this dream does not have any possibility of negativity happening in the future.

You might be a part of some debate in your favor. This can also be a sign of dream fulfillment.

87. Dream of no one lending a hand

Dream of no one lending a hand is not a good omen. When you don’t get any help from anyone during a difficult time, it results in disappointing situations and you get this dream.

Sometimes, you might face conflicts with someone near to you, but it’s impossible to judge whether these aspects will lead to worse or better situations.

88. Dream of imprints of dirty hands

You see dreams of imprints of dirty hands when you are about to face difficulties. You might soon be the primary victim of a terrible situation.

Your life may be very peaceful and joyful, but this dream predicts chaos shortly which may disrupt your peace.

89. Dream of hands falling off

If you’ve been trying to avoid your family and friends, it’s common for you to have this dream.

When you try to interact with people that your family and friends dislike, your relationship with them tends to get spoiled.

They may not invite you to any celebration, so decide who you want: your family and close friends, or your new friends.

90. Dream of holding hands with dead person

This dream is an ill omen that may bring misfortune and suffering into your life. Your enemies are on the lookout for an opportunity to take advantage of you and bring negative energy in your life.  

This dream is a sign that warns you to be safe from the forthcoming disaster.

91. Dream of hands cut off because of lying

This dream signifies that you have a deceitful person in your life, who can be either from your family or someone close to you.

The person makes you disloyal in the eyes of everyone around. This dream can also signify a rift between you and your father due to some misunderstanding, so try to sort things out before it’s too late.

92. Dream of hands holding tablet stones

Dreams which feature a religious symbol question the dreamer of his or her faith in God and religion. There might be instances which may raise questions in your mind about religion.

You probably violated certain rules and religious beliefs. But don’t lose faith, as God is always with the right.

93. Dream of using makeup on hands

This kind of dream signifies something about your relationship. Seeing an ugly hand means negativity and toxicity in a relationship which might have an impact on you.

There might be many insecurities in your life due to which you have become egoistic and overconfident. This might hurt your loved ones, so control your inner negativity.

94. Dream of hands emerging from the ground

When you are not giving time to your loved ones, you get dreams of hands emerging from the ground.

You only focus on yourself and your requirements but you are not giving any value to those who love and care for you.

You may face serious debt due to your behavior. When you see Earth or Soil in your dream, that means you might face a shortage of money, so use your money wisely.

95. Dream of insects climbing up the hand

When money or something that is valuable comes suddenly into your life, that’s when you see this dream. You may have to work hard to earn this money.

Make sure you don’t cut slack in hard work. The tasks may be tedious but working carefully will only bring in money.

96. Dream of clapping your hands

Clapping your hands in a dream is a sign of an attention seeker. You feel that you are being left out so you forcefully try to enter the scene to make your presence felt.

You can’t accept the fact of being ignored and not being in the spotlight so you try to regain the spotlight.

97. Dream of dry hands

Dreaming of dry hands symbolizes that you met the ideal person in life. It also shows that you want a simple living. You are a responsible person who is ready to do anything.

Your life has come to standstill because of these responsibilities. You want to move on quickly without performing the previous commitments.

This dream also signifies a lack of concentration, negative thoughts, laziness, and even a lack of ambition that stops you from growing.

98. Dream of interlocking hands

Dream of interlocking hands signifies a contract, a partnership, marriage, a meeting, a business coming to a standstill, one neglecting his duty, having problems in the family, or coming close to someone who is an evil person and waiting for you to collapse.

This dream alerts you to be careful with every step so that you can make the right decision.

99. Dream about hole in hand

There might be a lot going on within you, but you must deal with the various emotions and feelings wisely. You may have been duped or tricked by someone.

This dream says that you may need a mentor and it will be someone close to you. This dream also signifies leisure or maybe a particular situation where you want to go back again.

100. Dream about many hands

There may be a person in your life with whom you need to reconnect. This is the person who makes you feel very special.

You might also receive some important news or experience an emotional breakdown in your life. Someone is trying to give you advice, so pay heed to that.

101. Dream of a handy person

Meeting a handy person is considered to be a positive sign especially when they are ready to help you in any of your tasks. It hints at you meeting someone soon who will help you with your chores.

This might be emotional, physical, or financial support. It may also symbolize a situation that may perhaps be very tricky and you need to overcome that quickly and easily.

102. Dream about wet hands

You might feel ambiguous or restrained due to some of your past actions. It might make you feel emotionally weak at times, but you must know your inner strength and fight all odds.

Some big personalities might influence you. But when it comes to you, you may not be satisfied walking on the same path.

This dream says that you long for someone to accept you. You indulge yourself in your current relationship without focusing more on yourself.

You might be broken but you need to rebuild your energy and stride ahead. This dream also points to prosperity, abundance, longevity, humility, and gratitude.

103. Dream about new hands

This dream symbolizes perseverance and hard work. You may require the support of people who are around you so that you can achieve your goal.

You might also experience a new phase of your life but to welcome that, your life needs to be disciplined, organized, and structured.

This kind of dream also signifies grief, hopelessness, non-forgiveness, and self-pity.

104. Dream about hot hands

You need enlightenment and spiritual nourishment. This kind of dream reflects warmth, innocence, and new beginnings.

This dream suggests that you must meet your old friends. You might also experience various social and personal changes.

You are not ready to accept anyone’s viewpoint but it’s time you must change that. Learn to adapt yourself to various situations.

105. Dream about long hands

Long hands signify new interests and challenges in your life. You have certain goals in life or you want to feel safe in a relationship or situation. You wish to lead a carefree life as you had during your childhood.

There might be something negative that always holds you back for a long time. It may also be a symbol of opportunity, faith, and loss. Be courageous and stand up for yourself. 

106. Dream about oily hands

Oily hands dream symbolizes fertility or growth in waking life.

Seize every opportunity that comes your way. You may not be ready to confront certain situations but keep yourself strong. It also shows that you are scared of something that is pulling you back.

This dream is also a sign of worry and distress. You may have repressed certain feelings in your heart which is now making your living difficult.

107. Dream about open hands

When you dream about open hands, it symbolizes newfound joy and advancements in various parts of your life. Make your relationships stronger with others.

This dream also refers to companionship, sisterhood, and good behavior.

Dreaming about open hands is an indication towards your efforts to accomplish joy. This dream talks about warm and surrendering qualities.

108. Dream about cold hands

When you dream about cold hands, it hints at past incidents and the learnings that you derive from it.

This dream also implies that you may go on an important journey in your life that will help your personal development.

Dreaming about cold hands is symbolic of a bright perspective in life.

109. Dream about blue hands

When you dream about blue hands, it refers to a healthy balance. This dream also refers to some emotional problems that you need to work on.

Dreaming about blue hands is a sign of the burdens that you carry in life. To help get relieved, you need to be quick at making decisions.

Further, this dream is also symbolic of affection, safety, intelligence, and protection.

110. Dream about soft hands

When you dream about soft hands, it symbolizes pleasure, flow, or ease. It means that you live in the past and hold on to memories.

This kind of dream indicates your requirement for attention and observation. Maybe you are just faking an outward appearance.

Dreaming about soft hands refers to peace. You may be seeking some adventures in life, especially emotionally.

111. Dream about dark hands

When you dream about dark hands, it is indicative of the end of something. You are searching for transparency in a situation. This indicates that you are powerless.

This dream also says that you are a follower. It says that you repressed a part of your feelings and are now controlled by them.

112. Dream about hands poem

When you dream about a hand poem, it is indicative of your ambitions and purpose. It says that you are hiding or covering something up and is also symbolic of limitations.

Further, it also states that you require more energy. This dream talks about long life and abundance.

113. Dream about green hands

When you dream about green hands, it speaks about your uncommon way of thinking.

This dream refers to powerful, physical energy and communicates that you will overcome your current troubling situations.

Dreaming about green hands refers to wealth, strength, and lavishness. This dream states about creativity, research, and new experiences.

114. Dream about heavy hands

When you dream about heavy hands, it speaks about your gratitude for everything you have and can avail. This dream implies the new responsibilities in your life and the unpredictability it may bring.

115. Dream about clean hands

When you dream about clean hands, it refers to your skills and determination. You have a great balance between your personal, social, and professional lives.

This kind of dream speaks about intelligence or spiritual strength. It can also be indicative of feelings that make you sink and weigh you down like guilt.

This dream is a signal for a subdued or forbidden part of yourself.

116. Dream about muddy hands

When you dream about muddy hands, it refers to good fortune, development, and new life. Show off your creative aspect and it’s sure to bring lots of success.

The dream also indicates delight and happiness. You are being highly respected by the people around you.

Dreaming about muddy hands symbolizes a decision that you are required to take. Sometimes, this dream also refers to pride and conviction.

117. Dream about closed hands

When you dream about closed hands, it refers to a positive transformation. You will gain a new viewpoint on things. This kind of dream is an indication of a sense of responsibility.

You are tension-free and are concentrating on a life of ease. Dreaming about closed hands refers to the end of something. This dream is proof of your emotional character and close relations.

118. Dream about laying hands

Dreaming of laying hands is all about beauty, grace, confidence, and power. You have or will have everything you’ve ever dreamt of as you’re on the correct path.

Detach yourself from physical and emotional burdens and you’ll soon be successful.

Alternatively, you might also try to blend with the crowd of commoners. You want to go back in time when you didn’t have power. Take another look and think again before you wish otherwise.

119. Dream about ink on hands

Your dreams about ink on hands suggest you have great ideals and aspirations. You won’t need others’ help to succeed in your life. A situation or incident will make you feel defensive and distract you.

It may also imply cooperation in your waking life. You’ll overcome tough situations easily. It indicates humility, spirituality, and enlightenment. You feel connected with your close ones.

120. Dream about sticky hands

Dream of sticky hands asks you to put different parts of your life together. You’re letting off the opportunities, however, you’re capable of achieving many things.

You might have this dream on significant days when you first met, dated, or broke up.

It might also refer to your frivolous ideas. Or, it might be a sign of healing spiritually and starting afresh with awareness. You might get such dreams before making any important decision.

Spiritual meaning of dreaming about hands

Spiritually, hand dreams denote your blessings and affections for another. Clean hands either imply your dedication to God or that God wants you to purify yourself. It might indicate a major transformation in your life.

Hands are generally used to bless someone. Dream of hands spiritually signifies your desire to show such affection and care towards your loved one.

Clean hands are a sign of divine transformation. Get rid of bad habits and negativity. It might also signify health and guilt. Clean hands in your dream can also imply that you are honest, and devoted to God.

If you see yourself sitting on someone’s right hand it is indicative of authority. Since hands perform every task of your life, dreaming of hands can signify a major transformation in your life.

Be grateful for what you have, praise the grace of the Almighty.

Biblical meaning of dream about hands

Biblically, holding hand dreams suggest prayers, passion, powerful connection, deep beliefs, feelings for others, happy relationships, compatibility, and being responsible for one another.

In the Bible, the dream of hands can represent the act of praying.

When you hold hands together, it is indicative of the passion and powerful connection between two people. Hands indicate safety, authority, and justice. Sometimes, they also prove to be a mode of communication.

When people hold hands strongly, it symbolizes belief and agreement. Who you’re dreaming of holding hands with helps decipher the feelings you attach to that particular person.

For example, dreaming of holding hands with your lover states that your union is full of concern for each other.

This may also symbolize a happy relationship. Holding hands with your partner also speaks more about compatibility. It shows that your relationship will last longer.

When the man’s hand grabs the woman’s hand, it spiritually says that the man is performing his duties and responsibilities.

If you are in a serious relationship and are repeatedly getting dreams of holding hands, it shows your love for your partner.

Questions to ask yourself to interpret hand dreams correctly

If you want to interpret the dreams of hands, then you must ask yourself these questions. If you have a habit of forgetting dreams, then these questions can come in really handy to help interpret your dream correctly.  

1. Whose hands was it? Yours or someone else’s?

2. Was there one hand or both hands?

3. What were the hands doing? Praying, grabbing, holding, or something else?

4. How did the hands look? Did you notice some special color or appearance? For example, heavy hands, cold hands… etc.

5. What did you feel in the dream?

Take a note of your answers and based on these specifications, begin searching for the interpretation. But be careful while answering as it may change the whole meaning of your dream.

A word from ThePleasantDream

Your dreams either foretell a future or project your current feelings in your waking life. If you find negative interpretations of your dream, calm your nerves first.

Human beings usually can’t take negative news and act which makes things worse. Don’t make any more mistakes impulsively because this is a crucial moment.

You can still battle the interpretation from coming true.

However, if your dreams have positive foretelling… don’t rejoice just yet, focus on your goals, achieve them and only then celebrate.

Moreover, your dreams might also have a personal connection with you. If you find a connection and there’s a message hidden in it, try to act on it.

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