Dreaming of wool is symbolic of your habits, beliefs, and morals. It may show you’re dependable or that you’re simplistic and straightforward. Or, it shows you feel your loved one’s ideas aren’t right.

It implies so much more, so let’s find it here!

What do Wool Dreams Generally Symbolize?

Seeing wool in dreams is indicative of your peace, obsessive habits, advice, practicality, and intelligence. Here are a few more things it implies.

  • You deserve happiness or something good will happen regarding your relationship, career, or finances.
  • Since you’re responsible and always keep your promises, everyone likes you.
  • It symbolizes you yearning for warmth and security due to your vulnerabilities or feelings of being unloved.
  • It implies someone will try to cheat you and you must be alert.
  • It depicts you’re kind, innocent, and self-sacrificing.

Wool Dreams depending on the Person

In dreams, depending on what action is done to the wool and who does it, many things can be interpreted. So, let’s dig in here:

Yourself washing wool

It shows that you’re obsessed with organizing and feel at peace only when things are in order.

Others washing wool 

You’ll deal with a perfectionist at work or private and their demands will dampen your progress. You’ll be frustrated with the lack of common ground.

Dreams of you combing wool

It says that if people interfere in your life and give unwanted advice, you’ll pretend to listen to them but follow your heart. This will lead to conflicts.

Dreams of others combing wool

It warns you against meddling in others’ lives and must share advice only when they ask you. Learn to respect their choices.

Yourself making clothes of wool

It implies that since you’re simplistic and practical, you don’t buy unnecessary things, can pack your bags quickly, and spend on memorable experiences instead of showing status.

Others making clothes of wool

You’ll meet an interesting, intelligent, and humorous person. You will want to spend time with them and might even fall for them.

Receiving wool as a gift 

It’s a sign that you must cherish your loved ones as they’ve always supported you. You must also support them.

Bestowing wool on someone

You’ll do someone a favor but you’ll be taken for granted. Eventually, you’ll hate to be acquainted with them and cut them off.

Dream meaning of yourself stealing wool

Despite the great profits from risky business, you must avoid it. It signifies you’re not good at dealing with such issues.

Others stealing wool 

Your loved one will try to invest in a bad idea and you’ll do everything to talk them out of it. However, you must just accept that they’ll learn from their mistakes.

Yourself winding wool in a ball in dreams

You’ll soon change something or face an issue as it makes you unhappy. It might be a breakup, divorce, moving out of your parent’s place, or washing your sins.

Someone else winding wool in a ball 

A loved one might make a surprising decision in waking life. You always assumed that they were happy but their decision will show the reality.

Other Common Wool Dreams

There are more common scenarios of this dream theme. So, let’s know those here.

Selling wool

The dream interpretation of selling wool in…

  • Cold, winter, rainy, or snowy weather: You’ll find new job prospects and your income will grow.
  • Hot, sunny, or clear day: You’ll be pressurized and face many disadvantages.

Buying wool

With good effort, you’ll succeed and your professor or boss will recognize your hard work!

Wool non-clothing items

Try to remember if you saw any wool article which isn’t to be worn. If it’s a:

  • Wool furniture: The dream symbolizes a content family and a loyal and devoted spouse.
  • Wool thread/yarn: You will gain wealth in waking life.
  • Wool mattress: This dream symbolizes joy, love, respect, friendship, and happy days between spouses or a happy family. Or, it means you’ll make good financial choices.
  • Wool ball: It means you’ll be tangled in lies to hide something. But you’ll lose track of which lie is told to whom and get caught.

Wool clothes in dreams

In dreams, if you see anyone wearing, buying, or doing anything else with particular wool clothing, notice if it was:

  • Socks: You’ll soon enjoy worry-free days.
  • Cap: You’re stubborn about your choices as it makes you happy. But the dream asks you to focus on how that impacts your loved ones.
  • Scarf: You need to step out of your comfort zone but you’re scared of challenges and changes. But you must endure if you want a better life.
  • Gloves: To help your loved ones, you’ll sacrifice something that can improve your future. But you may regret your choices later.
  • Sweater: If you’ve been single for long, this denotes your loneliness. If you’re committed, you must communicate with your partner.

Wool color

Remember what color the wool was. If it was:

  • White: You’ll soon create a great plan to actualize a goal. If you can proactively predict all obstacles and prepare to deal with them now, you’ll succeed.
  • Black: You’re skeptical about your past choices and actions. Since you can’t undo the past, you must move on from such thoughts.
  • Multi-colored/any other color: You must focus on your future plans more and not depend on others for them.

Wearing wool clothes 

It’s symbolic of debt and other financial troubles.

Knitting wool in a dream

You’ll have great creative ideas.

Spinning wool

You’ll lose something or someone or you or a close one will contract a disease.

Tangled wool

Your relationship and decision-making process are all a mess.

A word from ThePleasantDream

If the wool in your dream brings concerning news, try to take care of that. If required, seek a trustworthy person to discuss your next plan. Otherwise, have faith in yourself and everything will get resolved!

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