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Dreaming of Passion Fruit – 7 Types & Their Meanings

Dreaming of Passion Fruit – 7 Types & Their Meanings

Updated on Jan 11, 2023 | Published on Sep 30, 2022

Reviewed by Katina Tarver, MA (Mental Health and Wellness Counseling) , Life Coach

Passion Fruit Dreams - 7 Types & Their Meanings

So, you’ve been dreaming of passion fruit and want to know what it means. Well, dream interpretation depends on a lot of factors like your dream details or even the current phase of your life. 

Here’s what your dream of passion fruit has to say.

Dreaming of Passion Fruit – General Interpretations

Passion fruit dreams mean that you love socializing. However, in some cases, it also says you will soon end a relationship.

Passion fruit dreams are a sign of growth and love. Dream books say it has positive and negative interpretations, both depending on the dream’s details. To begin with, here are a few general interpretations.

1. It reflects emotional turmoil

When you see passion fruits in your dreams, it reflects your emotional turmoil. You will soon leave a relationship because it’s impacting you negatively.

2. It shows your extrovert nature

According to dream books, this dream is suggestive of your extroverted nature and the fact that you can easily mix with others.

3. You are on a spiritual journey

Seeing passion fruits in your dreams indicates that you are trying to connect with your inner self.

4. You refuse to accept the truth

The dream says that you often think you know everything and refuse to accept the truth. You must realize that every situation has multiple dimensions, and you must consider them all before making decisions.

5. You can fulfill your goals

The passion fruit dreams are a sign that you have all the abilities to work hard and fulfill your goals. The only thing required from your end is focus.

Dream of Passion Fruit – 7 Types & Their Meanings

Did you eat the passion fruit or drink its juice in the dream? Well, you may think, how does it even matter? Well, it does especially when you try to decode our dreams.

So, if you really wish to identify your dream interpretation, it’s essential that you focus on the dream details.

1. Dream of eating passion fruit

Eating passion fruit in your dream indicates your growth. You will soon be blessed with financial abundance. You will do only positive things in life.

Further, the interpretation also depends on the size of the passion fruit you eat in your dream.

2. Dream of drinking passion fruit juice

Drinking passion fruit juice in your dream symbolizes spirituality and fertility. Difficult times are ahead, but you are all set to face them.

3. Dream of eating ripe passion fruit

If you have been trying to conceive, now is the time, as this dream also symbolizes fertility. In your work life, too, you may achieve higher position and power.

However, the dream also warns you to avoid being overzealous.

4. Dream of picking passion fruit

Picking passion fruits in your dream reflect your desire to escape a situation. It also says that you enjoy your friend’s company.

Moreover, the dream asks you not to be careless about it and follow the medically advised routine if you are sick.

You get distracted easily, so the dream suggests you must not bother about proving things to others.

5. Dream of eating unripe passion fruit

Eating unripe passion fruit in your dream means you haven’t given enough thought to your actions. You are only hustling and running without thinking about the consequences.

The dream asks you to go slow and think about your actions. Probably you still need to work harder to achieve your goals.

Moreover, this dream also says you are moving forward towards growth in your personal and work life. You will soon experience success.

6. Dream of eating a rotten passion fruit

Rotten passion fruit in your dream suggests you missed big opportunities in your life, leading to regret. Because of this, you have lost your confidence and feel disappointed.

Moreover, you will even experience failure in your work which will affect you long-term.

7. Dream of a group of passion fruits

The dream symbolizes delight and an urge for sex.

Questions to ask yourself to interpret passion fruit dreams correctly.

As passion fruit dreams have various meanings, it is essential to know if you have identified the correct meaning.

For this, you can ask these questions to yourself and know if you have understood your passion fruit dreams correctly.

1. What were you doing with the passion fruit?

2. How many passion fruits did you see in the dream?

3. What was the size of the passion fruit?

4. Do you regularly eat fruits?

5. How did you feel in the dream?

A word from ThePleasantDream

So, now you should be able to find the accurate meaning of your passion fruit dreams. Oh, but yes, to get accurate meanings, you must remember the dream details.

If you are someone who forgets dreams easily, it’s a good practice to write your dreams as soon as you wake up. If you don’t have a pen and paper by your bedside, note it on your phone and later check its meaning.