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Water Dream Meaning – 50+ Dream Scenarios with Illustrations

Water Dream Meaning – 50+ Dream Scenarios with Illustrations

Updated on Mar 13, 2023 | Published on Jun 19, 2021

Reviewed by Katina Tarver, MA (Mental Health and Wellness Counseling) , Life Coach

Water Dream Meaning - 57 Scenarios & Its Meanings

We are all aware of the significance of water in our daily lives. Water symbolizes sustenance, nurturance, and life itself without which we cannot exist. But what does water dream meaning hold in real-life situations? Have you ever tried to understand the symbolism that such a nocturnal vision may have? 

Generally In dream symbolism water represents deep-seated emotions, spiritual energy, fluidity, and quest for wisdom, new beginning with hope and renewal, purposeful living, passion, intuition, and much more.

Let us explore in depth the dream meaning of water and the way it relates to our waking life.

Water Dream Meaning - 57 Scenarios & Its Meanings
Water Dream Meaning – 57 Scenarios & Its Meanings

What does water mean in a dream?

Water as a dream symbol signifies the deepest feelings lying in you. It symbolizes the flow of affect from the deepest corners of the unconscious to the surface of the subconscious mind. The dream says all about emotional turbulence, love, passion, peace, sentiments, and even warmth. It also means cleansing, healing, growth, and rejuvenation.

When you dream about water, it may symbolize many things depending upon the water body, the behavior of the ripples, your immediate reaction, and the overall state of waking life. In certain dream themes, you may be fearful of what you just saw, as the flood in dreams, where you see overflowing water all around. 

It signifies uncontrolled emotions that are disturbing your inner peace. At other times, water in dreams may represent a pleasurable experience such as abundance, growth, and flow of life etc.

Water in dreams represents emotions, thoughts, urges, passion, and memory that remains embedded in the unconscious mind. It symbolizes our primal emotions of grief, happiness, anger, resentments, and anguish. If you dream of a clear, sparkling, and still water, it represents positivity and hope. The dream states your present state of mind.

In certain dream symbolism, water denotes purity, cleansing, spiritual awareness, and growth. It signifies fluidity of emotions and states your feelings at the moment. Sometimes, Seeing clear water in dreams means clarity of thoughts and feelings; you are happy and enjoying the tiny pleasures of life. 

To see dirty water in dreams means confusion, negative energy surrounding you in waking life. Thus, symbolically dreaming of water can either be peaceful and life sustaining or it can be overwhelming, powerful, and even destructive.

Let us delve deeper into the symbolic significance of water dream meaning and its relevance in waking life.

Flow of emotions

Water in dreams means your free flowing emotions. The dream tells you to freely express yourself in waking life. You are to free your trapped feelings related to a particular situation of real life. This makes you feel better and control your emotions in a healthy manner. 

The way you visualize the water as clear, dirty, still, or muddy says a lot about how you are feeling in waking life. When you dream about water, it also signifies emotional turbulence; those restless affects that robs your inner peace. 

The dream tells you to let go of past hurts by accepting and acknowledging them. You are not to hold on to it, rather let it free flow to clear out the mental agonies that’s bothering you in waking life.


Dreams about water represent life, its movement and transition. Just as the water flows through various landscapes, it signifies change in life’s path. The dream reminds you to review your plans and goals periodically and make desirable changes in your journey, when and as needed. If you know the path well, the journey of life can be fulfilling. 

It also gives an idea about your pace and ability to adopt yourself with changing circumstances in life. 

The dream even reminds you to be cautious of your wrong direction; and if you go wrong, just modify your plan and change accordingly.

Cleansing and rejuvenation

Water is used for cleaning everything around us. Thus when you dream about water, it means detoxification of emotional dirt that has built up in you for some time now. It hints towards emotional cleansing and healing. 

You are to remove your mental toxins, pent up emotions and start living a healthy life. The dream symbolizes getting cleaned and removing unnecessary troubles in waking life. You are to remove the odds in life, if you find it obstructing your path towards goal accomplishment.

Water as a dream symbol represents renewal and transformation. You are to cleanse and heal from within to feel refreshed and agile.

New beginning

Water is an auspicious element that sustains life on this planet. Various folklore cultures have recognized it as a symbol of a fresh start. Water is connected to Mother Earth, conception, and pregnancy. Seeing a water body in dreams symbolizes good luck.  It means you will soon start a new journey of life, maybe at work, relationships, career etc. The journey will be fulfilling and fascinating and it will help you grow and evolve substantially.

Peace and serenity

Dreams about water symbolizes inner peace and serenity. If you dream of staying inside water for a long time; such as lying in a calm swimming pool to refresh your body, mind, and spirit, it means your waking life is smooth and peaceful. 

There are not many problems that can bother you in reality. Water represents comfort and it reminds you to stay in tune with your mood states and make necessary changes in waking life to feel good and fresh always. Seeing water in a dream tells you to soothe your tired soul.

Sign of spirituality

Many religious practices use holy water for blessings and purification of our immediate living space. Water is closely connected to the spiritual realm. It is considered pure, holy, and divine. It is connected to the life force (prana) that becomes the essence of the soul. Water is associated with bathing, cleaning, watering plants etc. It is a vital element without which life cannot sustain. In spiritual terms, water signifies abundance that removes barrenness. It symbolizes prosperity and growth in waking life.

Sign of being limitless

As we know, water covers 70% of the Earth’s crust. It is a primal element that fosters and sustains life on this planet. Water signifies your limitless power. It means you have a positive mindset, can easily accept and admire changes around you. 

The dream signifies your limitless capabilities to fight odds and embrace greater opportunities for growth and innovation.

You are open to opportunities and will take up any new challenges in waking life that will bring success and help you realize life goals.

Sign of passion and intuition

Water dreams mean passion and intense feeling towards someone or something in your waking life. The dream symbolizes your free spirit and openness to embrace all the goodness that life has given you. 

Water represents the deep seated and intense feelings such as warmth, love, excitement, passion, and intuitive abilities. You are engaged and satisfied in your waking life. 

The dream represents zeal and the desire to meet your goals. Water is a sign of intuition and wisdom. It signifies clairvoyance and fore knowledge about someone or something in waking life.

A gut feeling or hunch will tell you whether the people in your waking life are trying to harm you in any way.

Water Dream Meaning – 57 Scenarios & Its Interpretation 

You just had a dream about water and you must be wondering what it all means? Is it trying to symbolize your current state of mind, your feelings and how do you respond to various situations in life?

In this section, we will focus on some common dreams about water and illustrate its significance in real life situations.

1. Dream of being in water

This is one of the most common dreams about water. If you dream of being in water, it symbolizes your innate feelings to confront the emotional element in the unconscious mind. The dream symbolizes your current emotional issues of waking life.

If you see the water as clear, calm, and still, it represents your calm state of mind. You are happy being in water and enjoying the adventure. But if you dream of being in a rough sea, it means feeling lost, overwhelmed by your emotions. It indicates fear, insecurity, unhappiness, uncertainty in waking life.

The situation of your real life may be upsetting and you are in a stagnant state of being, as if not knowing how to move forward in life. The dream implies a feeling of being restless, confused, and irritated in waking life.

2. Dream of running water

If you dream of running water, it means that you are going through a period of comfort and relaxation in waking life. You are emotionally balanced and thus will be able to make sound decisions aptly. Running water in dreams symbolizes free flowing emotions. It means you are embracing your feelings the way they are. You are ready to express your feelings easily and are not keeping them away in the unconscious realm. 

This dream symbol also implies intuition and good decision making with regard to important things in life in the upcoming period. 

If you dream of clean running water, it means change, mobility, and fluidity. The dream is a good sign for growth and prosperity. There could be good news with regard to work, career, or family life.

3. Dream about water overflowing

When you dream of water overflowing gently and slowly, it means that waking life is smooth and hassle-free. You are happy with whatever you are doing right now, but if the flow of water is damaging, rough and turbulent, it means you are passing through a phase of emotional turmoil. 

You need to release your suppressed feelings in order to calm down. The dream represents agony, grief, and emotional restlessness. It also means that you are overtaken by emotions and as such you have lost a grip over life events.

4. Dream of water inside the house

If you dream of water inside the house it usually means a flood situation. The dream symbolizes restlessness and overflowing emotions that are hard to control. It denotes that the various life situations have impacted you badly. Maybe you have ignored and avoided the problems in life and now it has become quite grave.

Seeing flood water in the house means conflicts between family members, financial obstacles etc. The dream also suggests unresolved issues between partners that may lead to breakup and even divorce. 

5. Dirty water dream meaning

Dreaming of dirty water represents toxicity and negative energy surrounding you in waking life. The dream tells you to go for an inner healing and cleansing process. Probably you have bottled up negative feelings that you need to get rid of in order to feel emotionally balanced and sound.

Seeing dirty water in dreams also means imminent danger coming your way in reality. It implies failures in real life. The dream represents your inability to sail through adversities and accomplish life goals.

6. Clear water dream meaning

This is a good sign in dream symbolism. Seeing clear water in a dream represents clarity in thought and understanding. It means you are clear about your feelings. You are freely expressing them in real life. 

The dream denotes inner peace, quietness, and a calm life that you are having in reality. If you ever dream of floating in clear water, it signifies spiritual growth. 

You are an adaptable being who can embrace change very easily. Overall the dream suggests pleasures and tiny joys of life.

7. Dream of falling in water

If you dream of falling in water, it means that you are feeling uncertain and insecure about certain events of your waking life. You are concerned about where you actually stand in real life. The dream signifies failure in personal life such as breakups in intimate relationships, disagreements with friends and family etc. The theme also means loss of control over real life situations and thus you are feeling emotionally restless and confused. Falling into a water body denotes sudden negative changes in waking life that may make you feel helpless and unpleasant.

8. Dream of being under water

In dream symbolism, seeing yourself struggling to breathe under water means you are overpowered and guided by negative emotions. It feels pressing and you wish to go back to a happy timeline when life was without troubles and responsibilities. 

Sometimes, breathing under water also signifies your desire to understand the hidden emotions that are bothering you in waking life. 

It means you are overburdened with negative thoughts and emotions; insecure about many important issues in life. The dream implies anger, grief, anxiety etc. that you might be experiencing in your waking life.

9. Dream of drinking water

This dream is a positive sign and represents spiritual cleansing and refreshment. The dream indicates inner peace, joy, and fulfillment in waking life. If you dream of drinking continuously, it means good luck, financial and professional success. 

If you drink water that is clean and clear, it symbolizes inner cleansing and healing of negative emotions. It means achievements and honor in real-life. Dreaming of drinking salt water means you need to be careful about the presence of deceitful and malicious people around you in waking life. It’s a warning sign of not to trust others blindly. Their intentions may not be good and can harm you in reality.

10. Dream of water rising meaning

A dream of water level rising in a river, lake, or pond represents overwhelming emotions, lack of control, and poor clarity about the various events of waking life. It represents suppressed emotions that are suddenly showing up on the surface. 

The dream is a bad omen denoting struggles and hurdles of real life that would be hard to resolve. The dream can make you feel worried and anxious about what’s going to come next in line.

It means greater risk, difficulties that would be hard to endure and overcome.

11. Drowning in water dream meaning

When you dream of drowning in water it means you are overburdened with duties and responsibilities in waking life. You are taking much more than what you can actually handle. It represents you being overpowered by emotional turmoil and mental irritability. Such a dream means pain and suffering.

The dream reminds you to take a break from your routine life to recoup and refresh your broken spirit. If you are drowning and feel like dying, it means rebirth and renewal.

If you’re struggling to breathe while in water, it represents stress, fear, and uncertainties of waking life. The dream represents many emotional challenges coming your way and you’re required to handle all those successfully.

12. Dream of blue water

Seeing blue water or swimming in crystal clear blue water indicates clarity in thoughts and feelings. It symbolizes truth and spiritual well-being. To dream of the color blue indicates integrity, dedication, wisdom, truth, and divinity. Sometimes, the dream denotes cleansing, healing, purification of negative energies in waking life. It reminds you to let go of negative feelings, cleanse your aura and go through a process of emotional healing and rejuvenation.

13. Green water dream meaning

To dream about green water signifies the depth of your feelings. It means intuition and wisdom as well. The color green represents prosperity and purity. If you are dreaming of drinking green water, it means promotion at work, career, growth, financial gain etc. 

Seeing yourself bathing in green water symbolizes pleasure in love life. Contrary, if you dream of falling in green swamps, it means you are being stuck in real life troubles that can make you feel apathetic. Sometimes, the green color signifies bursting energy, peace, calmness, and harmony.

14. Muddy water dream meaning

When you dream about muddy water, it represents you feeling confused, disoriented, and disorganized in waking life. Your mind is baffled and you are unable to think and decide with clarity in waking life. 

This dream is not a good sign as it represents a lot of mistakes in real life. Your bad decisions will fetch bad results and you will have to suffer the consequences of it. The dream reminds you to confront the issues in reality and avoid repeating them in near future.

15. Deep water dream meaning

This dream is a warning sign that cautions you about your future actions in waking life. It means that your life circumstances will be very delicate and you will have to think many times before deciding on something. 

The dream signifies problems at the workplace, relationships, or in family life. Deep water symbolizes the depth of the problems surrounding you in reality. It denotes overwhelming emotions, a feeling of being stuck and confined in a difficult situation from where escape may seem impossible.

16. Dream about offering water to someone

This dream symbolism holds a positive meaning. When you dream of offering water to someone, it signifies true friendship, lasting relationships. And enriching bonds in waking life. This dream symbolizes that you are always available for others. To offer water to someone means love, acre, and concern for your near and dear ones. You are offering happiness and content to someone you really care for.

17. Dream of getting sprayed with water

If you dream of getting sprayed with water, it means you are feeling numb and cold in a particular situation. Thus it represents fear and insecurity about how to move ahead in life. Others want you to open up and speak for yourself but you are unable to do so in reality. The theme indicates bottling up tensions and fears in you. To be sprayed with water by a hosepipe means to break off from your limitations and setbacks.

18. Dream of walking on water

Dreaming of walking on water denotes your unique abilities and emotional control. It also means your awareness of the emotions of other people. 

You have a sixth sense working within you that tells you about what and how people around you will be clear and easy to read and understand. The dream also means enjoying your solitude. 

You can easily self introspect and analyze your thoughts, feelings, words, and actions. It’s more about focusing on past actions and future plans that can shape your life.

19. Dream about restless water

When you dream about restless water, it means you are overpowered by your emotions in waking life. It means your emotions are not in control. It’s restless and turbulent and indicates a worrying time coming ahead. 

The dream represents that your emotions have started controlling your life and living. Your reactions towards the words and actions of others are out of control. The dream signifies anger, frustration, and resentments as well; as if you have lost your wise mind and started to think emotionally. 

Your emotions are running high and can destroy your decision making ability forever; if you do not take note of the situation and resolve the issue immediately.

20. Dream about water running out of a faucet

To dream of water running out of a faucet means you are in an urgent need to review your life goals. It tells you to think rationally, feel wisely and act accordingly. The dream means you should admit and acknowledge your true feelings. 

The theme also implies an emotional period of life when a big decision needs to be made. You are to remain cautious and not to make hasty decisions. Sometimes dreams involving such a theme are a good sign for starting a family, or the birth of a baby in the household etc. 

Either way, the dream symbolizes charged up feelings that may overwhelm you in no time.

21. Dream of waterfall

To dream of a waterfall falling from a high altitude represents success and personal growth. It symbolizes a prosperous period in business, career, personal life, relationships etc.

Anything that you will be doing in this phase of your life can bring a lot of profit. Moreover, your personal life and emotions attached with it will be happy and fulfilling.

22. Dream about water flowing towards you

If you dream about water flowing towards you, it could mean a lot of negative emotions bottling up within you. It will make you feel stuck and confined in agonies and hardships. This dream is a bad omen signifying trying times coming ahead.

You need to rule out negative energy from your system; to release them and move through a process of inner healing, cleansing, and renewal.

23. Dreaming of oceans

When you dream of a large water body such as an ocean, it signifies retreat, healing, inner peace, cleansing, and restoration of energy. The dream represents your free spirit and limitless energy.

Sometimes oceans also mean your powerful emotions that can make you feel helpless and overwhelmed. It means lack of control over your deepest fears and insecurities.

The shoreline denotes the demarcation between what the dreamers know about his/her emotions and what is unknown and hidden. If you see being tossed by the large waves of the ocean, it reflects feelings of isolation, loneliness, and seclusion.

An ocean is a large water body that also means larger than life experience that you may awe or wish to have over and over again. In this way it denotes the flow of life. In some dream themes, oceans can be rough and turbulent as well. 

It symbolizes hidden conflicts and deeper emotions that you may not be aware of. The dream tells you to give a cathartic outlet to such negative feelings to feel at peace with yourself 

24. Dreaming of rivers

Dreams about river waters symbolize life’s journey. It denotes your emotional state of mind that can either facilitate progress or hinder your growth in some way. If you dream of a raging, muddy, or mountainous river flowing through rough terrain, it reflects emotional upheavals. 

Contrary to this, a calm water in the river signifies peace, harmony, balanced emotions of joy and sadness, hope and despair. When you dream about crossing a river, it means you will successfully overcome the obstacles of waking life.

25. Dream of water in a swimming pool

When you dream of water in a swimming pool, it carries a positive meaning. It means you are relaxed, calm, and peaceful from within. It means enjoying time with family and friends.

Seeing yourself swimming in a pool and diving inside the water represents your innate desire to get in touch with your inner ‘self’. 

An empty swimming pool with no water denotes feeling of numbness and emptiness; as if you are not feeling anything. There is a void in you and you are feeling stuck into it; with no respite seen in reality.

26 Dreaming of water in ponds

When you dream of pond water, it means stillness and serenity. Such a dream denotes your wish to sit idle and reflect upon your emotions. The dream represents your quiet inner self that is peaceful and serene. Maybe your present state of mind is happy and devoid of any turmoil.

27. Water faucets and drains dream meaning

Dreaming of water faucets signifies your ability to control and regulate emotions. You can easily turn and tune your feelings on and off in the right way; depending upon the situation you are in. 

If you dream of a leaking faucet from which water is dripping continuously, it means you are in deep trauma and pain. Your heart is ailing with tears and it is looking for some solace and compassion.

Seeing hot water gushing out of the faucet signifies hot emotions like anger and frustration. Cold water coming out of a faucet signifies lack of love, sadness, difficulty with emotional control.

When you dream of water passing through a dirty and filthy drain, it means deep agony and sadness as if you are emotionally drained out and exhausted.

28. Bathtub or shower water dream meaning

Bathing in a bath tub or shower indicates renewal, cleansing, and letting go of past hurts and sufferings in life. Such a dream tells you to shed off the emotional residues related to a situation.

Seeing a bathtub full of water means you are in need to relax, to take a break, to feel fresh and unwind. You wish to pamper yourself and do some self-care that can rejuvenate your spirits.

29. Rain water dream meaning

Dreaming of rain water symbolizes a cleansing process. It means you have learned to accept emotions as they are. You have shed them through tears. Your pain and suffering has taken a backseat and now you have rediscovered yourself in a new way. 

Rain symbolizes rejuvenation and healing of past wounds and hurts that have troubled you a lot in real life. It has actually restricted your growth and progress in life.

30. Lake water dream meaning

If you dream of lake water, it means you are at peace with yourself. Your emotions are not running high rather it is calm and poised. Lakes are usually symbolic of happiness and joy. It represents happy and fond childhood memories spent with loved ones.

Usually this dream is a positive one depicting self-reflection and delving deeper into the unconscious realm to gain clarity of your inner world.

31. Stream water dream meaning

Streams are running water symbolizing flow of emotions. It represents innovative ideas that can change your life for some good. Streams also refer to free flowing positive emotions that are energizing and rejuvenating. 

It signifies gentle emotions such as joy, peace, being kind, and grateful for what life has offered you. However a bridge over a stream signifies emotional transition. Maybe you are trying to avoid an emotional issue because it is painful and unacceptable.

32. Flood water dream meaning

Flood water dream means emotional pain and suffering beyond control. The dream symbolizes damage and devastation.

Your emotions run high and are making you feel overwhelmed and restless. Floods also symbolize lack of balance and harmony between body, mind, and spirit.  It’s making you exhausted and weary.

33. Dreaming of puddle

A puddle is a small water accumulation that usually occurs after a rainfall. It signifies lack of clarity, haziness, and a numb feel. You are not aware of your true feelings; rather feeling confused and baffled in waking life. 

You may feel that your emotions are unimportant and as such it is not worthy to express them in reality. When you dream of a muddy puddle, it means confusion and lack of transparency in waking life. It could also mean some financial trouble and new hassles coming your way in real life.

34. Underground pool water and aquifers in dream

This dream symbol implies unconscious emotions that remained hidden and never got a chance to come up to the surface.

These repressed emotions affect the real life of the dreamer. Thus the dream reminds you to find the untapped parts of yourself; so as to heal the hurts and wounds lying there; just for a better living.

35. Dream of dam and water

When you dream of a dam and water, it means you are forcibly trying to hold and repress those negative emotions that need to be expressed and released. You are avoiding and neglecting the free flow of such feelings that can backfire and can cause more pain and suffering. 

Just as the dam holds the water and restricts its free flow, the dream tries to show that you are bottling up negative energy that needs to be expressed freely otherwise more agonies may come in future.

36. Dreams about tears

Tears symbolize a healthy emotional expression. The dream indicates compassion, pain that is released in a healthy manner. It is symbolic of healing and inner cleansing.

The tear drops indicate that the dreamer has gained enough clarity about how to keep oneself cool and sail through hardships. The dream hints towards developing resilience and endurance to combat all hurdles in life.

37. Dreaming of sweat

If you dream about sweat it means you need to work hard in order to achieve your goals. It indicates that the dreamer should cool down; whenever feeling angry and restless because it will keep worries and nervousness at bay.

38. Sewage water dream meaning

When you dream of sewage water, it means you wish to let go of repressed feelings, past hurts and sufferings that were trapped inside you. You just wish to discard and disown those feelings that were shameful and led to a poor self-image.

Sewage in dreams is symbolic of negative energy that you should get rid of in waking life. It signifies inner healing, emotional cleansing, and expressing toxic emotions that were festering you for long. In doing so, you will rejuvenate and feel fresh inside out.

39. Diving inside water dream meaning

If you dream of diving deep inside the water body, it means that you will easily sail through difficulties. It means to delve deeper into your unconscious thoughts, needs, desires, feelings, and actions and try to relate them with the events of waking life. 

You shall not be affected by the hardships and can shrug off any obstacles coming your way in real-life. Such a theme also represents deep seated emotions that you are aware of. It denotes success in creative and professional endeavors.

40. Crossing a body of water dream meaning

This dream symbol shows longing for freedom, change, and transformation for something better in life. You wish to move forward by exploring new ways of living.

Maybe you yearn to move out of your comfort zone and explore a new world of opportunities that can bring growth and innovation in various aspects of waking life. It tells you to set aside old habits and let go of self-doubt and embark upon this new journey of absolute joy and fulfillment.

41. Splashed in water dream meaning

A sudden splash of water is a warning sign; a wakeup call that reminds you to be aware of what’s going on in your waking life.

It alerts you of some impending danger, difficulty, or obstacle coming your way that may restrict you in accomplishing your life goals. Sometimes the dream symbolizes joyful living, happiness, content, and fun-filled life.

42. Throwing water at others dream meaning

If you dream of throwing water at others, it signifies emotional outburst. You are angry and resentful for something or at someone and showing off your anguish explicitly.

You are in a need to express your emotions freely and your subconscious mind is showing just that. If you see others throwing water at you, it means you have become the target of someone else’s aggression.

43. Boiling water dream meaning

If you dream about boiling water, it represents your anger and frustration in waking life. Maybe your present life situation is such that it is making you feel anguished and resentful. You are angry towards someone or something that seems to go out of control. 

The dream symbolizes that you are bottling up the negative energies in you that require a thorough cleansing; otherwise the pent-up tensions may rob your peace of mind and wellbeing.

44. Frozen water dream meaning

If you dream of snow or ice, it means you are feeling cold and numb from within. Your feelings have hardened; as if you are not feeling anything right now. Snow symbolizes cold affect, denial, and lack of awareness about your true feelings. 

The dream also denotes that there is something in your waking life that is hindering your growth and progress. You are stuck in a dilemma about how to take the right decisions and move ahead in life.

45. Glass of water dream meaning

Dreaming of a glass of water means thirst and dehydration. Maybe you were dehydrated before going to sleep and your subconscious mind is just reminding you to quench your thirst.

To dream of a glass of spilling water means abundance, growth, prosperity, joy, and serenity around you. To dream of a half filled glass means obstacles in the path of progress; and if it’s an empty glass, it could mean numbness, lack of feelings attached with an issue in real-life.

46. Dreaming of water inside an aquarium tank

Are you dreaming of water in an aquarium? Hold on! This is a common dream that symbolizes a feeling of confinement.

You are stuck in a troublesome situation in waking life from which escape seems difficult to achieve. The dream tells you to accept your emotions as they are; otherwise you may suffer from more agonies in future, beyond healing.

47. Dream about water and fire

Dreaming of water and fire symbolizes balance and creativity. It signifies that water will extinguish the flame.

The dream tells you to let go of your hot emotions and soothe yourself internally. Fire represents power, passion, lust, destruction, and transformation while water signifies purification, cleansing, and spiritual enlightenment.

48. Dreaming of Tsunami and tidal waves

Dreaming of waves or a tidal tsunami means an overwhelming emotional state that runs high and shows emotional control and mastery. It signifies deep seated conflicts that were never resolved and is causing immense resentments in waking life. 

The dream suggests hidden guilt, remorse, sin that is weighing you down. You are trapped in agonies that need an inner cleansing and healing as soon as possible.

49. Dreaming of holy water

To dream of holy water means purity, cleansing, and deeper spiritual awareness. It also signifies the humble, kind, and grateful nature of the dreamer.

Your positive thoughts and pure emotions will always help you to overcome hurdles and difficulties. It also indicates comfort, peace, and emotional wellbeing.

50. Bathing in water dream meaning

When you see yourself taking a bath, it means cleansing yourself from all the negative energy surrounding you.

If there is someone in waking life who is trying to harm you, you may successfully resist such a malicious attempt. You will be able to take yourself out of a precarious situation without much hassle.

51. Carrying water dream meaning

If you dream of carrying water in dreams, it means triumph, victory, success in whatever you are doing in waking life. The dream indicates goal accomplishment. It also means you will be able to overcome all your problems and can win over tough situations in life.

52. Dream of being afraid of water

This dream symbolism suggests real-life fear and anxieties. Maybe you have done something wrong and feel regretful about it. The dream tells you to admit your mistakes in real-life; to be aware that the actions of the past may have undesirable outcomes in the future.

53. Water dream with traces of blood

This dream symbolizes upcoming problems in waking life. When you see blood in water, maybe in a bathtub it means there are obstacles in your path for progress and prosperity.

The dream tells you to identify your strengths and weaknesses; before starting a new venture in waking life.

54. Spilled water dream meaning

Seeing spilled water in a dream is a good sign. It refers to the fact that your plans and choices are right and they can fetch you good results. You are on the right path, whether it’s in career or business. You will achieve success in the long run.

55. Dream of water drops

Water drops in a dream theme symbolizes big financial success and accomplishing lucrative business plans. It can either be a big gain that you have never expected or a bad failure that may make you fall in a pit.

The dream can have both positive and negative meaning attached with it depending upon the context of the dream, the details and emotions involved in the process. 

56. Black water dream meaning

If you dream of very dark or murky water that appears black, such a dream indicates upcoming misfortune, grief, hopelessness, and depression in waking life. The dream implies a feeling of being stuck in one place. 

It means failures and disappointments with regard to an aspect of your life that appeared important to you. The negative emotions involved in the dream theme can be disturbing and overwhelming and can disrupt your everyday functioning. 

57. Leaking water in the house dream meaning

A house represents a closed space for emotional comfort and wellbeing. It represents your present state of mind.

Thus water leaking in the house symbolizes emotional breakdown. You are filled with melancholy and grief due to certain life conditions beyond your control. You are advised to figure out and resolve the issue of waking life before it can sabotage your psychological well-being completely.

Feelings during and after a water dream

You may experience myriad emotions during and after a water dream and each of these helps in dream interpretation in significant ways.

  1. Feeling bold, strong, and laughing or being happy – If you feel happy and seem to laugh by seeing a stormy sea, it means you are ready to face all obstacles in life. You are strong enough to sail smoothly through trying times and become successful in your endeavors.
  2. Feeling worried, anxious, fearful, insecure, and vulnerable – If you feel anxious and worried it means you are scared of the unknown. You are unsure of your abilities and may feel a lack of control and grip over life events.
  3. Feeling calm and serene – If you feel peaceful after seeing water in dreams, it means you are emotionally stable and poised. You are feeling safe, secure from within. Your life is progressing smoothly and the environment around you is serene and tranquil.

How to analyze water dream meaning? (Questions to ask yourself)

Water in dreams can have so many different interpretations in dream dictionaries depending upon the bodies of water or type of water that you have seen, amount of water, the emotional elements associated with it, and your waking life events. 

It is important that you ask yourself a few questions before analyzing the exact meaning of such dreams. Few questions that are usually asked by dream interpreters in analyzing water dreams are:

  • How often do you dream about water?
  • Did you feel sad, angry, happy, or worried after visualizing such a common dream?
  • Can you identify and relate your feelings with waking life?
  • Were you dreaming about oceans or tidal waves or was it just a glass of water?
  • How was the water? Was it clean, dirty, or murky?
  • Did you see any objects in the water such as garbage, fishes, hosepipes, faucets, sea creatures, etc.?
  • Was the water turbulent or peaceful?
  • What was the depth of the water body in your dreams?
  • Did you see flowing water in dreams or was it still and slow?

Water Dream Meaning – Biblical Interpretation

In the Bible, water symbolizes pure energy that sustains life. It refers to cleansing and healing. As mentioned in Christian scriptures, water represents washing our sins and renewal.

Water is the source of life without which living beings cannot survive on this planet. Thus, water covers 70% of the Earth’s surface. The biblical meaning of water symbolizes baptism, purity, and blessings. Water is a holy element that can rinse all your sins. 

In the Bible, water is associated with birth, fertility, refreshment, purification of the soul. Flowing water in the Bible signifies change and the passage of time that has already gone.

Sometimes dreams about water symbolize destruction such as a tsunami or turbulent seas with tidal waves. When the world is overpowered with sin and pride, water dreams symbolize cleansing and purification of the same.

What does water mean in a dream spiritually?

Dreams about water symbolize deeper emotions that one should connect with to live a fulfilled life. Spiritually, such a dream indicates spiritual growth, hope, revival, and inner healing.

The dream symbolism of water signifies righteous and pure living. The dream reminds you to alter your mind states and let go of past hurts and pains. In doing so, you will probably go through a process of emotional healing.

It will help you rinse and cleanse old habits and stagnant emotions. Spiritually the dream represents joyous living, protection, and satisfaction in life.

Water also symbolizes holiness, purity, cleanse, heal, and energizes the soul. In spiritual scriptures, dreaming of rain water symbolizes the power and the glory that the almighty has bestowed upon humans. If you dream of calm and still water, it represents serenity in waking life.

What does it mean when you dream about water? – A Psychological Perspective

Dreams have always been a topic of heated discussion in philosophy and psychology. Dreaming of water symbolizes emotions that were not really understood and kept hidden in the unconscious realm for a long time. 

It’s difficult to decipher the purpose of such dreams in waking life but it’s a fact that dreams about water are symbolic images, sensations, thoughts, and ideas that occur without control in our sleep state. 

Dreaming of water symbolizes uncertainty, deepest fears, overwhelming anxieties, sadness, and vulnerabilities. Sometimes it means pessimism and your incapability to sail through adverse conditions in life.

Water Dream Meaning – The Good and The Ugly

As we have already discussed, water in dreams carry both positive and negative meanings.

 The good side of dreams about water are:

  • Emotional healing
  • Cleansing and rejuvenation
  • Intuition
  • Ease and engagement
  • Transformation
  • Purification
  • Spiritual enlightenment

The downside of such dreams are:

  • Emotional turbulence
  • Lack of clarity and understanding
  • Clouding of thoughts
  • Rage and anger
  • Fury or warmth; when dreaming of turbulent water as in the seas and oceans, or during a flood
  • Destruction and devastation

Religious symbolism of dreams about water

Different religious and cultural practices have described and interpreted water dreams in varied ways. It all depends upon the dreamer’s unique exposure to such practices in waking life. Water washes away dirt, filth, and impurities. Thus in most religions, water symbolizes purification and cleansing. It has the power to destroy evil and toxic forces and create a beautiful world full of optimism and emotional wellbeing.

  • Buddhism – Dreams about water is related to death and rebirth, it is widely thought to be used during Buddhist funerals and death rituals.
  • Christianity – water in dreams means liberation from sin and wrongdoing. It is related to cleansing of the human soul
  • Hinduism – In Hindu beliefs, water is a symbol of purity. It is widely used for cleansing, revival, and rejuvenation of human spirit
  • Islamic faith – Dreaming of water washes away sin and can bestow heavenly blessings on the dreamer.
  • Jewish faith – Water in dreams symbolizes pure rituals that can heal past wounds.

The video link given below shows the symbolic significance of dreams about water.

Wrap Up

Mind the flow of water in your dreams and you won’t be disappointed. The dream theme will help you gain clarity and insight about the real life issues that you might be facing. 

These dreams are intuitive lessons that uncovers secret things of the unconscious mind, the deeper emotions, the unresolved conflicts, and the need for cleansing and healing.

Water symbolism in dreams can avert hurdles and difficulties and help you transform your life in a much better way than you would have ever expected.

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