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Dream Of Onions: 80 Plots And Their Meanings

Dream Of Onions: 80 Plots And Their Meanings

Updated on Jul 01, 2022 | Published on Jun 02, 2022

Reviewed by Katina Tarver, MA (Mental Health and Wellness Counseling) , Life Coach

Dream Of Onions - 80 Scenarios And Their Meanings

Key Takeaways

  • A dream of onions signifies getting overwhelmed by past events and memories. 
  • Since the vegetable has multiple layers, dreaming of it may mean you need to go through all types of life experiences to understand the essence of life.
  • The vegetable also indicates jealousy. 
  • Possibly, you are not in a healthy environment if onions or onions surface in your dream.

A dream of onions is not very common but they are not rare either. Most people associate onions in a dream scenario with the food we consume daily. This is of course, understandable, considering how often the vegetable is used as garnishes and side dishes. 

However, when the vegetable appears in a dream, the meaning behind it has almost nothing to do with the food we eat. 

You won’t expect such a commonplace vegetable to have such deep meanings. But then, if we think of its several layers, rings, and its potential to make us shed tears, it’s no surprise!

Dream Of Onions - Various Scenarios And Their Meanings
Dream Of Onions – Various Scenarios And Their Meanings

Onion Dream Meaning – A General Interpretation

A dream of onions indicates you need to unravel deep to find the solution to a problem. Onions, on the other hand, are also related to frustration, jealousy, and conflicts within the family. 

A dream of onions often has a negative meaning. Sometimes, the vegetable stands for the envious feelings others have towards you. And these negative emotions may have become a source of hatred between you and them. 

Interestingly, onions may also mean you are jealous of someone else’s achievements. But instead of looking up to that person as a role model, you have started to hate him or her for living the life you envisioned. 

Onions in dreams are also related to the essence of life. When such dreams happen, your subconscious may be telling you that your life comprises the various encounters you experience, from the good to the bad. 

And it is your responsibility to make the best use of them. Cherish the good ones and turn the bad experiences into life lessons. 

Since cutting, chopping, or slicing onions makes us shed tears, onions in a dream world may also mean you are broken on the inside.

On the outside, you may look happy and unaffected. But your heart and soul sting when you think of certain bygone experiences. 

If the above interpretations hit home, your dream indicates you will soon be able to overcome the pain and move on. 

In the dream world, the vegetable also stands for conflicts and disputes within your household. It may be a result of someone’s careless spending habits. Or it can also result due to someone’s sharp tongue that only speaks the hard, raw truth. 

Onions may also appear in your dream if you are running low on patience and are on the verge of giving up. 

Onion Dreams – Dream Symbols

Some of the most common dream symbols associated with onions include –

1. You need to unravel the various layers of a particular problem

Let’s say you dream of onion while going through a perplexing period. Maybe you can’t make head and tail of a problem however hard you think. 

Then, the onion in your dream may be asking you not to focus just on the problem but to go deep – to delve into the various reasons why the problem might have arisen. 

Chances are, what you are presently facing stems from your past experiences, the traumatic incidents you went through during your childhood perhaps. 

2. You are pretending to be strong

Onions are often associated with emotions because cutting the vegetable sting our eyes and make us shed tears. 

Therefore, from that point of view, dreaming of onions shows you are going through emotional turmoil even though you don’t show it. You may be smiling, laughing, and acting strong when you are broken on the inside. 

3. The revelation of a secret

Taking into consideration the several layers of an onion, a dream of an onion indicates there will soon be an exposure. 

Either someone will reveal something unpleasant about you or vice versa. 

4. Either you are jealous of someone or someone is envious of you

Onions are also a symbol of jealousy and malice. You may be envious of someone else’s achievement or someone may feel the same towards you.

But that doesn’t end there. Whoever is the jealous one here has developed feelings of resentment for the other person. 

If you happen to be the envious one, you must look at your situation from the brighter side. Look up to that person, befriend him or her if you can, and see how you can take his or her help to reach the destination you have always dreamed of. 

5. You need to leave the past behind

Onions in dreams maybe your subconscious urging you to leave the past hurt, hatred, and resentment behind.

Because unless you do that you will never be able to have a clean start. 

Dream Of Onions – 80 Scenarios And Their Meanings

The scenarios listed below may help you give an insight into your dream to some extent. At the very least, they will give you a direction on how to approach your dream.

1. To dream about onions

A dream of onions can have several different meanings depending on the details present in the plot.

However, these types of scenarios generally have a negative connotation. There’s a possibility of your plans going haywire. What you thought was done and dusted will turn out to be not, and your present failures will disrupt your long-term plans and goals. 

Whatever happens, remember to accept it with courage for it is a part of life. And whatever you do, do not give up on your goals, however bleak it seems.

2. Dreaming of multiple onions

Here, the onions stand for the frustration and stress you will encounter because of others’ envy and resentment towards you. 

The dream says you need to be careful of how you deal with people. The slightest provocation from your side may spark a conflict as they are already annoyed with you. 

It might be hard to swallow but your dream advises you not to react to anyone’s negative remarks, for your own mental peace. 

3. To dream of seeing onions all around you

If you see onions all around you in a dream, the plot portends you will soon put your physical and mental health to the forefront. 

4. Dreaming of a large onion

A large onion in a dream symbolizes the responsibilities you are presently carrying on your back. 

If you can make the most out of them, your life can utterly transform. 

5. Dreaming of a bundle of onion heads

According to the dream books of Vanga, a bundle of onion heads denotes a major transformation on the horizon. 

If you are a farmer or have anything to do with farming, the dream stands for a good harvest and huge profits. 

6. Seeing a pile of onions in a dream

You are indeed going through a dark phase if you see a pile of onions in your dream. But what is your dream trying to tell you here?

That life will go on, whether you are struggling or not! So, you need to brace yourself and fight through the challenges. 

7. Sorting onions in a dream

The dream says you cannot and are not willing to believe that your close ones are also capable of causing you damage.

8. Planting onions in a dream

Planting onions in a dream shows you still live in the past. You might have a messed up past you are ashamed of. 

But that doesn’t mean you should carry the disgrace to the present and to the future. Whatever happened has happened. Whether you fret your nerves over it or not, the past actions can’t be undone.

So, it’s best you wash your hands off them and instead look forward to what’s coming into your life. 

9. A dream about planting onions and watching them grow

The dream symbolizes the challenges you will come across and your desire to succeed.

To be more thorough, the plot stands for the struggles you will face due to the competitiveness of your rivals. But what’s positive about this dream is that you are very optimistic about it. 

You perceive your rivals as nothing but motivational factors to work even harder.

Alternatively, the plot may mean you still need to do a lot of thinking to come to a conclusion concerning a matter.

Oftentimes, we deceive ourselves into believing we know ourselves the best. But maybe you are facing a situation where you no longer know what you are thinking and doing.

During times as such, it’s best to revisit our past memories. As you start peeling off the layers of memories, you may finally have a clue to your answer. 

10. Dreaming about other people planting onions

If you see another person or a group of people planting onions, you will soon go above and beyond to help someone overcome a traumatic experience. 

11. Dreaming of an onion plant

The onion plant in a dream stands for the envious feelings others have towards you. 

12. To dream of seeing an onion plant in a garden

The plot symbolizes abundance.

Negatively, seeing an onion plant in a garden implies some people have approached you with an evil intention to ruin you. 

13. Seeing a flowering onion plant in a dream

A flowering onion plant in a dream stands for harmonious relationships.

14. Dreaming of collecting onions from the garden

Collecting onions from a garden implies you will soon receive an immense reward for your efforts. 

15. Dreaming about an onion field

An onion field in a dream is often associated with misfortune befalling a close one, most probably a family member. This will be a challenging time for your family and all of you will come together trying to figure out a solution. 

However, the dream implies neither you nor your family will not be able to do much for the unfortunate one. 

16. To dream of harvesting onions

Harvesting onions is often a wish-fulfillment dream. Don’t be surprised if you unexpectedly achieve something you have always longed for. 

Also, these types of dreams represent a loyal friend who would stay by your side through thick and thin.

17. A bag of onions dream meaning

A bag of onions in a dream symbolizes setbacks in your professional life. 

18. Dreaming of onion peels

Onion peel in the dream world is an ill omen symbolizing unpleasant situations and misfortunes.

19. Peeling an onion in a dream 

You can interpret this scenario from several perspectives. 

In the past, you might have invested your money, energy, and labor into something only to see it fail miserably.

Despite the hardships you have gone through regarding that particular thing, the plot says you are going back to work on it again after taking some time off. 

Alternatively, peeling an onion or onions symbolize a revelation that will cost you significant losses. This is probably something that is bound to happen so you must learn to turn those losses into advantages of some sort. 

Peeling an onion skin is also a sign that you are willing to go the extra mile to figure out who you really are, your strengths, weaknesses, etc. 

20. To dream of other people peeling an onion

To begin with, the dream says you have been guarding a secret. Maybe you have done something disgraceful and you don’t want your loved ones to find out about it. 

However, no secret ever remains hidden forever and the dream says the time has come for your dark secret to see the light of day. 

21. Dream meaning of cutting onions

Chances are, you are diving deep into something if you see yourself cutting an onion in a dream scenario. 

For example, let’s say you got a superb job opportunity from a company. Then, dreaming of cutting onions around this time shows you are doing your own thorough research about the company before making a final call. 

Another approach to the dream implies you feel overwhelmed with nostalgia. You can’t help but think of the people you have shared good memories with.

These are most likely, people who have passed away or who have strayed away from you. 

22. A dream about crying while slicing onions

Crying while slicing or chopping onions symbolize a fear of intimacy. 

The dream also implies a terrible mood. 

Such a plot may also mean you are not being sincere in the waking world. 

On the other hand, crying while chopping onions shows you are too withdrawn. You are afraid to open up to others because you have been hurt in the past.

23. To see other people cutting onions in a dream

Seeing another person cutting onions in a dream is a bad sign. Someone in your circle is living the life you have envisioned and you can’t help but burn with jealousy. 

However, the meaning doesn’t end with you being jealous of that person. Because the plot shows signs of you hating that person just because he or she has what you want. 

So, the dream wants you to know that feeding yourself negative thoughts will not only be futile but will harm you in the long run.

Instead of hating that person, why not follow in his or her footsteps to achieve the same for yourself?

24. To dream of another person cutting an onion making you shed tears

If you dream of crying as someone cuts onions near you, the plot alludes to a jealous person in your real-life circle. 

This can be anyone, from a relative to a friend or a mere acquaintance. If anybody crosses your mind as you read this, your subconscious may be asking you to be wary of him or her. 

25. To dream of onions making you cry without you or anyone else cutting them

You may encounter certain events that will remind you of your past experience and memories. 

The nostalgia will either make you happy or sad. 

26. A dream of diced onions

Diced or chopped onions are a sign that you are losing your patience. You might be trying to find an answer to a problem, tirelessly going from point A to point B, unraveling one layer after the other only to realize that you are nowhere near the solution.

And the dream says you are losing your patience and determination as you dice your problem from several perspectives. 

On the other hand, diced onion shows you have an attitude that others find to be quite disagreeable. 

27. Dreaming of raw onions

Raw onions symbolize conflicts within the family. For some, it might have arisen due to a lack of miscommunication and for others, it may be related to finance. 

But more often than not, raw onions are a sign that one of your family members is being too ‘raw’ about his or her feelings and opinions.

Maybe he or she believes being brutally honest every time is better than sugar coating and giving false promises. 

While his or her point is valid to a certain extent, not every one of you will have the courage to hear the hard truth, especially during tough times. 

28. A dream of cooking onions

If you dream of cooking onions, especially red onions, it means you wish to make your life more meaningful and adventurous.

29. To dream of seeing cooked onions

Cooked onions symbolize progression with regard to your professional life.

30. To dream of sauteing onions

Chances are, you are at your wit’s end regarding a matter. No matter how you approach it, you can’t seem to think of a solution and you are losing patience and faith in your abilities. 

In that case, your dream urges you to seek help from others. Too many cooks do spoil the broth but there are also times when two minds prove to be more rewarding than one.

Who knows, someone might be able to give you the perfect solution to your problem. You never know!

31. Dream of another person sauteing onions

According to the scenario, you are a negative Nancy, always dwelling on the unfortunate things that have happened to you while ignoring the positive ones. 

You may believe that is okay and not worth worrying about, but your dream says otherwise.

If you carry on with that mindset, you will start to look at almost everything from the negative point of view, and somewhere along the way, you will forget what it feels like to be grateful, to feel loved, and be happy. 

32. To dream of seeing onion in a dish

You will be able to get ahead of your colleagues and competitors if you dream of the above scenario. 

33. Dreaming about eating an onion

If you dream of eating an onion it means you have the potential to overcome your present challenges without relying on others.

However, you need to consider another interpretation too. 

Other dream experts agree that eating an onion symbolizes financial difficulties. Due to certain turns of events and unforeseen misfortune, you would be compelled to live a life you are not used to.

Your circumstances will force you to give up the comforts and luxury you had been enjoying so far. 

34. Eating one whole onion in a dream

If you manage to eat a whole onion, it means you have the ability to surpass your competitors. 

35. To dream of feeling good after eating onions

Oftentimes, these types of scenarios signify learning through experiences. You are a person who has the ability to grasp the lesson behind a particular life incident and use that to your advantage for a better life ahead. 

36. Dreaming of eating rings of onions

The dream reflects your happiness and contentment regarding something in your waking life. 

Perhaps you are in a relationship with the person you have had a crush on.

However, you need to know that if you let yourself get carried away, your happiness may end too soon. So, you need to maintain a healthy balance.

Enjoy the good times and be grateful for whatever is happening but also remind yourself not to ignore the other aspects of your life. 

37. Dreaming about eating an onion but hating its taste

Chances are, someone is intentionally trying to give you bad vibes to shake you up mentally and emotionally. 

38. To dream of having bad breath after eating onions

The scenario looks foul but the meaning is not. According to your dream, you are in the best of health. 

If you have been working to achieve some goals, the dream says you are presently in your power and you can make anything work out your way if you put your mind to it. 

Financially, the plot symbolizes acquiring wealth and fortune. 

39. To dream about getting the smell of onions in a dream

Getting the smell of onions symbolizes conflicts between you and your loved ones.

40. To dream of other people eating onions

To see another person eat onion or onions implies you will sympathize with someone else’s miserable predicament.

Also, your subconscious asks you to help that person in whatever way possible as that will make you feel genuinely happy and proud of yourself. 

Having said that, the plot may also mean you repent for hurting someone and are trying your best to make up to him or her. 

41. To dream of another person eating foul-smelling onion

The dream represents your contempt for someone in your waking life. 

42. To dream of having onion soup

Onion soup in a dream emphasizes the need for balance in your life. Likely you are investing too much of yourself into some aspects of your life while completely ignoring the rest. 

Or maybe your pessimism is too intense that you have begun to look at each and every single thing from a negative point of view. 

43. Dreaming about juggling with onions

The plot is a reflection of your terrible mood swings and unpredictable temperament. 

44. To dream of an onion bouncing away from you

If an onion bounces away from you like a rubber ball, the plot indicates you do not let others influence you easily.

You have your own set of principles and do not easily let someone else manipulate your ways of thinking. 

45. Dreaming of other people throwing onions at your face

Here, the onions stand for the hardships you deal with in your everyday life. 

46. Dreaming that you as well as others present in your dream smell of onions

As per the dream, you have it in you to do great things and get recognition from others in due time. 

So what you can do is reevaluate your life. What do you think you are good at? What do people usually come to you for? Narrow down the possibilities and see how you can make the most of that ability. 

47. To dream of others avoiding you because you smell like onion

Here, the scenario clearly hints at your fear and insecurity regarding your past. 

48. Receiving an onion as a gift in a dream

You might have received it in the dream but in reality, it would exactly be the opposite. A close one might come to you for help. Most likely, it would have something to do with finance. 

Though the foreseeable future seems bleak for that person and the likelihood of him or her paying you back doubtful, you wouldn’t hesitate to help that person.

Because he or she would be someone you have leaned on multiple times in the past. 

49. Gifting an onion or onions to someone in a dream

The scenario hints at a possible spat between you and a family member on account of his or her carelessness with money. 

50. To dream of stealing onions

Chances are, you are involved in a job that is downright illegal. Needless to say, the more the risk, the more the profit.

You will be blinded by the possibility of earning so much with so little hard work that you will not be able to think of the consequences. 

51. Someone stealing onion from you in a dream

If you dream of another person stealing onions from you, you may get into an argument with a close one over a trivial matter.

There’s a possibility of you getting carried away and saying things you do not even mean in the heat of the moment, which is why your higher self wants you to be in control of your words and temperament. 

Words once spoken can never be retrieved!

52. To dream of buying onions

You might have had a rough time lately. Maybe your emotions are all over the place and you feel mentally worn out. 

If the meaning resonates, you are indeed on an emotional rollercoaster. It’s not going to be easy and each day will seem like a challenge to you.

But every cloud has a silver lining. Your ordeals will reveal who really cares for you and who’s putting on a facade. 

Meanwhile, if you dream of the above, do not share your secrets and confidential information with just anyone, not even friends. Sometimes, people you hang out with are not friends but foes looking for opportunities to harm you. 

53. Selling onions in a dream

Selling onions is closely related to how you take care of your expenses. Lately, you seem to have developed a habit of overspending or spending lavishly on things you don’t even need.

The dream warns you to snap back to reality. Presently you may be blessed with a steady flow of income but what if an unforeseen misfortune pops up out of the blue. 

This is why your subconscious warns you to save every penny for the uncertain days ahead. 

54. Throwing onions away in a dream

Throwing away onions is a harbinger of a series of obstacles awaiting you on your path to success.

You would feel overwhelmed, worn out, and even tempted to give everything up. However, your subconscious wants you to know that the universe has your back.

You are advised to hang in there, despite the challenges because you are absolutely capable of pulling it off. 

By the way, the universe won’t have pushed you into something if it thinks you lack the potential.

55. To dream of other people throwing onions away

First thing first, be cautious with how you talk and deal with people around this time. Some may find your behavior and actions provoking and that may give them an opportunity to spread unpleasant rumors about you.

If you do become a victim of gossip as the dream indicated, you must not react to it. Instead, stay collected, maintain your composure and let people say what they want to say. 

With no response from your end, the rumor will die out sooner than you had expected. 

56. Dreaming of onions in the kitchen

The dream warns you to keep an eye on your close ones. Someone may unintentionally cause you great trouble. 

57. Onions on your work table in a dream

There possibly is someone working against you to destroy your goals if you see an onion on your work table. 

58. Finding an onion under your pillow in a dream

Depending on your circumstances, this can stand for either the loss of a loved one or the arrival/ comeback of someone dear to you.

59. Dreaming of onions in a car

You may dream of the above during busy times when you have more on your plate than you can handle.

But regardless of that, the onion in the car implies you must put aside your priorities and help those who seek your assistance. 

60. Dreaming of rotten onions

Likely, the rotten onions represent people with rotten minds lurking around you, waiting for an opportunity to pounce on you. 

If you think you are not without ill-wishers, take this scenario as a warning to distance yourself from people who you believe are around you for their own malicious interests. 

From another point of view, rotten onions stand for an encounter with a person you absolutely detest. 

Then again, the plot may also be your higher self trying to bring your attention towards someone you hold a grudge against you. Contrary to your belief, he or she has been bottling up negative feelings towards you for quite some time. 

If you can think of anyone who may have something against you, figure out if you can approach and talk it out with that person without provoking him or her.

If his or her emotions become too overwhelming to the point of explosion, both of you will bear the brunt of the damage. 

61. Dreaming of onions with worms inside

Onions with worms inside denote you do not trust your partner. No matter how you look at it, you can’t help but feel that your partner is not being sincere with you regarding something. 

Your intuition might be true. But it can also be your mind playing games with you. And that is something you won’t be able to figure out unless you have a heart-to-heart conversation with your partner.

Instead of letting your suspicions get on your nerves day in and day out, you must think of a way to resolve the matter before your relationship deteriorates. 

62. Dreaming of burnt onions

Burnt onions symbolize the strong bond you share with your family and loved ones. 

Negatively, the dream may be advising you to get rid of someone or something that feeds nothing but toxicity to you. 

63. Dreaming of spring onions

If you have been working on something for a while, it’s starting to pay off. But the spring onion in your dream signifies it’s going to be extremely slow progress. Speaking of which, you would need to be patient with yourself and with the universe as well. 

As you wait, you must remind yourself to continue putting in the efforts that are expected of you. 

The same meaning applies if you dream of picking spring onions. 

Another approach to the dream of spring onions shows you are at a critical phase of life. The decisions you make around this time will shape your future. So, you need to tread with caution and think multiple times before making a single move. 

64. To dream of cutting green onions

In your greed to have what you want, you are willing to crush the lives and hopes of people around you. 

However desperate you are, your dream wants you to reconsider your decision. If you think through it, you’ll always find another way to achieve your goals.

65. Dreaming of eating a green onion

Dreaming of eating green onion denotes prosperity despite challenges and frustration. 

66. Red onion in a dream

Here, you can interpret the dream as your subconscious advising you to take better care of your physical as well as mental health. 

67. Dreaming of a big red onion

A jumbo size red onion is your subconscious’s way of reminding you that your experience and mistakes are your life’s best teachers. 

68. To dream of seeing many red onions

The dream indicates there are people who are intentionally trying to drag you into a bottomless pit. 

69. Eating red onions in a dream

It is a good sign if you see yourself eating red onions in a dream. The plot says you will overcome all your present hurdles. 

Furthermore, the dream hints at growth and development in your professional life. 

70. A dream of buying red onions

If any of your loved ones is presently not doing well health-wise, the plot denotes a fast recovery. 

71. Selling red onions in a dream

As per the scenario, you will finally distance yourself from someone or something that gives you nothing but endless anxiety. 

72. Dreaming about a white onion

You are not being yourself if you see a white onion in your dream. You may be repressing your genuine emotions and feelings to fit into your surroundings. 

But the dream says you are doing yourself more harm than good. 

73. Yellow or orange onions in a dream

In the dream world, yellow or orange onions stand for happiness.

74. Purple onions in a dream

Chances are, someone has absolutely fallen for you. According to the dream, the attraction here is no joke. 

So, if you are curious to find out who your secret admirer is, study the behavior of those around you and it won’t be long before you figure out who that person is. 

But you also need to know that however intense the passion is, that person may not love you. There’s a possibility that the attraction is purely based on lust. 

75. To dream of Chinese onion

Chinese onion in a dream stands for success and prosperity.

On the other hand, if you dream of Chinese onion you may be considering going on a trip to a distant land for a change. 

76. Dreaming of onions and garlic

If you see both onions and garlic in a single dream scenario, you need to be extra cautious as you are prone to accidents, injuries, and other misfortune around this time. 

77. Dreaming about onions and tomatoes

Onions and tomatoes are often a sign that you have healed from your past experiences and are now ready to move on. To begin a fresh new chapter.

On the other hand, the plot may be a symbol of domestic harmony and bliss. 

78. A pregnant woman dreaming of rotten onions

For a pregnant woman, rotten onions are a sign of a potential miscarriage. 

79. A pregnant woman dreaming of onions and garlic

If a pregnant woman sees onion and garlic in her dream, it is her subconscious advising her to be more attentive to her diet and nutrition. 

80. A business person dreaming about selling onions

For a business person, selling onions is an auspicious sign foretelling a spike in sales and profit. 

Spiritual Meaning Of Onions In Dream

Spiritually, onions are a sign that you need to go through thorough cleansing. It’s likely that the experiences from the past still weigh heavy on you.

Not only do they make you feel emotionally overwhelmed from time to time but they have also become a huge stumbling block hindering your growth. 

Needless to say, you will neither be able to have a fresh start nor enjoy the present if the bygone happenings still weigh on you. 

So, your dream advises you to release whatever you have been carrying. It won’t be easy and good things take time but you definitely can and will be able to overcome it. 

Sometimes, your dream might be referring to a particular incident, memory, or even a person.

Who Often Dream Of Onions?

Anyone can dream of onions. However, the vegetable tends to appear more in the sleep state of the below-mentioned people.

  1. Introverted people tend to dream more frequently of onions than extroverts.
  2. You are more likely to have an onion dream if you carry baggage from the past. In that case, your dream reminds you to release the past and to live in the present, looking forward to the future.
  3. If you have your walls up after someone hurt you in the past, you may dream of onions more often than those who have not been hurt.
  4. If there are jealous individuals around you, an onion dream is more than likely. 
  5. On the other hand, if you resent someone just because he or she is living the life you have fantasized for yourself, you may dream of onions. 


Wrapping up, you can say a dream of onions is not one of the best. But you need to know that dreams happen not to scare or to shake you up.

Instead, they are an insight into the situations and matters your conscious mind has ignored or failed to notice.  

And if your subconscious is giving you the signs of something through a dream, it’s safe to say that decoding the scenario would be rewarding. And who knows, it may even save you from serious destruction.