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What Does It Mean When You Dream of Sister? 130+ Types & Interpretations

What Does It Mean When You Dream of Sister? 130+ Types & Interpretations

Updated on Dec 06, 2022 | Published on May 27, 2022

Reviewed by Katina Tarver, MA (Mental Health and Wellness Counseling) , Life Coach

Dreams of Sister - 130 Types and Their Interpretations

Can’t catch sleep because of a dream of sister? Wondering what your sister wants to convey through the dreams?

Well, if your sister is far away or deceased, it’s an important message from her. She or the spiritual world desires to convey something important about your life. 

However, if your sister lives under the same roof, it doesn’t diminish the significance of a dream. I’ll always suggest being extra sure and careful when you have such dreams as they may hold all the answers you require.

In this think-piece, you’ll find all the messages a sister’s presence may convey through dreams.

Dream of Sister - 130 Types and Their Interpretations
Dream of Sister – 130 Types and Their Interpretations

Sister in a Dream – General Interpretations

Dreams of a sister may imply many things like a relationship issue, family issue, financial instability, or that you or your sibling needs support, guidance, or nourishment.

Seeing your sister in your dreams might trigger different emotions in you. If you have an amicable relationship, it might be a pleasant feeling. If you don’t have a sister, you might feel confused.

However, it’s not always connected to your sister. Such dreams represent much more than the relationship between you and your sister, so let’s embrace it all here…

1. You might soon face a family issue

Even if you belong to a happy and open-minded family, everything isn’t smooth. You feel it’s better to bury your emotions rather than express yourself.

You’re ready to sacrifice every last drop of blood and bones, but some family members don’t understand your worth. If that sounds similar, you might get sister dreams.

You wish they understood and supported you. You suppress your desires to be recognized and they pile up inside you.

Someday you might burst the dense negativity in your heart and create a conflict in your family. Consider expressing your emotions before they overflow.

2. You’re suffering in your relationship

Your romantic relationship started off as exciting and mysterious. You loved every ounce of your new romance.

However, if your relationship slowly turns bland and you can’t process your feelings, you might get sister dreams.

You probably blame yourself for the change of events in the relationship but don’t know for sure.

Conversely, if you’re single, this dream implies you’re bad at seduction games. You fear rejection and try to lead the situation and ruin all chances.

You don’t want to change and might lose a good partner if you don’t fix the issue.

3. You may lose money

You might meet a sorry financial situation if you see your sister in your dreams. Though it may seem everything’s fine right now, it won’t be the same for long.

Make sure to use your finances carefully. Don’t lend any money as people won’t return it to you. Don’t gamble or indulge in addictions.

The money you’ll use in this phase will never return. So, save the money to use it later. Even if you love supporting others, help them in any other way. You need the money, for now, so prioritize your necessities.

If you never faced a financial crisis, you might not take this warning seriously.

4. Your sibling needs attention

Sometimes, your dreams about your sister are a cry for help through the subconscious mind. Bonds between siblings are quite strong so you can easily feel when something is off about her.

Perhaps, your sibling is afraid to reach out to you because you’ll disregard them, get angry, or worry excessively. They really need help but don’t want to trouble you as they know you’re busy.

Reach out and show them you’re worth leaning on.

5. You must focus on yourself

Some dreams of a sister aren’t about your real sister even if you have one. Rather the sister you see in your dream refers to yourself. It might be that you don’t cherish yourself and need nourishment to stay strong.

However, sometimes it shows that you’re extremely cautious about your actions and expressions because you don’t want to hurt others. You’re under-confident about yourself and need to change this.

So, do what’s required to motivate, encourage, and nurture yourself.-

Dream of Sister – 130 Types and Their Interpretations

Depending on the content of your dreams, the dream interpretations change. If she looked old, someone close might fall sick. If she is malnourished, you’ll soon find a loyal partner.

So, if you remember your dream events, hop right in to find yours…

1. Dream of having issues with sister

Dreaming of having a sour relationship or issues with your sister implies your friends will show you contempt because someone spread bad rumors about you

2. Dream of caring for my sister

Caring for your sister’s dreams represents that your family members and friends don’t like you in waking life. You feel depressed and want a solution.

3. Dream of caring for my baby sister

Dreams about caring for your baby sister are a good sign of a pleasant romantic relationship in real life. You’re satisfied with one another.

4. Dream of sister being old

The vision of your sister being old in the dream suggests a loved one might be seriously sick and worse news will follow suit.

5. Dream of sick sister

The sight of a sick sister in dreams is a representation of the forthcoming death of a family member. Spend time with the sickly and ask everyone to stay careful.

6. Dream of sister being dead

Dreaming that your sister is dead is heart-wrenching yet it’s a good omen. You’ll organize your life well and relish the gained prosperity.

7. Dream of sister’s hair color

The dream of your sister having

  • Blonde hair implies gaining riches
  • Brown hair indicates love
  • White hair symbolizes uncertainty, insincerity, resentment, regret, and great damage.

8. Dream of sister winning money

Dreaming about your sister winning money tells you to indulge in selfless activities in waking life. However, never expect any favor or repayment for that.

9. Dream of sister without hair

The dream interpretation about your sister being bald is your or someone close’s happily married life. This is a marvelous prediction for lovers.

10. Dream of sister pregnant

To see your pregnant sister in a dream depicts you’ll face something new in the future. The experience will be full of unpleasant difficulties.

11. Dream of sister giving birth

The vision of your sister giving birth in dreams implies your troubles will soon wither away. You’ll soon let out your sigh of relief.

12. Dream of seeing sister’s face

Dreaming of seeing your sister’s face generally denotes worries. But if you feel she’s beautiful in the dream, you’ll coon fall in love.

13. Dream of hearing sister’s voice

Dreaming about hearing your sister’s voice reflects your enthusiasm for work. Everyone at your workplace likes you for being so dedicated.

14. Dream of talking to sister

Talking to your sister dreams symbolizes you’re an irritable person. Something made you hypersensitive so you must solve the issue soon to not hurt others.

15. Dream of sister in your house

The vision of your sister in your house in dreams, if not usual in reality, symbolizes your future plans about life or meeting or inviting your sister.

16. Dream of fighting with late sister

Dreams of a fight with your late sister portray that you’re rude to everyone and must be gentler with your close ones.

17. Dream of sister dying

In dreams, if your sister dies in front of you, it’s symbolic of separation and conflict with your friends, relatives, and neighbors.

18. Dream of meeting an unknown sister

Dreams of knowing a stranger are your sister and meeting her represent your hope for love and suppressed desires for a loved one or a relationship.

19. Dream of sister brushing your hair

The view of your sister brushing your hair portends that it’ll soon rain. Take an umbrella or raincoat when you go out.

20. Dream of kissing your sister

If you kissed your sister in dreams, it represents your luck is on your side. You’ll soon gain a fortune. But if she kisses you, your family loves you.

21. Dream of having a sister when you don’t IRL

Dreaming of having an older sister when you don’t really have one shows your friends and family love and misses you.

22. Dream of seeing sister’s husband

Dreams of seeing your sister’s husband, even if she’s not married, imply you’ll soon get rid of your troubles and shine in professional life. If you’re a woman, it may imply you’re attracted to him.

23. Dream of walking with sister

Dreams of walking with your sister on stony roads represent you’ll soon overcome your life hurdles. Your life will seem perfect and satisfying from every angle.

24. Dream of discussing with sister

Dreaming about discussing something with your sister expresses how you hurt others due to your life issues or psychological problems. Seek an expert before you lose more people.

25. Dreaming of fighting with sister

The dream meaning of fighting with your sister indicates you must stay alert about your business or profession. If you’re not careful, you’ll have troubles in your personal life.

26. Dream of both sister and brother

Dreaming of both your sister and brother envisages your family will be happy in the coming days. Someone might get married or employed.

27. Dream of eating with sister

Eating with your sister in dreams symbolizes your desire to share the joy with others. But if you eat raw food, everyone in your family is irritated with you.

28. Dream of sister and niece

Dreams about a sister with a niece are indicative of you quitting your bad habits soon, getting a job, or defeating your enemies.

29. Dream of being in a relationship with sister

To be in a relationship with your sister in dreams predicts problems in your professional life or a loved one may soon fall sick.

30. Dream of marrying your sister

To marry your sister in dreams means you’ll suffer from reputation loss in your profession. Seek an experienced person to fix the situation fast.

31. Dream of talking with sister over the phone

Talking with your sister over the phone in dreams is a positive sign. You’ll soon get employed or promoted and solve your financial issues.

32. Dream of sister killed by you

If you killed your sister in dreams, it implies your bond with your elder sister in waking life will deepen.

33. Dream of beating your sister

To beat your sister in dreams depicts that you’ll always support, protect, and watch over your siblings and never leave them during difficulties.

34. Dream of sister engaged

To see your sister engaged in dreams implies you’ll soon receive good news for both yourself and your sister in waking life. A pleasant surprise awaits you.

35. Dream of elder sister in wedding dress

Dreams of your elder sister in a wedding dress foretell you’ll be grateful in the future for the pleasant developments in conscious life.

36. Dream of aged sister died

If your alive and aged sister died in a dream, you’ll make profitable decisions in your waking life and lead a comfortable life due to incoming financial stability.

37. Dream of little sister’s birth

Your little sister’s birth dreams symbolize your household will overflow with joy in reality. Something good might happen soon.

38. Dream of my sister getting married

Dreams of your sister getting married imply her desire is fulfilled if she’s really married. If she’s unmarried in reality, she might fall sick or face other issues.

39. Dream of pregnant sister walking down the aisle

Dreams about your pregnant sister walking down the aisle foresee huge materialistic or other forms of gains in the family.

40. Dream of sister at labor

Dreams of your sister at labor predict positive and life-changing incidents in her life. You might have some connection to the incidents as you dreamed it.

41. Dream of husband’s sister/sister-in-law

Dreaming of your sister-in-law presages a passionate romance or mutual understanding in your marriage. If she was with a cat or dog, you’ll soon meet an ex.

42. Dream of boyfriend’s sister

If you’re a woman dreaming of your boyfriend’s sister, it warns you against slander, rumors, and gossip about you. Be careful while sharing your secrets.

43. Dream of ex-boyfriend’s sister

If a woman dreamed of her ex-boyfriend’s sister, it indicates your ex is suffering from the strong feelings he has for you.

44. Dream of wife’s sister

If you’re a man dreaming of your sister-in-law, it might imply that you think she’s pretty and check her out from time to time in reality.

45. Dream of sister’s friend

Seeing your sister’s friend in dreams implies that you like your idol a lot. You imitate them without understanding what’s right or wrong.

46. Dream of female friend’s sister

Dreams about a female friend’s sister imply you’re dissatisfied in your current relationship. You’re already sealing another partner while you’re committed to the current partner.

47. Dream of sister crying

Dreams of your sister crying are rather a good symbolism. She’ll be happy in her waking life with her success and prosperity.

48. Dreaming of sister weeping bitterly

Dreaming of your sister bitterly weeping is a symbolism of leaving her maiden life for good. She might soon get married or find her Mr. Right.

49. Dream of hugging sister

Hugging your sister in dreams may predict fights with her in your conscious hours. Or, some dream books indicate she’ll support you through tough times.

50. Dream of arguing with sister

Arguing or quarreling in dreams with your sister illustrates that someone will deceive and misguide you. This will ruin your well-made life plans.

51. Dream of sister’s funeral

To attend your sister’s funeral in dreams portends you’re too dependent on others. It’s time to be self-reliant and control your life confidently.

52. Dream of standing over sister’s grave

To stand over your sister’s grave in dreams implies you mustn’t seek or wait for others’ help. You can work it out on your own.

53. Dream of dead sister being alive

To see your dead sister turn alive in dreams reminds you of the consequences of your actions. Other situations in the dream also influence the meaning.

54. Dream of dead sister in the coffin

Dreams about seeing your late sister coming alive in the coffin are a reminder to visit her gravestone.

55. Dream of talking with dead sister

Dreams about your deceased sister being alive and talking signify the solutions to your troubles. Her words have all your answers.

56. Dream of dead sister peacefully asleep

Dreaming of your dead sister sleeping peacefully reflects her soul safely departed to the other world. Don’t worry about her soul being stuck in this realm.

57. Dream of drunk sister

The sight of your sister being drunk in dreams expresses you indulge her offensive acts excessively and must discipline her. Otherwise, this will hurt her later.

58. Dream of crazy sister

Dreams about your sister being crazy infer that you’ll soon find an unexpected yet pleasant reward from her. Cherish her and be grateful for everything.

59. Dream of attacking sister

Dreams of attacking your sister showcase you’ll hurt someone that deeply cherishes you and regret it later. Try to avoid hurting your close ones.

60. Dream of sister attacking me

Dreams of your sister attacking you are illustrative of your insecurities about your family. You feel nobody loves you and stay reserved to avoid issues.

61. Dream of seeing off sister

Seeing off or bidding goodbye to your sister in dreams portrays fresh starts in your loved ones’ lives like marriage or job. You’ll miss them but not express it.

62. Dream of offending sister

Dreaming about offending your sister forecasts a troublesome phase in your waking life. Patiently deal with the challenges to succeed and prove your bravery.

63. Dream of sister offending me

Dreams of your sister offending you prophesy someone will confide in you with secrets you already assumed. Listen patiently as they need you.

64. Dream of sister lying

Dreaming of your sister lying to you infers disappointment. For a long time, you planned something but it repeatedly failed. Wait and try again during a favorable situation.

65. Dream of lying to my sister

Dreams of lying to your sister show you hid a hurtful truth about her partner or friend. Put yourself in her shoes to understand the best action.

66. Dream of hitting my sister

Dreams about hitting your sister depict you feeling vengeful. Such dreams symbolize you wanting to settle scores with someone but it won’t really benefit you.

67. Dream of sister hitting me

Dreaming of your sister hitting you signifies you’re envious of someone that achieved their dreams before you. Take note of the hard work before going green.

68. Dream of dancing with sister

To dance with your sister in dreams implies you’re bored of the stagnant life. Do something productive instead of spending leisure time with entertainment.

69. Dream of drinking with sister

Dreams of drinking with your sister envisage family gatherings, celebrations, and an enjoyable time with loved ones. It might be a birthday, wedding, or christening party.

70. Dream of laughing sister

Dreaming of your sister laughing implies that to protect you, she hid something from you. She’s afraid of worrying you about her issues. Show that she can lean on you.

71. Dream of sister giving birth to boy

Dream of your sister birthing a boy predicts that you’ll soon defeat your worries and gain an immense fortune in reality.

72. Dream of sister giving birth to girl

Dreaming of your sister birthing a girl implies you and your sister will have a similar fate in your personal and professional life.

73. Dream of bestowing something to sister

To bestow something to your sister in dreams signifies that you grew apart and are estranged. Call her today and bond once again.

74. Dream of sister bestowing you something

To dream your sister bestows you something means you secretly despise her for something. Communicate to get rid of the dark clouds in between.

75. Dream of sister drowning

Drowning is a powerful dream symbol about someone emotionally consuming you. Dreaming of your sister drowning stands for the emotional turmoil between siblings. If you tried to save her, you want to resolve the issue.

76. Dream of sister’s absence

If you have a sister but feel your sister doesn’t exist in the dream, you’re in a bad relationship with your family or friend and want to break ties.

77. Dream of a co-worker being sister

Dreaming of your co-worker as your sister may denote you two are the ultimate work duo and succeed in all projects together. Or, it symbolizes she has ulterior motives towards you, so be careful.

78. Dream of a half-sister

Whether you have a half-sister in reality or not, such dreams represent that someone will pay excessive attention to you. It might be an admirer or a critic.

79. Dream of sister smiling

Dreams about your sister smiling at you metaphorize an unfriendly or mean person will become even more difficult. Or, that person might try to make amends.

80. Dream of sister leaving family

Dream of your sister leaving the family is indicative of happiness and satisfaction in your waking life. You’ll be at peace with yourself.

81. Dream of first cousin sister

The dream meaning of first cousin sister denotes that you’ll face serious discord in your personal life. Relatives might break ties with your family.

82. Dream of one of many sisters

Having many sisters in reality and dreaming only of one reflects you need help to deal with stubborn issues. Or, she might fall sick in reality.

83. Dream of sister for committed women

If you’re a woman and have a partner, whether you’re married or not, dreaming of your sister symbolizes that someone will fight for your partner’s affections.

84. Dream of younger sister

The dream vision of your younger sister is symbolic of your worries about her safety, security, health, and future. You know there’s danger around her.

85. Dream of many sisters

Dreaming of meeting many sisters shows your desire to meet new people and make friends. You want to share your secrets with someone.

86. Dream of sister pregnant with twins

Dreaming of a sister being pregnant with twins implies some painful situation will bring joy. For instance, a relative may pass away and bring the remaining family closer.

87. Dream of sister in car accident with me

Dreaming of being with your sister in a car accident portrays that she’ll protect herself from an ill-wisher and succeed in her endeavors despite the resistance.

88. Dream of sister falling off boat

If your sister falls off a boat in dreams, it warns you against souring your relationship with her. Otherwise, you might separate from one another permanently.

89. Dream of sister buying a house nearby

Dreaming of your sister buying a house near yours and moving predicts impending troubles in your waking life. Or, it may mean you dislike her prying nature.

90. Dream of sister being rude

The dream vision of your sister being rude is a representation of your feelings. You think you’re treated unfairly in reality.

91. Dream of sister swimming in canal

Dreaming of your sister swimming in the canal implies your spiritual problems bug your conscious life. You doubt your beliefs and faith.

92. Dream of sister fighting and drowning

Dreaming of your sister fighting and being drowned indicates someone close is in trouble and only you can resolve their issues.

93. Dream of younger sister murdering a child

Dreaming of a younger sister murdering a child symbolizes you following malicious ways to reach your goals. The dream warns you against it.

94. Dream of dating sister’s hot friend and showing off

Dreaming of dating your sister’s attractive friend and bragging hints at your low self-esteem. It’s a sign to improve yourself from within.

95. Dream of man torturing and killing sister

Dreams of a man torturing and killing your sister predict the presence of evil people that will hurt both you and your sister. Be wary of the people around you.

96. Dream of sex with sister

Dreams of involving in incestuous acts with a sister show you envy her innocence or her carefree life. You wish to have her attractive personality.

97. Dream of finding sister dead while camping

Dreams of finding your sister dead on your camping trip imply you neglect yourself. It’s a divine message to nourish yourself soon.

98. Dream of dead sister giving a cheque

Dreaming of your late sister giving a cheque implies she was responsible for an important aspect of your life but you must handle it yourself now.

99. Dream of sister stabbing deer with keys

Dreaming of your sister stabbing deer with keys predicts she’ll cause some disturbance and conflict in the family purposely or unwillingly.

100. Dream of a snake biting both you and sister

Dreaming of a snake biting both you and your sister shows that you’re aware of aging and mortality and subconsciously processing such feelings.

101. Dream of fighting with sister over food

Dreams of fighting with my sister about food have many possibilities. If you like the food, your finances will grow.

If you don’t share the food, you won’t share your wealth. If you dislike the food, you wish to hide your insecurity.

102. Dream of arguing with dead sister about metallic object

Dreaming of arguing with your late sister over an unknown metallic substance shows you’re psychologically and emotionally still unstable and must return to your routine soon.

103. Dream of sister drowning in dark water

Dreaming of your sister drowning in dark water is a reflection of a loved one. They need help and are in depression.

104. Dream of deceased sister advising the sick

Dreaming of a deceased sister advising the sick is a sign that something grave will happen soon in the sick person’s life and you must help them.

105. Dream of late sister with message

Dreaming of a dead sister with a message depicts you’re grieving about a recent issue or feeling afraid to face something. Your sister’s words matter in this dream.

106. Dream of sitting beside sister outdoors

Sitting beside your sister outdoors in dreams means even if your journey is slow, you’re on the right path in life and will reach your goals on time.

107. Dream of losing sister in the mall

Dreaming of losing your sister in the mall implies you grew distant from your sister due to your different struggles. Connect with her to protect her.

108. Dream of sister missing at the pool

Dreams about a sister going missing at the pool portend your or a family member’s emotional or mental health concerns. Seek a professional before you become an addict.

109. Dream of a rude and well-dressed dead sister

Dreams about a rude and well-dressed dead sister show you must befriend people wisely. Revise your past lessons before committing another mistake.

110. Dream of malnourished sister with flies and parrot

Dreaming of a malnourished sister with flies and a parrot signifies you usually choose the wrong friends and partners.

But this time with many trials and errors you’ll find them with lots of unsolicited advice.

111. Dream of disagreeing with sister about clothes

Dreaming of fighting or disagreeing with your sister about clothes points out that you’re aware of your actions and aren’t ready to hurt loved ones.

112. Dream of flirting with sister’s partner

Flirting with your sister’s partner in dreams expresses your jealousy and rivalry towards her. You want to be as charming and successful as her.

113. Dream of sister growing rich

Dreams of your sister growing rich imply you’re extremely envious of others’ success and insecure about yourself. Process your feelings and focus on your improvement.

114. Dream of younger sister’s sudden marriage

Your younger sister’s sudden marriage in dreams shows you’re worried about her behavior or about someone mean taking advantage of her.

115. Dream of sister and mother

Dreams of your sister and mother illustrate you’re troubled in your romantic life and need advice from loved ones.

116. Dream of your twin sister

Dreaming of a twin sister forecasts a happy moment. Remember her message to understand better.

Dreaming of a non-existent twin sister implies you’ll face many challenges soon.

117. Dream of sister’s birthday celebration

Your sister’s birthday celebration in dreams predicts great joy and peace in your family. Someone close will bring pleasant news.

118. Dream of angry sister

Dreaming of your sister being angry represents you’ll soon gain recognition and appreciation for your hard work, so enjoy the limelight.

119. Dream of injured sister

Dreaming about your injured sister implies you always neglect yourself and give others. It’s time to put yourself first.

120. Dream of sister smoking

Dreaming about your sister smoking signifies you’ll soon find the solution to a situation and try your best to overpower the obstacles.

121. Dream of sister driving

Dreaming of your sister driving depicts you’re curious about beginning something new after succeeding in one endeavor, but you’re uncertain about it.

122. Dream of sister kidnapped

Dreaming about your sister being kidnapped refers to your need to resolve some emotional issue. Others notice it but you can’t, so pay attention to your feelings.

123. Dream of falling sister

Dreaming about your sister falling exhibits your spiritual growth and transformation. You feel stuck now, but you’ll soon gain enlightenment about a relationship or situation.

124. Dream of sister vomiting

Dreaming about your vomiting sister shows you’re in a dilemma. Connect with your spiritual self to understand what you overlooked and make the right choice.

125. Dream of sister cheating

A cheating sister in dreams symbolizes you worked hard and will soon receive your rewards. It might also imply you overstepped your boundaries and back off.

126. Dream of sister possessed

Dreaming about your sister being possessed points that you’re a loving person but feel unloved. Connect with God to invite peace in your waking life.

127. Dream of protecting sister

Dreaming about protecting your sister signifies you moved into a new place and feel estranged. You want to stay close to someone to feel less lonely.

128. Dream of sister diagnosed with cancer

Dreaming of your sister getting cancer means you must broaden your horizon to understand an important life lesson. Only then will you be happy in your waking life.

129. Dream of sister holding baby

Dreaming of your sister holding a baby depicts you know the bitter truth but don’t react. Someone else will reveal the truth to bring you out of denial.

130. Dream of sister’s miscarriage

Dreaming about your sister’s miscarriage is an emergency signal. You must focus on something important instead of the temporary and minor issues.

Spiritual meaning of seeing my sister in a dream

Spiritually, seeing your sister in dreams you follow your role model intently and you’ll prosper if you stay loyal to their teaching till the end.

From the spiritual perspective, dreaming of seeing your sister in dreams usually refers to a valuable person in your real life.

You have an affectionate bond with them and they help you fight many hazards in life. You feel they’re your hero or role model and always look up to their guidance.

This person is the center of your world and you even desire to stay connected with them through dreams. This person has great knowledge, behavior, culture, and morality and they impact your life positively.

Psychological meaning of seeing my sister in a dream

Psychologically, dreams of your sister imply your difference or similarities with her. It might be that your sibling needs attention. If you don’t have a sibling, it might be someone you love as much as family.

From the psychological viewpoint, sister dreams are usually indicative of your relationship with your real-life sister. Some of your traits might match, while others won’t.

It might indicate that you must pay attention to her. She might need help, guidance, a channel to vent in, or is worried about working you up with her troubles. Since it’s urgent, make sure to be gentle with her.

If you don’t have a sister, it might be someone that you cherish like a sister or yourself.

Questions to ask to interpret your sister dreams correctly

Did a lot happen in your dream? You’re probably unsure which parts to consider to interpret your sister’s dreams. Sometimes, you may not understand what’s an important vision and what’s background noise.

So, to find your perfect dream interpretation, answer these and find the matching dreams…

1. Do you have a sister in reality? If yes, how many? Did you see them all or only one?

2. How was your sister feeling in the dream?

3. Was there anybody else in the dream other than you and your sister? Who were they?

4. Did you touch your sister in any way? Was it an affectionate touch or was it hurtful?

5. What color was her hair?

6. Was it your sister or your partner’s?

7. Did you see anyone else close to your sister? How do you feel about them?

8. Is your sister alive in reality?

9. Was she getting married? How did you feel about it?

10. Was she pregnant? What happened till the end? Did she deliver her babies safely? How many babies did she have? Were they boys or girls?

A word from ThePleasantDream

Through dreams, the spiritual world sends many important messages. However, human beings don’t easily notice such signs in their conscious state.

Modern technology overwhelmed everyone’s senses, so humans became less receptive with passing time.

So, dreams became the most obvious route to share good news or warn you of dangers. However, don’t be agitated if you receive unpleasant news. Set up a plan to fix your situation. 

On the other hand, if it’s a joyful prediction, do as your situation calls. If the end result depends on your efforts, work hard. If it only needs you to wait, then calm your mind until that happens.

If you get dreams about Deceased Loved Ones then check its meaning here.