If you dream of theft, it implies you feel something is missing. It also shows your deepest desires which you couldn’t fulfill in reality. Alternatively, it might show that you’re afraid of being taken advantage of.

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What does Dream of Theft Indicate?

Dreaming of theft is often symbolic of your fears or warning about dangers. It can also convey your emotions and decisions. So, here are a few common things conveyed by these dreams.

  • You fear losing something in reality, i.e., you’re suffering from security issues.
  • It implies someone wants to take advantage of you.
  • It’s a warning about your future endeavors.
  • You feel lonely and helpless.
  • You’re trying to change something you dislike.

Common Theft Dreams & Their Meanings

In theft dreams, you might witness the theft or commit it by yourself. Based on many such details, here are the theft dreams decoded!

Seeing theft in dreams

You’ll exhibit strange character flaws and fail in certain minor tasks.

You’re accused of theft

An unexpected misunderstanding will mess up your plans. But everything will soon get solved.

Someone else is accused of theft

You will jump to conclusions and hurt an innocent person.

You committing theft

It warns you against your thoughtless actions as they will result in your failure.

You’re a theft victim 

This implies you’ll soon get over your fears. Or, you’ll lose something important.

Falling prey to theft right after being happy

You’ll soon face interruption in your waking life because you’re not alert about the possible threats. It asks you to be more on guard.

Home theft dream meaning

Beware of property damage that may affect the value of your legacy.

Seeing the thief during the theft

You regret not being able to protect something close in reality.  

Committing theft for personal gain

You’re distressed from your intense longing for something unattainable. It tells you that you must work harder to fulfill your desires.

Fighting with a thief to stop theft

It implies you’re dead set on defending your beliefs in reality and you won’t let anyone impact your choices. Probably, someone already shook your beliefs.

Other Theft Dreams with Various Items

Based on what item the thief stole, much more can be interpreted. So, if it was theft…

Money: It asks you to be alert about your financial decisions.

Cellphone: It means someone at work tries to manipulate you to make others misunderstand you and ruin your reputation.

Wallet: It warns you about a deceptive person that promises you things to hurt you, so be alert. Or, you may receive money that you thought was lost.

Jewelry or gold: It warns you about people that might try to obstruct your path toward success or take advantage of your power.

Books: You want to study more. Or, someone wants to be as knowledgeable as you and might even want you as their mentor.

Something insignificant: You’re blessed by the almighty and will succeed in your business. You’ll soon afford luxurious things.

Most important thing for you to exist: It predicts you’ll soon lose everything and become poverty-stricken.

A word from ThePleasantDream

If your theft dreams advise you anything or point out obvious flaws, make sure you work on them. Remember, only you can change your life for the better.

But if it’s good news, be happy but don’t get overconfident and you’ll enjoy everything you deserve!

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