Dreaming of surviving an atomic bomb means you are resilient as a person. There are upcoming dangers, but you will sail through them easily. It also means that you are afraid of something from within.

But these are not the only meanings when you dream about surviving an atomic bomb.

What is the Meaning of Dreaming of Surviving an Atomic Bomb?

Surviving an atomic bomb in dreams means you will get a lot of backlash in your workspace. Someone close may plot against you. You want to try new things, but the uncertainty puts you off. Or, you are fighting a battle and slowly giving up.

Other than that, it implies…

Unpleasant news

There is some big and unpleasant news awaiting you. It might be related to your job, like a notice of termination.

Inner worries

You are extremely worried about something from within, slowly causing much trouble. The worry stems from baseless sources, and it causes you to scrutinize everything.

Chances for starting your business

Finally, you can start your new business that you have been planning for months. You were in the comfort of your job, so the idea of business had taken a step back. The business will end up doing quite well.

Relationships with loved ones 

You have become too involved with yourself and, as a result, stopped paying attention to the needs of others.

As a result, your relationship with your loved ones will suffer. They may leave you because of your inability to understand.

Karma for enemies 

Your enemies will finally get what they deserve. They will incur extremely high damages, including emotional, physical, or material losses. If they have a business, that might suffer the most.  


You have a lot of repressed anger and dissatisfaction. As a child, you have never been able to express what you feel, which led to this.

You feel you have been wronged multiple times, yet the anger and dissatisfaction have just been pent up.


Finally, your hard work is bringing you results. This might be your hard work in your professional life or some effort in your relationships. You will be acknowledged and might also get many monetary benefits.

Flopped plans

Everything in your life is falling apart, and you cannot cope anymore. Each of your plans feels miserable, and you need help figuring out what to do.

Fear of death

You are extremely scared about someone dying or falling sick miserably. It might be a fear or worry about your health as well.

Common Dreams of Surviving An Atomic Bomb & Interpretations 

The dream of surviving an atomic bomb shares with you more insight based on a few details. So, let’s check some of the most common dreams revolving around it and their messages here.

Dream of you surviving from an atomic bomb

This means that you have high levels of self-confidence. You believe you can always move past it no matter what happens, even if no one else helps you.

Dream about being survived just before the explosion

You always keep things at the last moment and then hurry through them. This attitude has got you into trouble but has yet to change.

Surviving the Nagasaki atomic bomb explosion

It is a common dream scenario for many people. Legends have it that you survived the Nagasaki Atomic Explosion in the past and got a premonition for it.

A word from ThePleasantDream

Dreaming about surviving an atomic explosion means many things, from you want to see new things in life to people around you who do not support your achievements.

However, the subjective meaning of the dream can change depending on your present life situation and the finer details. So, think hard, decode, and work to live a fulfilling life!

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