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Dreams About Clothes: 126 Types & Their Meanings

Dreams About Clothes: 126 Types & Their Meanings

Updated on Feb 07, 2023 | Published on Jun 28, 2022

Reviewed by Katina Tarver, MA (Mental Health and Wellness Counseling) , Life Coach

Dreams About Clothes 126 Types & Their Meanings

Key Takeaways

  • Meanings of dreams about clothes vary depending on the particular item, color, condition, etc.
  • Usually, clothes that are clean and in good condition convey positive messages while soiled and ripped clothes are ill omens.
  • Such dreams are also closely related to your love and relationships.
  • In some instances, these dreams are merely a reflection of how you relate yourself to the world of fashion.

Dreams about clothes have less to do with your fashion sense and more to do with other meaningful aspects of life. 

Here, we have included everything you would need to know about your dream. Before you unravel your scenario, note that every dream element plays a crucial role.

Dreams about Clothes - 126 Types and Their Interpretations
Dreams about Clothes – 126 Types and Their Interpretations

What Does It Mean When You Dream About Clothes?

Generally, dreams about clothes symbolize how others look at you, fulfillment of goals, acquiring material possessions, transformations, etc. That said, some plots may hint at deception, tarnished reputation, or cleaning of your sins.

Given the role of clothes in human civilization, it’s no surprise to have dreams about them. However, in the dream world, they have little or sometimes even nothing to do with physical appearance or fashion sense. 

Instead, they usually reflect how others look at you or up to you in the waking world. Contrarily, other scenarios hint at the possibility of your reputation being at stake. 

Depending on the item, length, condition, and color, a dream featuring clothes may stand for unfortunate happenings, confusion, and chaos, as well. Sometimes, they can even be a sign that you are too youthful for your age.

Clothes Dream Meaning: Various Symbols

A few reasons why clothes show up in your dream include –

1. To inject a little fun into your life

Clothes may be a sign that your life is devoid of fun and adventure. That said, if you do believe your life is way too monotonous to be true, know that your subconscious encourages you to spice up your life. 

2. To let go

Some scenarios are a sign that you are still clinging to something that has already gone stale. A relationship that is over way back, for instance. 

If you can relate, your dream may be advising you to release those that are not worth hanging on to. 

3. Deception

Sometimes, clothes reflect the fake image you are putting up in front of others. 

Maybe you are positioning yourself as a person from the elite class in the socials when in reality, you are not.

Dreams about Clothes: Different Types, Conditions, Colors, And Their Interpretations

The meaning of your dream will vary depending on the types, conditions, and color of the clothes. And the illustrations listed below may give you insights into why the scenario showed up in your dream. 

1. Seeing lots of clothes in a dream

Lots of clothes usually mean you feel overwhelmed in the waking world. 

Perhaps you have taken up too many responsibilities, a lot more than you can handle. 

2. To see a pile of clothes in a dream

If you see a pile of clothes on the floor, to be more specific, it means you are not giving yourself any time. The dream says you are swamped with your household chores, work, and other responsibilities that you are not giving yourself any ‘me’ time. 

3. Clothes of many colors

According to the plot, you may soon find yourself going through a series of ups and downs. 

Some will take you by surprise and some will be extremely challenging. However, if you stick through and stay determined you will definitely be able to come out of it. Also, in due time, you will realize why they had to happen.

4. Dreaming of clothes thrown disorderly in a wardrobe

The above plot is related to your morality and principles. 

5. To dream of seeing clothes neatly folded on a shelf

According to the dream, your plans will work out smoothly. 

6. To see clothes hanging in a closet in a dream

Here, the clothes represent something that is kept hidden, either intentionally or otherwise. However, there’s a possibility that you are thinking of bringing it out in the open. 

7. Dreaming that your closet has only white clothes

The above dream usually tends to show up if you have been feeling depressed or gloomy of late. On that note, your dream tells you to let go of the things and situations that are beyond your control and to stay optimistic. 

8. To dream of not having enough clothes

You are lucky if you dream of not having enough clothes. Better if you had no money to get yourself new clothes in the plot.

Because the meaning of the dream will be the exact opposite of what happened in the scenario. You will see an increase in your income and will soon be able to indulge in luxury.

9. Seeing elegant clothes in a dream

Usually, elegant clothes imply you are looked up to in your circle. 

From the romantic viewpoint, elegant clothes are an auspicious sign. Chances are, you and your partner are on the same page when it comes to love, commitment, and loyalty. 

10. To dream of browsing through your closet

Browsing through your closet is a sign of being promoted or getting ahead. 

11. To dream of colorful and fashionable clothes

Depending on your situation, you can interpret the scene as a warning or advice. 

In all likelihood, you are a person who tends to overlook or neglect the most crucial things while giving importance to trivial matters. And this often impacts your decision-making, wreaking havoc on your life in general. 

12. To see light and comfortable clothes in a dream

Light and comfortable clothes are a sign that your plans will work out ultimately. 

13. Dreaming of short clothes

Short clothes, especially in the dreams of a mature person indicate you are too youthful. According to the dream, you spend a lot of time and energy on activities befitting a young person such as partying. 

We don’t mean to say mature people cannot hang out, party, and have fun. Just that, it’s time, you take life a little more seriously than you presently do. 

14. To dream of long pieces of clothing

The scenario denotes that you are respected, adored, and loved by people in your surrounding – personal as well as professional. 

Nevertheless, the dream says you sometimes doubt your potential and confidence.

15. Dreaming of woolen clothes

Woolen clothes stand for the acquisition of wealth.

16. To dream of leather clothes

Often leather clothes are a sign of success and prosperity.

17. Dream of ill-fitting clothes

If your clothes don’t fit you well, the scenario stands for a transformation.

You may find yourself letting go of old habits, hobbies, etc. to make room for new ones. 

18. Dreaming of baby clothes

Baby clothes, regardless of the type, conditions and color are usually a harbinger of unpleasant situations befalling you due to your carelessness or poor decision-making skills.

Unquestionably, they will have an impact on your relationships which may develop into conflicts within the domestic environment. 

Whatever you do, you won’t be able to make an escape from your predicament, not in the immediate future at least.

However, the bright side about this phase is that you would be compelled to reflect on your life and decisions, which will ultimately make you wiser and a better person. 

19. Dreaming about wet clothes

While some experts relate wet clothes with a cleansing of past sins and misdeeds, others believe they indicate losing your old, immature self for a better one. 

20. Dreaming of fur clothes

Fur clothes are often linked with acquiring material possessions.

21. Lacy clothes in a dream

Lacy clothes foretell a reconciliation with someone from the past. This person could be a friend, ex-lover, or relation you lost touch with.

Regardless, the dream says the two of you will have a good time reliving the past memories and catching up with each other’s lives. 

22. Clothes with tassels in a dream

Clothes with tassels are a symbol of mishap and disappointment in an area of your life in the foreseeable future. Don’t be surprised if your plans got foiled or if your actions backfired at the most critical time. 

That said, your dream warns you against saying or doing things that others may misunderstand. 

23. To see clothes with beads in a dream

Generally, clothes with beads indicate you will be a part of a happy event in the foreseeable future.

24. To dream of clothes with bows

You are likely to find yourself amidst an unexpected turn of events if you see or wear clothes with bows in a dream. 

25. Dreaming of well-ironed clothes

Well-ironed clothes stand for something about you that is socially and ethically appropriate and acceptable. 

26. A dream of tangled clothes

Tangled, wrinkled, or crumpled clothes are often associated with fear and insecurity. 

27. Dreaming that your clothes were ripped/ torn

Ripped or torn clothes symbolize flaws in your thought process. Perhaps you are not thinking rationally regarding a matter. Maybe you are letting your emotions, whims, and fancies get in the way. 

Other dream experts agree that your ripped clothes are a reflection of the disappointment and misery you are going through in the real world. 

28. A dream of clothes with holes

Clothes with holes are your subconscious warning you not to trust and rely heavily on your friends and acquaintances.

One or a few of them will likely use you to their advantage sometime in the future. 

29. Dreaming of clothes missing some details

If you dream of seeing clothes missing some details, like buttons, zippers, or the like, be warned. 

This is a symbol of deceit and betrayal. People whom you consider friends are actually going behind your back, spreading lies and harmful information about you. 

30. Dreaming of new clothes

New clothes are a sign that you need to renew some areas of your life. 

On that note, let us ask you a question here.

Have you been down in the dumps of late? Or maybe for the past few months or even years? If that hits home, the dream may be encouraging you to renew the parts that seem dead!

Maybe you have been too much of a recluse recently? Perhaps you are investing all your time caring for others? Then, the dream is a sign that you need to give time to yourself.

Meet up with your people, whoever brings out the youthful energy in you. 

On the other hand, new clothes signify wish fulfillment. You may soon see your plans and goals working out smoothly in your favor. 

31. Dreaming of used clothes

Used clothes usually emphasize the need to build healthy relationships with others. 

32. Dreaming of clean clothes

Clean clothes stand for your problem-solving skills and your ability to handle obstacles. 

33. Dreaming of dirty clothes

If dirty clothes show up in your dream, you must take it as a warning. Reconsider your decisions before taking any crucial actions as you are likely to suffer the ill consequences of your actions. 

34. Dreaming of clean and neat clothes

Clean clothes stand for material wealth and prosperity in the dream world. 

35. Dirty and torn clothes in a dream

Torn and dirty clothes stand for deceit and damage. To be on the safe side, do not share any crucial information about yourself, work, or future plans if you experienced the above vision. 

Because there’s a possibility that someone in your circle is plotting behind you to bring you harm.

36. Dreaming of black clothes

Since black, (and sometimes white) is believed to be the sum of all colors, black clothes are often believed to represent chaos and confusion in the waking world.

Understand that your dream may also be pointing to loss, grief, and sorrow as the color black is usually a symbol of mourning.

37. To dream of wearing only black clothes

Wearing black clothes from head to toe could be a reflection of your subconscious desire to blend in well with others. 

38. Dreaming of brown or tan clothes

Brown or tan clothes emphasize the need to stay grounded. 

39. White clothes in a dream

White usually symbolizes peace, innocence, and tranquility. 

Since you dream of white clothes, you must take this opportunity to evaluate your real-life happenings. 

Are you going through a difficult time? Perhaps everything is too chaotic and overwhelming at the moment due to your work, family, or relationships. In that case, the dream emphasizes the need to bring balance back into your life. 

40. To see yourself or someone else wearing white clothes

Seeing yourself or someone else clothed in white symbolizes unfavorable changes happening soon.

41. To dream of seeing bright red clothes

Usually, bright red clothes are a sign of potential misunderstandings, conflicts, separation, or even disease. 

On the other hand, red clothes are an auspicious sign from the romantic point of view. If you are presently seeking love and a promising relationship, your dream may have positive messages for you. 

42. Dreaming of crimson color clothes

Crimson color clothes symbolize the removal of obstacles that stand on your path to success. 

For some, the obstacles may take the form of unfortunate situations; for others, they may represent competitors. 

43. Dreaming of pink clothes

Pink clothes denote you must not rush anything, especially those that have the potential to have a lasting impact. Also, it may be a sign that you are too ambitious. 

At other times, these clothes are associated with lust. 

44. Dreaming of yellow clothes

Yellow clothes symbolize success, which may happen either in your personal or professional life or even both.

Also, yellow clothes may foretell laughter-filled quality times with your loved ones.

45. Dreaming of green clothes

Green clothes may mean either you are “green with envy” of someone else’s accomplishments or vice versa. 

From another point of view, green clothes stand for success, prosperity, and contentment.

46. Light green clothes in a dream

While light green clothes symbolize jealousy, it may also mean you are in the process of healing or recovering from something. 

47. To see blue clothes in a dream

In the dream world, blue clothes symbolize wish fulfillment. 

48. Seeing many people clad in blue in a dream

To dream of many people dressed in blue symbolizes separation. This may happen due to various reasons – good or bad. 

For some, the dream may be foretelling a breakup and for others, it may mean going somewhere else to fulfill dreams and responsibilities. 

49. Dreaming of grey clothes

Grey clothes denote success, especially in the professional domain. 

50. Dreaming of gold-embroidered clothes

Generally, gold-embroidered clothes show how loved and respected you are by your peers and close ones. 

51. Dreaming of neon clothes

Neon clothes are usually associated with attention. 

You may be someone who constantly needs attention if you dream of the above. 

On the other hand, your dream may be trying to draw your attention to something that should no longer be ignored. 

52. Colorful clothes in a dream

Depending on your present real-life circumstances, colorful clothes may have either positive or negative messages.

You may find yourself in a surprisingly pleasant turn of events. Or you may even get entangled in a web of unfortunate events. 

53. Dream of a clothing store

According to the dream, you want others to see you in a completely new light. So, the dream indicates you are seeking ways to transform not just your physical appearance but your attitude and behavior as well. 

54. To dream of walking around in a clothes shop

If you have any goals and aspirations you would like to fulfill, dream of walking around in a clothes shop gives you the message that now is the ideal time to work on them. 

55. Dreaming of trying on clothes for others to see

Trying on clothes and showing others implies you want to exhibit your abilities courageously and confidently. 

According to the dream, you have full confidence in your potential and therefore want to be acknowledged for that.

56. A dream about buying clothes

Buying clothes shows you are trying to fit in a certain circle of friends or society, in general. 

57. To dream of buying clothes you like

Buying clothes you like in a dream is a promising sign. 

According to the dream, your future looks promising as you are on a path of self-discovery. You will soon be able to discover your strengths, and weaknesses and make the necessary changes accordingly. 

58. Buying clothes for a special occasion in a dream

According to the dream, you seek understanding, acceptance, or even attention from people around you.

59. A dream of buying clothes for your children

Dreaming of buying clothes for your children indicates that the unpleasant things you are presently undergoing will soon give way to contentment and happiness.

60. To dream of buying clothes for the dead 

The interpretation differs depending on who and what you are. For entrepreneurs, the scenario symbolizes huge profits with strategic planning. 

It is a lucky sign if someone about to get married dreams of the above scenario. Here, the dream symbolizes a happy and harmonious relationship. 

61. A dream about your husband buying clothes for you

If a woman dreams of her husband buying her clothes, the scenario is a reflection of her unfaltering care for him. 

Additionally, it may also mean she wishes to receive the same love from him as well. 

62. A dream about changing clothes

If you changed from one outfit to another in your dream, it’s likely to represent a change or transition.

The outfit you wore, to begin with, may represent how you previously saw yourself or wanted others to see. And the one you changed into could represent the new image you want to present to the world.

The dream may indicate some drastic changes approaching you or it may simply be a sign that you will change the way you look or dress. 

63. A dream about wearing new clothes

Generally, seeing or wearing brand new clothes signifies changes, particularly in the way you perceive yourself or how others see you. Whether the transformations are for the better or worse depends upon how the new clothes make you feel in the dream. 

If the clothes make you feel happy or confident, it means the changes have made you feel more confident about yourself and your abilities.

On the contrary, if you felt nervous or uneasy, the dream may be your subconscious questioning if the changes have made you genuinely happy. 

64. Seeing new clothes with price tags still attached to them

If you dream of seeing or wearing brand new clothes with price tags on them, the plot shows you are trying too hard to adjust to the changes you have brought upon yourself. 

65. Wearing a uniform in a dream

Likely, you are feeling bogged down and restricted if you dream of wearing a uniform.

Perhaps the restrictions at your workplace are stopping you from exhibiting your potential and creative side. 

66. To dream of wearing a school uniform

This type of scenario is likely if you believe you are being ignored and your opinions unheard in the waking world. 

67. Dreaming that your clothes were too tight

If your clothes were too tight, it probably means you feel confined in some areas of your life.

68. Dreaming that your clothes were too loose

Clothes that were too big for you are associated with your low self-esteem. This might be a good time to ask yourself why you feel that way. 

69. Dreaming of wearing the wrong clothes

If you dream of wearing the wrong clothes, say pajamas to work or party dress to an official meeting, it reflects your lack of preparedness for a task. 

From another perspective, the scenario shows you are anxious about how others perceive you. 

70. To dream of wearing chic clothes

More often than not, wearing chic, expensive clothes usually happens when you are going through a hard time in the real world. 

All of us wish to eat and dress well. But not every one of us can afford to. If you experience the above dream, it reflects your anxiety as you long for a lavish lifestyle but cannot afford one.

The interpretation is especially true if you do not own expensive fashion items in reality. 

71. Dreaming of wearing kid’s clothes

Wearing a kid’s clothes is clearly a warning. The scenario hints at the possibility of misunderstandings and conflicts within your domestic environment. 

72. To dream of refusing to wear unfashionable clothes

According to the dream, you are thinking of parting ways with someone or some people. 

Maybe you are thinking of ending the relationship with your current partner or maybe you have decided to leave your circle to hang out with another group of friends. 

Regardless of why your subconscious wants you to think your decision through before you make your final call. 

73. Dreaming that you felt ashamed of your outfit 

Generally, the dream hints at problems you are facing in your waking life due to a lack of communication.

74. To dream of wearing clothes that do not belong to you

According to the dream, you are trying too hard to fit into a circle. 

75. Dreaming about taking off old clothes

Taking off old clothes is a sign that you need to let go of thoughts, ideas, relationships, and even people that are taking a toll on your mental health. 

For example, you might still be clinging to a business idea that sounds too good but didn’t turn out to be as great. The same goes for people and relationships as well.

Perhaps you are still clinging on to toxic people hoping they would change someday. 

76. Dreaming about taking off layers of clothes

The dream signifies abandoning unpleasant thoughts, feelings, and aspects about yourself that you believe are disgusting. 

Such scenarios are also often experienced by people who are in the process of losing weight. 

77. Dreaming about clothes falling off your body 

Here too, the dream emphasizes letting go of unfulfilled dreams, memories that haunt you from time to time, etc. 

78. Dreaming that you wore your clothes inside out

Wearing clothes inside out can be interpreted in two different ways. 

Either you are trying to defend yourself from something or you are a rule-breaker who loves going against the norm. 

79. Dreaming of losing clothes

According to the dream, you might get involved in a scandal that has the potential to sabotage your reputation.

80. To see others wearing the same clothes in a dream

Chances are, you feel left out in a particular matter or situation if you dream of seeing everyone accept you wearing the same clothes.

Take your dream as an opportunity and ask yourself what makes you feel isolated. Have you done something unacceptable? Diving deep into how you felt will also help get to the bottom of the dream.

If you were confident and happy, despite standing out of the crowd, it shows you feel good speaking up your mind despite how others take them. On the contrary, if you felt anxious, it means you are not being your genuine self. 

81. To dream of admiring other people’s clothes

If you dream of admiring someone else’s clothes, your partner may be suspicious of you. Probably he or she believes you are cheating on him or her. 

If you aren’t guilty of the above, this is a good time to think of why your partner thinks you are not faithful.

82. Envying someone else’s clothes in a dream

First thing first, find out if that ‘someone’ is a person you know pretty well in the waking world.

This might not apply to every such scenario but chances are, you sense an inconsistency between his or her genuine personality and what he or she showcases in public.

And your dream indicates you are in awe of how he or she can pull off both images flawlessly. 

83. Sharing your clothes with others in a dream

Here, your clothes are symbolic of your romantic partner. The dream hints at him or her being unfaithful, going behind your back, and having intimate relations with other people. 

84. Seeing someone wearing your clothes in a dream

This may happen if you believe someone is living the life or has taken up a position that is rightfully yours. 

85. Giving clothes to another person in a dream

Giving your clothes to someone else in a dream is an ill omen. You trust your partner too much and are so confident in your relationship that you are literally blind to what’s really going on. 

Your partner could be going around hitting on and having relationships with other people at your back. 

86. Dreaming of donating clothes

Donating clothes is often considered to be an ill omen. Most likely, the foreseeable future would be extremely hard on you – physically, mentally, and financially as well. 

Unforeseen circumstances may push you to bankruptcy and poverty. Also, you can expect serious illnesses to disrupt your normal life. 

87. Dreaming about throwing clothes away

If you dream of throwing clothes away it means you are mentally and emotionally ready to leave your past behind and start something new.

88. A dream of someone giving you clothes

If someone gives you clothes, there is probably someone who wants to get close or closer to you. 

It can be a new person who wants to know you on a deeper level. On the other hand, don’t be surprised if someone you lost touch with or falls out with comes to you with an offer of reconciliation. 

89. To dream of someone giving you a suitcase of clothes

Here, the suitcase of clothes stands for problems or responsibilities someone in your waking life has dumped or is about to dump on you.

90. To dream of hand-me-down clothes

These types of dreams may surface if you are behaving or are expected to behave in a certain manner after someone else or other people. 

For instance, you may dream of the above if your parents often advise you to follow in the footsteps of your elder brother or sister who is considered to be a great success. 

91. To dream of stealing clothes

Dream of Stealing clothes are often associated with low self-esteem, fakeness, and false pride.

You may be putting on a show – and are not being who you really are to impress others. However, what you don’t know is that by concealing who you really are, you are unintentionally stealing from yourselves the various opportunities to grow and get better. 

Moreover, whoever you try to be, at the end of the day, the fact remains that you are putting on a fake personality and that hurts your self-esteem. 

92. Someone ruining your clothes in a dream

Before anything else, try to recall if you recognize the person who ruined your clothes. If yes, what do you think of him or her in the waking world?

Because as indicated in the dream, you do not have a very good relationship with that person. Or it may simply mean you do not and have no intention to trust that person. 

93. Losing a piece of clothing in a dream

The dream symbolizes obstacles in your love and professional life. 

94. Dreaming of having sex with clothes on

Generally, the above scenario symbolizes obstacles but the meaning may also vary depending on the dreamer.

For men, the scenario indicates failed attempts at business and losses. And for a woman dreamer, it symbolizes an overall discontentment with her life – job, love life, spouse, etc. 

As for young dreamers, the scenario stands for a fear of adulthood. 

95. To dream of trying to clean soiled clothes

Trying to clean soiled clothes is a good sign. It shows that you are aware of the flaws in your personality and are actively working to fix them.

96. A dream about washing clothes

If you see yourself washing clothes in a dream, it means you are trying to change the way others see you. 

Negatively, the dream indicates you are not with the right person and are bound to suffer if you take your relationship any further. 

97. Dreaming of washing your clothes thoroughly

Here, the dirty clothes prior to the wash symbolize your problems. Since you succeeded in washing those clothes squeaky clean it means you have finally sorted out the solutions to your problems. 

98. Dreaming of someone else washing your clothes

Someone else washing your clothes denotes you are banking on another person or even fate to take you out of your struggles. 

Unfortunately, your dream conveys to you the message that none will come to your rescue. Doing your bit and asking for a little support from others is one thing. And waiting for another person to clean the mess you created – another!

99. Dreaming of hanging clothes

Depending on the context and your real-life circumstances, the dream denotes you are trying to shield something. 

At other times, the scenario indicates putting something to rest. 

100. Ironing clothes in a dream

Generally, ironing clothes symbolizes a harmonious relationship in the family. 

However, the interpretation may also vary depending on the type of clothes. If you dream of ironing a business suit or any sort of formal clothing, it means you will soon get a job with a better package. 

101. Dreaming of burning a piece of clothing while ironing

If you burned a piece of cloth while ironing, it means one of your near relations has something against you. 

102. Tearing off your clothes in a dream

Tearing off your clothes reflects your wishes and attempts to get rid of your toxic habits.

103. To dream of your clothes catching fire while wearing

There’s a likelihood of you losing items you held dear. 

104. Dreaming of burning clothes

Burning clothes, regardless of which and whose, is often associated with material losses. 

105. Selling clothes in a dream

Selling clothes stands for travel or some sort of adventure, at least. The dream also hints at meeting new people, striking up new friendships, and expansion of your social circle. 

106. A dream about packing clothes

Packing clothes often emphasize a need for change.

It could also reflect your unconscious desires to abandon everything to become a completely new person. 

107. Mending clothes in a dream/ a dream about sewing clothes

While some experts relate sewing clothes as a lucky omen foretelling progress and potential promotion at the workplace others believe it reflects your wishes to mend a broken relationship. 

108. Making children’s clothes in a dream

For female dreamers, making a child’s clothes stands for pregnancy. 

109. Seeing all kinds of clothes in a dream

Unlike other dream scenarios, this one reflects your discontentment with your present fashion sense. 

110. Pulling clothes out of a lake in a dream

Dreaming of pulling out clothes from a water body symbolizes the cleansing and purification of past sins. 

It could also mean you are shedding off the old you – personality, looks, etc. for a newer version. 

111. To dream of attending a funeral wearing black clothes

Undoubtedly, the vision will make you uneasy and apprehensive of the future. But here’s the twist. Dream of attending a funeral clad in black is actually a good sign. 

Soon, someone near you will get married and the dream says you will also benefit for the union as the connection will give you ample opportunities to expand your social circle. 

112. A dream about clothes on a clothesline

Clothes on a clothesline are associated with a need to be clean, organized, and peaceful. 

113. To dream of wearing no clothes

Not wearing any clothes is a symbol of slander. You may fall prey to other people’s gossip.

From the fashion point of view, it means your sense of fashion is top-notch that you often end up becoming the spotlight, wherever you go. 

114. Dreaming of seeing others with no clothes

Chances are, you are overlooking something in your life. This could be anything – an opportunity at the workplace, a promising relationship, a source of immense happiness, etc.

Now, the dream might have happened to draw your attention to whatever it is you are intentionally or unintentionally dismissing. 

115. Seeing a well-known person with no clothes in a dream

It is an ill omen to dream of a famous person with no clothes. You may get deceived and ruthlessly betrayed by those you love, trust and care for. 

Your higher self advises you to take all necessary precautions to stop such unwanted situations from happening and that includes not sharing anything important and confidential, especially with your trusted ones, for the time being. 

116. To dream of walking with someone dressed in white clothes

The dream symbolizes misfortune befalling the person you walked with.

117. To dream of a ghostly apparition in yellow clothes 

The above scenario is a harbinger of unfavorable events. 

118. A female dreamer dreaming of being unsatisfied with her clothes

The dream symbolizes competition. Likely another female is green with envy of your accomplishments. 

Furthermore, the dream shows she sees herself as your competitor and would likely do anything to take your place. 

119. A female dreamer wearing black clothes in a dream

For a female dreamer, wearing black clothes symbolizes misfortune and sadness. 

You may get betrayed by a loved one. In the worst case, you may even lose a near one to death.

120. Seeing another female in a crimson dress and a black veil in a dream

If a female sees another female clad in a crimson dress and a black mourning veil, the scenario stands for defeat. 

In the foreseeable future, you may lose your job, partner, or an opportunity to a female rival. 

121. A young lady dreaming of colorful and fashionable clothes

Colorful and fashionable clothes in the dreams of a young lady symbolize the goals she would like to accomplish.

122. A woman dreaming of wearing men’s clothes

More often than not, a woman dreaming of wearing masculine clothes symbolizes an expansion of the family tree. 

123. A man dreaming of women’s clothes

For a man to dream of women’s clothing shows his desire to take his present love relationship to the next level.

And if he is single, the dream reflects his wishes to get into a serious relationship. 

124. A male dreamer wearing women’s clothes in a dream

Usually, such a dream implies your inclination towards homosexuality. If that resonates, there’s a possibility that the dream surfaced because you are repressing your genuine self and desires. 

125. A married person dreaming of light and comfortable clothes

For a married individual, light and comfortable clothes stand for a loving, peaceful, and harmonious marriage. 

126. A patient dreaming of going to buy clothes

For a patient, going to buy clothes is a sign of recovery. Of course, it may take you a while but not as long as you expect. 


As mentioned above, dreams about clothes may mean anything under the sun depending on the color, state, and activities associated with it.

Whether the message is good or bad, understand that your dream happened not to scare you but to make you be aware of something your conscious has ignored or overlooked. 

If you get dreams about Bra then check its meaning here.