When you dream about bears it signifies power, inner strength, a strong sense of intuition and independence, freedom of thoughts and expression. Sometimes, the dream theme also denotes the untamed and ‘wild’ self of the dreamer.

46 Dreams about Bears – The Ultimate guide with Illustrations
Dreams about Bears – The Ultimate guide with Illustrations

What Does It Mean When You Dream about Bears?

Symbolically, dreams about bears means you are a warrior who is strong, bold, and resilient. It also denotes an authority figure who is aggressive yet protective. Bears symbolize duality and simplicity along with possessiveness and patience. 

Many human cultures share the mystic belief that dreaming of bears is a sign of authority and power. Being a bulky animal, bears are slow but full of intuition and wisdom. 

Let us analyze the symbolic meaning of dreams about bears in detail.

  • Symbol of authority – bears are symbols of power and courage. It represents your authority and command to master difficult situations in waking life.
  • Simple lifestyle with duality – The dreams remind you to leave the comforts of life and focus on hard work to accomplish life goals.
  • Self-confidence and worth – You just need to unleash your hidden instincts and tap into the power that lies within.
  • Solitude and seclusion – It’s presence in dreams symbolizes your solitude and loneliness.
  • Aggression – it symbolizes your wild, savage, and untamed ‘self’ that is angry-prone, resentful, ruthless, emotionally immature, and fierce. 
  • Protection – it represents your care and concern for your family.

Dreams about Bears – Spiritual Meaning

Spiritually dreams about bears represent the following:

  • Standing tall during adverse times, just as the bear stands tall in front of its enemies.
  • Lead others with confidence.
  • Giving oneself some quiet time to self-contemplate and move towards spiritual growth.
  • Resembles grounding and down-to-earth habits of the dreamer.
  • Strong willpower and determination.
  • To stand for yourself and make your presence felt wherever you go.
  • Bears are powerful totems for confidence and wisdom.

Various Types of Dreams about Bears and Their Meanings

In this section, we are going to discuss some common dream themes about bears and how it relates to our waking life.

Dreams about bears chasing you

It means you are avoiding or trying to escape from your real life problems. You are trying to run away from something that appears stressful and mentally uncomfortable. 

The dream reminds you to remain bold and fight adversities. It tells you to confront the fears of waking life and resolve it comfortably.

Bears in the house

It symbolizes the presence of a strong and bold female figure in your closed space. It may represent your mother, sister, female office colleague who you rely upon. For a man it could also mean his loving wife or mother. 

The dream simply tells you to take care of the person in waking life. It symbolizes the importance of family life, love, and belongingness. It also means protection, shelter, and stability.

Bears attacking

It is a reflection of your wild and savage ‘self’. You are overly hostile with someone in your waking life. The dream also represents your sexual urges and resentments showing up in the subconscious mind.

Friendly bear

If you dream about a cordial, loving, friendly, and amicable bear, then it denotes your humble and friendly nature in waking life. 

In certain dream themes, a friendly bear also means you will find an amicable person in waking life who will always help you, guide you through life’s journey.

Hunting a bear

This symbolizes that you are seeking something that you desire to possess and achieve in life.

Hunting a bear also means you are looking for something more lucrative and prosperous in life and thus this dream represents a good omen.

A sick or injured bear

This symbolism holds a bad sign. A sick or injured bear symbolizes problems and obstacles. 

You are feeling caged, confined or trapped in real life troubles. Certain issues of your waking life are holding you back and you are unable to make progress in life. 

A peaceful bear

A calm, poised, and peaceful bear in dream symbolizes your bold, independent, serene, and authoritarian mindset. 

It symbolizes that there is no chaos in your waking life. You are living a peaceful life and are grateful and content with whatever you have. Thus, a calm bear represents satisfaction and fulfillment.

Killing a bear

The dream that you killed a bear symbolizes your ability to overcome obstacles and adversities in waking life. 

In some other dream context, dreams about killing a bear could denote determination and willpower to safeguard yourself and family from threat and harm.

Hugging a bear

Hugging a bear symbolizes your ability to accept and socialize with not so friendly people in your waking life. 

This denotes a positive meaning denoting good social skills, adaptation, adjustment, public relations in real life difficult situations.

Escaping from a bear

This dream symbolizes the ‘bear’ as a difficult life situation that you wish to avoid or escape from. Maybe the real life situation is full of troubles and tricks and you do not wish to encounter it. 

To escape also means to let go of the emotional turmoil and anxiety that the situation brings into.

Dreaming of a dead bear

It represents authority and power. It symbolizes that you are the master of your destiny. You can nurture yourself and protect your territory efficiently. 

As the bear symbol is all about power and inner strength, this dream means the end of your mental stamina. 

Dream about baby bears

This symbolizes your child like qualities and innocence. It also means to clarify and understand your present state in waking life. 

Sometimes, baby bears mean seeking support and protection from others in real life troublesome situations. 

Being bitten by a bear

The dream represents threat, troubles, lies, and deceit by someone in your waking life.

Moreover, the dream is a wakeup call to review your relationships, maybe a love relationship that is slowly taking shape and blooming silently.

Dancing bear

If you see bears dancing in dreams, it is a bad omen. This symbolizes obstacles but you have the power to overcome them.

Different Species of Bears and Their Dream Symbolism

The dream interpretation of bears may differ according to the type or species of bear seen. Let’s see how.

Grizzly bear – A grizzly bear in dreams means you are fearless, proud, and courageous in your waking life. 

Polar bear – The polar bear is white in color and it symbolizes positive energy of purity, kindness, humility, and innocence. 

Panda bears – Panda bears are dream symbols of good luck and prosperity. The white represents purity and simplicity, along with protection and clarity. 

Teddy bears – It symbolizes childhood memories, good times of life when your life was simple and worry-free.  

Koala bears – A little koala bear is a simple marsupial that is peaceful, jolly, agile, and friendly. When this bear comes into your dreams, it tells you to remain happy and lead a poised life. 

Sloth bears – The term ‘sloth’ means slow. This bear in dream suggests you to take a pause and slowdown in life. 

Honey bears – It tells you to remain active and agile; to count your blessings and enjoy the sweet things in life.

Andean bears – The dream reminds you to focus on your skills and talents; to develop them, and accomplish your life goals.

Different Colors of Bears and Their Dream Meaning

The dream symbolism of bears varies according to the color of the bear. Let’s see how.

  • Black bear – You have an intuitive understanding of other people’s thoughts, emotions, and likely actions.
  • Brown bear – This animal in dream symbolizes a fresh start, a right beginning that can fetch good results.
  • White bear – It symbolizes the power of your unconscious mind and tells you to realize your strengths and willpower.
  • Gray bear – Means protection from evil. The dream tells you to remain open and develop clarity of thought to avoid anxiety.

Dreaming about Bears – a Psychological Perspective

Psychoanalysts inspired by the theories of Sigmund Freud believed that any dreams about bears represents the passive-aggressive personality of the dreamer. It represents the wild, untamed, and vulgar part of your personality. 

The bear survives in the wilderness with authority and power. So, if this is your spirit guide through dreams, it means you are bold and strong enough to fight obstacles in waking life. Bears in dreams represent your dominion over real life situations.

Summing Up from ‘ThePleasantDream’ 

To end, many dream experts believe that our nocturnal fantasies about bears are images that hold a deeper meaning. It reveals the secrets of the unconscious mind. 

When you witness a bear in dreams, it’s a reminder that you are capable of starting things afresh. The power to change lies in you; because you are a winner; you are the change.