A dream of onions is not very common but they are not rare either. 

Most people associate onions with the food we consume daily. This is of course, understandable, considering how often the vegetable is used as garnishes and side dishes. 

However, when the vegetable appears in a dream, the meaning behind it has almost nothing to do with the food we eat. 

What Does Dream of Onion Mean?

This dream indicates you need to unravel deep to find the solution to a problem. Onions, on the other hand, are also related to frustration, jealousy, and conflicts within the family. 

It often has a negative meaning but sometimes, it stands for the envious feelings others have towards you.

And these negative emotions may have become a source of hatred between you and them. Apart from this, the general symbolism of onion dreams are:

  • You need to unravel the various layers of a particular problem

Maybe you can’t make head and tail of a problem however hard you think. 

Then, this dream may be asking you not to focus just on the problem but to go deep – to delve into the various reasons why the problem might have arisen. 

  • You are pretending to be strong

It shows you are going through emotional turmoil even though you don’t show it. You may be smiling, laughing, and acting strong when you are broken on the inside. 

  • The revelation of a secret

Taking into consideration the several layers of an onion, the dream indicates there will soon be an exposure. Either someone will reveal something unpleasant about you or vice versa. 

  • Either you are jealous of someone or someone is envious of you

Onions are also a symbol of jealousy and malice. You may be envious of someone else’s achievement or someone may feel the same towards you.

But that doesn’t end there. Whoever is the jealous one here has developed feelings of resentment for the other person. 

  • You need to leave the past behind

This may be your subconscious urging you to leave the past hurt, hatred, and resentment behind. Because unless you do that you will never be able to have a clean start. 

Spiritual Meaning Of Onions In Dream

Spiritually, onions are a sign that you need to go through thorough cleansing. It’s likely that the experiences from the past still weigh heavy on you. 

Needless to say, you will neither be able to have a fresh start nor enjoy the present if the bygone happenings still weigh on you. 

So, your dream advises you to release whatever you have been carrying. Sometimes, your dream might be referring to a particular incident, memory, or even a person.

Top Dream Scenarios Of Onions And Their Meanings

The scenarios listed below may help you give an insight into your dream to some extent. At the very least, they will give you a direction on how to approach your dream.

Dreaming of multiple onions

Here, the onions stand for the frustration and stress you will encounter because of others’ envy and resentment towards you. 

The dream says you need to be careful of how you deal with people. The slightest provocation from your side may spark a conflict as they are already annoyed with you. 

Dreaming of a big red onion

A jumbo size red onion is your subconscious’s way of reminding you that your experience and mistakes are your life’s best teachers.

Dream of peeling an onion 

You can interpret this scenario from several perspectives. 

In the past, you might have invested your money, energy, and labor into something only to see it fail miserably.

Despite the hardships you have gone through regarding that particular thing, the plot says you are going back to work on it again after taking some time off. 

Alternatively, peeling an onion or onions symbolize a revelation that will cost you significant losses. 

Eating an onion

It means you have the potential to overcome your present challenges without relying on others.

However, you need to consider another interpretation too. 

It also symbolizes financial difficulties. Due to certain turns of events and unforeseen misfortune, you would be compelled to live a life you are not used to.

Planting onions 

This dream shows you still live in the past because you might have a messed up past you are ashamed of. 

Harvesting onions

It is often a wish-fulfillment dream. Don’t be surprised if you unexpectedly achieve something you have always longed for. 

Also, these types of dreams represent a loyal friend who would stay by your side through thick and thin.

A bag of onions 

In a dream this symbolizes setbacks in your professional life. 

Onion peels

In the dream world, this is an ill omen symbolizing unpleasant situations and misfortunes.

Cutting onions

Chances are, you are diving deep into something if you see yourself cutting an onion in a dream scenario.

Another approach to the dream implies you feel overwhelmed with nostalgia. 

Crying while slicing onions

This symbolizes a fear of intimacy. The dream also implies a terrible mood. 

Such a plot may also mean you are not being sincere in the waking world. 

Diced onions

This is a sign that you are losing your patience and determination as you dice your problem from several perspectives. 

Cooking onions

It means you wish to make your life more meaningful and adventurous.

Having bad breath after eating onions

The scenario looks foul but the meaning is not. According to your dream, you are in the best of health. 

If you have been working to achieve some goals, the dream says you are presently in your power and you can make anything work out your way if you put your mind to it. 

Financially, the plot symbolizes acquiring wealth and fortune. 

Getting the smell of onions 

It symbolizes conflicts between you and your loved ones.

Other people throwing onions at your face

Here, the onions stand for the hardships you deal with in your everyday life. 

Others avoiding you because you smell like onion

Here, the scenario clearly hints at your fear and insecurity regarding your past. 

An onion plant

The onion plant in a dream stands for the envious feelings others have towards you. 

Raw onions

It symbolizes conflicts within the family

But more often than not, raw onions are a sign that one of your family members is being too ‘raw’ about his or her feelings and opinions.

Feeling good after eating onions

Oftentimes, these types of scenarios signify learning through experiences.

You are a person who has the ability to grasp the lesson behind a particular life incident and use that to your advantage for a better life ahead. 

Selling onions 

This dream is closely related to how you take care of your expenses. The dream warns you to snap back to reality & warns you to save every penny for the uncertain days ahead. 

Onions in the kitchen

The dream warns you to keep an eye on your close ones. Someone may unintentionally cause you great trouble. 

Who Often Dream Of Onions?

Anyone can dream of onions. However, the vegetable tends to appear more in the sleep state of the below-mentioned people.

  • Introverted people tend to dream more frequently of onions than extroverts.
  • If you carry baggage from the past. 
  • If you have your walls up after someone hurt you in the past.
  • If there are jealous individuals around you. 
  • On the other hand, if you resent someone just because he or she is living the life you have fantasized for yourself. 


Dream of onions is not one of the best. But you need to know that dreams happen not to scare or to shake you up.

Instead, they are an insight into the situations and matters your conscious mind has ignored or failed to notice.