Dream about ex-boyfriend symbolizes intrusive memories of the past filled with unresolved conflicts, leading to emotional pain and suffering.

These lucid dreams represent unfulfilled wishes, present day relationship issues and a longing for love and closeness. Usually, these dreams offer sadness, remorse, regret, guilt, and bitterness.

Dreams about Ex-Boyfriend - Does It Mean That You Are In Search Of A Reunion All Over Again?
Various Types of Dreams about Ex-Boyfriend & Their Meanings

General Meaning of Dream about Ex Boyfriend

When you dream about an ex-boyfriend, it could mean you have gone through an undesirable and painful breakup and you are unable to comprehend it. You are not happy with the way things ended between the two of you. 

Your ex-lover is symbolic of a happy timeline of your life that you miss now. It reminds you of certain qualities of him that are missing in others. Maybe your current boyfriend is less passionate, cold, or does not zeal with your expectations.

Some of the symbolic connotations of such dreams are as follows:

  • Unresolved past issues and trauma – Your sub-conscious mind is trying to resolve the past trauma and suffering that left you broken and blemished.
  • Sadness and mourning – You are mourning the loss of the relationship, and the happy moments shared with your ex.
  • Ex-boyfriend represents something important – When you dream about ex, it is often symbolic. It represents a time of your life that is happy, easy-going, carefree, and tension free.
  • You want closeness in relationships – Your unconscious mind is longing for a mental and physical closeness with someone dear to you. 
  • Fighting with your present boyfriend – If you get into regular verbal fights with your present partner and feels that he is toxic and abusive, it may remind you of your ex who was courteous and loving.
  • Loneliness – Another cause of dreaming about an ex-boyfriend could be loneliness and solitude. 
  • You’re scared of getting hurt – If the previous breakup was hostile and brutal, your dream about an ex-boyfriend is a reminder that the relationship is moving on a similar path.
  • You have forgiven them and moved on – It also represents emotional healing and personal growth; for a better living.

Ex-boyfriend Dream Spiritual Meaning

Ex-boyfriend dreams usually reflect what’s going on in you. It unfolds the truth of your waking hours. This kind of dream also represents real life worries, insecurities, and stress in the ongoing relationship. Maybe a wake-up call for you to delve deep into the unconscious thoughts and feelings and resolve those quite immediately.

Moreover, these dreams are random thoughts that make its way in the subconscious mind because you are not happy with your present life status. 

Different Dream Scenarios about Ex-Boyfriend

As these are super common dreams, let us analyze the meaning of a few of them in a detailed manner.

Recurrent dreams about your ex-boyfriend

If the same dream theme gets repeate too often, it may indicate a hidden desire to see him in waking life. Maybe you have not seen him for a long time and wish to relive those old moments spent together. These dreams are representations of your emotions for someone who holds a special place in your heart till now. 

In certain instances, recurring dreams about a boyfriend signifies the importance of first love; love that represents a lot of passion and intimacy. It has lost its charm and you wish to get it back again. This dream is all about wish fulfillment.

Ex-boyfriend getting married to someone else

It indicates a lot of confusion and emotional pain in your present relationship. He is a remnant of the past that was either good or bad for you.

If your relationship with your ex-boyfriend was good and you people shared good times together, then this dream symbolism may mean your secret wishes to hold on to the past. You are not still over the breakup and carrying emotional baggage, beyond recovery.

Cheating your boyfriend with ex

A dream theme of this type usually involves jealousy and resentment in real life. If you see that you are cheating your present partner with the help of your ex-boyfriend, it means that you are not happy with your present life.

Your relationship is at loggerheads and doubtful to continue smoothly. This dream symbolizes lack of liking and love making in real life. 

A dead ex-boyfriend

A dream about a dead ex-boyfriend is a warning sign; symbolizing some impending danger in waking life. In another context, a deceased boyfriend means that the relationship is over now.

You are able to move past the relationship and have forgiven him for his misdeeds. A dead ex-boyfriend symbolizes inner healing and end of toxic ties forever.

Seeing ex-boyfriend years later

This dream symbolizes that the dreamer has buried the past hurts and learned to live without him.

Whenever there are too many unresolved issues in a relationship that were never addressed but only got repressed in the unconscious, the person may get an exes dream even if they do not want to.  

Ex-boyfriend apologizing

When you dream about your ex-boyfriend saying sorry and seeking mercy for his misconduct, do not think that he wants you back in his life. Rather this dream denotes your unfulfilled wishes of getting him back in your life. 

Dreams about ex-boyfriend rejecting you

This dream means you need to let go of your past and stop living in it. You should focus on building new relationships in your waking life. 

Try to make better bonding with your loved ones. Feeling rejected by an ex means that your subconscious is reminding you to heal your past wounds and move forward in life.

Sex with ex-boyfriend

If you see this dream theme, it’s an indication that you are still missing him. There is a secret wish to get him back in your life. It is necessary to ask yourself whether you still want him back in your life. 

Annoying dream about ex-boyfriend

Annoying dreams about ex-boyfriend may actually indicate irritation, shame, and dissatisfaction about the bad habits and behavior of your present partner. 

The negative habits that you never liked about your present boyfriend or husband may show up in your dreams. Maybe, it has nothing to do with your ex; rather symbolizes your present day issues with your current partner.

Ex-boyfriend in danger

This dream symbolizes a valuable lesson learned from the past. If you dream about your ex-boyfriend in danger and you saved him, it means that you have become a confident being now. You have learned to let go past issues now and have learned your mistakes. 

Killing your ex-boyfriend

To dream about killing an ex-boyfriend means that you have killed certain aspects of your personality. You have successfully overcome the pain of the breakup and have become a worthy and confident being.

This dream symbolizes the power of your ability to put an end to a toxic tie and let go of negative feelings and resentments. 

Fighting with ex-boyfriend

This dream usually holds a positive meaning. If you see that you are fighting with him, it means you will have a lot of good changes coming your way.

This dream represents joy and good luck because you have learned to overcome obstacles, forget and forgive, and move on with life. 

Kissing your ex-boyfriend in dreams

This dream theme means some impending problem in your waking life. If you dream about kissing, it means you are inviting new problems.

Maybe, you will be preoccupied with work related problems, or adjustment problems with your present partner. 

Romantic dreams about ex-boyfriend

It simply means that you have not accepted the reality. You are trying to hold on to the past memories for no reason. You are engrossed with thoughts of him and the time spent together. 

Dreaming about being ignored by him

When you dream about being ignored by your ex-boyfriend, it may mean that you are overlooked or not given any attention. You are left out by someone important in your real life.

Wanting back your ex-boyfriend

These dreams are symbolic of wish fulfillment. It means that you miss certain qualities of your ex-boyfriend in your present relationship. The dream represents old passion and hidden wishes that were never addressed in reality.

Ex-boyfriend proposing you

It indicates that you have come to terms with the breakup. You have accepted the reality and learned to let go of past hurts and sufferings. In waking life, you overcame the pain and forgiven your ex. 

Ex-boyfriend in dreams when you are married

It means that your married life is going through a storm and stress. It indicates problems with your spouse; maybe you are not happy with him.

Final Thoughts from ‘ThePleasantDream’

Dreams about an ex-boyfriend can mean many things. Probably there is something in your waking life that is not moving smoothly. You just need to delve deep inside yourself and break free of toxic ties of entrapment and emotional web that is holding you back to move ahead in life.

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