Dreams about hands may imply your plea for assistance, guidance, protection, a faithful person in your life, or bad luck in your future.

Dreaming about hands – Various Scenarios and Their Interpretations
Dreaming about hands – Various Scenarios and Their Interpretations

Dreaming about Hands – General Interpretations

In your dreams, your hands show many implications starting from bad luck to your longing for something or someone in your waking life. There are lots of different meanings of your dream like…

1. You’re in need for assistance

2. There’s bad luck on your way

3. You need protection

4. You want a trustworthy partner in your life

5. You need guidance

Dream of Left hand

This dream is a sign of your feminine aspect. Other than this, it may also signify your receptive qualities.

It also hints at your graciousness and your good nature. You’re always ready to help others when they are in need and never bring your ego in between.

Dream of Right hand

If you see a right hand in your dream, it refers to the active and masculine attributes. It can also mean that you are right in certain situations and yet people don’t believe you.  

Types & Interpretations of Dreams about Hands 

If you remember it-bits from your dream, then no need to guess from the general interpretations. Pen down the different things you noticed to know what your dream represents better.

Beautiful hands

It means that you’ll have a very stable life. Beautiful hands also symbolize the beautiful world around you. You will have financial stability, a well-apprehended love life, and a beautiful family.

Your work life will also be full of achievements and you’ll also find someone who loves you truly.

Dream of Deformed hands

Deformed hands in dreams is a negative omen. It implies that you live an unhealthy lifestyle and it will soon impact your health.

You may fall ill and face severe health-related complications.

Baby hands

Dreaming of baby hands signifies innocence, vulnerability, and good temperament.

You are generous and always think about other people’s feelings before reacting to any situation. Breaking someone’s trust or heart is not your thing.

Bloody hands dream meaning

This dream stands for dishonesty, bad behavior, and mischievous nature. That blood on your hands is the signal of your past bad deeds and now you feel guilty about it.

Hairy hands

This signify your buried secret. You are always disguised and don’t let people identify you. No one out there can actually claim that they know your real identity.

Smaller hands

This dream indicate your narrow-mindedness and your belief system. You are an orthodox and support patriarchy. Your thoughts and beliefs about certain fields are narrow.

Tied hands

It indicates that someone holds you back from the path of success. You try to move ahead but at every step, something stops you.

Dreaming about amputated hand

An amputated hand in your dream hints at the upcoming storm in your relationship.

You may not agree with your partner and that will lead to arguments and fights. This miscommunication can actually ruin your relationship.

Waving hands

This dream indicates separation from a loved one. This will be a temporary separation and as time passes you will again reunite.

Holding hands

Dreaming about holding hands indicates a romantic relationship. You have the feeling of being protected, loved, and cared for by the person.

This dream can also refer to a friend who stands by you even in your worst times.

Washing your hands

When you dream of washing your hands, it indicates that you feel guilty for your actions in waking life and instantly regret it.

Detached hands

There might be a lot of things that once used to bring you extreme joy… like business ideas, hobbies, your daily routine, or daily chores now don’t seem so exciting to you.

Dreaming of detached hands also indicates that you need to take full control of your life and for that, you need to come out of the toxic bond that you shared.

Itchy hands

Dreams of an itchy left hand denote good luck and wealth. It means that money will soon start pouring into your life.

Dream of seeing someone else’s hand

This dream indicates receiving or giving away. It may also relate to intimacy. It is a sign that communicates you to open yourself in front of other people.

Clasped hands

You might have dreamt of clasped hands or both hands closed in a fist. This kind of dream means togetherness, wholeness, acceptance, or harmony. You either have an abundance of these or long for them.

Missing hand

When you dream of missing hands that never existed, it recommends that you have lost the power and the capability to do anything.

Types of Different Kinds of Hands in Dreams

Wet hands: You might feel ambiguous or restrained due to some of your past actions. It might make you feel emotionally weak at times, but you must know your inner strength and fight all odds.

Long hands: This signify new interests and challenges in your life. You have certain goals in life or you want to feel safe in a relationship or situation. You wish to lead a carefree life as you had during your childhood.

Open hands It symbolizes newfound joy and advancements in various parts of your life. Make your relationships stronger with others.

Cold hands: It hints at past incidents and the learnings that you derive from it.

Soft hands: This symbolizes pleasure, flow, or ease. It means that you live in the past and hold on to memories.

Clean hands: This dream refers to your skills and determination. You have a great balance between your personal, social, and professional lives.

Dry hands: This dream symbolizes that you met the ideal person in life. It also shows that you want a simple living. You are a responsible person who is ready to do anything.

Dirty hands: The dirty hands signify your hard work and efforts. You are honest and dedicated to your work and aren’t afraid to do the real struggle.  

Spiritual Meaning of Dreams of Hands

Dream of hands spiritually signifies your desire to show such affection and care towards your loved one.

Clean hands are a sign of divine transformation. Get rid of bad habits and negativity. It might also signify health and guilt. Clean hands in your dream can also imply that you are honest, and devoted to God.

A word from ThePleasantDream

Your dreams either foretell a future or project your current feelings in your waking life. If you find negative interpretations of your dream, calm your nerves first and do whatever is in your control to minimize the damage. 

Moreover, your dreams might also have a personal connection with you. If you find a connection and there’s a message hidden in it, try to act on it.

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