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A Dream of Parachute: 44 Plots & Their Meanings

A Dream of Parachute: 44 Plots & Their Meanings

Updated on Jan 04, 2023 | Published on Jul 29, 2022

Reviewed by Katina Tarver, MA (Mental Health and Wellness Counseling) , Life Coach

Dream of Parachute - 44 Plots & Their Interpretations

A dream of parachute is likely if you are an adventure freak. Even if you are not, such a dream can show up anytime in your sleep. 

But have you ever wondered what it is trying to tell you? If yes, consider going through the article and you’ll certainly end up learning things about yourself and your life you did not expect. 

Dream of Parachute – General Meaning

A dream of parachute symbolizes your desire to be safe and secure despite taking risks. Depending on the context, it may also foretell an unexpected success of a situation you believe was falling apart.

A dream of parachute is generally related to taking calculated risks. When you dream of a jump with a parachute, it means you are okay with taking chances only if you have something or someone to fall back on. 

Since a parachute is also used as a protective mechanism to land on the ground safely in case of airplane emergencies, it can also be associated with security and stability. 

On the other hand, it may be symbolizing your desire to be saved from a hopeless situation. Yet another approach is that someone is constantly looking out for you in the real world. 

Negatively, a parachute may also reflect your selfishness of putting yourself first and abandoning others during tough times. 

Dream about Parachute – 44 Types and Their Interpretations

Since parachutes are used both as safety equipment and for recreational purposes, the meaning of their presence in dreams varies depending on the context and your present real-life circumstances as well.

Some of the most widely experienced parachute dream scenarios include:

1. Seeing a parachute in a dream

Chances are, you aren’t sure if you can count on a particular plan or a decision. 

2. Seeing many parachutes in a dream

The dream emphasizes the need to have control over your feelings and emotions. 

3. Dreaming of a parachute malfunction

Someone you rely on will ditch you when you desperately need his or her help. 

4. To dream of your parachute not opening

If your parachute failed to open, the scenario is your subconscious warning you to follow a healthier lifestyle. 

For some, it may be hinting at an accident or a disease developing in you. 

In other instances, a parachute that failed to open is symbolic of someone or something abandoning you at a crucial moment. 

5. To see someone’s parachute not opening in a dream

The scenario symbolizes regret and remorse. Chances are, you repent for not caring and tending to someone when you had the time. 

According to the dream, you have lost that person, either to death or any other separation and you wish you were kinder towards him or her while you could. 

6. Dreaming of a parachute opening up just before landing

The dream signifies a narrow escape from a problem that might have cost you your life. 

7. Torn parachutes in a dream

A parachute will hole is an ill omen symbolizing failure. Furthermore, the dream warns you not to count on another person’s help when your plans fail. That would be nothing less than adding fuel to a fire. 

From another perspective, the scenario stands for flaws in your beliefs or habits. And it’s high time you make the necessary changes because as you know a torn parachute is no good and may even cost you your life. 

Also, such a parachute could mean someone is trying to take advantage of your beliefs. 

8. Arranging/ positioning a parachute for flight in a dream

If you dream of the above while going through a problem that affects not just you but a community at large, the plot shows you think of yourself first and are trying to seek a way out of the trouble. 

9. Dreaming of jumping with a parachute

Jumping with a parachute symbolizes fun and adventurous times ahead of you. 

On the other hand, the dream says you will take certain risks to get ahead in life – only if you have a plan B to rely on. 

10. To dream of jumping with a parachute from an airplane

Your current problems will get resolved one after the other if you dream of the above. 

11. Dreaming of a parachute jump with a loved one

As per the scenario, you will soon get out of a troublesome situation. 

12. To dream of others jumping with a parachute

To begin with, you are likely someone who hesitates to take risks. 

But since you dream of others jumping with a parachute, you are indeed inspired by those who are not afraid to take chances in life and you wish you could be like them. 

13. Dreaming of skydiving and realizing that you don’t have a parachute

Dreaming of skydiving and realizing that you don’t have a parachute suggest that chances are, you are taking too many risks without giving a thought about where they might lead you to. 

14. Gliding with a parachute in a dream

The dream says you seek advice and guidance from people you trust. Possibly, you turned to them because you doubt your own decisions. 

It may also mean you are well protected from all sorts of trouble in the waking world. 

15. To dream of a parachute landing

The dream is associated with the successful resolution of a problem.

16. To dream of your parachute getting stuck/ landing on a tree

New problems require new ways of thinking. So, the dream hints at the need to ditch your old ideas and opinions and urges you to approach your present problems from a newer perspective. 

17. To dream of parachuting and landing on an unknown territory

You may get yourself into a desperate situation if you take action without a carefully drawn plan. 

18. Dreaming of landing safely with a parachute

If you have been stressing over one particular issue for quite a while, a dream of landing safely with a parachute shows you will be able to resolve it soon. 

However, you may need to be patient and trust the process as it may take some time.

Miller relates the plot with the grand success of something you had lost faith in. 

19. Someone’s parachute making a safe landing in a dream

According to the plot, you will genuinely take pride in a loved one’s success. 

20. To dream of a parachute landing slowly

You desire to put an emotional relationship to an end but can’t bring yourself to. 

21. Cutting parachute lines in a dream

If you dream of cutting a parachute line after using it, the scenario implies you will let go of old ideas, thoughts, opinions, and habits that no longer fit into your present ways of living. 

22. Dreaming of renting a parachute

Renting a parachute suggests you believe your life has gotten too monotonous. You yearn for fun and adventure and yet make no attempts to escape despite being sick to the core of the monotony. 

Speaking of which, the scenario shows if you really want to do something, you need to make a move. You can’t just sit in a corner and wish for your life to turn around. 

23. Dreaming that you make a living by renting parachutes

As per the plot, you are a people pleaser. Others’ wants, needs, and wishes always come first to you before yours. 

On that note, your dream wants you to learn to say no sometimes, if not always. 

24. Buying a parachute in a dream

According to the dream, you have your guards up and aren’t giving anyone any opportunity to hurt you. Chances are, you turned out this way after you got ruthlessly betrayed by someone in the past. 

But just because someone hurt you in the past doesn’t necessarily mean others will too. 

25. Dreaming of selling a parachute

Dream interpreters relate the above scenario with love and romance. 

Whether you are keen on starting a new relationship or not, the plot shows a new love is on the cards. 

26. Getting a parachute as a gift in a dream

If someone gifted you a parachute, it is your subconscious warning you not to act impulsively. 

Likely, you will get into a few situations that will compel you to act right away. But the scenario strictly warns against it, especially if it’s related to an important matter. 

No matter what, your dream wants you to give yourself some time and let the matter sink in before taking any action. 

27. To dream of giving a parachute to someone

The dream says you wish to and will protect your loved ones with everything you have, only if they let you.

28. Dreaming of throwing a parachute away

It’s time you do some serious thinking regarding your future if you throw away a parachute.

Your present life does look stable but chances are, you are throwing away opportunities for growth and development while trying to tend to your present job and affairs. 

29. Seeing someone throw away a parachute in a dream

To dream of the above denotes you are anxious about a near one’s health. 

30. To dream of stealing someone’s parachute

Dream of Stealing someone else’s parachute shows you are super ambitious. You let nothing and no one stand between you and your goals. 

According to the plot, you don’t even mind breaking off relationships and hurting those who mean the most to you if that means getting what you want. 

31. Stealing a parachute from a shop in a dream

Soon, you will come across a ‘too good to be true’ offer, and your determination to resist temptations will soon be tested.

Despite the handsome package or awesomeness, your dream warns you not to get involved in any business around the time you dream of the above as you will not be able to handle the ill consequences. 

32. Dreaming of someone stealing your parachute

The plot hints at a cunning individual lurking around you looking for an opportunity to get closer to you. 

Needless to say, he or she will appear nice and friendly. But you are advised not to judge a book by its cover. For your good, refrain from sharing anything confidential with anyone who acts sweet to you, all of a sudden. 

33. To dream of tearing someone else’s parachute

You are consumed with the desire to seek revenge on someone if you tear someone else’s parachute. 

Perhaps you believe you won’t be able to sleep in peace until and unless you give that person a taste of his or her own medicine. But the dream implies you may be wrong. 

Chances are, you are so blinded by the anger that you are overlooking numerous opportunities to be happy and at peace. 

34. Seeing someone tear your parachute in a dream

Chances are, someone will try to blame you for a blunder he or she created. 

On the other hand, it may mean one of your acquaintances is trying to use you as a tool to achieve something. 

35. Setting someone’s parachute on fire in a dream

Probably you are envious of the life someone around you is living if you set someone else’s parachute on fire. 

36. Someone setting your parachute on fire in a dream

You may get into an argument with someone. As it has the potential to turn into a nasty fight, your dream warns you to try to hold yourself back.  

37. To dream of seeing packages thrown from a parachute

Likely, you are stuck with a group of people who are intentionally trying to misguide you. 

38. Dreaming of a reserve parachute

A reserve parachute urges you to have a plan B so you have something to fall back on if your primary plan collapses. 

39. Dreaming of a parachute at sea

A parachute at sea shows you feel overwhelmed by emotions such as fear and anxiety. 

40. Dreaming of a parachute at home

The plot reflects your reserve and anti-social behaviors. 

41. A small parachute in a dream

Here, the dream suggests you not judge a book by its cover. A small parachute is still a parachute. As long as it serves its purpose, appearance doesn’t really matter. 

42. A black parachute in a dream

A black parachute signifies your anxieties about an upcoming event. 

43. Dreaming of golden parachutes

You may lose a big project or a deal. However, your subconscious encourages you to stay optimistic and not let the failure get to you because all is not lost yet.

That particular failure may turn out to be a blessing in disguise. 

44. A married woman dreaming of jumping off an airplane with a parachute

Here, the dreamer may get involved in a passionate extramarital affair that will ultimately wreak havoc on her relationship with her husband. 

Spiritual Meaning Of Parachute In Dreams

Despite numerous problems in various areas of your life, a parachute in a dream symbolizes the trust and faith you have in the divine power.

You believe that everything happens for a reason and that all will turn out well in the end. 

Psychological Meaning Of Parachute Dreams

From the psychological perspective, a parachute shows you are well protected from all sorts of complications in the waking world. 

Perhaps you have overprotective parents/spouse who do not let you experience the slightest of problems. 

On the contrary, it may mean you have deliberately distanced yourself so you don’t get affected by problems that arise in the future.


Overall, a dream of a parachute is associated with risk-taking, safety, and stability. 

But the interpretation doesn’t end there. Depending on your circumstances in the waking world a parachute may be symbolic of intense feelings such as fear, remorse, regret, envy, and a desire to seek revenge. 

As we always say, there’s no one-size-fits-all in dream interpretation. Because at the end of the day your life is different from someone else’s. 

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