Dreaming of ex wife can have several meanings, including those related to your emotional state, your desire to move on in life, instability of mood and emotions, unresolved feelings, and more. Sometimes, it depicts troubles in your present relationships.

C’mon, let’s see what else it means here!

What Does Dreaming Of Ex Wife Imply?

If you have dreamt of your ex-wife recently, you need to pay heed to the inner turmoil. Thereby, addressing your emotional requirements. This also indicates feelings of resentment and discomfort in your waking life. 

Here are some of the general inferences that one can make from such a dream:

  • You have an insecure and uncertain relationship with your ex. This is more about you and less about your ex-wife, you need to pay attention to your own emotions. 
  • It signifies your emotional state at the current time. 
  • You are having trouble in your present relationships. 
  • You are going to have some good days ahead. The difficult time is now gone and you are off to a fresh start. 
  • You will find whatever you are seeking for a long time. 
  • You are worried about your current relationship and are comparing the two unknowingly. 
  • You are in for some big trouble. There might be something bigger and troubling coming your way. 
  • You have been neglecting yourself and your feelings for some time now. 
  • There is a fear of getting hurt by someone in your head. 
  • Some things are making you unhappy in your life. 

Common Dreams of Ex Wife and Their Interpretations

In your dream of an ex-wife, recollect how you interact with each other or if you see someone else around her. Each little detail can have a different significance about your waking life.

So, let’s check the meanings of all the different types of dreams about her here! 

Dream of ex-wife is intimately involved with someone

This is indicative of the fact that you have lingering feelings for your ex-wife. In a way, she has some control over your thoughts. As a result, your current relationship needs attention because you lack feelings. 

You are in an intimate moment with your ex-wife

In this case, there is a possibility that a complex situation is around the corner. You can expect a change at your workplace or in a relationship. 

Fighting with ex-wife in dreams

This one has more to say about you rather than your relationship with her. It suggests that there are certain conflicts within yourself. 

Ex-wife with your child

Such a vision indicates certain problems that might arise soon. Yet, thankfully, things will get back to normal pretty soon. 

Dreams about pregnant ex-wife

This symbolizes some risky moments coming up your way. To deal with it successfully, you must move forward in your waking life despite what happens.

Meet new people and create a greater network to get support anytime. 

Ex-wife in court

There has been a significant shift in the course of life. This could also be a sign of some difficulties on your way ahead, but that should not stop you. 

Ex-wife wants you back

This signifies you are dissatisfied with your sexual life. If you are in a relationship, it might also imply some suppressed problems in it.

Ex-wife cheating

In this vision, cheating is a sign of neglect or something that you are missing in reality. You need to focus on your healing process for now and embrace life a little more.

Ex-wife in bed with you

This one is a clear implication of unresolved emotions between you two and with yourself. 

Dreaming of dead ex-wife dead

You can expect a gift from an unexpected person. Also, some debt will be cleared with flying colors. 

Dream of ex-wife giving birth

It depicts that you are in for a new chapter in your personal life.

There is a high possibility of you meeting new people and forming strong bonds over a short period. 

Hugging ex-wife

This means that you still feel for this person and haven’t made peace with those feelings yet. 

Kissing ex-wife

It portends that you are probably missing her a lot more than usual. Yet, this should not lead to a reunion. 

Ex-wife’s wedding

The scenario says that you are all set to end all connections with the previous family and move on in those terms of life. 

Ex-wife crying in a dream

It signifies that she is possibly happy in her new life. So, even if you want the best for her, you should not worry anymore. 

A word from ThePleasantDream

A dream of an ex-wife can have numerous meanings – it might be relevant to your previous relationship or something completely different from it. Yet, the commonality in all of them is unresolved emotions and difficulties related to relationships and your inner thoughts. 

So, figure out ways to overcome your troubles, free yourself, and enjoy your beautiful life!