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Bombs in Dream – 55 Types and Interpretations

Bombs in Dream – 55 Types and Interpretations

Updated on Jan 16, 2023 | Published on Jun 24, 2022

Reviewed by Dr. Nereida Gonzalez-Berrios, MD , Certified Psychiatrist

Bombs in Dream – 55 Types and Interpretations

Did you see bombs in dream? Did you see the heartbreaking view of the explosion or hear it? Or, did you not feel threatened in the dream?

If you build bombs regularly or serve in the forces, this dream may just be a reflection of your regular life. However, if you don’t deal with bombs in reality, this might be an important message about an impending danger in your life.

Know the different meanings in this think-piece, so that you don’t regret otherwise.

So, without any delay, let’s begin with a blast…

Bombs in Dream – 55 Dream Types and Their Interpretations
Bombs in Dream – 55 Dream Types and Their Interpretations

Bomb Dream Meaning – General Interpretations

In dreams, bombs symbolize you’re in an unstable situation, are confused about the next step, want to survive emotional abuse, someone needs your help, or a fresh beginning.

The first thing a bomb reminds you of is probably war or terrorism. It doesn’t instill a positive feeling in you and you feel anxious about your and your loved ones’ safety. 

However, before you think the bomb in your subconscious view has similar notions, let’s get a better idea here…

1. You’re in an explosive situation

You may see bombs in your dreams if a situation in your personal or professional life is unstable.

A mishap may occur in one area of your life and may severely impact you emotionally or financially. The dream asks you to take baby steps and solve the situation.

2. You’re perplexed about something

Bombs in a dream might become a common sight if you’re confused about a situation in life.

You’re aware that something bad will soon happen, yet you can’t find a solution or suitable damage control. You’re afraid that you’ll only watch your life destruction from the sidelines.

3. You’re trying to cope with the abuse

If someone emotionally abused you or is responsible for your emotional instability in the past or present, the vision of bombs may flash by in your dreams.

You want to cope and survive through the unexplainable pain but you fear you’ll be traumatized forever.

4. Someone needs your help

Sometimes you’ll get bomb dreams if someone around you is suffering or is in a bad mood. It’s a message to help that person out of the sticky situation.

Perhaps, only you have the key to ending their miseries. Or, your experience can motivate them to fight harder.

5. You’ll begin a new phase of your life

You might also dream of bombs if you’ll soon experience a transition in your life. One chapter of your life will soon close and another will begin.

The new phase will be full of opportunities and challenges. It’s time to shine and prove yourself once again.

Bombs in Dream – 55 Types and Their Interpretations

In dreams, if the bomb explosion led to your death, you desire freedom from responsibilities. If you survive it, you have limited time to plan a solution for future problems.

The different incidents in your dream show different meanings, so let’s dig into the detailed dream interpretation without wasting time…

1. Bomb going to explode in dream

Dreaming about a bomb ready to explode implies you’re losing control over your feelings and falling for someone unexpectedly. You can’t quite understand your own feelings.

2. Bomb explosion in dream

Dreams about a explosion predict an uncontrollable and unexpected event in your waking life. This might be related to your fear of death. You or a loved one may meet a fatal situation, so beware.

3. Being surrounded by bombs in dream

Dreams of being surrounded by bombs that will explode at any moment are a bad omen about your conscious life.

You’ll soon encounter infinite challenges on your road due to unpredictable situations and circumstances.

4. Bombs falling from the sky in dream

Dreaming of bombs falling from the sky shows that you desire to avoid meeting someone as you don’t get positive vibes from them.

It may also imply you’ll encounter an unfortunate event and it’ll have a long-term effect on your life.

5. Hearing bomb explosion in dream

If you hear a bomb explode in dreams, it depicts you’re afraid of others not accepting you. Alternatively, it may showcase you’re insecure and stressed as you failed to reach your goals.

6. Touching a bomb in dream

In dreams, touching a bomb symbolizes the upcoming changes in your real life. If you were afraid of the bomb exploding in the dream, it denotes that the changes will be quite unexpected and take you by surprise.

7. Defusing a bomb in dream

Dreams about defusing a bomb warn you against hasty decisions. Stay calm and take your time as your decisions will impact your life in the long run. A wrong decision can ruin your life for good.

8. Making a bomb in dream

To make and plan to use a bomb against a person or object in dreams reflect your plans to abandon your endeavors in conscious life. You lost faith in yourself and believe you can’t complete it successfully.

9. Devastation due to bomb explosion in dream

The subconscious sight of devastation and horror due to a bomb explosion is an ill premonition. You might soon receive devastating news about your or your loved ones’ health.

10. Bomb threat in a dream

Dreaming about a bomb threat symbolizes your repressed emotions if you were threatened, If you threatened others with a bomb, it portrays your affinity towards solitude as you feel troubled with socializing. Or you might lose a friend soon. 

11. Bomb not exploding in dream

Dreaming about a bomb not exploding hints at a situation in your life. You assume it’s the worst possible thing but things are rather in your favor, so wisely use your opportunities.

12. Bomb ticking and exploding in dream

Dreams of a bomb ticking, i.e., a time bomb, and exploding envisage the difficulties you’ll soon encounter in real life. So, prepare yourself for the worst to come.

13. Being in a bomb shelter in dream

Dreams of being in a bomb shelter reveal your desperate attempts to protect yourself from a person or situation in reality.

It might also stand for repressed feelings. Perhaps, you fear losing control over your emotions and hurting others.

14. Searching for bomb in dream

Dreaming of searching for bombs shows that you want to stop something from repeatedly occurring. Think through your plan and it might work out sooner.

15. Bombs in war in dream

Dreaming about bombs in a war is an indication of a feud with friends and family. Reconsider whether the subject is really worth losing a loved one.

16. Bomb on a plane in dream

The subconscious view of a bomb on a plane forecasts unexpected events in your waking life which will lead to many changes.

17. Seeing a bomb in dream

Dreaming of only seeing a bomb implies your business venture won’t go according to plans. The results will be unsatisfactory. Others may show you the fallacy in your plans, but you’ll ignore them.

18. Throwing a bomb in dream

To throw a bomb in dreams depicts you’ll spread or hear explosive news in waking life. It might be a wedding, promotion, or pregnancy. You’ll soon begin celebratory preparations.

19. Seeing a bomb going off in dream

Dreams of a bomb going off predict you’ll meet someone precious from the past like an ex-lover. You’ll realize that you still have feelings for them and you’ll reconsider connecting with them.

20. Wounded by a bomb in dream

Dreams about being wounded by a bomb are a reflection of a sudden breakup or divorce. Things will happen too fast for you to process. Even if you try to talk it out, your partner won’t stay back.

21. Dying from a bomb explosion in dream

Dreams of dying in a bomb explosion show your desire for freedom from the stress of work or family problems. You need someone’s support to handle things, but you’re aware that’s impossible.

22. Others dying from a bomb explosion in dream

Dreams of others dying in a bomb explosion tell your old wounds are still fresh. You can’t get over the unpleasant memories, so express yourself to a trusted aide. Otherwise, you’ll stay trapped and lose time.

23. Buying a bomb in dream

Dreams of buying a bomb indicate you’re disappointed in yourself as things didn’t follow the plan. You’re dissatisfied and worried that you don’t have enough time to reach your goals.

24. Selling a bomb in dream

Dreams of selling a bomb warn you against pushing your opinions on others. Though you’re experienced and have the best of others in mind, stay within your limits.

25. Receiving a bomb as gift in dream

Dreams of getting a bomb as a gift depict the presence of a wolf in sheep’s clothing around you. Beware with who you share your worries as they want a chance to hurt you.

26. Giving a bomb as gift in dream

Dreams of giving a bomb to another as a gift show you’re jealous of someone else’s progress. You believe they’re undeserving. Focus on your life instead and chase a better future.

27. Bomb attack in my dream

Dreams about bombing or bomb attack mean you’re confused about your life circumstances. This might be due to disappointment in your personal or professional life.

28. Holding a bomb in dream

Dreaming of holding a bomb tells you that you must take responsibility for the accumulated problems in your life even if you’re emotionally unstable.

Eventually, you’ll reap the fruits of hard work, so don’t slack off.

29. Dream of bomb in house

The sight of bombs in your house predicts a huge fight due to a family member’s decision. It will shake up the peace and calm of the entire household.

30. Plane dropping a bomb in dream

Dreaming of a plane dropping bombs symbolizes you must pay attention and spend time with your loved ones. It may also signify your friend needs emotional support to walk through a situation.

31. A broken bomb in dream

Dreams of a bomb that doesn’t work urge you to solve a long-term issue soon. This is a spiritual message to focus on the matter now and you’ll soon get rid of it.

32. A burning bomb in dream

Dreams of a burning bomb depict that you’ll soon achieve something great. Don’t get ahead of yourself and victory will eventually be yours.

33. A bomb threat in public place in dream

Dreaming of a bomb threat in a public place asks you to work harder to reach your goals on time. Your current efforts aren’t enough for it.

34. A bomb deactivated by itself in dream

The sight of a bomb deactivating on its own is a reassurance message. Things aren’t as dire as you imagine, so don’t worry and carry on the hard work.

35. A fire bomb in dream

Dreaming of a fire bomb depicts that you’ll soon confront an unpleasant situation in your waking life. Don’t get influenced by others as people want to take advantage of your vulnerabilities.

36. A cartoon bomb in dream

Dreams of a bomb drawing are a good sign. Peace and success await you in the future. If the bomb was lit, it implies fast improvement in your life circumstances.

37. Dream about you being bombed

If you get bombed in dreams, it shows you’re confused about your goals and aim in waking life. You need guidance from an experienced person, so seek one before you lose all opportunities.

38. Bomb in the sky in dream

To see a bomb in the sky in dreams signifies you’ll soon get involved in a dangerous situation. If someone purposely wants to harm you, it might be something bad.

However, you might receive great opportunities beyond the situation.

39. A bomb falling afar from a plane in dream

In dreams, if you see bombs falling from a plane at a distance, you’ll soon begin a new journey in your waking life. The current phase is about to end and new opportunities await you.

40. Bomb in a building in dream

Dreaming of a bomb in the building you’re in implies you’re in danger and you must get out of it soon. If the bomb blasts, you can’t protect yourself from the danger.

41. Bomb in church in dream

Dreams of a bomb in church depict you have unfulfilled spiritual needs. Seek a spiritual guru to know the best way to fulfill them.

42. Bomb in car in dream

Dreaming of a bomb in a car denotes that you’ll meet sticky situations in your life. It’ll delay you from reaching your goals. It might lead to drastic situations ahead in your life.

43. Bomb in factory in dream

Dreams about a bomb in a factory showcase you’re forced to deal with a drastic situation in your life. You can come out of it unharmed only if you stay calm and trust yourself.

44. Bomb in cinema in dream

Dreaming about a bomb in cinemas is an unfortunate prediction of financial crunches. Don’t spend too much on luxurious items and save your money for later.

45. Bomb in school in dream

The dream vision of a bomb in school means you’ll soon encounter a huge problem in life. However, you can solve it only through in-depth research. You’ll solve it only if you learn something important.

46. Bomb in museum in dream

The dream view of a bomb in a museum is an indication that you ignored the consequences of your past actions. However, it’s high time and you must deal with the issues that resulted from your actions.

47. Field of hidden bombs around you in dream

Dreaming of many hidden bombs in a field implies you’ll face difficulties in your waking life. You can’t protect yourself from this occurrence as the danger hides itself perfectly.

48. Buying bomb ingredients in dream

If you buy the ingredients of a bomb to make one in your dreams, it shows you have immense faith in something and you’re ready to protect your beliefs. You won’t allow anyone to question your values.

49. Nuclear bomb in dream

A dream of a nuclear bomb represents a surprising yet not-so-pleasant event in your business or service life.

50. Others searching for a bomb in vain in dream

In your dream, if others search for a bomb but can’t find it till the end, it’s symbolic of change in your life. However, whether it’s for the better or worse is unknown. Prepare yourself for all possibilities.

51. You’re worried about a bomb in dream

If you’re worried about bombs in your dream, it’s a prediction of tragic and unexpected blows in your real life. It may also imply that your thoughts and emotions make you uncomfortable and anxious.

52. Black bomb in dream

The dream of a black bomb is a positive omen for your near future. If you’re currently stressed in waking life, it promises you a time full of success and tranquility. Hang in there and fight till the pleasant times arrive.

53. Being alive after bomb explosion in dream

If you survive a bomb explosion in dreams, you’ll have momentary peace in your life. Think through the shaky sides of your life and start from scratch. If you don’t use this time wisely, you might face serious issues soon.

54. Mushroom-like bomb smoke in dream

If the bomb goes off in your dream and you see a mushroom-shaped smoke, you’ll face slight turmoil in your conscious hours, but things will slowly fall back in place. So, don’t get too worried or waste your time over it.

55. Nobody being harmed in bomb blast in dream

In your dream, if the bomb goes off but not a single being or object gets hurt, it signifies that the political situation in your homeland will be unstable for a while.

Spiritual meaning of dream about bombs

Spiritually, bombs in dreams symbolize your repressed emotions that will overflow at any second due to external stress.

From the spiritual viewpoint, bombs in dreams show that you repressed your emotions and fear bursting out soon.

Your circumstances and the people around you pushed you to this point and it affects your mood severely. It’s a sign to solve the issue or distance yourself from the reason behind the situation, if at all possible.

Biblical meaning of bomb in a dream

Biblically, you may get bomb dreams if you fear the repetition of a bad situation like life loss, illness, embarrassment, or crisis.

In the Bible, bomb dreams are symbolic of death and illness. It may also imply other possible situations like embarrassment, crisis, or repetition of past unpleasant occurrences.

It’s about your fear of a recurrence of a loss or devastating situation in waking hours.

Islamic meaning of bomb in a dream

As per Islam, bomb dreams are symbolic of fresh beginnings in romance or budding yet hidden feelings for someone. It might also indicate you lost important opportunities.

In Islam, bomb dreams may predict great positive transformation and fresh starts like a new relationship in conscious hours. Or, you secretly admire someone.

It may also imply that you didn’t work on a project even when you were capable.

Questions to ask to interpret your dreams correctly

Normally, nobody clearly remembers dream visions. So, you might miss out on an important aspect and get the wrong interpretation. To make sure that you include everything, jog your mind to answer these questions…

1. Where was the bomb?

2. Did the bomb explode?

3. What kind of bomb was it?

4. What was the condition of the bomb?

5. Was the bomb a gift or did someone threaten others using it?

A word from ThePleasantDream

The sight of bombs in dreams rarely brings good news. You may easily assume that such dreams are the forerunners of bad luck. However, consider the brighter side for a moment.

If you didn’t receive this oracle, how would you know of the threats?

Dreams are one of the most outstanding ways the spiritual realm sends you messages. So, instead of taunting your luck for seeing such dreams, try to figure out a solution.

Don’t let the golden opportunities slip by because life doesn’t give you too many chances.