Did you have a dream of love? Perhaps you saw your ex in it and thought that it was a sign to reconcile?

However, in actual it symbolizes you’re in love, long to meet new people, or already have a good relationship. It also signifies acceptance, comfort, and desire.

Read this think-piece to understand the true message behind your subconscious vision!

Dreams of Love – Various Plots and Their Meanings
Dreams of Love – Various Plots and Their Meanings

What Does Dreams of Love Generally Mean?

Love is a sweet emotion, so you might assume that any love dream is a good message. However, the dream realm doesn’t always mean what it shows.

So, it’s better to know the reality here!

  • You are in love

The most obvious interpretation of a love dream is that you are in love. You cannot stop thinking about a special someone and you had this vision  because of your intense feelings for them.

  • This dream signifies acceptance and comfort

It also signifies your level of acceptance and comfort with yourself. You feel things deeply and dedicate yourself to understanding the deeper truths of life. 

You focus on the best in people and stay calm in stressful situations. People feel inspired by you.

  • This dream signifies your desire

Your desires in your waking life might be one of the reasons for these dreams. You desire something but are too scared to pursue it. 

  • This dream tells of your longing to meet new people

This dream is also a sign of your wish to meet new people. So, the dream asks you to free yourself from the clutches of a boring day and go out and meet new people.

  • You have a good relationship

It also says that you have formed good relationships in your life. This doesn’t necessarily mean your romantic relationship. It means you have good friends in your life.

Spiritual meaning of dreams of love

The spiritual symbolism behind these dreams talks about your connection with one another. 

For once in your life, you feel a strong physical and emotional connection to someone or something. It’s so strong that other connections seem irrelevant.

This dream also means you’ll enjoy your life in the future.

Various Types of Dreams of Love & their Interpretations

Find your detailed dream interpretation here!

Dream about someone you love

When you dream about someone you love, it’s because of your intense feelings about them. You love them dearly and will do anything for them.

Dream about you being in love

It indicates your passion for your partner in real life.

You constantly make efforts to make each other happy. This healthy love enriches your soul which has found its way into your dreams.

Dream about falling in love

Such dreams are a bad omen. It is a warning sign about betrayal by someone close. This can lead to an intense feeling of guilt and disappointment in your waking life.

Additionally, you might also experience some troubles in your professional space. 

Someone falling in love with you

The dream shows that you are happy and stable. You love yourself and channel great energy to yourself.

You are satisfied with your current relationship status. In the coming weeks, you will meet new opportunities in your workplace that’ll help you succeed in your career.

You saying ‘I Love You’

This is a rare occurrence and it means that the universe thinks you are ready to move to the next stage in your relationship.

Falling in love with a complete stranger

This is a common dream. You probably saw a shadowy figure or a body with no face. It means you are not content with your life currently.

You want a few things but life holds you back. The uncertainty of the future scares you. 

Loving yourself

It is not good news. You ignore all the crucial signs of your body. Don’t stall the long-due doctor’s appointment anymore.

Several Types of Love making an appearance in dreams

There would be instances where you’ll encounter various types of love in the dreamscape. Let’s see what each of them relate with in waking life.

Long-lost love

This dream represents your feminine side. You don’t fear showing your tender emotions.

It also shows you have learned to appreciate and accept people. So, you’ll invite new excitement in life. 

Unreciprocated love

It is a sign of good things around you. It tells you that you are surrounded by good friends. Despite everything, they have your back.

Again, if they did not reciprocate your love in the dream, it’s still good news. You will soon focus on things that you really want.

Gay love

It highlights the good aspects of your personality. You are compassionate and strong, so you can move forward from any adversity that life throws at you.

Additionally, it also tells that you have good values and a relaxed attitude toward life.

Witnessing pure love

It represents your big heart.

Others look up to you and your close friends always shower you with affection. You grab everyone’s attention wherever you go.

It also signifies growth. You will consistently excel at every opportunity that will come your way.

Old love

It signifies completeness and freedom. You feel the power within you.

Simultaneously, it shows you are ready to share your wisdom with the people around you.

Also, it tells you that good luck, wealth and power are in your favor. Be your best self and rewards will find your way.


If you made love to another person in the dream, it means creative and spiritual energies are flowing inside of you.  You feel more at ease.

First love

The scenario suggests that you have suppressed your longing and desires deep within your heart. 

You force yourself to focus on a few materialistic pleasures in life by ignoring your emotional needs.

A word from ThePleasantDream

The dreams of love bring both good and bad news. But more importantly, these dreams make you aware of some deep and important lessons for your overall well-being.

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