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What Does It Mean to Dreaming of Dirty Water – 31 Scenarios

What Does It Mean to Dreaming of Dirty Water – 31 Scenarios

Updated on Jan 18, 2023 | Published on Nov 23, 2021

Reviewed by Katina Tarver, MA (Mental Health and Wellness Counseling) , Life Coach

Dreaming of Dirty Water – 31 Scenarios & Their Interpretations

Are you dreaming of dirty water quite often these days? 

Usually, they indicate some negativity in your current life or your future. Thus, if you can identify the correct interpretation, you’ll be able to take corrective measures on the way.

So, in this think-piece, we will discuss the meanings of dirty water dreams.

Dreaming of Dirty Water – 31 Scenarios & Their Interpretations
Dreaming of Dirty Water – 31 Scenarios & Their Interpretations

Dirty Water Dream Meaning

Dirty water dreams can interpret a warning sign of future troubles, the presence of bad influence around you, or simply a reflection of your insecurities. It can also signal some illness or your lack of control over your emotions.

Usually, dream symbols like water are linked with emotions and feelings. But if you see dirty water, there might be something that needs quick attention.

Your type of dream can bring about different interpretations. It might be a warning about your future or an indication of your current issues.

So, without wasting much time, let’s check out the general interpretations first.

1. It is a warning sign

Your dream might be a warning sign of approaching danger in your waking life. Since the dream symbol of water is connected to your feelings, your dreams might indicate that the troublesome period will cause emotional instability.

Emotions can harm many important life decisions; hence you must learn to not involve your emotions while taking any important step. 

This can also mean that your emotions get the better of you, be it anger, anxiety, or joy. An excess of any emotion can harm you. 

However, it can also be the opposite and you might be suppressing your emotions to the point of self-harm. If you tend to give in to others’ demands easily, they are likely to manipulate you and get you in danger.

2. You might fall sick

Dirty water dreams might simply be a prediction of falling sick. It implies that you are not taking care of your physical, emotional, spiritual, or psychological health.

This kind of neglecting behavior towards yourself might not be intentional. Perhaps, you are too stressed because of your life circumstances and are unable to provide yourself enough care.

Your subconscious is indicating the grave urgency of the situation. If you don’t provide yourself with the proper attention now, you might not be able to undertake your responsibilities later.

In the long run, you might suffer in your personal or professional life due to poor health.

At that moment, it will only become a greater burden to care for yourself and the situations around you. Taking small steps of self-care can prevent such predictions.

3. It is a symbol of bad influence

Some dirty water dreams about submerging in it express that you are surrounded by people with irrational thoughts. 

These people want to take you astray from your path in life during your lowest times. They might not specifically want to ruin your life, but they believe it is alright to follow the wrong path.

They are trying to convince you to join them on this journey. But, if you follow their path of dishonesty you will undoubtedly lose your reputation. 

You might not get a chance to correct your life anymore if you go off track. Even if you feel there is no other way out, choosing a dishonest or dark path will not bring you any joy.

4. You feel insecure

Dirty water in general is always related to your feelings about yourself and your surroundings. You might feel insecure about your capabilities in life. 

Such feelings might arise because the people around you are not appreciating you properly. Thus, toxicity can lead to self-doubt, loss of confidence, anxiety, and other kinds of negativity in you.

Someone might state that you are not good in your professional field, and another person might say that you are a failure of a “family member”. But does that really mean you are a failure? 

Everyone is fighting in their own time and overcoming their demons eventually. You will do too, you don’t need to match your pace with others.

5. You cannot control your emotions

Dirty water dreams can also indicate that you are having trouble containing your inner thoughts and emotions. You might be spilling your thoughts mindlessly and that is impacting both your professional and personal life. 

Sometimes, it is better to confine certain thoughts within yourself for happiness or for maintaining peace.

If you carelessly pass a comment or suggestion, you will not only attract bad luck and disharmony in your life but also reasons for regrets. 

Once you spill your emotions, you might scar someone for a lifetime. This can result in boundless regrets.

The water in your dream might be a representation of your emotions whereas dirty water resembles your negative thoughts about others.

Dreaming of Dirty Water – 31 Scenarios & Their Interpretations

You read the general interpretations but then, they are so varied, it is hard to find the correct meaning and act on it.

Well, if you remember more details from your dream about dirty water, it can help you with the interpretations better. 

Suppose you saw yourself drinking dirty water, it can mean that you are surrounded by toxic people and need to get away from them. On the other hand, a dream about dirty water in your home indicates your deepest insecurities.

There can be many meanings and solutions to your troubles. So, let’s dive into these dream types about dirty water to know more!

1. Dream about dirty running water

If you had a dream of dirty running water, this dream symbolizes that you must pay attention to your health in waking life. The dirty flowing water represents your incapability to care for yourself. 

Suppose, you have some crucial decisions to make in the future, you need to possess control over your emotions.

In your situation, if your negative emotions affect your decisions, it will attract many disasters to you. In other words, it is a warning about the possible difficult times looming around you.

Such dreams are possible only when you neglect yourself knowingly. The dream represents that you are pretty much aware of your condition yet are standing still. You need to approach your situation and fix it.

2. Dream about still dirty water

If you saw still dirty water in a dream, the stand-stillness of the water symbolizes the steadiness in your real life.

Therefore, your dream about dirty water implies the loss of purpose in your life. It also means that you have turned into a puppet, a person with no soul, aspirations, or aim in your life.

If you continue being like this, your emotional state might keep deteriorating, so you must do something to get back on track in life.

This dream is again a warning sign about something that might go wrong, yet you still have the scope of changing this prediction. You must find out your goals in life and start living for yourself now when you still have resources and choices.

3. Dreaming of dirty water flooding

A view of dirty water flooding in your dream represents emotional issues due to your surroundings.

You might be feeling overwhelmed because of the people around you in your personal or professional life. This dream interpretation calls for a quick change in your life. 

These manipulative people have used you for a long time and you have been suppressing your emotions and feelings to feel accepted.

The dirty water flood in a dream interprets your emotional state, it is flooding too and you must gain control over it.

You need to get away and live freely. Attempt to eliminate all the negativity from your life and you will feel free. The dirty flood of pent-up thoughts and emotions will be discharged likewise.

4. Dream of dirty river water

The dream interpretation of dirty river water is indicative of emotional obstacles in your real life. You are unable to express your capabilities in life because of such obstacles.

A feeling of unease is smothering you and preventing you from enjoying social situations.

The cause of this situation might be a psychological problem or a spiritual one.

If you always feel unsure of how you would behave or respond to real-life situations instead of going with the flow, you might be suffering from psychological problems.

If you are a victim of spiritual problems, you must take the help of yoga, meditation, and similar relieving methods.

The dirty water in your dream needs an outlet just like your emotions. You must pay more attention to your habits for continuing a healthy life.  

5. Dream of stagnant dirty water

A dream about stagnant dirty water is a bad sign. It signifies evil intentions around you, i.e., someone might be harboring evil intentions towards you and might attack you from the back.

This person has an innocent façade over their real face and is about to use their resources to push you to the edge. You will be in trouble if you don’t identify them soon.

This dream can also suggest that you are about to fall sick from the overflowing stress in your life. Your immunity has lowered and this indicates your body needs some attention. 

A dream about water that seems dirty and stagnant might require taking notes of your emotional and physical condition. It might be a precursor of sickness.

6. Dream that you are submerged in dirty water

The interpretation of dreams about submerging in dirty water varies. For instance, if you saw yourself drowning in dirty water, it is a sign of bad influence.

Your subconscious is signaling you that the intentions of the people around you are not pure. They possess evil thoughts and are trying to persuade you to join them on their journey.

They might intend to reach the goals of their life by unfair means and sway your beliefs with their impure thoughts.

If you step into their trap, you might lose everything for this lifetime. It is time to make decisions wisely, so do not get persuaded easily.

If you see yourself completely submerged in the dream of dirty water, it means that you feel overwhelmed because of your situation in waking life.  You must take care of the situation before it’s too late.

7. Dream about dirty sea water

A person can have several reasons for feeling anxious in life, and so do you. Your dream about dirty seawater or saltwater is an indication of your anxious feelings.

The exact reason for your anxiousness is hard to trace but you will know better about it.

You are anxious because you are aware of the problems suffocating you. You might feel overwhelmed from time to time and your subconscious is asking you to face this situation and bring out a proper solution. 

A sensation of losing control is hovering over you. This helplessness is forcing out your willpower and energy.

If you do not step forward, you might turn into a lifeless person following others’ wishes. Life is too beautiful to lose your vitality so soon, keep fighting!

8. Dream about swimming in dirty water

A dream of swimming in dirty water is suggestive of the fact that you are about to face a hard and dissatisfying situation in your life.

It might be a representation of someone else angering you or you getting annoyed at yourself for your foolish actions.

A rush of negative emotions is swarming in your heart and your subconscious is reflecting your emotions in your dream.

You must relieve yourself from these emotions, otherwise cultivating negative emotions will harm you in the long term. It can also impact your health adversely and trouble you further.

9. Dream about black dirty water

A dream of black and dirty water is a bad omen – a forecast of hardships in your future. This is a prediction about unexpected troubles in your personal or professional life.

In your professional life, you need to be careful of jealous colleagues as someone will try to get in your way of success. You might lose a tender or your plan might not succeed.

Perhaps, you planned on making some financial gains from this project but failed miserably. You probably needed that money urgently.

The negativity arising from this can also hurt your personal life. Talking to your loved ones about your troubles might help your situation.

You must stay still and unfazed about the hardships because more opportunities are waiting in the future. And you might not notice those opportunities due to your depressive mood.

10. Dream about muddy tap water flowing

If you see muddy water flowing from your tap instead of clean water, it is a symbol of the chaotic situation in your life.

Something is in ruins or almost about to be ruined in your life and even though you are aware of this, you are not taking any actions.

Your subconscious is conveying the message that this is your only chance of changing the situation for the better. 

You might be feeling hesitant because of the instability of circumstances, but that is only delaying the remedies. Your hesitation is allowing your problems to grow in number or size. 

Question yourself, what if it keeps growing? You must not wait until it becomes an unmanageable mess. Of course, your luck is going hard on you, but you have to deal with it immediately.

11. Drinking dirty water

Lately, if you are dreaming of drinking dirty water, it is a representation of consuming toxins. No, it does not mean you are drinking poison!

It means that you are surrounded by toxic people who are continuously demotivating you. They feel that expressing emotions is a good aspect of a relationship and they are doing that for your development.

You know what? Stop buying that, they are doing it to feel good about themselves and cover their shortcomings. They reflect their flaws on you and feel proud of being good elders or friends for discouraging you.

This is wrong and this dream of drinking dirty water suggests you stand up for yourself. Let them know they are hurting you, if they don’t see the point, they don’t deserve a place in your life.

12. Seeing dirty water flowing

A dream about dirty flowing water in your dreams indicates your disinterest in something. You might be in need of help and suggestions but you are getting varying ideas. Each of those ideas can take you to a different path and you are feeling confused about it.

What did they say about your idea? If all of them brushed it off, then there must be something wrong with it.

You have the option of asking what went wrong with your idea and you can learn from understanding their point of view about your thoughts.

It is great to view a situation from others’ points of view. Everyone emphasizes a different reality and if you learn all the different dimensions of truth around you, you will prosper.

13. Flood with dirty water

If you see a dirty flood in a dream, it implies that you are suffering from low self-confidence. Sometimes, it becomes hard to identify your own worth when everyone around seems to fare better in life. 

Honestly, you will always see someone doing better in your desired path. This kind of feeling results in self-doubt.

At this point, you must check the parameter of your comparison. You might have some other talent and you have always ignored it. If you can find your talent or passion, you can try your hand in that.

If you know your strengths and cultivate them, soon you will become the person you desired. Explore yourself; seek things that make you happy. If you find the right path, it will boost your confidence.

14. Dirty water at home

A dream of dirty water flooding your house is a symbol of insecurity. Your house is a representation of your safety whereas the house flood is the depiction of your insecurities overwhelming you.

You might be anxious about your current situations in your life because you are not sure how to strive forward anymore. Some situations are confusing you and you feel like there is no way out.

During such a dilemma you must consider consulting a close person and also seek others’ opinions. If you find their ideas feasible, try them.

No matter what, this is not the time to stay seated. You need to figure out what you truly want right now because time is running out.

15. Muddy water

A dream about muddy water can either be a good or bad symbol so you need to find out the interpretation of your dreams. It depends on the emotions linked to the dream and your life circumstances.

The murky water can resemble the occurrence of some drastic change in your life. This can break you to the point of emotional imbalance.

It might be linked with something or someone precious to you. At this point expressing emotions can relieve you from stress.

However, every coin has two sides and this dream has a good side. Your subconscious is indicating the necessity of managing emotions in your life.

If you manage them well, you will be capable of dealing with troublesome situations with a leveled head.

16. Dirty water in swimming pool

A dream about a dirty swimming pool is a prediction of disloyalty around you. You might not have any idea about the intentions of this traitor.

This person is giving you false hope of support and making you dependent on them emotionally. If you are not sure about identifying the culprit, avoid depending on anyone around you.

Once you become dependent on this person, he/she is planning on snatching away everything from you.

Once you stop depending on this person, they will become restless and desperately want you to share your information. And if anyone starts behaving like that, you will know whom to avoid.

17. Cloudy dirty water

If you see cloudy dirty water in your dream, it is a symbol of bad decisions in your waking life. Your subconscious is guiding you out of the possible disaster in your future.

 Some incidents in the future might agitate your emotions and it can impact your decisions intensely. Negative emotions might swarm you and the situation will provoke you to take the wrong step.

If you try to walk away from any negative thoughts, you will be able to think things through with a calm mind and reach your goals easily.

If you find it too hard to get rid of the disturbing feeling, try some refreshing activities like meditation.

18. Dirty rainwater

A view of dirty rainwater in your dreams resembles your guilty feelings. Your mind is filled with regrets and self-blame.

You probably hurt someone intentionally or unintentionally and blame yourself endlessly. Your deeds deeply affected you to the point that it is reflected in your dreams.

Hey, if you know you wronged someone, are you sure regretting will solve everything? Now that you have admitted your fault, it is time to fix things.

Admit your faults to the person, apologize, and do something to make up for them.

If they are ready to forgive you, you are lucky, otherwise don’t pressurize them.

19. Dirty water that springs up

A dream about dirty water springing up from somewhere is symbolic of a desire to start afresh. You have been having thoughts of starting all over from the beginning because you don’t feel like you followed the right path in your life.

The situation around you seems too tough or unfavorable and you want to look around for new opportunities, but you see none in your way.

After a long search for opportunities from your current journey in life, you felt that you have taken the wrong road.

You might be feeling lost and lonely as you can’t relate to anybody around you. You must find yourself, your passions, and your desires first.

Do not try to change your path in a hurry lest you make the wrong choices again. You need some time for yourself, you can also try speaking to others.

20. Moving dirty water

A dream of moving water is not a good sign. Did you notice the type of water movement? Or the source of the dirty water?

Suppose, you saw a dream about restless water which is dirty and the source may be known or unknown. This dream implies that you are feeling restless about something but you will get over this tough time soon.

Although the current situation seems like everything around you is crashing down, it will soon end and you will notice that it was no trouble at all.

However, if the motion of the water was slow and steady in your dream, you are repeatedly doing something wrong. Your actions might be affected by your emotions. 

You are pretty much aware of it and your subconscious is warning you that you need to adjust yourself to your situations.

21. Dirty water overflowing

The dream of overflowing dirty water represents a breakdown in your real life. You were probably sure of your choices in life and didn’t want to have it any other way.

But out of the blue, you were proved wrong and now you are confused and shaken.

You might be shocked and feel like everything has ended in your life after this incident. You probably invested a lot of emotions and hope into it and now everything is gone.

You are bound to feel this way in your situations. If you feel guilty for something, admit it. If you feel that there is a chance of fixing anything, try it. 

Don’t let regrets haunt you for the rest of your life. And if it is the dead end, seek new opportunities to build yourself back into a better person.

22. A lot of dirty water

If you saw a lot of dirty water in your dream, it again implies that you have done something wrong.

Your subconscious is asking you to change your ways of treating people. Even if you did it knowingly and willingly, it will not do you any good.

You became the source of suffering for another person and a part of you is feeling guilty while the other part is denying any responsibility for the situation. 

You might keep having disturbing thoughts about your deed and that will spoil your mood very often.

Well, in your defense you might say that you became your current self because of your ambiance but that does not stand as an excuse. You still have the choice of changing yourself into a better person and it will relieve your conscience.  

It is easy to step into the wrong path, so you had an easy time being what you are now. It will be very hard to change, but you must change yourself to find peace.

23. Dirty water standing in a pond

If you feel that expressing emotions is hard for you then this dream of dirty water standing in a pond resembles your feelings.

You might be surrounded by a lot of negativity currently and find it troublesome to be open about your feelings. 

You are keeping all your feelings bottled up and this is the root of your dreams.

When you find something is wrong, you must try talking it out with others. This idea might seem uncomfortable because it might end in a fight, but you need to handle it calmly.

In the dream, if there is too much water, you might have done wrong to others because of your insecurities and discomfort. You must control your emotions otherwise you might fall into a troublesome situation.

24. The smell of dirty water

If you were able to smell the dirty water in your dream, your dream is a prediction of a person with evil motives around you.

This person behaves like a very close friend and you tend to share your feelings with him or her easily. Little do you know that he/she is about to use it against you and push you into a dirty situation.

You might end up misunderstanding a close person or a loved one might start distrusting you because of them.

You need to be alert about how much you share with others. This person is involved in your personal life so it can be anyone around you.

25. Drowning in dirty water

If you are scared of deep water or had a bad experience of drowning, your dream of drowning in dirty water might be related to your fears.

Suppose, you are someone who is neither of the two, this dream reflects the looming beginning of a bad phase.

The situation around you might go out of control and you might feel that you don’t have anything to do about it. 

Well, guess what? That’s exactly what you must do – don’t resist the situation. You will better be off if you tackle whatever may come in your way. This will make your journey a lot smoother. 

You don’t need to worry about your life right now since it is already out of control. Instead, be mindful of how you are handling the small troubles.

Things will settle down by themselves, and you will find yourself out of this situation soon. 

26. A well with dirty water

If you have started something new in your personal or professional life, your dream of dirty water in a well indicates some disappointments in your future.

This is a tough period for you because of the consecutive failure in your life. Your subconscious is sending you this message because you need to hold onto your hope very strongly.

Since it will be a depressive time, negative thoughts might surround you but that is not the solution.

Do not involve yourself in anything bad, it will either harm you physically or stain your reputation. You must persevere through this time.

If you saw yourself take out a bucket of water in the dream from that well, it is possible that someone might do you wrong and taint your reputation. 

You need to keep a clear mind and prove your innocence to others and gain back your position. Do not get agitated by baseless rumors.

27. A warm dirty water

If you had a dream of warm dirty water or drank a glass of water that seems dirty, your dream is suggestive of the fact that you are about to fall sick.

This might be a long-term sickness or its treatment might consume a lot of time. Since this dream is a prediction, you still have time to care for yourself.

You need to be aware of your eating habits like choosing homemade food over unhealthy fast food. It will not only assure your hygiene but also ensure a healthy lifestyle. If you start now, your treatment might not take too much time.

This dream can also be a symbolism of your real-life thirst and consumption of savory food before sleeping might also be the reason.

28. Catching fish in dirty water

Suppose you were catching a fish from the dirty water in your dream, it depicts that you are about to commit a severe mistake in your waking life. 

You will possibly make an important decision in the future but it might end in a blunder because of your inexperience in the field. 

Well, since you do not possess the required knowledge, you must seek some help from others. Perhaps, you have someone who walked through a similar path before?

You need to find that person as soon as possible, express your doubts, and ask that person to guide you through the tough choices.

You will be able to prevent this prediction from turning true with proper advice.

29. Falling into dirty water

A dream about falling into dirty water is an indication of taking a wrong step in your life. In the future, your decisions might lead you to your downfall. It might be related to your professional life. 

If you have invested a lot in some project or are about to do so, you must check the feasibility of this venture once again.

Are you sure it will bring out the predicted gains? You might end up incurring losses from this. Furthermore, your choices can impact your finances as well.

Moreover, this financial instability can impact the lifestyle of your loved ones. You need to make your decisions wisely.

30. Dirty water coming from the faucet

If you are dreaming about dirty water from a faucet, it can imply multiple things.

Your dream might symbolize that you must not force anyone to share their feelings with you. As you are forcing this person, you are also feeling frustrated about them not obeying you.

You need to create a boundary for yourself, i.e., do not force others into listening to you. Also, you must trust that person if they are important to you. 

And this goes without saying that you need to be honest with yourself because you do not seem to understand what exactly is making you more upset – the fact that they are not sharing something with you, or that you feel they are up to something behind your back.

However, this dream can also resemble that you are brimming with positivity and want your loved ones to accept you for yourself. Your life circumstances and feelings can change the dream interpretation.

31. Crossing dirty water

If you are dreaming of crossing or walking on the water in your dirty water dreams, it indicates that something is blocking your energy flow and you need to remove that blockage.

This dream symbolizes your fear of revealing your true nature to others.

You might be scared of their judgemental views. Perhaps, the people around you do not make you comfortable and you feel that suppressing your thoughts will be better than spilling them in such places.

But at the same time, your thoughts are overflowing and you are having a hard time keeping them to yourself. You are deceiving yourself by staying beside them.

If you are not comfortable with them, you must not spend excess time there because it is harming your spiritual energy.

Biblical Dream Interpretation of Dirty Water

The Biblical interpretation of your dirty water dream is related to the accumulated negative and depressive thoughts you are harboring currently. You might be going through a severely hard time or you might be making it worse for yourself.

As per the Bible, if you see dirty water in your dreams, it can imply the fact that you are possessing negativity.

You are possibly smothered with dark feelings because of the current situation of your life or due to your guilty conscience.

It is a symbolism of depressive thoughts in real life. If you feel guilty about something, you need to step forward accordingly to clear your conscience.

Your dream can also reflect that you are feeling down because others are misunderstanding you and your intentions.

Especially if you fell into dirty water in your dreams, it is symbolic of feeling trapped in a tough situation.

You possibly feel hopeless and are preparing yourself to receive others’ misunderstandings for the rest of your life. This dream represents your acceptance of the hard times. Your insecurities are having the better of you.

However, it can also mean that you overthink everything. This situation might not be a significant issue and you are blowing it up in your head.

Your subconscious is simultaneously showing you this dream and asking you to fight till your last breath and you will find a solution for it.

Questions to ask yourself to interpret Dirty Water Dreams

If you are having trouble interpreting your dream, the answers to these questions will help you reach a conclusion.

  • What were you doing in your dirty water dream?
  • Did the water stink?
  • What type of bodies of water did you see? Was it a pool, river, pond, or something else?
  • How dirty was the body of water? Was it cloudy or dark?
  • Was the water flowing?
  • Was it floodwater?
  • Was it cold water or warm water?

Most of the time, dirty water is connected with your feelings, so try to relate your dream with your emotions too.

Over to you…

The dream symbol of water is interconnected with your emotions and the dirty water similarly represents cloudy feelings or negative emotions.

Your dream interpretations of dirty water mostly signify something negative in your present or future and simultaneously it also shows a solution for your issue.

Your subconscious sends you signals about certain life decisions and occurrences. But there is no reason to blindly believe an interpretation.

About some interpretations, if you aren’t the wrong one, then you might be the victim of a wrong situation. Your interpretations depend on your circumstances. Identify them and you are sure to find a way ahead!

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