If you dream of punching someone, it means you will temporarily shoulder some burdens. You might also begin a new chapter in life. Or, it reminds you that you have forgotten something important. So, identify it and focus on it!

However, they have more hidden meanings. So, let’s explore those!

What does a Dream about Punching Someone in the Face Mean?

Dreaming of punching someone’s face signifies you are insecure about yourself.  You assume you are not enough and fear being called out. It also asks you to think clearly and embrace your qualities. Other than that, it implies the following…


It symbolises your anger with that person in reality. Perhaps, they betrayed your faith or just bullied you without a reason. You want to say a lot to them for being mean.

You are on the verge of bursting with anger in real life. It’s a sign to let out the emotions in a controlled manner.


It warns you that you may act out violently soon. If you speak or act without thinking, you may affect yourself and attract misfortune. You never know when you may hurt someone precious irreversibly. You also don’t know how the other person might attack you.  


It shows that you feel powerless and controlled. Whether at work or home, someone has the upper hand on you. You feel overwhelmed by this and hate yourself for not being strong enough.

Explore troubles

This asks you to dive deeper into the worries that frustrate you. In your waking life, you probably ignore your problems or hope that they will get fixed by themselves.

But you must change your approach. Take active steps to mitigate your problems or the situation may get worse with time. Don’t be afraid of conflict.

Desire for power

These scenarios also show that you are hungry for power, status, and authority.  You want to have the world in the palm of your hands.

However, make sure you work hard and not just wish for it. It sends you a message that you must focus on your ambitions and not just daydream.


It also shares that you recently got betrayed which led to a major change in your personality.  You are no longer empathetic. You feel nobody deserves your kindness and are completely emotionless.

This is a sign to rethink if you truly want this personality. If you feel hurt by acting tough to others, this won’t help!

Great romantic

It may also imply that you go the extra mile to show your love. You are not just loyal and understanding but also make an effort to make your partner’s heart skip beats. Everyone respects you for being true to your partner. They also believe you have a pure heart.


This also implies that you believe you are extremely reliable. But nobody else agrees with you. The only people that flame such thoughts try to take advantage of you. You feel they are witty and understand your value. But you must understand reality sooner.  

Common Punching Someone in the Face Dreams

Punching someone in the face in dreams has multiple general meanings. However, you can’t tell which message is for you unless you focus on the details. So, let’s get a closer look here!

Punching someone in the face but it doesn’t hurt them

It points out that you have some suppressed resentment towards someone. However, you don’t have the courage to act on it.

Perhaps, you know that the situation may take the worst turn and put everyone in trouble. Or, you feel incapable and helpless to deal with it. Probably, that person has the upper hand over you.

Punching someone in the face but not hard enough even after trying your best

The dream interpretation behind this scene shows that you are emotionally vulnerable in reality. You believe that you can’t change a particular situation despite what you do.

This vision is a way of letting out your emotions in a safe space.  Probably, you can’t consciously express yourself and your mind took this resort.

Not being able to punch someone in the face but wanted to in dreams

It symbolises that you deeply feel that you are incompetent. Or, someone around you is so powerful and intimidating that you don’t dare to say anything against them. But you resent them a lot for controlling you.

It may also imply that you must deal with your anger with an alternative approach. Perhaps, you can’t do anything because you fear the consequences of your chosen way.

Punching someone in the face as self-defence

This is a positive omen about how you can deal with all kinds of people. You are the most compassionate person for your friend. But when people hurt you, you give them a taste of your medicine. You don’t let others bully you and make them regret it.

Alternatively, this shows that you need to be more confident and strong. Don’t let backstabbers and cheaters get the better of you.

Being punched in the face by someone

It depicts that you currently feel an emotional void. You want to fill that space in your life. However, make sure to not hurry or you may let an unworthy person enter your life.

A word from ThePleasantDream

Dreams of punching someone in their face mostly share things about your emotions and personality. So, focus on the hidden message to lead a happier life. Don’t ignore or suppress your emotions. Channel them out of your system in a safe space.

Lastly, if it’s something positive, be thankful but don’t become overconfident. Continue to be an awesome person but always stay within limits!

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