Yogurt is everybody’s favorite, especially during scorching summers. But what does a dream of yogurt stand for? 

This web post will not only give you the meaning of your dream but you’ll also find some of the most common scenarios featuring yogurt. 

Dream Meaning of Yogurt

A dream of yogurt stands for good luck, money, wealth, longevity, and fame. Negatively, it may be a sign that you are seeking an easy way out of your problems. 

More often than not, yogurt is a good sign that symbolizes profits, abundance, fame, and good luck. 

Your dream could also be your subconscious asking you to reevaluate your perspectives and change your approaches, if necessary. 

At other times, it could be your subconscious encouraging you to cherish the present and what you have instead of grieving over what you don’t have.

Dream of Yogurt – 63 Scenarios And Their Meanings

There is no one-size-fits-all in dream interpretation. You and a close one may see the same thing on the same day/night but the meaning will definitely not be the same. 

However, there are certain dream interpretations that are universally accepted and some of them are listed below. 

1. To dream of seeing yogurt but not eating it

Yogurt is processed from milk via a few steps. That could be a sign that you are an ambitious individual. 

But since you did not consume it in the dream, it means you hold yourself back from exploring your potential possibly due to your introverted nature. 

2. To dream of trying to taste yogurt but not daring to

The scenario reflects your excessive shyness. 

According to the plot, your modesty has led to several missed opportunities. Furthermore, the dream shows a lot more chances for growth will slip through your fingers if you do not overcome your coyness. 

3. Dreaming of tasting yogurt but not eating it

The plot says you will get dragged into a conflict that has little or nothing to do with you. To be on the safer side, refrain from speaking your mind on matters that do not directly concern you. 

4. Dreaming of eating yogurt

Often, eating yogurt in a dream means you seek an easy way out of a problem.

Alternatively, the plot portends travel to a distant place for education or work purpose. 

5. Eating yogurt without sugar in a dream

Eating yogurt without sugar implies a lack of personality.

6. Yogurt with salt in a dream

Yogurt with salt denotes successful accomplishments of works and getting a good profit out of them. 

7. To dream of seeing yogurt without salt 

Yogurt without salt implies helping someone accomplish a task and sharing the profits.

8. To dream of eating sour yogurt

In the dream world, eating sour yogurt is associated with overcoming obstacles and getting rid of anything that will make your ride bumpy. 

9. Eating someone else’s yogurt in a dream

Eating someone else’s yogurt is a sign of envy. If you find that relatable, your dream wants you to look at it from a brighter side.

Instead of feeling jealous, think of how you can achieve the same success and accomplishments. 

10. Dreaming of buying and eating yogurt

Eating yogurt after buying it signifies good luck. 

11. Dreaming about relishing yogurt joyfully

According to the dream books of Miller, you may bump into or even plan a meet-up with someone you thought you wouldn’t see ever again. 

For others, you can expect to stumble onto an object you thought was lost forever. 

12. Someone treating you to sour yogurt in a dream

If you are trying to take unfair advantage of someone, you better not! Of course, things may proceed according to your plan initially but the joy of that would end in a fraction of a second. 

13. Drinking yogurt in a dream

The scenario stands for good luck and for gradually mastering the skills to do something flawlessly. 

14. Someone else drinking yogurt in a dream

You may move to a distant city or even a country soon due to educational purposes. 

15. To dream of serving yogurt

Generally, serving yogurt portends a short trip somewhere.

16. Dreaming about distributing yogurt to others

Distributing yogurt often happens if you are missing someone terribly in the waking world.

17. Distributing yogurt to a crowd in a dream

According to the plot, you will soon communicate with a friend or relative you haven’t talked to in a long time. 

18. To dream of shaking yogurt

According to the dream, you may go on a trip with one of your elder family members or relatives. 

19. Seeing someone shaking a bottle/ container of yogurt in a dream

Someone shaking a bottle or a container of yogurt symbolizes money. 

20. Seeing someone eating yogurt in a dream

Stay away from negative people lurking in your surroundings for your own good. 

21. Dreaming of your friend eating yogurt

You may get into a conflict with a close friend if you dream of the above.

22. To dream of yourself eating someone else’s yogurt or vice versa

Seeing yourself eating someone else’s yogurt shows how envious you are of that person. 

If someone ate your yogurt, it means someone is green with envy of your success and achievements.

23. Dreaming of pouring yogurt 

Pouring yogurt generally stands for acquiring money or material possessions. 

24. A dream about overturning a cup of yogurt

The dream points to problems that look seemingly trivial but aren’t really so. 

25. Dreaming of seeing spilled yogurt

Spilled yogurt could mean losing money or property. 

26. Yogurt scattered on the ground in a dream

The dream is an ill omen. You may end up hurting those who matter the most to you. 

27. To dream of a yogurt recipe

A yogurt recipe shows you are deeply concerned about external factors making a huge impact on your well-being. 

28. To dream of mixing yogurt with other food items

The dream is your subconscious reminding you that no evil goes unnoticed and unpunished. 

29. Dreaming of putting bread in yogurt

The dream says you will be an object of envy because of your success and accomplishments. 

30. Seeing pasta with yogurt in a dream

According to the dream, something you had to share with someone earlier will come to you in its entirety.

For example, let’s say you run a joint venture with a friend. If he left the business for another, the profit that goes to him earlier will become yours. 

31. Dreaming of making yogurt

Making yogurt shows you are waiting for an ideal time to start something.

32. Making homemade yogurt in a dream

The dream says you are trying to make certain changes in your life after figuring out what will be the best for you in the long run. 

Moreover, the dream adds you are being patient with yourself and with the world. You aren’t acting hasty and impulsive. Instead, you are waiting for the right opportunity to make the necessary shifts. 

33. To dream of someone making yogurt

A piece of good news is on the horizon if you dream of the above.

34. To dream of yogurt made from cow milk

If you believe you can do much better by making a change or two in the advice someone has given you, go ahead! You don’t have to follow everything word by word. Trust your intuition!

35. A dream of buying yogurt

Often, a dream of buying yogurt portends a victory. Try pushing through a little more than you normally do. Your own limiting beliefs could be what’s stopping you from reaching the finishing line. 

Buying yogurt may also mean you are looking for a shortcut to a particular problem. 

36. Dreaming of buying yogurt for dessert

Expect high sales and profits if you launched your venture lately. 

37. Buying nothing but lots of yogurt at a store

You rely heavily on other people’s opinions, which isn’t advisable. Learn to speak up and give life to your thoughts and ideas. 

38. Dreaming of buying yogurt from someone

You’ll be able to pay off your debts if you have any because your business is about to take a good turn. Expect nothing but profits, enjoyment, and happy times. 

39. To dream of giving yogurt to someone 

Generally, the dream is a reflection of your kindheartedness. Additionally, the dream says you shouldn’t overexert as others often take advantage of your generosity. 

Negatively, the dream portends a series of misfortunes heading toward you. 

40. Dreaming of yogurt that has far exceeded its shelf life

Yogurt that has far exceeded its shelf life implies your dreams are too far-fetched and unrealistic.

41. A dream of creamy yogurt

Creamy yogurt symbolizes profits in abundance, enough to get everything you can ever wish for. 

42. Dreaming of sweet and frozen yogurt

To dream about sweet and tasty frozen yogurt foretells an increase in your income.

43. To dream of a fruit yogurt

Fruit yogurt stands for luck and fortune favoring you. 

44. Eating strawberry yogurt in a dream

Eating strawberry yogurt is associated with strong passions and feelings. 

45. Dreaming of vanilla yogurt

Vanilla yogurt is often your subconscious asking you not to overcomplicate situations and matters unnecessarily. 

46. Dreaming of frozen yogurt

Frozen yogurt is often associated with a significant rise in your income. 

47. Dreaming of extremely sour yogurt

Your dream warns you not to make decisions, especially important ones in haste. You may not be able to handle the ill consequences.

48. Dreaming of yogurt soup

Yogurt soup in a dream symbolizes health issues that will arise possibly due to your poor eating habits. 

49. Dreaming of spoiled yogurt

If you have unrealistic goals and ambitions, it could be your subconscious warning you to do a reality check before your goals fall flat causing you utter disappointment. 

Sometimes, spoiled yogurt also hints at an underlying disease. 

50. Eating expired yogurt in a dream

Eating yogurt that has passed its shelf life is an ill omen. It is a sign from the universe that you have made a terrible decision recently. 

From another perspective, the dream is a message from your subconscious letting you know that you have completely wronged a close one. 

51. Dreaming of hot yogurt

If you see hot yogurt, it means you’ll be able to achieve goals and get the material possessions you want through your hard work. 

52. Cold yogurt in a dream

Contrary to hot yogurt, cold yogurt denotes you’ll have everything you wish for – not through your own efforts but others’.

53. An empty yogurt container in a dream

If you dream of an empty yogurt container while going through a rough phase in your waking life, expect your problems to get resolved soon one after the other.

54. Dreaming of applying yogurt on your face/ hands/ other parts of your body

This is a negative sign. Out of discontentment and frustration over your present lifestyle, you will likely get involved in an illegal or unethical means of earning quick money. 

55. A woman dreaming of yogurt

The dream symbolizes extremely good luck for women dreamers. 

56. A woman dreaming of someone giving her yogurt

If someone gives you yogurt, it can be a sign of potential pregnancy.

57. Yogurt in the dreams of a man

For a man, yogurt symbolizes wealth and fame.

58. A man dreaming of someone giving him yogurt

For a man, the above scenario is a good sign signifying a rise in his reputation.

59. A single person dreaming of drinking yogurt

According to the dream, you will not get into a relationship for a while. 

60. Married people without children dream of yogurt

As for childless married people, a dream of yogurt encourages them to pay attention to their lifestyle.

61. Yogurt in the dream of a pregnant woman

If yogurt shows up in the dreams of a pregnant woman, it means she is close to her due date. 

62. A pregnant woman dreaming of someone giving her yogurt

For a pregnant woman, the scenario shows she will be blessed with a healthy child. 

63. Parents dreaming of seeing yogurt

You need to pay closer attention to your children.

Psychological Meaning Of Yogurt Dreams

From the psychological perspective, yogurt dreams are usually experienced by people with a strong desire for success both in their personal and professional lives. 

Additionally, the scenario may also mean you desire to reach the top of the world without working for it. 


With that, we wrap up our article on a dream of yogurt. Overall, it’s a good sign symbolizing longevity, good luck, money, fame, etc. 

Nonetheless, make sure you delve deep before settling on an interpretation because the meaning may vary depending on the condition of the yogurt.