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Dreaming of Having Sex with Your Ex – 35 Types & Their Interpretations

Dreaming of Having Sex with Your Ex – 35 Types & Their Interpretations

Updated on Jan 23, 2023 | Published on Jul 13, 2022

Reviewed by Katina Tarver, MA (Mental Health and Wellness Counseling) , Life Coach

Dreaming of Having Sex with Your Ex – 35 Types & Their Interpretations

Dreaming of having sex with your ex might resurface pleasant or unpleasant memories. However, such visions aren’t just about the past. This think-piece will show you how your dreams have a close connection with your present and future.

So, if you want an end to such dreams, let’s beat them here…

Dreaming of Having Sex with Your Ex – 35 Types & Their Interpretations
Dreaming of Having Sex with Your Ex – 35 Types & Their Interpretations

Dreaming of Having Sex with Your Ex – General Interpretations

To have sex with your ex in dreams may imply your feelings for them, changing priorities, or your doubts about a new relationship. It might also reassure you about your life choices or warn you about your actions.

Hooking up with your ex is the worst thing you can do to yourself in reality. Despite how good it feels momentary, it resurfaces all the insecurities in you later.

Further, people assume such dreams only mean you have feelings for them… but that’s not necessarily true. So, what’s the reality? Here it goes…

1. It’s symbolic of changing priorities

If the sex in your dreams felt different from what it really was, it symbolizes the change in your priorities. You know what you’re worth and won’t settle for less.

2. It’s your feelings for your ex

You may have such dreams if you recently broke up and you’re ready to do anything to get back together. This dream then implies healing yourself instead of wasting your time on them.

Alternatively, if you’re over them in reality, it means you’re in terms of the separation and don’t regret anything.

3. You’re unsure about your current relationship

If you want to start dating or get married and you have such dreams, this might imply you are confused and need more time to adjust to change.

It’s better to avoid jumping into romantic or sexual connections as you might compare your new partner with your ex.

4. Your best life is about to begin

Such dreams sometimes mean breaking up with your ex was the best choice of your life.

They were a negative influence on you and you’ll prosper without them. It might even mean that you’ll find a better partner as you heal.

5. It refers to a current life situation

Possibly, in your past relationship, you acted a certain way which spoiled the relationship.

Your dream shows that you’re repeating it all over in your personal or professional life. This might soon get you in trouble, so beware.

Dream about Having Sex with an Ex – 35 Types & their Interpretations

Dreaming of sex with your ex-boyfriend on the eve of your marriage signifies you’re confused about your feelings but the dreams of sex with your ex-girlfriend on the eve of a date with another girl is advice to postpone the date to prevent misunderstandings.

It’s crazy how detailed dream interpretations change… right? So, if you remember yours, find yours here…

1. Dreaming of having sex with your ex-boyfriend after he followed you

This dream doesn’t hold any deeper meaning. Rather, it shows that your ex-boyfriend is still hung up on you.

He regrets breaking up with you and wants you back in his life. He wants to resume the relationship, but the last decision is totally up to you, so think deeply.

2. Dreaming of having sex with your ex-boyfriend after quarrels

Your subconscious vision symbolizes that you and your ex are still on different pages. Even if you try to get back with them, you might continue your love life but eventually, the problems will resurface.

Your differences persist and they won’t change. If you want to change the situation, try communicating.

3. Dreaming of having sex with your ex-boyfriend in the subway

Though dreaming of having sex seems naughty and playful, it points to the reason behind your breakup.

The greatest reason was your desire to show off your ex-boyfriend and your feelings to others. Some people felt jealous and knew exactly how to ruin your happiness because of your nature.

4. Dreaming of having very passionate sex with your ex-boyfriend

Such kinds of dreams are usually your subconscious mind’s message about your nature. You always need others’ support to function properly and can’t act independently.

Without others’ approval, you have zero self-confidence which is a huge issue. You must learn to be self-sufficient or your unhealthy dependency will negatively impact your life.

5. Dreaming of having sex with your ex-boyfriend because he initiated it

Your dream plot signifies your ex-boyfriend’s feelings. He believes that your relationship is still not over and that you’ll return to them because you both love one another a lot.

If you still love him, talk things out. If not, don’t initiate any contact or you’ll raise his hopes.

6. Dreaming of having sex with your ex-boyfriend because you initiated it

This is a common type of dream if your ex-boyfriend broke up one-sidedly. In waking life, you believe nobody can love him like you.

You can’t get over him even if you try to and are waiting for when he’ll return to you. Talk to a friend to understand your situation better.

7. Dreaming of having sex with your ex-boyfriend as you both wanted it

This is a favorable dream for ex-lovers. In real life, you both miss one another and want to get back.

Possibly, you both want the other to make the first move, but feel unsure. Be braver and break the ice yourself. When you’re both in love, there’s no point hurting like this.

8. Dreaming of having sex with your ex-boyfriend accidentally

The prediction of this dream is as it sounds. A situation will put you and your ex-boyfriend on the same boat and you’ll cultivate lost intimacy during this period.

It might be due to a project, plan, or even a performance that only you two can conduct successfully. You’ll both understand how well you fit.

9. Dreaming of having sex with your ex-boyfriend but have no idea how you reached the bed

This dream doesn’t hold any kind of meaning. Especially if you think of your ex-boyfriend a lot these days, this might be a jumbled-up vision your brain threw.

But, in reality, you mustn’t pay heed to it and just move on. Honey, it just shows you miss him, but you’re far better without him.

10. Dreaming of having sex with your ex-boyfriend on your wedding eve

If you’re in a relationship, dreaming of this shows your confusion about your choices in love.

Reassess your feelings for both men and tread lightly so that nobody gets hurt. If you’ll really get married soon, clear up the confusion ASAP as you hardly have enough time.

11. Dreaming of having sex with your ex-girlfriend from a third person’s view

If you’re in a relationship with a new girl, in reality, this is a big red flag. You feel dissatisfied in the relationship because you always compare your partners.

Accept the current girl for being herself and stop desiring someone perfect in all areas. Perfection is a big fat lie and you aren’t perfect either.

12. Dreaming of having sex with your ex-girlfriend and her hugging you

This dream brings you a lot of good news but it’s not what you think. You’ll soon find a new girlfriend (no, you won’t reconcile with your ex) and she’ll have sincere feelings for you.

Make sure you cherish her equally and forget about your ex before accepting her.

13. Dreaming of having sex with your ex-girlfriend but there was an unknown woman in her place

This confusing dream is actually the prediction of a new romance in your waking life. You’re almost over your ex as your subconscious mind replaced her face with a new woman’s. Possibly, that new face is your lady love.

14. Dreaming of having sex with your ex-girlfriend and having a scandal afterward

This dream is more about your general or professional life and nothing, particularly about romance. It asks you to wait before you execute any plans and recheck everything.

Due to mistakes and miscalculations, you might fail, so re-examine every corner of your idea.

15. Dreaming of having sex with your ex-girlfriend on the eve of a date with another girl

Your dreams advise you to postpone and reschedule this date. This isn’t the perfect day for a date as you might face difficulties and sport a sour mood all day.

Your date might misunderstand you because of it and never accept a second date.

16. Dreaming of having sex with your ex-girlfriend and she was calm

Your dreams are suggestive of the fact that your superiors will notice your efforts in the workplace and appreciate you with a bonus, promotion, raise in wages, a paid vacation, or even more authority.

Continue the hard work as the good news is waiting for you.

17. Dreaming of having sex with your ex-girlfriend and she was active

Such a relationship dream envisages that you’ll soon set out on an unexpected and unplanned adventurous trip. This is a great message if you worked hard for a long time.

It’s time to relax and let loose. Return to your daily life after rejuvenating and you’ll make wonders with a fresh mind.

18. Dreaming of having sex with your ex-girlfriend and she judged you

If your ex always found fault in you and your choices, a dream about sex with her is a bad omen.

If you’re struggling in life, this dream doesn’t want to misguide you with false hopes. Only hard work can save you from painful circumstances.

19. Dreaming of having sex with your ex-girlfriend and she suffers

If you plan to work on major life plans right about now, this dream asks you to take a break.

You can’t implement them right now because external troubles from your rivals and internal ones from your mistakes threaten the success of this project. Or, your rivals might create conflicts for you.

20. Dreaming of having forceful sex or raping your ex-girlfriend

This type of dream asks you to control your emotions and feelings better in the waking world. Otherwise, your negative emotions will make you face the worst consequences.

Learn anger management techniques and don’t let your emotions reach your expressions or actions.

21. Dreaming of having sex with your ex-girlfriend and laughing hard

Such a dream shows that you must be more focused on your reality. Your endeavors require undivided attention and a lot of mental exercises.

You can’t afford to get distracted, otherwise, you might lose your position and financial stability. Fear the consequences and work hard.

22. Dreaming of having sex with your ex-girlfriend and kissing her

In this subconscious plot, if she reciprocates the kiss, it predicts your past debts will soon resurface and you’ll be forced to pay up for those.

However, if she didn’t reciprocate it in the dream, it advises you to seek your creditor and try to compromise about paying back.

23. Dreaming of having sex with your ex-girlfriend and she was hysterical during it

Such a strange dream plot actually has good news about your current life situation. Soon, your troubles will pass or you’ll overcome them safely.

Happiness and joy are on their way to your life. Try harder and the suffering will end in good time.

24. Dreaming of having sex with your ex-girlfriend in a hayloft

This dream shows that you’re in a romantic mood in your waking hours. If you have a partner currently, try to plan a date and put your creativity to good use.

No need to plan anything fancy, because romance doesn’t mean spending excess bucks.

25. Dreaming of having sex with your ex-girlfriend on the beach

Your dream is a message from your subconscious mind about cultivating your confidence. You underestimate your talents needlessly and that really impacts your performance.

Believe in yourself and flaunt your powers. If not, your creative energy will stay buried forever and people will take advantage of you.

26. Dreaming of having sex with your ex-girlfriend in the forest

This is the reflection of your desire to hide something about yourself from others. Probably, you think people won’t accept your reality, judge, or make fun of you.

You think it’s better to suppress your feelings than become a laughing stock. If you can’t comfortably express yourself to others, you’re with the wrong lot of people.

27. Dreaming of having sex with your ex-girlfriend in the mountains

The dream is symbolic of the fact that you’ll soon reach the peak of your enjoyment in life. You worked hard day in and out and you’ll soon receive the fruits of all the pain.

Alternatively, it might warn you about the hardships after the enjoyment ends. You might soon set off on a new struggle, so enjoy all you can now.

28. Dreaming of having sex with your ex-girlfriend in a cave

Your dream warns you against wasting your time behind lost causes. You’ll invest excess resources on something yet get nothing out of it.

You won’t slack off, but your choices will bring you to a wasted experience. Be more alert to prevent this from happening.

29. Dreaming of having sex with your ex-girlfriend in the cinema

Beware if you have such a dream because someone wants to ruin your reputation publicly. It may or may not be your ex-girlfriend, so stay alert. 

If you have a sour relationship in your professional or social circle, it might be them. Stay close to your loved ones so they don’t misunderstand you.

30. Dreaming of having sex with your ex-girlfriend in your workplace

This one is bad news for your professional life. Your boss will be disappointed in you and scold you for that.

It’s either because you’re unproductive at work or because someone will try to frame you for something. Focus on your work and don’t let anyone get an air of your weaknesses.

31. Dreaming of having sex with your ex-girlfriend in the toilet

This kind of dream reassures you that your ex-girlfriend was bad news. She was a walking red flag from head to toe. Don’t try to get back with her because she’ll drag your mood down and make you feel insecure.

32. Dreaming of having sex with your ex and feeling pleasurable

If in reality, you had a satisfying sex life with them, your dream is a nostalgic vision. Possibly, your ex has a permanent place in your heart for a good or bad reason.

If this is your recent ex, Lauri Loewenberg explains that you can’t let go of past bliss. Alternatively, Loewenberg explained that you might desire someone equally good under the sheets.

33. Dreaming of having sex with your ex without feeling pleasurable

If your real-life sex with them was great and you dreamed of this, it signifies your values and desires changed.

However, if your past sex life was as dull as the dream, it means you don’t want a relationship where your partner doesn’t prioritize your pleasure.

34. Dreaming of having sex with your ex with neutral feelings

Such a dream implies that you turned indifferent towards something in reality.

It might be your ex, anything else like a missed career or academic opportunity, or even your feelings towards where you frequently went on dates.

35. Dreaming of having sex with your ex with romantic feelings

If you mostly had casual sex with your ex, dreaming of this shows your desires in life about intimacy and sex changed.

You don’t like superficially connecting with bodies but want to connect with your hearts… and this has nothing to do with your ex. Probably, you have some unmet desires which triggered this dream.

Psychological Meaning of Sex with Ex Dreams

Psychologically, sex with your ex dreams highlights common toxic patterns in your current relationship that triggered your memories, you want to feel the thrill and safety of first love, or you’re not over your ex.

As per dream analyst Loewenberg, sex with an ex in dreams might imply you noticed a similar toxic pattern in your current relationship with your last one. You want your new partner to change.

If the ex is your first love, such dreams mean you feel unwanted and insecure. You want to experience the thrill of your first love all over. But you may or may not be in love with that ex.

Alternatively, it means you feel sorry and regretful about your breakup and hope to fix your situation. Probably, you loved them with everything you had and they still left you. This still hurts you deep within.

Questions to ask yourself to interpret sex with your ex dreams correctly

Loewenberg always recommends writing down the incidents, actions, and feelings after having such dreams. She also framed some special questions to understand your dreams and their messages better through these questions…

1. What’s the highlight of your relationship with that ex?

2. Do you notice anything common in your current relationship with the past one?

3. Did you learn anything from the past relationship that you must use in the current one?

4. Did your actions or feelings in the dream seem familiar with something you did recently?

5. Does your emotions in the dream for your ex relate to your feelings for your current life or relationship?

A word from ThePleasantDream

Never assume that the reflection of your ex in your dreams means that your relationship with them was true love and the current one isn’t… unless you have strong proof to back such statements.

Your ex is a lesson in your life and if either or both of you moved on… don’t dwell on thoughts about reconciling with them.

Instead, find the deeper meanings and work to improve your life. If you feel love-sick, remember that there are plenty of fish in the sea… just wait for the right person and time.

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