The dream of a positive pregnancy test is a weird fantasy that occurs when you are about to move through a radical transformation in life. 

The subconscious mind can create incongruous images of real life happenings by irrational combinations and odd juxtapositions. These dreams are related to pregnancy dreams and happen with women who wish to conceive, or are trying to sustain the conception process.

Dream of Positive Pregnancy Test – 14 Types and Illustrations
Dream of Positive Pregnancy Test – Various Types and Illustrations

Dream about Positive Pregnancy Test – General Symbolic Meaning

Dreams about pregnancy tests symbolize transitions and a shift towards something new and exciting. It signifies purpose and progress in personal endeavors.

In general, the dream of pregnancy is all about creation, sustenance, nurturance, growth, and evolution. The process marks the beginning of something bringing the message of optimism and progress.

The general symbolic meanings of dreams about pregnancy test are as follows:

  • Wish fulfillment – Literally, dreams about positive pregnancy tests means your desire to conceive or procreate in waking life. You have a strong wish to become a parent and it’s showing up in dreams. 
  • Symbol of being pregnant – When you get recurring dreams of positive pregnancy tests it means that your body is signaling a creative process of conception and child-birth. 
  • Symbol of growth in career and profession – Symbolically, dreaming of a positive pregnancy test means a positive growth in career and job. 
  • Transition in personal life – In personal life also, pregnancy symbolizes family bonding and couple relationships
  • A positive sign of good luck – Dreams about positive tests are a sign of good fortune and prosperity. It symbolizes wealth and abundance. 
  • Symbol of a fresh start – Pregnancy denotes a new beginning in your life. Thus the dream denotes the start of some creative process undertaken by you. 
  • Sign of anxiety and fear – Any new event or change can bring a plethora of negative feelings and that’s absolutely normal.

Biblical Interpretation

Dreams of positive pregnancy tests are a self check method of whether things are moving according to what you have wished for. You are trying to evaluate your efforts and seeing whether it’s giving a fruitful result.

A positive pregnancy test indicates good luck and prosperity. In waking life, it symbolizes a new phase of life that will give you immense joy and pleasure. The test result is a symbol of creativity, self-growth, and prosperity. 

Common Dream Scenarios about Positive Pregnancy Tests

Dreaming about pregnancy tests and its results is a frequent dream theme for many women who are trying to conceive or are concerned about their failure to get pregnant in waking life.

In this section, we will be discussing a few common types of dreams about pregnancy tests and their positive and negative symbolism in waking life.

Dream of a Negative result of a pregnancy test

This dream has different meaning depending upon the context of the dream and your real life circumstances. If you are pregnant and trying to conceive in your waking life, this dream symbolizes despair and disappointment. 

A negative result means you are not pregnant and will have to wait for good things to come in near future. The dream represents that you have lost something important. Worries and anxieties about the future are apparent in the dream theme. 

If the couple is struggling to conceive a baby and had suffered previous miscarriages, then this dream represents hopelessness and anguish. 

Someone else’s pregnancy test

Seeing someone else’s pregnancy test and are eager to know the results symbolizes your concern for the well-being of that person in waking life. You are probably worried about their problems but do not know how to offer help to them. 

This dream symbolizes anxieties that you may have for a close family member or a friend who is going through a lot of hurdles in life.

Another positive dream interpretation related to this theme is you are happy to see their success and wish to draw some positive vibes and improve things in your own life.

A pregnancy test without a result

A weird dream where you never got a chance to know the outcome of the pregnancy test symbolizes confusion and lack of clarity in waking life. Maybe you do not know the life goals and what exactly you wish to do in future. 

You are anxious and worried about the unknown future. This dream represents self-doubt and lack of confidence. Probably you are scared because you do not know the outcome of your actions. In such a dream, anxiety is the key emotional element. 

The dream indicates that you are stuck in problems, thereby feeling confused and perplexed about your next move. Your decision making power has become poor due to lack of clarity and proper understanding of what’s happening in your life.

Dream of buying a pregnancy test kit

The meaning suggests that you have started to take up something new in your waking life. Seriously that you have ignored for long in your waking life. It means you are resolving some issues that you should have overcome by now. 

Such dreams mean to let go of the past issues and move ahead in life. This dream represents new possibilities for change and growth and you want to give it a shot. 

Any test means putting yourself in some kind of evaluation and breakthrough. Buying a pregnancy test means you are eager to experience the changes occurring and want to move with the flow of time.

Some significant changes may show up in your career or personal life and you are happy about it. However if you bought a test but have not used it to confirm your success and failure then it means you are scared and apprehensive about your future. 

A man buying the pregnancy test  

It represents your suspicion about the intentions and whereabouts of your partner in waking life. 

You fear that he might be in an affair behind your back. This dream comes from a fear of being cheated and deceived by a loved one in your real life. 

Maybe your worries are unjustified and you should resolve issues with him through proper communication. .

Dream of a pregnancy test by a virgin

The dream symbolizes that your existing plans will soon fetch good results and things will work out as desired. It represents a change in career or personal pursuits that you have been trying for a long time will soon happen.

Negatively the dream represents that someone is gossiping and conspiring against you in waking life. 

Pregnant woman dreaming about the test

It indicates that she will have a baby soon. The dream reminds you to remain hopeful and embrace the changes happening in your waking life. It tells you to be patient and calm in your daily life, to take good care of yourself to sustain the pregnancy full term.

Dream of a failed pregnancy test

The dream meaning symbolizes relief from real-life obstacles and hurdles. This dream depends upon your feelings of the issue in hand. If the problem is bothering you a lot, then a failed test means good to you. 

But if the issue of real life is not worrisome and the test fails, it means disappointment and bad luck. Something in real-life did not go according to the set plan.

Seeing multiple pregnancy tests

When It represents your impatience in waking life. You might be trying to achieve things in a rush and don’t wish to wait longer. 

This dream is symbolic of something going on in your waking life where you are reluctant to wait for a good result and wish things to happen as soon as possible. 

This dream represents mental irritation and lack of focus. You are getting tied up in several problems in daily life because of nervousness and annoyance.

Dream of an Invalid pregnancy test dream

Seeing the pregnancy test results as invalid means confusion. You are not sure whether the results of your efforts will be positive or negative. If you are pregnant in real-life, this dream symbolizes unhappiness, hopelessness, and disappointment. 

You could not achieve whatever you wished for. Contrary if you’re not pregnant and see an invalid test result, you may feel happy and relieved. An invalid test indicates malfunctioning and lack of order in real-life situations. 

Being scared while taking the pregnancy test

If you’re afraid and terrified to take the test, it represents anxiety and real-life worries. You are unsure, confused, and fearful of what’s going to happen next. The dream represents your avoidance or escaping tendencies. 

You are not ready for the change that will be arriving soon and thus trying to avoid it. This dream symbolizes hidden anxieties, self-doubt, and your inability to face odds in life.

Partner trying to hide the pregnancy test report

When your partner is trying to hide the pregnancy test report, it could mean that there are hidden secrets in the relationship that you have overlooked for a long time. The dream symbolizes lack of faith and love in the relationship

Seeing an old woman taking the pregnancy test

This dream indicates something good is coming up for her children and family in waking life. This dream is purely symbolic of new beginnings, good luck, and prosperity. 

It means progress and successful endeavors in the personal life of the dreamer. The dreamer will conquer all adversities easily and lead a successful life.

A faint positive pregnancy test

A faint red line on the pregnancy test kit means you are confused about the upcoming projects in waking life. You do not know whether to go for it or to leave it for the time being. 

The dream symbolizes lack of clarity and understanding. You are in a state of shock and disappointment. 

Summing Up from ‘ThePleasantDream’

As a woman, you are blessed to procreate and nurture a new life within you. Seeing a pregnancy test in dreams is a common one but it seldom relates to the actual pregnancy in waking life. 

Rather these dreams carry the message of creation and affectionate care and concern, coupled with fears and confusion related to any new beginnings in life.