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46 Dreams about Bears – The Ultimate guide with Illustrations

46 Dreams about Bears – The Ultimate guide with Illustrations

Updated on Sep 16, 2022 | Published on Apr 11, 2021

Reviewed by Dr. Nereida Gonzalez-Berrios, MD , Certified Psychiatrist

46 Types of Dreams about Bears & their Meanings ThePleasantDream

Once you see dreams about bears, you may start wondering what it all means. Bears makes a vivid appearance in your subconscious mind either to make you happy and comfortable or to scare and frighten you like never before.

To see bear in dreams represent the ugly fears and insecurities of your waking life. Sometimes it signifies strength, bravery, independence, protection, and wisdom as well.

Read on to know more on the general and specific meanings of seeing bears in dreams.

46 Dreams about Bears – The Ultimate guide with Illustrations
46 Dreams about Bears – The Ultimate guide with Illustrations

Bear Dream Meaning – General Interpretation

When you dream about bears it signifies power, inner strength, a strong sense of intuition and independence, freedom of thoughts and expression. Sometimes, the dream theme also denotes the untamed and ‘wild’ self of the dreamer.

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Dreams about bears are not that common but people who see such dreams usually report a positive feeling after waking up. These vivid dream symbols are all about good luck and positive fortune.

The bear represents your inner strength and mental toughness to fight adversities in life. It also denotes a mother figure signifying protection and nurturance.

Symbolically, dreams about bears means you are a warrior who is strong, bold, and resilient. It also denotes an authority figure who is aggressive yet protective. Bears symbolize duality and simplicity along with possessiveness and patience. 

Many human cultures share the mystic belief that dreaming of bears is a sign of authority and power. Being a bulky animal, bears are slow but full of intuition and wisdom.

These spirit animals are down to earth and simple creatures who are patient, mindful and cautious of their surroundings. When it appears in dreams, it tells you to remain bold and courageous in tough times.

Let us analyze the symbolic meaning of dreams about bears in detail.

1. Symbol of authority

In dreams, bears are symbols of power and courage. It represents your authority and command to master difficult situations in waking life. Being a sovereign creature, it reminds you to stay strong yet caring and nurturing in times of adversities.

2. Simple lifestyle with duality

Bears are symbols of serenity and poise. They choose to live in deep jungles and never prefers to disturb others unless provoked. Thus its appearance in dreams symbolize peaceful and simple living.

The dreams remind you to leave the comforts of life and focus on hard work to accomplish life goals. As far as duality is concerned, bears in dreams tell you to remain energetic yet poised; aggressive yet kind; powerful yet patient.

3. Self-confidence and worth

Dreams about bears carry the message of confidence and worth. It reminds you to check in with yourself and remove your inner weaknesses.

You just need to unleash your hidden instincts and tap into the power that lies within. When you are bold, you can decide well for yourself and feel good about who you are. 

Being a solitary animal, bears are symbolic of intuition. It prefers to spend time with itself; so as to remain more mindful about its inner and outer world.

Thus, when you dream about bears, you are told to do some inner work to develop self-awareness and confidence. It guides you towards personal stability and self-growth.

4. Solitude and seclusion

As already referred, bears are secluded animals. It’s presence in dreams symbolize your solitude and loneliness. If you have spent more time alone and long for a companionship, you may get dreams about bears.

Many people reported seeing bears after a breakup, or living away from their families. Bears in dreams symbolize your heart’s desire to live a social life.

5. Aggression

Sometimes, if provoked bears can get extremely aggressive and violent animals. When you see dreams about bears, it symbolizes your wild, savage, and untamed ‘self’ that is angry-prone, resentful, ruthless, emotionally immature, and fierce.

You may get annoyed and disappointed easily in your waking life.

6. Escape from unbearable circumstances

In certain dream contexts, dreams about bears mean you are trying to escape or avoid an unbearable life situation.

Maybe the situation is emotionally overwhelming and painful and you wish to avoid it and move away from it. There can be several situations in waking life that can leave a bad taste in your mouth forever. 

Examples can be your uninteresting and stressful job, a toxic personal relationship, or some self-destructive habit that you wish to let go of.

This dream symbolism zeal with the bear’s habit of hibernation. The animal can remain in hibernation and not deal with its problems. It tries to flee away from trouble shooting circumstances.

7. Protection

This mighty animal is a caring and protective parent as they always defend their young ones from harm. When you dream about bears, it represents your care and concern for your family. The dream denotes that you love them, can protect them under any circumstances.

8. Symbol of possessiveness

You must have seen a panda bear hugging and cuddling its master. Right? Being an extremely powerful and loving animal, bears symbolize possessiveness and love towards their cubs as well as humans, especially panda bears.

Similarly, when you dream about bears it means you are clinging to someone close to you. You may feel emotionally dependent on someone in your waking life. It represents you are overprotective, needy of love and care.

9. Symbol of femininity

Symbolically, bears in dreams represent women‘s power. Just as the mother bear is ever powerful and protective of her cubs and family; she tells you to tap your feminine side.

The dream symbolizes the presence of some strong women in your life who you should respect and care for.

Dreams about Bears – 46 Types and their Meanings

In this section, we are going to discuss some common dream themes about bears and how it relates to our waking life.

1. Dreams about bears chasing you

When you dream about bears chasing you, it means you are avoiding or trying to escape from your real life problems. You are trying to run away from something that appears stressful and mentally uncomfortable. 

The dream reminds you to remain bold and fight adversities. It tells you to confront the fears of waking life and resolve it comfortably. The chasing dreams are symbolic of a flight response. It represents evasion, dodging, and moving away from something that calls for closer attention.

2. Dreams about bears in the house

Dreams about bears in the house symbolizes the presence of a strong and bold female figure in your closed space.

It may represent your mother, sister, female office colleague who you rely upon. For a man it could also mean his loving wife or mother. 

The dream simply tells you to take care of the person in waking life. It symbolizes the importance of family life, love, and belongingness. It also means protection, shelter, and stability.

3. Dreams about bears attacking

This dream symbolism denotes your own aggression and attack. When bears seem to attack you in dreams, it is a reflection of your wild and savage ‘self’. You are overly hostile with someone in your waking life. 

Maybe, this makes you unpopular in social circles, beyond your awareness. The dream also represents your sexual urges and resentments showing up in the subconscious mind.

4. Dreams about bears and cubs

Symbolically, bears are extremely loving mothers, they are protective and provide the best care to their cubs amongst all wild beasts.

Thus, when you dream about bears and cubs together, it symbolizes that you are overprotective about the well-being of your own child.

In waking life, you always remain concerned about their well-being; so it’s just showing up in the subconscious mind.

5. Dreams about friendly bear

If you dream about a cordial, loving, friendly, and amicable bear, then it denotes your humble and friendly nature in waking life.

According to Lauri Loewenberg, friendly bears symbolize standing up for oneself, self-confidence, and worth. 

Your subconscious mind hints to use your amicable ‘self’ more often. In certain dream themes, a friendly bear also means you will find an amicable person in waking life who will always help you, guide you through life’s journey.

6. Dreams about talking bear

As a spirit animal, bears symbolize intuition and knowledge. A talking bear means that the animal is trying to convey some valuable message that is good and great and you should pay attention to it.

This wise call or advice given by your spirit guide will help you sail through adverse situations in life. Following this talking bear also represents your desire to follow that path of intuition and wisdom.

7. Dreams about bears outside your house

When you dream of a bear moving outside your house, it simply means some ongoing issue going on in your waking life that is hard to bear and tolerate.

The situation seems to go out of hand and you are losing your inner serenity.

The dream calls for immediate attention to resolve your real life issues. The bear hovering around your house symbolizes impending danger and problems coming your way.

8. Seeing yourself as a bear in dream meaning

When you see yourself as a bear, it means change and transition. There is something in your waking life that is undergoing some significant change.

It may mean change of job, or beginning of a new venture, birth of a child, pregnancy etc. in some other context, dreams of yourself as a bear also means inner strength, power, pride, and independence. It represents your wise and creative personality as well.

9. Dreams about hunting a bear

When you dream about hunting a bear, it means successful endeavors and accomplishing goals in waking life. This dream symbolizes that you are seeking something that you desire to possess and achieve in life.

Hunting a bear also means you are looking for something more lucrative and prosperous in life and thus this dream represents a good omen.

10. Dreams about a sick or injured bear

This dream symbolism holds a bad sign. A sick or injured bear symbolizes problems and obstacles. You are feeling caged, confined or trapped in real life troubles. Certain issues of your waking life are holding you back and you are unable to make progress in life.

Loewenberg noted that these dreams represent your innate desire to free yourself from bondage and confinement.

11. Dreams about a peaceful bear

A calm, poised, and peaceful bear in dream symbolizes your bold, independent, serene, and authoritarian mindset. It symbolizes that there is no chaos in your waking life.

You are living a peaceful life and are grateful and content with whatever you have. Thus, a calm bear represents satisfaction and fulfillment.

12. Dreams about a resting bear

A resting bear in dreams may mean you are thoughtful and introspective. This dream symbolizes your wise mind that is calm and is capable of deciding well.

Resting bears symbolizes deep thinking, contemplation, knowledge, and spiritual growth in waking life.

13. Dreams about aggressive bear

If you have dreamt about an aggressive bear, it means you are angry with something or someone in your waking life.

It symbolizes anguish and resentment and that just gets manifested in dreams. It shows your annoyance and intolerance for some obstacles going on in real life.

14. Dreams about killing a bear

Killing an animal in a dream is a sign of victory and success. The dream that you killed a bear symbolizes your ability to overcome obstacles and adversities in waking life.

In some other dream context, dreams about killing a bear could denote determination and willpower to safeguard yourself and family from threat and harm.

15. Seeing a bear in circus dream meaning

A bear in a circus symbolizes a good omen. It means you are going to meet someone good and honest in your waking life.

Contrary to this, the dream also means tamed emotions. You have the power to control your negative thoughts and feelings; signifying tamed animals in a circus.

16. Dreams about a bear running away from you

This dream symbolism denotes your tendency to run away from real life troubles and problems. You are trying to avoid and escape harsh situations rather than facing it boldly. The dream reminds you to face these situations boldly.

17. Hugging a bear in dream meaning

Hugging a bear symbolizes your ability to accept and socialize with not so friendly people in your waking life.

This dream denotes a positive meaning denoting good social skills, adaptation, adjustment, public relations in real life difficult situations.

18. Escaping from a bear in dream

This dream symbolizes the ‘bear’ as a difficult life situation that you wish to avoid or escape from. Maybe the real life situation is full of troubles and tricks and you do not wish to encounter it.

Such unconscious thoughts are just peeping into the night fantasies to ruin your inner peace. To escape also means to let go of the emotional turmoil and anxiety that the situation brings into.

19. Sleeping bears in dreams

When you dream about sleeping bears, it represents soul searching and inner work in waking life. The dream symbolizes patience and perseverance.

It reminds you to think well, feel good, and act right in public situations. A sleeping bear symbolizes self-introspection and looking within yourself for guidance and support.

20. Dreaming of a dead bear

When you dream about a dead bear, it represents authority and power. It symbolizes that you are the master of your destiny. You can nurture yourself and protect your territory efficiently.

As the bear symbol is all about power and inner strength, this dream means the end of your mental stamina.

The dream also has a negative feel. It tells you that, as if your inner strength is gone with the dead bear. You have become weak and docile to fight odds in life.

21. Dreams about baby bears

A baby bear in a dream symbolizes your child like qualities and innocence. It also means to clarify and understand your present state in waking life. Sometimes, baby bears mean seeking support and protection from others in real life troublesome situations.

This dream also means some project that is in a state of growth. It has just started and needs more support in the long run.

22. Dreams about bear traps

When you dream about setting a bear trap it means you are over excited about an upcoming project. You would wish to give it a good shape in due course of time. Bear traps are closed spaces representing fertile ideas and creative endeavors. 

The bear trap symbolism is a good sign representing the passion connected with a new venture in waking life. If you see yourself caught in the bear trap symbolizes a negative meaning.

This dream represents the feeling of being trapped and confined. You may suffer a failure beyond recovery.

23. Being bitten by a bear in dream

When you see yourself being bitten by a bear, it means danger in real life. The dream represents threat, troubles, lies, and deceit by someone in your waking life.

Moreover, the dream is a wakeup call to review your relationships, maybe a love relationship that is slowly taking shape and blooming silently.

24. Dreams about a pet bear

When you dream about a pet bear it means to control your emotional upsurge. The dream reminds you to stay calm and deal with the situation peacefully. It tells you to control your highs and lows.

You should talk less, meditate more, and observe keenly to understand your real life issues in a better way.

25. Two bears fighting with each other

If you have dreamt of two bears fighting, it means you are fighting an inner battle. Maybe you are emotionally overwhelmed and not in peace.

This message is getting relayed in the subconscious mind. Fighting bears can also mean your aggressive, untamed, and savage ‘self’.

26. Dreams about a group of bears

This dream symbolism denotes trouble with others. Your social relationships are going through jerks and jitters. Maybe, your personal and workplace associations are moving through a rough road.

The dream tells you to rectify your own behavior and focus on personal growth. The problems in social relationship and communication can be rectified with better control of emotions. The dream tells you to face the problems rather than avoiding it.

27. Dreams of bears in trees

This dream symbolizes a good sign. You are in a healthy state of existence. It means you are physically active, mentally agile, and spiritually tuned in your waking life. It represents balance and prosperity.

You are happy in your own skin and your troubles are far away from you. The dream also represents inner strength and authority.

 28. Dream of bears playing

Seeing playing bears in dreams denote enjoyment and pleasure in waking life. This dream represents happy moments, fun, frolic, and balance. The dream tells you to slow down and enjoy life to the fullest.

You should live in the moments and be aware of what’s going on around you. You can spend time with family and friends, go for a vacation etc.

29. Dream about bears and wolves together

If you dream about bears and wolves together, it means multiple problems coming your way in waking life. The dream symbolizes threat and danger that are getting hard to overcome.

On a positive note, this dream is a warning sign for you to remain careful and vigilant about your daily life.

30. Dreams about trying to wake up a bear

If you see that you are trying to wake up a bear, it means you are attempting to wake up a hibernating or hidden side of your personality.

Maybe, you are trying to give a vent to your emotions, or even some creative ideas that remained latent for a long time.

This dream indicates to revive a hidden element that was avoided and neglected. You are committed to reuse and revive what seemed to be lost forever.

31. Dreams about feeding a hungry bear

If you dream that you are feeding a bear it means that you may start a new business or project soon. It represents a new beginning and fresh start.

The dream reminds you to take risks and put your plans into action. It reminds you to have self-belief, put in hard work and be determined to make things happen.

32. Seeing a female bear in dream

Seeing a female bear symbolizes the presence of a dominating female figure in your waking life. It can be your mother, sister, wife, female colleague etc. a female bear is a symbol of protection, care, and nurturance.

It represents support beyond imagination. This dream is a reminder to take care of this female in your waking life. Maybe, she is in some kind of trouble and seeks your help and support.

33. Dreams about mountains and bears

Bears and mountains symbolize authority, power, and courage. This dream symbolizes your ability to stay strong and support your creative endeavors.

It also relates to goal accomplishment in waking life. On a deeper level, this dream reminds you to fight adversities with courage and never give up on failures.

34. Dancing bear in dreams

Bears are fun-loving animals and they can dance quite well. You must have seen bears dancing in the circus. Right? But if you see bears dancing in dreams, it is a bad omen.

The dream reminds you to be cautious of some impending danger or threat coming your way. This dream symbolizes obstacles but you have the power to overcome them.

Different species of bears and their dream symbolism

The dream interpretation of bears may differ according to the type or species of bear seen. Let’s see how

35. Grizzly bear dream meaning

A grizzly bear in dreams means you are fearless, proud, and courageous in your waking life. Seeing this bear is a positive sign to stay strong in adverse times.

You should trust your abilities and move through difficulties without becoming emotionally overwhelmed. 

This dream symbolizes brutality, if you see a grizzly bear fighting or chasing you. Otherwise these species of bear are highly protective of their cubs; thus signifying safety in real life situations.

36. Polar bear in dream

The polar bear is white in color and it symbolizes positive energy of purity, kindness, humility, and innocence. The bear represents serenity, simplicity, and openness as it can easily adapt to changing conditions.

The white color of the bear carries the message of charity, awareness, and spiritual growth. It will help to sail through hard times.

37. Panda bears in dreams

Panda bears are dream symbols of good luck and prosperity. As the black and white color of the Panda do not intermingle, they carry separate messages. The white represents purity and simplicity, along with protection and clarity.

The black symbolizes aggression, pride, power, and authority. The Panda dreams tell you to move ahead, despite obstacles and challenges. You have the power and the glory to overcome challenges in life. So, keep going.

38. Teddy bears in dreams

You must have played with teddy bear soft toys in your childhood days. Right? Teddy bears represent your child-like self and innocence.

The dream symbolizes childhood memories, good times of life when your life was simple and worry-free.

It also denotes friendship, love, playtime, fun, and lasting bond with your inner child. To dream of these bears is a reminder to revive your innocence and revisit old bonds.

39. Koala bears in dreams

A little koala bear is a simple marsupial that is peaceful, jolly, agile, and friendly. When this bear comes into your dreams, it tells you to remain happy and lead a poised life. Moreover, this little life sleeps for 3/4th of the day on tree tops.

So, its dream appearance also means to do some self-care and have a good slumber to avoid tension and stay healthy.

40. Sloth bears in dreams

The term ‘sloth’ means slow. This bear in dream suggests you to take a pause and slowdown in life. A little slack phase in life is essential to revive and rejuvenate your spirit and energize yourself.

A slow and deliberate pace can help you gain more clarity and allow you to move through adversities easily.

41. Sun or honey bears in dreams

The sun bear is reddish orange in color and represents masculine energy. The dream tells you to remain active and agile; to count your blessings and enjoy the sweet things in life.

42. Andean bears in dreams

This type of bear is the native of North American mountains. Seeing this dream means to develop your intuition and wisdom in waking life.

The dream reminds you to focus on your skills and talents; to develop them, and accomplish your life goals. Overall, seeing this bear represents a good sign of growth and prosperity.

Different colors of bears and their dream meaning

The dream symbolism of bears varies according to the color of the bear. Let’s see how

43. Black bear in dream

A black bear in dreams means you have an intuitive understanding of other people’s thoughts, emotions, and likely actions.

It tells you to look into other’s actions so as to know them better. Another meaning of black bear is your inner strength, power, and independence. It symbolizes the bold character of the dreamer.

The dream reminds you to stay strong and resilient during tough times and face adversities with courage and determination. Psychoanalysts believed that seeing black bear represents wildness and aggression.

44. Brown bear dream meaning

The brown bear is a strong totem animal. This animal in dream symbolizes a fresh start, a right beginning that can fetch good results.

Sometimes, this dream theme suggests that you need to slow down and spend time with your loved ones. The dream of brown bears is symbolic of patience, protection, and transformation.

45. White bear dream meaning

White bear is the polar bear that usually lives under extremely cold climatic conditions. When you dream about white bears it symbolizes wisdom to overcome obstacles in waking life.

It suggests victory over tough situations. It symbolizes the power of your unconscious mind and tells you to realize your strengths and willpower.

46. Gray bear dream meaning

If you have dreamt of a gray bear, it symbolizes keen observation in waking life. The color gray means protection from evil. When you see such a dream, it tells you to remain open and develop clarity of thought to avoid anxiety.

Biblical meaning of dreams about bears

In the Bible, The bear is a symbol of wildness and authority. It represents the beast-like features of us that remain in the unconscious mind. The dreaming of bears represents our intuition to realize the power of the Almighty, imbibe it in us and sail through the journey of life.

In the Bible, dreams about bears hold both positive and negative meanings; depending upon your everyday circumstances.

As a symbol of strength and authority, dreams about bears is a subtle reminder to use your power and independence to overcome life’s obstacles.

These dreams tell you to trust your ‘gut feeling’ and use rational thinking to sail smoothly. Biblically bears symbolize unconditional love, trust, and protection of your loved ones. It also represents your need for security and stability in life.

In a nutshell, dreams about bears in the Bible means the following:

  • Authority and reclaiming your lost power
  • Intuition and wisdom
  • Need for safety and stability in life
  • Unconditional love and protection
  • Not letting anyone dictate you
  • Transformation and renewal

What do bears mean in dreams spiritually?

In the world of spirit guides, bears in dreams represent worshipping the symbol of power and courage. It is an emblem to stay strong amidst adversities.

Since the giant and mighty animal is feared and respected for its strength, authority, and pride in real life; its dream appearance also symbolizes similar connotations. Spiritually, dreams about bears can either fill you with ecstasy and good luck or with fear and apprehension.

Bears in dreams signify respect and leadership. The dream reminds you to take action without fear. You are to harness your inner power to rule your surroundings. 

Thus, spiritually dreams about bears represent the following:

  • Standing tall during adverse times, just as the bear stands tall in front of its enemies.
  • Lead others with confidence.
  • Giving oneself some quiet time to self-contemplate and move towards spiritual growth.
  • Resembles grounding and down-to-earth habits of the dreamer.
  • Strong willpower and determination.
  • To stand for yourself and make your presence felt wherever you go.
  • Bears are powerful totems for confidence and wisdom.
  • Dreams about bears bring forth divinity and clarity in your thoughts, feelings, and actions and helps you to move towards the higher realm of spiritual consciousness. 
  • Bears in dreams also denote foresight and ability to see beyond time and space. It means you have the ability to sense difficulty before it strikes in your waking life.

Cultural interpretations of dreams about Bears

Dreams about bears hold symbolic meaning in different cultures of the world.

  1. In Islam – Bear dreams mean treachery, sin, and malicious activities.
  2. In the Bible and Christianity – The dreams about bears symbolize hidden fears. It also denotes authority, inner strength to fight your inner fears and insecurities.
  3. Native American – In North American culture, the dreams about bears are symbols of good luck, honor, recognition, and social regard. It also signifies protection and intuitive wisdom that can guide your life’s path to sail through obstacles.
  4. In European culture – Here, bear dreams symbolize power and authority. It means to reclaim your lost power, whenever needed.
  5. In Russian culture – In Russian societies, bear dreams are symbols of protection and honor.
  6. In Chinese culture – It symbolizes positive energy in one’s waking life. The dream is symbolic of honor and pride.

Dreaming about bears – a psychological perspective

Psychoanalysts inspired by the theories of Sigmund Freud believed that any dreams about bears represents the passive-aggressive personality of the dreamer.

It represents the wild, untamed, and vulgar part of your personality. The bear survives in the wilderness with authority and power.

So, if this is your spirit guide through dreams, it means you are bold and strong enough to fight obstacles in waking life. Bears in dreams represent your dominion over real life situations.

Bear dreams – The good and the ugly

From the above discussion it becomes evident that dreaming of bears can have both positive and negative connotations. Let’s enumerate the points from both ends.

The positive side of bears in dreams are:

  • Strength and courage
  • Power
  • Authority
  • Pride
  • Independent thinking
  • Logical and intuitive
  • Serenity
  • Confidence and self-healing
  • Motherhood
  • Resurrection
  • Mighty and elegant
  • Protection and care

The downside of dreams about bears are:

  • Loneliness and solitude
  • Aggression
  • Wild and beastly traits
  • Demands for privacy
  • Fear of surviving alone
  • Hidden enemies moving around
  • Threat and obstacles
  • Sentimental with poor emotional control
  • Frisky nature of the dreamer

What to ask yourself when you dream about bears?

The dream interpretation of bears will vary according to the dream context, the species, color, and action of bears and the associated feelings of the dreamer after he/she gets up.

Thus, the dream meaning and symbolism will vary and cannot have a ‘one size fits all’ approach.

While interpreting such dreams, you need to ask yourself few questions to gain better clarity and insight into the process

  • How often do you dream about bears?
  • What was the bear doing in the dream?
  • Was the bear moving around in the wild or in a closed space?
  • How would you associate yourself with the bear?
  • Can you describe your feelings after you woke up?
  • Were you scared or happy during the dream?
  • Can you relate the dream theme with your waking life?

The video link given below shows the possible revelations about bears in dreams.

Wrap Up

To end, many dream experts believe that our nocturnal fantasies about bears are imageries that hold a deeper meaning. It reveals the secrets of the unconscious mind.

Psychoanalysts like Sigmund Freud and Carl Jung opined that dreams are symbols or subconscious thoughts that can actually be considered as ‘mind chatting’ of our waking life.

These random mind musings reveal a lot about our personality and inner workings.

When you witness a bear in dreams, it’s a reminder that you are capable of starting things afresh. The power to change lies in you; because you are a winner; you are the change.

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