Are you frequently dreaming about pulling out teeth? Well, don’t worry, you’ll not be toothless!

There are some deeper meanings attached to this dream.

After careful observations, our dream dictionaries have successfully listed their possible interpretations.

So, without further ado, let’s first start the journey with some general interpretations…

Dreaming about Pulling Out Teeth – General Interpretations

Dreaming about pulling out teeth asks you to spend more time with yourself. Moreover, it asks you to express what you feel.

You are right if you think these dreams have only negative meanings attached to them. But you can use these clues to make your life positive. Here is what your dream is trying to convey.

1. Someone thinks you’re useless

Dreaming about pulling out teeth commonly means that someone thinks you’re useless. That someone may be associated with your workplace or relationship.

2. It says you have become superfluous

The dream also points towards your superfluous nature. You find yourself superfluous as a friend, parent, or worker.

3. It represents your mental anguish

Pulling out teeth in a dream is sometimes a harbinger of your mental anguish. It represents the mental disturbance you feel when you lose a part of yourself.

4. It represents painful transitions

The dream might appear as a result of significant transitions and changes in your waking life. The change is too difficult for you to accept. It puts you through physical and emotional pain.

5. It asks you to discover yourself

A dream about pulling teeth reflects upon the need for self-discovery. It hints towards emotional awareness, no matter how painful it may be to eventually lead to discovering the new you.

6. It says you find difficulty keeping a secret

This dream may show up in case you are keeping a secret. It means you are facing distress while keeping the secret. Consider thinking back to such a situation in your waking life and decide if you want to continue hiding it from others.

7. It indicates you do not express your true thoughts

Such a dream indicates the hidden thoughts you are not ready to express. It depicts something you are holding back at work or in your relationship. You need to let go of these thoughts.

8. It depicts your fear of illness

The dream also depicts a fear of illness rooted inside you. If the teeth in your dream are rotten, you are afraid of aging.

The fear could also be associated with a declination of your self-image. Hence, you need to confront your fears and fix the imbalance in your life. 

9. It indicates dishonesty

Pulling out teeth in your dream points towards your dishonesty. You are either being dishonest to yourself or others in your waking life, which can be clarified with other details of your dream.

If you look at a mirror, it states you are being dishonest to yourself. Hence, you need to analyze your life and stop being dishonest to yourself or others.

10. It represents your insecurities

This dream also throws light on your insecurities. It may be due to your self-doubt regarding your physical appearance or how you handle your job, family, and relationships.

Dreaming about Pulling Out Teeth – 13 Types & Their Meanings

There can be different meanings for pulling out teeth dreams. Some common dreams related to this theme and their meanings are given below.

1. Dream about struggling to pull out broken teeth

Dreaming about struggling to pull out broken teeth depicts something being forced out of you. There is something in your waking life you do not want to admit or speak about, so you struggle to let it go.

2. Dream about an unknown person pulling on your teeth

Dreaming of an unknown person pulling on your teeth reflects the dark side of your personality, which you keep hidden from the world.

3. Dream about pulling out loose teeth

Dreaming about pulling out loose teeth is a sign of good fortune. It represents strength, resilience, and persistence. Like you pull out loose teeth, you would pull out bad times from your life with these qualities and taste success.

4. Dream about pulling out wisdom teeth

This dream is a depiction of your efforts and hard work. You will soon reap its results in terms of good fortune and success. You are moving a step closer to your goals.

5. Dream about pulling out gum from teeth

Dreaming about pulling out gum from your teeth shows a lack of connection between you and your family and friends. You need to get in touch with them and nurture your relationships.

6. Dream about pulling out the wire from teeth

Dreaming about pulling out the wire from teeth represents the depth of things. You need to bring clarity to your life by rethinking your plans and goals to get into the depth of what you want in life.

7. Dream about pulling out hair from teeth

This dream depicts a lack of balance in your waking life. You need to equalize various aspects of your life and balance things. You can do so by being practical and cautious.

8. Dream about pulling out the string from teeth

Dreaming about pulling out the string from teeth is a harbinger of the immense stresses in your life. It gives rise to the need for self-discovery and positive transformation within yourself, so you can deal with whatever is worrying you.

9. Dream about pulling out worms from teeth

Dreaming of pulling out worms from teeth states you are in a controlling relationship. It reflects how you give yourself away in the relationship without realizing your worth. It is time you opened up about things and sorted your relationship.

10. Dream about someone pulling your teeth

Dreaming about someone pulling your teeth is a symbol of self-doubt. You are unaware of your ability to break chains and stay free and independent. Someone else pulling your teeth shows you depend on others when in doubt.

11. Dream about pulling stuff out of teeth

This dream is a good omen. It represents a state of new beginnings, growth, and developments in your waking life.

It will result from self-awareness, leading you towards success and prosperity.

12. Dream about pulling things out of teeth

Dreaming about pulling things out of teeth is a harbinger of your lack of connection with various aspects of your life.

It may be related to work, relationships, or personal life. Hence, you need to find peace of mind and serenity to explore the opportunities life offers.

13. Dream about pulling teeth out of your mouth

This dream is a depiction of your hidden dominating side. You want to bring it upfront and command others. It might affect your relationship with your partner, which you can resolve by adding more romance rather than domination.

Questions to ask yourself to understand your pulling out teeth dreams correctly

While understanding the meanings of our dreams, it is important to focus on specific details. Otherwise, we may misinterpret them.

Thus, it is necessary to ask these questions to yourself to ensure you identify your dream meanings correctly.

1. Whose teeth were being pulled out in the dream?

2. Did it bleed when the teeth were being pulled out?

3. What was being pulled from the teeth?

4. Were the teeth broken?

5. How did you feel in the dream?

A word from ThePleasantDream

Since dreams usually occur in the REM phase, we may often miss out on the details.

So, it’s always wise to note your dreams after waking up. And then, you can come back to this piece to check out its meaning.  

This way, you will get the answer to your dreams without forgetting what you saw in the dream.

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