Dreaming of wife can reflect your feelings of love, support, and security. This may be especially true if you express happiness and contentment with your wife. Thoughts of responsibilities and protection can also be indicated.

But these subconscious visions mean a lot more! Keep reading to find out. 

What Does Dreaming Of Wife Indicate?

Seeing your wife in dreams can pretend that you desire a long-lasting relationship or that your relationship with your wife is in danger. Find out more about such visions in the following section. 


On a positive note, it symbolizes that you are satisfied with your life. You are happy with how things are currently progressing in your life. 


It represents that something has been worrying you a lot lately. This is a message to talk to a close friend regarding this to solve the issue. 

Feelings of Indifference

This portends that you do not care about what is happening in your waking life. You are not bothered by the changes that are taking place in your life.


Negatively, it represents that you and your wife fight a lot. Due to this, huge gaps have been created in your relationship.

It will be best if you resolve this. Otherwise, it might lead to divorce.

Financial Stability

Consider this as a positive sign. It can be a hint that your business will do well, resulting in an abundance of money. 


It represents that you are living a healthy life. You have a disciplined schedule, and you follow a daily routine that keeps you fit and fine. 

Unexpected Event

This is a sign that something might happen which will leave you surprised. So stay alert during this period. 

Common Dream Scenarios of Wife & their Interpretations

Dreams about your wife can hold a variety of meanings. But depending on what you saw, the interpretation might vary.

Let’s take a look at each scenario, one at a time, to better understand these visions. 

Dreams of Seeing Your Wife 

This typically stands for the closeness and the emotional connection you two have. It may also represent your nurturing or feminine parts. Additionally, it also is a sign of some unexpected financial gains. 

Losing Your Wife

It might stand for your worry about actually losing her. Your subconscious mind may be attempting to get you ready for the potential of her passing away.

It may also represent the conclusion of an era in your waking life due to a transition in your life.

Dream of seeing Ex-Wife

This might leave you confused. It can represent unresolved feelings or issues from your past that require attention.

Hence, it is crucial to approach this subconscious thought with an open mind and reflect on yourself. 

Pregnant Wife

It may symbolize your wish to start a family, or this can also portend the start of fresh new beginnings.

On the other hand, this might also represent worries about becoming a parent. 

Wife in a Dream for Married Individuals

This can indicate that you share a happy and healthy relationship with your wife. Or, it portends that you and your wife are going through a trying time and fight often. 

Seeing Wife for Single Individuals

This represents your desire for love, care, and intimacy. You are looking for a partner to share your life with and are longing for a committed relationship.

This can be a sign that you might find the love of your life soon. 

Unfaithful Wife 

This symbolizes that you and your partner are on the verge of a divorce. Feelings of insecurity and jealousy are taking the better of you.

Try talking to your wife about this to save the relationship. 

Wife Giving Birth

This signifies the start of a fascinating new phase in your life. It also portends that you will be successful financially.

Dreams about Beating Your Wife

It’s a hint that you need to take care of something crucial. This might sometimes be an expression of your spouse’s frustrations and disappointments.

Maybe you feel like your wife is separating from you.

Dream of Killing Your Wife

It suggests that you are letting go of repressed rage and discontent with your subconscious action.

It might stand for anyone you know, a quality of your personality or life, or even a specific incident that occurs in your life.

Wife Getting Sick

On the positive front, this often means that your life hasn’t been depressing or difficult.

Your situation seems to be improving, as this vision shows that you are both successful and financially secure.

Someone Else’s Wife

It means you’re feeling jealous or envious of their relationship. It might also imply that you want a committed relationship and are looking for company.

Sometimes, it is an indication that you are feeling guilty.

Divorcing Your Wife in a Dream

This can be an indication that you’re not happy with your marital life or feel estranged from your relationship.

Alternatively, it might be a sign that you are feeling remorseful about something.

Marrying Your Wife Again

Positively, it means that you’re happy and comfortable in your marriage. It might also be a symbol of your desire to enhance and deepen your relationship with your significant other. 

Negatively, it can be a sign that your relationship is making you feel unimportant or unappreciated.

A word from ThePleasantDream 

Dreams about a wife can have multiple connotations. From positive to negative interpretations, these subconscious thoughts might be trying to convey something important to you. 

But don’t let any message overwhelm you. Even if it’s a negative sign, you can redeem your life and prevent mishaps. And if it’s a positive message, thank your stars and carry on with life!

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