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Dreaming About Peeing – 79 Plots & Their Meanings

Dreaming About Peeing – 79 Plots & Their Meanings

Updated on Aug 26, 2022 | Published on Oct 06, 2021

Reviewed by Katina Tarver, MA (Mental Health and Wellness Counseling) , Life Coach

Dreaming About Peeing - 79 Plots & Their Meanings

Dreaming about peeing is more common than you would like to believe. 

Yes! They do not happen only to infants, toddlers, and little children but also to healthy and well-built adults. But then, why not because often, in the dream world, peeing is associated with emotions, and it’s not like adults are devoid of feelings, right?

In fact, you might even have a dream of peeing only to realize the next instant that you have wetted your bed (in real life).

Though in most cases, peeing in a dream is related to a full bladder, it may even have to do with the cleansing of your emotions. 

Dreaming About Peeing - 79 Plots & Their Meanings
Dreaming About Peeing – 79 Plots & Their Meanings

What Does It Mean When You Dream About Peeing?

More often than not, peeing in a dream is related to your emotional state. Depending on the scenario it may either mean you have no control over your emotions or are in complete control. 

Generally, urinating in a dream plot could be a symbol of emotional and mental cleansing. Perhaps you have finally resolved a problem that has been bugging you for years on end. And now that it is out of your way, you feel utter bliss. 

Alternatively, the dream might have surfaced because you have decided not to let negativity screw your peace and progress any longer.  

Such scenarios may also happen if there’s little to no privacy in your life. Perhaps you think you have given too much information about yourself to others. 

Or maybe you have unintentionally let others trespass your emotions and feelings. Because some scenarios hint at the need for you to draw a boundary. On the flip side, your dream could be a sign that you are well-prepared to share secrets with a closed one. 

Some scenarios could even symbolize your arrogance after you climb the social ladder, thanks to your overnight success. If you secretly think we are talking about you here, there’s still time to fix your attitude. 

Remember, life is neither a bed of roses nor thorns. The person you are looking down on today may miraculously overtake you tomorrow. 

The dream may also be hinting at several changes that your body is going through. 

Peeing In Dream Meaning: Various Symbols

1. Your bladder is full

According to psychologist Sigmund Freud, peeing dreams surfaced only when your bladder is full and needs to be emptied. Well, this clearly explains why you sometimes dream of peeing and actually find yourself wetting your bed in reality. 

Though this is one of the most probable reasons, other experts believe such dreams say a lot more about you and your life than just a full bladder. 

2. You have a secret

Though not common, peeing dreams could symbolize a secret you are guarding well. But contrary to what you had planned or expected, it is directly or indirectly hurting people around you. 

You might have kept it within you for fear of hurting your loved ones. But now that you know what your subconscious is trying to tell you, there’s no reason for you to keep it concealed any longer. 

Look for an opportune time to disclose it. Surprisingly, it could even turn out to be one of your best decisions. And if you do it the right way, you might end up winning the hearts of your people! 

3. You need an emotional cleansing

Dreams associated with urination have much to do with emotions. Perhaps you need to let go of your pent-up feelings. Have you been withholding them for way too long?

Or it could even be a sign that you are having trouble releasing them though you want to!

4. You have no control over your emotions

Peeing in dreams could be a sign that you have little to no control over your emotions. 

On the flip side, depending on where you peed, your scenario may also mean you’re repressing your emotions. 

5. Your life lacks privacy

Perhaps you have given out too much information about yourself to others. Maybe you have unintentionally let others trespass your emotions and feelings. In that regard, your dream is a sign that you need to mark your territory. 

6. Toxic people and negative energy 

Basically, when you pass urine in real life, you are letting go of toxins that do no good to your body. Considering that, your dream could be insisting you release all the negativity and break off relationships with people who do more harm to your life than good. 

Is there anyone who continuously encourages you to drink against your will? Or maybe he or she keeps asking you to invest in his or her shady business? 

If you feel such people are hovering around in your life, you know what to do next!

7. Something has gone out of control

In reality, some people lose control over their bladder and pee against their wishes. From that perspective, certain dreams about urinating mean a situation has gone out of control. 

Dreaming About Peeing: 79 Different Dream Scenarios And Their Interpretations

1. Dreaming about peeing

If you dream of peeing, it may be a sign that you will soon find relief and relaxation in your life. Maybe you will finally manage to overcome the problems that have been clinging to you for a long time. 

2. A dream about peeing and realizing that someone has seen you

If that was what you dreamt of, try asking this question to yourself.

‘Has someone or an event pissed me off?’ 


‘Am I annoyed with myself for some reason?’

For instance, let’s say your superior saw you peeing in your dream. Then, it may be an indication that you feel defenseless before him. Because at the end of the day, he is your boss and has every authority over you. 

However, looking at the plot subjectively, that boss may be a representation of your inability to take power over your own life. 

3. A dream about urinating in a high arc

The scenario is closely related to your self-confidence. 

4. Wetting yourself in a dream

Dreaming about wetting yourself is a harbinger of bad days. Try to avoid arguments and conflicts around this time to stay away from trouble. 

5. Dreaming about accidentally wetting yourself

According to the scenario, you have repressed enough emotions. And likely, you are on the verge of an emotional explosion. 

6. Dreaming about standing in queue to pee

This might sound selfish but always put yourself first – in any situation and under any circumstances. If there’s something you are passionate about in your life, do not let the opinions of others hold you back. Cater to your needs first before you try to fulfill others’ wishes. 

Basically, your subconscious is telling you to live your life and let others live their own. 

7. Pissing in droplets in a dream

If you see yourself peeing in drops, it means you would finally manage to pay back debts, though in an installment system. 

8. A dream about peeing a lot

If you pee a lot in a dream scenario, it possibly symbolizes the various problems you are battling with currently. 

As per the plot, you have not let yourself get discouraged by the issues. Instead, you have been giving your best. Your subconscious encourages you to keep going because your bright days may be around the corner. 

9. Dreaming about peeing and feeling relief

According to the dream, you are on the verge of releasing evil thoughts, feelings, and desires. Simply put, you will soon let go of everything that has hindered your progress towards a successful career or becoming a better person. 

Or, in the words of Sigmund Freud, if you feel blissful after urinating in a dream, it means you are ‘releasing all your complexes’. 

Going forward, expect to find success and fulfillment in whatever you take up. 

10. Dreaming about urinating with pain

The most widely accepted interpretation of this scenario is that you have urinary tract-related issues in your waking life. 

To dream about peeing with pain also means you are being too withdrawn around friends and family. Perhaps there is something wrong with the way you deal with your loved ones. 

In some worse cases, it might be a revelation that you will get into a nasty argument with one of them. 

11. Dreaming about peeing but withholding some of the urine

The interpretation of this scenario depends on your current financial situation. If you are wealthy, expect to undergo a downfall. On the contrary, if you are in a pathetic state, your financial status will improve tremendously. 

12. Peeing for a long time in a dream

Based on the plot, you are investing much of your time and effort on insignificant things. 

Peeing for a long time also means you have a distrustful nature. You are a skeptic and tend to look at people and situations from a negative point of view. 

Positively, it may also mean you are presently in a state of bliss after battling against a tough situation for a long time. Now that you have finally overcome it, you feel relieved. 

13. A dream about urinary incontinence or involuntary urination (uncontrolled leakage of urine)

Sometimes, you will have dreams of involuntary urination, which is a sign that you do not have control over your feelings and emotions. 

14. Dreaming that you were unable to pee

In your dream, if you were unable to urinate, it shows that you feel overwhelmed in waking life. 

The plot is also associated with your spending habits. Are you being a miser and saving up every single penny? In that case, your subconscious wants you to be a little kinder to yourself and treat yourself to at least the essentials. 

15. Dreaming that you were unable to find a place to pee

According to the scenario, you long to get rid of your bottled-up feelings. For better or for worse, you want to share your emotions with someone. You want someone to understand and empathize with you. 

But the scenario shows you do not have enough courage to release them. You do not feel confident and even skeptical of how others will judge you.

You also need to remember that your lack of confidence could be one of the reasons you are unable to achieve your goals. 

Having said that, the scenario may also be telling you that you need to hit the loo in real-life asap. 

16. Seeing urinals in a dream

However close you are to someone, always keep a safe space between you and that person.

It may also mean you must let go of your pride and ego to prepare for the journey ahead. 

17. Dreaming about seeing a row of men’s urinals in a dream

Whether you are a man or a woman, dreaming about several men’s urinals indicates you will likely get into a conflict with the opposite sex

18. Urinating with someone else in a dream

If the person in your dream is someone you know well in real life, the scenario denotes that the two of you will develop a promising relationship. 

19. A dream of peeing and wake up peeing/ Dreaming about peeing and actually peeing

If you had a dream about peeing and woke up feeling warm, realizing the next minute that you have wet your bed, you are definitely not alone.

These are common dreams, and many adults have experienced them, though a lot do not admit them. 

According to research, bedwetting occurs in 1 to 2 percent of adults and is nothing to fret over. 

Often, it is a sign that you need to let go of the feelings you are repressing. 

The interpretations can differ for different dreamers and circumstances. You may also get the dream if you are denying your feelings for someone. 

Are you acting like you feel nothing for your best friend when all you want is a deeper, more than a friend, type of relationship?

Urinating In A Dream: Different Places

Locations play a vital role in peeing-associated dreams. It is, in fact, the first and foremost thing you must recall if you had peed or saw someone doing so in your sleep cycle. 

20. Dreaming about urinating on a diaper

Urinating on a diaper in a dream shows there’s someone in your life who deeply cares about you. 

21. Peeing for a pregnancy test

This is an interesting dream. Unsure about how something will take shape, you are testing the waters and analyzing the general reaction of others. 

In all likelihood, your next steps depend entirely on their response, and you are being careful not to give away what you are really after. 

For example, let’s assume that you are in your early teens. Further, let’s imagine your mother is dead against you dating before you hit 21.

If you are currently seeing a guy or a girl, it would mean you beat about the bushes as you ask your mother how she would feel if she finds out that you are in a relationship! The point is to find out her reaction to your secret dating without letting her know that you are actually seeing someone. 

22. A dream about peeing pants

To dream about peeing in your pants is a bad omen. You are more than likely to encounter financial crises if you dream of the above scenario. Apparently, the scenario occurred to prepare you for the approaching storm. 

Wetting your pants in your sleep state is also a sign that you’ll likely get into conflicts with others for work-related problems. 

23. Wetting your bed in a dream

To dream about wetting your bed implies that you feel ashamed and guilty about something you have done. On the other hand, it means you are not ready to show the emotions you have been repressing for a while. 

It may also symbolize your hatred for someone. Perhaps you will end up cutting ties with that person. 

24. A dream about wetting someone else’s bed

This is unfortunate, but you need to hear it out! Some of your acquaintances or ‘friends’ find you annoying and your company dull. If you care a bit about self-worth or respect, you must think twice about further hanging out with them. 

25. A dream about urinating in your own house

This is an auspicious sign as it marks the end of your existing problems. Very soon, you’ll be able to take the burden off your shoulders. 

26. Peeing right outside your house in a dream

The plot hints at a possible burglary in the foreseeable future. 

27. Urinating at your workplace in a dream

In a dream, if you peed at your workplace, it means you should communicate better and establish a stronger relationship with others. 

28. Dreaming about peeing in your workplace toilet

Possibly, you don’t share good relationships with your workmates. 

Do you push away anyone who tries to get close to you? If yes, your subconscious urges you to be more responsive to them. At the end of the day, they are the ones who would help you if anything happens to you while at work. 

29. Dreaming about peeing in the sink

If you dream about peeing in the sink, it shows that you are a compassionate person and care about the needs of others. 

30. Dreaming about peeing in the bathroom

According to the dream plot, you are not expressive. Most of the time, you prefer to keep your feelings concealed- good as well as bad. 

This trait will come off as you being a two-faced person to some negative-minded people. 

31. A dream about peeing in the toilet

You are likely holding on to emotions because you are afraid of how others will react to them. This has been going on for quite a while. Maybe you are denying your feelings for your best friend or a person who you feel you shouldn’t fall for in the first place. 

But to dream about urinating in the toilet means you are not going to take it anymore. You are making plans to release your pent-up feelings where it’s due. Likely, you’ll walk up to the person in question and spill everything you feel about them. 

Alternatively, other interpreters agree that peeing in the toilet symbolizes ascending the social ladder. 

On a positive note, peeing in the toilet in a dream vision indicates you have complete control over your life. 

32. Peeing in a dirty toilet in a dream

The mistakes you made earlier have become a stumbling block to your growth and progress. 

Based on the plot, you long to share your pent-up feelings with someone. But the filthy bathroom denotes that you still haven’t found a trustworthy person to share your emotions with.

33. Dreaming about peeing in your pants while inside the restroom

The scenario is a harbinger of financial crises. You will likely fall due to your irresponsible spending habits. 

To begin with, having this dream indicates you often squander away money without any guilt. Speaking of which, it’s good that the dream happened before you go bankrupt in real life. 

Dreams often warn you of things and events you have failed to notice, and it’s your responsibility to act according to the guidance. If you do not desire to announce yourself bankrupt, it’s high time you limit your expenses.  

Looking at the scenario from another perspective, it may mean you will get into a terrible argument with someone, possibly a friend. Should this happen, you must refrain from anything that would end up embarrassing yourself or your friend. 

34. Dreams about peeing in weird places such as a pot or a bucket

Dreams about urinating in any of the above objects mean you are in serious trouble, especially finance-related. 

It may also mean you are holding on to your feelings and emotions. 

Are you annoyed with someone but acting okay? Or are you too ecstatic about something that you have no idea how to put it through to others?

35. A dream about urinating in the water

The scenario marks the beginning of your good days. 

36. Dreaming about urinating in the sea

If you see yourself pissing in a sea, you would soon be parting with a significant amount of money. It could be a donation to a charity or even taxes. 

37. Peeing on the floor in a dream

To dream about urinating on a floor is a harbinger of promising days ahead. Unquestionably, your financial situation will improve significantly. 

Negatively, the dream denotes this is a period your haters will rejoice. In reality, nobody in his sane mind pee on the floor. Therefore, to see yourself do that in the dream shows that you have lost control of your life. Presently you are an utter mess and laying your trap.

Having said that, peeing on the floor may have more to do with emotions and not just good days and bad days. If in the dream, you peed on the floor inside a private space, it means you are expressing your emotions well without feeling threatened by your conscience or external factors. 

On the flip side, if it was on the floor of a setting easily accessible by the public, it means you are releasing your pent-up emotions with feelings of uneasiness. Maybe you don’t trust that person completely, or maybe you fear getting heard by someone you don’t like. 

38. Dreaming about peeing on soil or dirt

Peeing on soil or dirt in a dream may mean you will acquire a piece of land. 

39. Peeing randomly in strange places in a dream

The scenario conveys the message that you need to show the different facets of your personality to stand your ground. 

For example, if you are a docile person and are always submissive, you’ll easily fall prey to manipulative people. Therefore, whenever the need arises you must let others know that you can be rather defiant. 

40. Dreaming about peeing in a place that you shouldn’t in secret

The scenario symbolizes a stupid or lame action on your part. 

41. Dreaming about urinating in a well

Based on the plot, you would be spending money that was illegally acquired. Say, for example, an amount you collected from gambling. 

42. Dreaming about urinating on a monument

To dream about urinating on a monument that others respect or look up to shows your dislike for your customs and traditions. Undeniably, you are someone who likes doing things according to your terms and conditions. 

43. A dream about peeing on your feet

To dream about urinating on your feet means you will likely have a transition in your professional life. For the better, if that’s what you want to hear. Perhaps you will finally get an opportunity to work in your dream company! 

Interpreters also relate the scenario to either getting engaged or married soon!

44. Peeing on yourself in a dream

If you dream about peeing on yourself, it means luck favors you around the time you have this dream. Almost everything you work on will be successful, and your loved ones will feel happy for you. 

45. Dreaming about urinating on someone else

Without a shadow of a doubt, you want to humiliate that someone in reality. It could be out of jealousy. Or it may be because you just don’t click with that person. Likely, your behaviors and actions will lead to a nasty encounter between the two of you. 

However, there’s another interesting interpretation of this dream. According to some experts, if the person you peed on is someone you know in real life, it is a sign that the two of you share an extraordinary relationship. 

46. A dream about peeing over someone else in a sexual manner

In case you envision yourself urinating over a person sensually, the scenario indicates releasing your love-related repressed feelings.  

47. Dreaming about peeing in public

According to the plot, if there’s anything you want to accomplish in your waking life, go by your wishes not by the opinions of others. It could also mean you are not being responsible for what you should do in your waking life. 

Urinating in public may also signify your life is too much of an open book. Perhaps you are letting people know more about you than necessary. Or maybe your rivals have found out every information they need about you.

Alternatively, such a scenario may mean you have no control over when, where, and to whom you display your emotions. And that might have caused you embarrassment and feelings of helplessness. 

48. A dream about peeing boldly in public

The scenario symbolizes your desire to be in control of everyone and everything. 

49. Peeing in a park in a dream

The dream signifies the potential and prospects of the endeavors you are currently engaged in. 

50. Urinating boldly before others at your home in a dream

You are trying to use something that does not legally or ethically belong to you. If this is what you dreamt of, be prepared to face challenges as many are heading towards you. 

51. Dreaming about peeing defiantly at your workplace in front of everyone

Based on the dream books of Vanga, if you dream of peeing before your colleagues at your workplace without any shame, it means you are trying to occupy the most authoritative position at your workplace. 

52. Peeing in front of other people in a dream

In the first place, dreaming about the scenario shows that you feel others are being rather rosy, intruding into your personal matters uninvited. Should that resonate, the scenario is a sign that you are trying to mark your boundary and make people stay within their limits. 

On the other hand, the scenario also indicates you will get lucky in love and relationships. 

53. Dreaming about peeing everywhere and anywhere you can 

Though it sounds insane and weird, this is actually a good sign – a promising symbol of immense wealth and prosperity in the near future. 

Urinating In Dreams: Other People

54. Dreaming of seeing another person urinating

Soon you will come across an unpleasant situation that will literally haunt you for days. 

On the other hand, if that person is someone you know in real life, you will most likely discover an embarrassing thing about that person. It could also be a sign that you feel annoyed with him or her. 

Do remember that other people in the dream world could sometimes stand for an aspect of yourself. Be open to possibilities and carefully figure out which part of your life aligns with the plot if you believe the person represents you. 

55. Dreaming of seeing someone wetting himself or herself

You sure are heading towards happy days if you see someone wetting himself or herself in a dream. Perhaps you will win a lottery or receive an inheritance. Or maybe you will get a job opportunity with handsome pay. 

56. Dreaming about someone peeing in his or her pants

The dream indicates you certainly have a handsome chunk of money coming towards you. 

57. Others urinating towards you in a dream

To dream about other people peeing towards or in your direction is a harbinger of bad days. To stay away from maximum damage, you should consider seeking help from others who can offer you valuable advice. 

58. Dreaming of a person peeing near you making you feel annoyed

Likely someone in your circle is behaving similarly in waking life. Chances are he or she often gets rid of his or her problems by pushing them towards you. 

In that case, your subconscious advises you not to let that person get away with such behavior for long, whoever he or she is. 

59. A dream about someone urinating on you

Dreaming about someone else urinating on you means that person has dumped all of his or her emotional baggage on you. Dreams are tricky. In certain cases, the person may even represent another completely different individual or even you!!!

If you believe you are good-for-nothing and unworthy of love, support, and praise, the person in your dream is most probably you. It is also possible to dream of the same if you feel disrespected in certain aspects of your life. 

60. Dreaming about seeing a toddler getting pee and potty training

The plot stands for new beginnings. If you can unlearn things you have picked up so far and abandon them for newer ideas, endless opportunities will open up for you.

61. A dream of baby urinating

You are capable of success and marvelous achievements! But they will come with a price. If you want to reach heights, you need to do a mental cleansing. 

Simply put, let go of all the negativity you have within you – emotions, ideas, thoughts, vibes, etc. Uproot them and make room for a fresh new beginning. 

Perhaps you are blaming your fate, your destiny, or even your parents for giving you a bad life. But after all, you could be your barrier. Replace the ‘Why me?’ to ‘Try me!’ and let the magic happen. 

Seeing a baby pee in a dream also indicates a turn of fortune. If you are a wealthy person, don’t be surprised if any event compels you to part with your assets. 

And if you are poor, you will unexpectedly stumble upon wealth. 

62. Seeing a naked baby urinating in a dream

If you see the above scenario in your dream, you will, in all probability, hear shocking news from your family. 

63. A dream about a baby peeing on you from head to toe

In a dream, if a baby urinates throughout your body, from head to toe, Lady Luck is on your side. 

64. Seeing a child urinate in a dream

Perhaps you have been too blind to the goings-on around you because the scenario shows you must not be too naive. 

From another perspective, a dream about a child urinating means your intuition hardly disappoints you. And hey! You are a good judge of characters.

65. A dream about a child urinating on the floor

Whenever a kid pee on the floor, he or she does not do the cleaning. Usually, his or her parents or nanny cleans up the mess. Following that, the dream is a sign that you have let someone use you. 

66. Dreaming of a child urinating on someone you envy in the waking world

This is an ill omen, for that person. There’s a strong possibility that his or her status or image will get tarnished soon. 

67. Seeing a small boy urinating in a dream

To dream about a small boy peeing means you sometimes tend to showcase your most childish behavior at the most inappropriate time leaving others speechless. 

68. Dreaming about a female peeing

First things first, let us tell you that this particular plot has different interpretations depending on your gender. 

If you are a female and dream of another unknown female peeing in your dream, one of your friendships will likely fall apart. 

On the contrary, if you are a man, you are most probably sexually anguished, as per the theory of Sigmund Freud. 

69. A dream about seeing a man pee

Your higher self advises you to look at people and situations positively. Not only will that open up unexpected opportunities but will also make you feel content. 

70. Several people lining and urinating in a dream

Most probably, a man will step forward to help you fix some of your existing problems. And the dream shows you must listen to each word as if your life depends on them. 

Peeing In A Dream Meaning: Different Dreamers

71. A sick person dreaming about peeing in the toilet

In case you see this scenario while you are not in the best of health, the dream represents a quick recovery. 

72. A young person urinating on the floor in a dream

If you are young and dream of urinating on the floor, you will most probably embarrass yourself soon. 

73. A single person dreaming about peeing on his or her feet

If a single person dreams of the above scenario, it means he or she will meet someone who loves him or her genuinely. 

74. A married person dreaming about urinating in a disgusting manner

According to the plot, you have some problems in your life that need to be figured out and resolved soon. Here, we are assuming that you have tied the knot. 

75. A woman dreaming about another woman urinating and feeling ashamed about it

In the plot, if either you or the other woman felt ashamed in the dream, it means you must keep certain facts and information about you private, especially those you believe are too shameful. 

76. A woman dreaming of a man urinating

If you are a woman and dream of a man peeing, it means you will get into trouble with your husband. 

77. A woman dreaming about a man peeing on her

If you are a woman and dream of a man urinating directly on you, it shows that you are spiritually unclean. Think back to your past deeds. Have you engaged in anything you believe is spiritually and morally wrong?

Alternatively, it may mean someone entertains dirty thoughts about you.  

78. A woman dreaming about peeing like a man

If you are a woman and dream of yourself urinating like a man, it means you desire to possess qualities that are generally associated with the masculine gender like physical strength and a well-built body. 

Sometimes, the dream may also be associated with your sexual identity. 

79. A man dreaming of standing and peeing

For a man dreamer, dreams about urinating while standing foretells good luck. 

Psychological Meaning Of Dreams About Peeing

Psychologically, peeing dreams refer to a loss of control over a situation or your overall life. You might have been too generous and forgiving to someone only to realize that they have crossed their limits. 

Has someone taken your kindness for granted? 

If so, your subconscious may be urging you to mark your territory. Under any circumstances, do not let anyone abuse your generosity. 

Spiritual Meaning Of Peeing In Dreams

From the spiritual point of view, peeing in dreams denotes the end of your worries and the beginning of happy days. 

On the other hand, it means sharing your secrets with someone you love. 

Biblical Meaning Of Urinating In A Dream

According to the Bible, if you have a dream about peeing, it shows that you must let your intuition guide you whenever you face any trouble in life. 

Here’s a verse from the Bible. 

“Drink water from your own cistern, flowing water from your own well” ~ Proverbs 5:15

Possible Reasons Why You Dream Of Peeing

To make matters easy, we have listed some of the most common reasons you get such weird dreams. 

  1. Either you have absolute power and control over your life and emotions (peeing in the toilet), or you have no control over them (urinary incontinence).
  2. In certain cases, it means you long to release your feelings but are unsure of how others will receive them.
  3. You are on the verge of an emotional explosion. 
  4. Some dream scenarios show the necessity to put yourself and your needs first, before others’. 
  5. There’s a lack of balance in your life. 
  6. Such dreams may be a sign that you will soon acquire a lot of fortune.
  7. Your family tree is going to expand in the near future. 
  8. You should let your intuition guide you.
  9. You are wasting your precious time on insignificant things. 
  10. Someone has annoyed you. 
  11. You will soon get lucky in love and relationships. 
  12. You may fall sick soon. 

A Few Questions You Must Ask Yourself If You Dream Of Peeing

Consider asking yourself these questions to get closer to your dream meaning.

  1. Where did you pee in your dream? Was it in a public domain or a private setting?
  2. If it happened in front of others, were you ashamed, or didn’t you care about it?
  3. If the incident took place in a private area, where exactly did it happen – in the toilet, your bedroom, bathroom?
  4. What did you pee on – a bathroom sink, a pot, bucket, monument, someone else, or even yourself?
  5. What was the color of your urine, and for how long did you pee? 
  6. How did you feel while peeing or even after it? Did you feel pain or relief? 
  7. Were you alone, or was someone else with you?
  8. If you saw someone else peeing, who was it? Was it someone you know in the real world? 

Wrapping Up

With that, we finally wrap up our web post on dreaming about peeing. By now, we hope you have a clearer idea about which parts of your life your dream is hinting at. 

As mentioned, urination dreams are most commonly associated with emotions and financial conditions. But some scenarios may be related to a disease threatening your life. If that resonates with you, you must not let your dream affect you in any way. 

Because most probably, your dream happened not to scare you but to make you aware so you take better care of your health.