Dreaming about peeing is more common than you would like to believe. 

Yes! They do not happen only to infants, toddlers, and little children but also to healthy and well-built adults. 

Though in most cases, peeing in a dream is related to a full bladder, it may even have to do with the cleansing of your emotions.

Dreaming About Peeing - Various Plots & Their Meanings
Dreaming About Peeing – Various Plots & Their Meanings

Dreaming about Peeing – What Does It Mean?

More often than not, peeing in a dream is related to your emotional state. It may either mean you have no control over your emotions or are in complete control. It could be a symbol of emotional and mental cleansing too. 

Perhaps you have finally resolved a problem that has been bugging you for years on end. And now that it is out of your way, you feel utter bliss. 

Alternatively, the dream might have surfaced because you have decided not to let negativity screw your peace and progress any longer.  

Besides, the dream may also be hinting at several changes that your body is going through. 

  • Your bladder is full

According to psychologist Sigmund Freud, peeing dreams surfaced only when your bladder is full and needs to be emptied. Well, this clearly explains why you sometimes dream and actually find yourself wetting your bed in reality. 

  • You have a secret

Though not common, these dreams could symbolize a secret you are guarding well. You might have kept it within you for fear of hurting your loved ones. 

But now that you know what your subconscious is trying to tell you, there’s no reason for you to keep it concealed any longer. 

  • You need an emotional cleansing

Dreams associated with urination have much to do with emotions. Perhaps you need to let go of your pent-up feelings.

Or it could even be a sign that you are having trouble releasing them though you want to!

  • You have no control over your emotions

It could be a sign that you have little to no control over your emotions. On the flip side, depending on where you peed, your scenario may also mean you’re repressing your emotions. 

  • Your life lacks privacy

Perhaps you have given out too much information about yourself to others. Maybe you have unintentionally let others trespass your emotions and feelings. In that regard, your dream is a sign that you need to mark your territory. 

  • Toxic people and negative energy 

Basically, when you pass urine in real life, you are letting go of toxins that do no good to your body.

Considering that, your dream could be insisting you release all the negativity and break off relationships with people who do more harm to your life than good. 

  • Something has gone out of control

In reality, some people lose control over their bladder and pee against their wishes. From that perspective, certain dreams about urinating mean a situation has gone out of control. 

Spiritual Meaning Of Peeing In Dreams

From the spiritual point of view, peeing in dreams denotes the end of your worries and the beginning of happy days. 

On the other hand, it means sharing your secrets with someone you love. 

Different Scenarios And Interpretations Related to Peeing

Wetting yourself in a dream

Dreaming about wetting yourself is a harbinger of bad days. Try to avoid arguments and conflicts around this time to stay away from trouble. 

Urinating with pain

The most widely accepted interpretation of this scenario is that you have urinary tract-related issues in your waking life. 

It also means you are being too withdrawn around friends and family. Perhaps there is something wrong with the way you deal with your loved ones. 

In some worse cases, it might be a revelation that you will get into a nasty argument with one of them. 

You were unable to pee

It shows that you feel overwhelmed in waking life. The plot is also associated with your spending habits. 

In that case, your subconscious wants you to be a little kinder to yourself and treat yourself to at least the essentials. 

Urinating with someone else

If the person in your dream is someone you know well in real life, the scenario denotes that the two of you will develop a promising relationship. 

A dream of peeing and wake up peeing/ Dreaming about peeing and actually peeing

If you had a dream about peeing and woke up feeling warm, realizing the next minute that you have wet your bed, you are definitely not alone.

According to research, bedwetting occurs in 1 to 2 percent of adults and is nothing to fret over. Often, it is a sign that you need to let go of the feelings you are repressing. 

The interpretations can differ for different dreamers and circumstances. You may also get the dream if you are denying your feelings for someone. 

Are you acting like you feel nothing for your best friend when all you want is a deeper, more than a friend, type of relationship?

Urinating In A Dream: Different Places

Locations play a vital role in peeing-associated dreams. It is, in fact, the first and foremost thing you must recall if you had peed or saw someone doing so in your sleep cycle. 

Peeing on the floor

It is a harbinger of promising days ahead. Unquestionably, your financial situation will improve significantly. 

Negatively, the dream denotes this is a period your haters will rejoice. Alternatively, it also shows that you have lost control of your life. Presently you are an utter mess and laying your trap.

Having said that, it may have more to do with emotions and not just good days and bad days.

If you peed on the floor inside a private space, it means you are expressing your emotions well without feeling threatened by your conscience or external factors. 

On the flip side, if it was on the floor of a setting easily accessible by the public, it means you are releasing your pent-up emotions with feelings of uneasiness. 

Peeing in pants

It is a bad omen because you are more than likely to encounter financial crises if you dream of the above scenario.

Apparently, the scenario occurred to prepare you for the approaching storm

Besides, it is also a sign that you’ll likely get into conflicts with others for work-related problems. 

Wetting your bed

It implies that you feel ashamed and guilty about something you have done. On the other hand, it means you are not ready to show the emotions you have been repressing for a while. 

It may also symbolize your hatred for someone. Perhaps you will end up cutting ties with that person. 

Wetting someone else’s bed

Some of your acquaintances or ‘friends’ find you annoying and your company dull. 

Urinating in your own house

This is an auspicious sign as it marks the end of your existing problems. Very soon, you’ll be able to take the burden off your shoulders. 

Urinating at your workplace

It means you should communicate better and establish a stronger relationship with others. 

Peeing in the sink

It shows that you are a compassionate person and care about the needs of others. 

Peeing in weird places such as a pot or a bucket

You are in serious trouble, especially finance-related. It may also mean you are holding on to your feelings and emotions. 

Peeing on yourself

It means luck favors you around the time you have this dream. Almost everything you work on will be successful, and your loved ones will feel happy for you. 

Urinating on someone else

Without a shadow of a doubt, you want to humiliate that someone in reality. It could be out of jealousy. Or it may be because you just don’t click with that person. 

However, on the flip side, if the person you peed on is someone you know in real life, it is a sign that the two of you share an extraordinary relationship. 

Peeing in public

According to the plot, if there’s anything you want to accomplish in your waking life, go by your wishes not by the opinions of others. It could also mean you are not being responsible for what you should do in your waking life. 

Alternatively, it may also signify your life is too much of an open book. Perhaps you are letting people know more about you than necessary.

Additionally, such a scenario may mean you have no control over when, where, and to whom you display your emotions.  

Peeing in front of other people

In the first place, dreaming about the scenario shows that you feel others are being rather nosy, intruding into your personal matters uninvited.

Also, the scenario is a sign that you are trying to mark your boundary and make people stay within their limits. 

On the other hand, the scenario also indicates you will get lucky in love and relationships. 

Urinating In Dreams: Other People

Seeing another person urinating

Soon you will come across an unpleasant situation that will literally haunt you for days. 

On the other hand, if that person is someone you know in real life, you will most likely discover an embarrassing thing about that person. It could also be a sign that you feel annoyed with him or her. 

Someone urinating on you

It means that person has dumped all of his or her emotional baggage on you. It is also possible to dream of the same if you feel disrespected in certain aspects of your life. 

Baby urinating

You are capable of success and marvelous achievements! But they will come with a price. If you want to reach heights, you need to do a mental cleansing. 

It also indicates a turn of fortune. If you are a wealthy person, don’t be surprised if any event compels you to part with your assets. 

And if you are poor, you will unexpectedly stumble upon wealth

A female peeing

If you are a female and dream of another unknown female peeing in your dream, one of your friendships will likely fall apart. 

On the contrary, if you are a man, you are most probably sexually anguished. 

Seeing a man pee

Your higher self advises you to look at people and situations positively. Not only will that open up unexpected opportunities but will also make you feel content. 

Psychological Meaning

Psychologically, these dreams refer to a loss of control over a situation or your overall life.

You might have been too generous and forgiving to someone only to realize that they have crossed their limits. 

Has someone taken your kindness for granted? 

If so, your subconscious may be urging you to mark your territory. Under any circumstances, do not let anyone abuse your generosity. 

Biblical Meaning

According to the Bible, this dream shows that you must let your intuition guide you whenever you face any trouble in life. 

Wrapping Up

Urination dreams are most commonly associated with emotions and financial conditions. But some scenarios may be related to a disease threatening your life. 

If that resonates with you, you must not let your dream affect you in any way. Your dream happened not to scare you but to make you aware so you take better care of your health.