What does water dream meaning hold in real-life situations? Water symbolizes sustenance, nurturance, and life itself without which we cannot exist. Have you ever tried to understand the symbolism that such a nocturnal vision may have? 

Generally in dream symbolism water represents deep-seated emotions, spiritual energy, fluidity, and a quest for wisdom. It is a sign of new beginning and intuition as well.

Water Dream Meaning - Is A reflection of Emotion and Intuition?
Water Dream Meaning – Various Scenarios & Its Meanings

What Does Water Mean in a Dream?

Water as a dream symbol signifies the deepest feelings lying in you. It symbolizes the flow of affect from the deepest corners of the unconscious to the surface of the subconscious mind.

When you dream about water, it may symbolize many things depending upon the water body, the behavior of the ripples, your immediate reaction and the overall state of waking life. 

It signifies uncontrolled emotions that are disturbing your inner peace. At other times, water in dreams may represent a pleasurable experience such as abundance, growth, and flow of life etc.

In certain dream symbolism, water denotes purity, cleansing, spiritual awareness, and growth.

  • Flow of emotions – Water in dreams means your free flowing emotions.
  • Mobility – Dreams about water represent life, its movement and transition. 
  • Cleansing and rejuvenation – The dream means detoxification of emotional dirt that has built up in you.
  • New Beginning – Seeing a water body in dreams symbolizes good luck.  It means you will soon start a new journey of life, maybe at work, relationships, career.
  • Peace and serenity – Water represents comfort and it reminds you to stay in tune with your mood states.
  • Sign of spirituality – Water signifies abundance that removes barrenness. It symbolizes prosperity and growth in waking life.
  • Sign of being limitless – Water signifies your limitless power and a positive mindset.
  • Passion and intuition – Water represents the deep seated and intense feelings such as warmth, love.

What Does Water Mean in a Dream Spiritually?

Dreams about water symbolizes deeper emotions that one should connect with to live a fulfilled life. Spiritually, such a dream indicates spiritual growth, hope, revival, and inner healing.

Water also symbolizes holiness, purity, cleanse, heal, and energizes the soul. In spiritual scriptures, dreaming of rain water symbolizes the power and the glory that the almighty has bestowed upon humans. 

Water Dream Meaning – Biblical Interpretation

Water symbolizes pure energy that sustains life. It refers to cleansing and healing. As mentioned in Cristian scriptures, water represents washing our sins and renewal. The biblical meaning of water symbolizes baptism, purity, and blessings.

Different Scenarios of Water Dreams and Their Meanings

In this section, we will focus on some common dreams about water and illustrate its significance in real life situations.

Dream of running water

It means that you are going through a period of comfort and relaxation in waking life. You are emotionally balanced and thus will be able to make sound decisions aptly.

Running water in dreams symbolizes free flowing emotions. It means you are embracing your feelings the way they are. You are ready to express your feelings easily and are not keeping them away in the unconscious realm. 

This dream symbol also implies intuition and good decision making with regard to important things in life in the upcoming period. 

Water overflowing

Seeing water overflowing gently and slowly means that waking life is smooth and hassle-free.

You are happy with whatever you are doing right now, but if the flow of water is damaging, rough and turbulent, it means you are passing through a phase of emotional turmoil. 

Water inside the house

A dream scenario of this kind usually means a flood situation. The dream symbolizes restlessness and overflowing emotions that are hard to control. It denotes that the various life situations have impacted you badly.

Seeing flood water in the house means conflicts between family members, financial obstacles etc. The dream also suggests unresolved issues between partners that may lead to breakup and even divorce. 

Dirty water 

This represents toxicity and negative energy surrounding you in waking life. The dream tells you to go for an inner healing and cleansing process.

Probably you have bottled up negative feelings that you need to get rid of in order to feel emotionally balanced and sound.

Clear water 

This is a good sign in dream symbolism. Seeing clear water in a dream represents clarity in thought and understanding. It means you are clear about your feelings. You are freely expressing them in real life. 

The dream denotes inner peace, quietness, and a calm life that you are having in reality. If you ever dream of floating in clear water, it signifies spiritual growth. 

Dream of falling in water

It means that you are feeling uncertain and insecure about certain events of your waking life. You are concerned about where you actually stand in real life.

The dream signifies failure in personal life such as breakups in intimate relationships, disagreements with friends and family etc. 

Drinking water

This is a positive sign and represents spiritual cleansing and refreshment. The dream indicates inner peace, joy, and fulfillment in waking life.

Drowning in water 

It means you are overburdened with duties and responsibilities in waking life. You are taking much more than what you can actually handle. It represents you being overpowered by emotional turmoil and mental irritability.

Offering water to someone

This symbolism holds a positive meaning. When you dream of offering water to someone, it signifies true friendship, lasting relationships. And enriching bonds in waking life. 

Dream about restless water

 It means you are overpowered by your emotions in waking life. It means your emotions are not in control. It’s restless and turbulent and indicates a worrying time coming ahead. 


To dream of a waterfall falling from a high altitude represents success and personal growth. It symbolizes a prosperous period in business, career, personal life, relationships etc. 

Dreaming of oceans

Dream of a large water body such as an ocean means retreat, healing, inner peace, cleansing, and restoration of energy. The dream represents your free spirit and limitless energy. 

Rivers in dreams

Dreams about river waters symbolize life’s journey. It denotes your emotional state of mind that can either facilitate progress or hinder your growth in some way.

Pond water

It means stillness and serenity. Such a dream denotes your wish to sit idle and reflect upon your emotions. 

Dreaming of puddle

A puddle is a small water accumulation that usually occurs after a rainfall.

It signifies lack of clarity, haziness, and a numb feel. You are not aware of your true feelings; rather feeling confused and baffled in waking life. 

Lake water 

If you dream of lake water, it means you are at peace with yourself. Your emotions are not running high rather it is calm and poised. Lakes are usually symbolic of happiness and joy. 

Rain water 

Rain water symbolizes a cleansing process. It means you have learned to accept emotions as they are. You have shed them through tears.

Your pain and suffering has taken a backseat and now you have rediscovered yourself in a new way. It is a mark of rejuvenation and healing.

Frozen water 

If you dream of snow or ice, it means you are feeling cold and numb from within. Your feelings have hardened; as if you are not feeling anything right now. Snow symbolizes cold affect, denial, and lack of awareness about your true feelings. 

Bathing in water 

When you see yourself taking a bath, it means cleansing yourself from all the negative energy surrounding you. 

If there is someone in waking life who is trying to harm you, you may successfully resist such a malicious attempt. You will be able to take yourself out of a precarious situation without much hassle.

Dreaming of Tsunami and tidal waves

This simply means an overwhelming emotional state that runs high and shows emotional control and mastery.

The dream suggests hidden guilt, remorse, sin that is weighing you down. You are trapped in agonies that need an inner cleansing and healing as soon as possible.

A glass of water

This scenario suggests thirst and dehydration. Maybe you were dehydrated before going to sleep and your subconscious mind is just reminding you to quench your thirst.

Dreaming of flood water

Flood water dream means emotional pain and suffering beyond control. The dream symbolizes damage and devastation. Your emotions run high and are making you feel overwhelmed and restless. 

Leaking water 

A house represents a closed space for emotional comfort and wellbeing. It represents your present state of mind. Thus water leaking in the house symbolizes emotional breakdown. 

Different Colors of Water in Dreams and Their Symbolic Meanings

At times, the dreamer may visualize different scenes with variations in the color of water. Such dreams also carries symbolic meanings given underneath.

  • Blue water – Seeing blue water or swimming in crystal clear blue water indicates clarity in thoughts and feelings. It is also a sign integrity, dedication, wisdom, truth, and divinity.
  • Green water – Signifies the depth of your feelings. This dream is a clear cut indication of prosperity and purity, calmness and harmony.
  • Black water – This color suggests misfortune, grief, hopelessness, and depression in waking life.

A Psychological Perspective of Dreams about water

Dreaming of water symbolizes emotions that were not really understood and kept hidden in the unconscious realm for a long time. 

It symbolizes uncertainty, deepest fears, overwhelming anxieties, sadness, and vulnerabilities. Sometimes it means pessimism and your incapability to sail through adverse conditions in life.

Wrap Up from ‘ThePleasantDream’

Mind the flow of water in your dreams and you won’t be disappointed. The dream theme will help you gain clarity and insight about the real life issues that you might be facing. 

These dreams are intuitive lessons that uncovers secret things of the unconscious mind, the deeper emotions, the unresolved conflicts, and the need for cleansing and healing.

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