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Dream about Bra – 35 Types & Their Interpretations

Dream about Bra – 35 Types & Their Interpretations

Updated on Jan 16, 2023 | Published on Jun 29, 2022

Reviewed by Dr. Nereida Gonzalez-Berrios, MD , Certified Psychiatrist

Dream about Bra – 35 Types & Their Interpretations

If you suddenly have a dream of bra, you might think it’s pretty bizarre… unless you thought of buying one or something naughty before going to bed.

Further, if you get recurring dreams about bras, it’s definitely an important message from higher powers. And if you’re interested in knowing them, this think-piece is at your service!

So let’s dive deeper into it…

Dream about Bra – 35 Types & Their Interpretations
Dream about Bra – 35 Types & Their Interpretations

Dream of a Bra – General Interpretations

Dreaming of bras might symbolize great luck or desires to be emotionally strong. Negatively, it might imply your vulnerabilities, insecurities, or your wish to protect your dignity.

A bra in your dreams might attract your attention to one thing: breasts… whether anyone wears it or not.

Eventually, you might think of two things from it: maternity and sexual desires. However, is that really it? C’mon, let’s know what basic message the dreams send us here…

1. You feel vulnerable

If you’re a woman and you have frequent dreams of being clad in a bra, it shows that you are vulnerable.

It can also mean that you make a good impression on others or you don’t have a defender in waking life.

2. You will be blessed with good luck

Dreaming of an expensive or decorated bra can indicate that luck will favor you in the near future.

For example, you might get a promotion at work or a raise from your superiors. Or it can also predict excitement in your love life.

3. You want to preserve your dignity

Every individual wishes to earn self-worth and dignity. So a bra symbolizes your desire to preserve your self-dignity.

You want to look and feel respectable for others’ appreciation. You don’t want to lose your image or look like you’re giving away your power willingly.

4. You feel insecure

Since bra dreams signify protection, it might imply you feel insecure and powerless currently. Maybe you feel embarrassed about something and fear showing your true self in public.

This can also mean that you believe a friend or current partner will hurt you, so you’re protecting yourself.

5. You want to be emotionally stronger

People who are emotionally hurt or weak often dream of a bra. Do you want your friends or family members to support you?

Or do you want to spend time with people who uplift you and make you feel better? Dreaming of a bra can even tell you when you need to take a break to be emotionally stronger.

Dream about Bra – 35 Types & Their Interpretations

Wearing a bra too tight in your dream symbolizes conflict, while one too loose predicts a casual relationship.  Every dream expresses a different kind of emotion or vulnerability.

Depending on the size, shape, or even the color, you can deduce something different.

Although the differences in the dreams are so subtle and opposite, the dream interpretations aren’t even related. So, let’s not keep you guessing your dreams because the list is all yours!

1. Dream of wearing a bra only

If you dream of wearing just a bra with nothing else on, it symbolizes that you’re impressionable. It can also mean that you want to express your inner thoughts to your close ones.

However, this can be perceived as a weakness and others might take advantage of this to manipulate you.

2. Dream about trying on a bra

If you dream of trying on a bra, it asks you to find comfort even in very unpleasant surroundings. Even if you don’t feel at ease presently, take some time and rethink.

Before you decide anything, make sure to think carefully and then proceed.

3. Dream of not wearing a bra

Dreaming of not wearing a bra during serious situations, such as a meeting, shows that you don’t have any discipline or control over something major.

But if you’re not wearing a bra on a casual date or outing, it symbolizes your carefree and sexual side.

4. Dream of forgetting to wear a bra

A dream of forgetting to wear your bra symbolizes that you don’t feel emotionally or mentally connected to your present relationship anymore.

You feel it’s boring and mundane, so you don’t feel attached like previously. Talk openly and honestly with your partner to get some clarity.

5. Dream of bra too tight

In your dream, if you are wearing a bra that’s too tight, it represents an imminent conflict in your waking life.

The tightness in your chest stands for the tightness you might feel when others ask you to state strong opinions which make you feel suffocated and uncomfortable.

6. Dream about bra too loose

A big or a loose bra that doesn’t fit you properly foretells the arrival of a casual relationship. Perhaps you might have a fling with someone you know or work with.

But don’t try to invest too much emotion or time in this relationship because it will ultimately fade away.

7. Dream of nursing bra

Just like a nursing bra is used for breastfeeding mothers, seeing this type of bra in your dream shows your maternal side. It represents compassion, tenderness, and love.

Try to hold on to this side of yours because it will help you stay strong during tough times.

8. Dream of a sports bra

People who work out wearing a sports bra are generally very active. Similarly, dreaming of a sports bra can be a metaphor that you also wish to work out and stay active and healthy.

This can also point toward your uplifting and youthful spirit.

9. Dream of an expensive lingerie bra

Women generally buy expensive lingerie bras when they want to get physically intimate.

A dream of wearing or buying an expensive lingerie bra means that you’re mentally prepared to be intimate with your partner or husband and you wish to add some spice to your relationship.

10. Black bra dream meaning

Black bras are considered to be very sultry and attractive. In the dream interpretation, it means that you don’t want to look easily available to others.

You want to hold control and power and not give them away. Until a certain point in your relationship, you want to remain mysterious and sultry.

11. Dream of a red bra

Dreaming of a red bra predicts you’ll experience passion and love. Things will turn favorable in the future and you and your partner will spend lots of romantic nights together. A purple bra can also signify the same.

12. Dream of a man wearing a bra

Bras are generally meant for women so when you dream of a man wearing a bra, it doesn’t indicate a good sign. It means that the person in your dreams will have sexual problems related to vigor or stamina.

13. Dream of lost bra

Are you vigorously searching for a lost bra in your cupboard or drawers in your dreams? Then this represents your search for more discipline and sincerity in your life.

It might be related to your work life or your personal one, so pay close attention to this dream.

14. Dream of buying a bra

Having dreams of a bra that you are buying shows a message about your present situation.

Your subconscious tells you to not depend on other people for your happiness and look for your own inspiration. If you’re experiencing psychological illnesses, seek a professional immediately.

15. Dream of wearing a bra

Dreams of wearing a bra point towards your feminine side and your attitude towards the world. This also relates to your viewpoints regarding topics like feminism.

Alternatively, wearing a bra in your dreams can signify your hidden desires and fantasies you’re unaware of.

16. Dream of a woman taking off bra

If you dream of a woman taking off her bra, it suggests analyzing the kind of satisfaction that you have in life currently.

Or it can even show that things between you and your partner have become a little cold because both of you are busy. 

17. Bra dreams for a woman

For a woman, bra dreams signify success in society. You must work very hard and prove you are no less than any man. Even if you face constant discrimination, you must stay motivated.

18. Bra dreams for a man

Being a man, dreams of bras show someone has a negative influence on you. Maybe your partner disapproves of the people you hang out with.

It can also be a signal to be a little more relaxed and carefree in life, so try taking a break.

19. Dream of finding a bra

When you dream of finding a bra, it means that you are tormented with a lot of doubts. Maybe you suspect your partner is cheating on you, so you’ll try to control their every move.

This will lead to unexplained jealousy and your partner will ask you to trust them more. 

20. Dream of selling a bra

Selling a bra for a woman indicates public shame. If you’re not cautious, you might be embarrassed in public soon.

For a man, this dream indicates that he must trust strangers less. Be very careful before hanging out or closing a deal with someone.

21. Dream of bestowing a bra

When you dream of bestowing a bra, it indicates that you can hope for a promotion. You worked very diligently for a long time now, so your boss will finally recognize your hard work.

It can also symbolize your lofty ambitions and your need to feel respected in society.

22. Dream of receiving a bra as a gift

If a woman dreams of receiving a bra as a gift, it symbolizes that she has a secret admirer. Maybe there’s someone who likes you a lot but fears approaching you. Pay attention to little signals.

For a man, this predicts a new and exciting friendship just around the corner.

23.  Dream to put on a bra

Being a woman, when you dream of putting on a bra, it indicates that you will experience beautiful moments with your loved ones.

Maybe your partner will surprise you and shower you with lots of gifts. However, the same dream for a man symbolizes a lack of sex in his life.

24. Dream to wash a bra

When a woman dreams of washing a bra, it indicates positivity that her loved ones support her all the time and she does the same for them.

For a man, it indicates he might have to do a job without any expertise. Maybe your boss will assign you a job that feels completely alien to you.

25. Dream of an old, torn bra

An old or torn bra in your dreams represents skepticism.

This will keep haunting you in the following period and you must make tough choices, such as choosing between staying at your old job or going for a new one. You might doubt everything that’s offered to you.

26. Dream of a new bra

A new bra in your dream isn’t a positive omen. It indicates that you’re tired of proving your worth and skills to people.

Everyone around you assumes you’re weak and incapable, so you try to prove them wrong. Try to not focus too much on others’ opinions. Instead, always do what makes you happy.

27. Dream of seeing a bra

If you see a bra in your dreams, it means you feel protected. This dream signifies that you have supporters all around you and that you have some sort of passion that others love. It is a really positive dream and a great omen.

28. Dream of pink bra

Dreaming of a pink bra symbolizes young love and fresh romance.

Or it can also mean that you’re sorting out and organizing different areas of your life. Your goals might demand lots of hard work to be completed but the end result will be worth it.

29. Dream of blue bra

Seeing a blue bra in your dreams is a negative sign. It symbolizes that negative forces are working against you.

Alternatively, blue bras can also signify that you’ll take a new approach to life by bottling up all your emotions within you.

30. Dream of dirty bra

This dream expresses you want to revisit your childhood and enjoy carefree days. Alternatively, you can also feel that a certain situation in your life forced you to put up your guard.

This dream is also a symbol of suppressed feelings that you might have for your partner.

31. Dream of white bra

Dreams of a white bra showcase your political views. You like to lay low about your goals.

You’re exploring your subconscious mind and discovering new facts every day but don’t share that with others. A white bra can also signify that you’ll be blessed with peace, tranquility, and joy.

32. Dream of a woman changing bra for men

Being a man, if you see a woman wearing or putting on a bra in your dreams, it’s a good sign for your love life.

Your partner will initiate something steamy within the next few days. If you’re single, you might soon find a partner.

33. Dream of Jeannie bra

Jeannie bra in your dreams stands for a situation that you refuse to confront. You’re aware of it but somehow, you don’t want to address it directly.

This dream also symbolizes negativity where your partner and you don’t have a common goal anymore. However, the Jeannie bra can also represent success and prosperity.

34. Dream of bra and underwear

Just like bra and underwear make us comfortable, seeing them in your dreams also signifies contentment and comfort.

Or they can also mean that you must focus on something that requires immediate attention. Re-evaluate the situation and then do what’s best for you.

35. Dream of going to work with no bra

This dream suggests plenty of external aspects of your life invade your personal space.

Alternatively, this can also symbolize that you will rise above problems and difficulties and achieve success. Or it can mean that you have a zest for life.

Questions to ask yourself to interpret bra dreams correctly

When you wake up from a dream, it can be hard to recollect the dream content. And when the dream is related to a bra, you might feel more confused than ever.

So how do you make sense of things? Simple! Answer these few questions to put your mind at ease with all the details…

1. What shape was the bra?

2. What was the print or color of the bra?

3. Did the bra feel comfortable when you wore it or was it too big/small?

4. Do you see yourself wearing a bra or someone else?

5. Did you ever dream of the opposite gender wearing a bra?

6. Did you buy a bra for someone else or for yourself?

7. Did someone ever gift you a bra in your dreams?

8. Do you only see a bra or something else, such as underpants along with the bra?

9. How do you feel after these dreams? Comforted or anxious?

10. How frequently do you have such dreams?

A word from ThePleasantDream

In reality, bras are the symbols of intimacy, sexiness, and love. So whether or not you wear a bra yourself, seeing one in your dreams can be very significant. 

If you’re currently troubled, don’t lose hope. Things will soon look better for you. Bad times visit us to increase the joy of good times, so just wait for the change.

And if you’re at the peak of your life, remember to keep working hard and enjoying life! Sooner or later, you’ll be blessed with even more joy and contentment. 

If possible, don’t forget to support others in need too, just as bras behave like a support structure.

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