When you dream of deceased husband avoiding me, it means that there are unresolved issues between you and your new partner. Sometimes it means that you are avoiding your emotions. Or, it portends that your new partner is about to break up with you. 

C’mon, let’s see what else it implies.

What are the General Interpretations of Dream of Deceased Husband Avoiding Me?

Dreaming about deceased husband avoiding you portends to your fear of your current partner abandoning you. Sometimes it means that you are suffering from feelings of guilt. Understand it better here.

Unresolved Issues

It showcases the unresolved issues between you and your current partner. You had a fight and now are avoiding each other. You can’t find any solution to the problem. 

Remember that burying your head in the sand won’t do you any good.

In order to solve the difficulties in your relationship, you two need to work on them together. 


You fear that your new partner is about to abandon you. The more you feel that they are going to leave you, the more you cling to them.

Sometimes you end up destroying the relationship before the other person can leave you. 

You latch on to relationships even when they are toxic and abusive. You have the habit of constantly needing reassurance that they are going to be there. 


You are suffering from feelings of guilt. You have done something wrong but realized it way later.

Check if you can right the wrongs you have done because these feelings won’t fix anything!


Sometimes, this dream indicates that you are struggling to come to terms with your partner’s death.

Your partner died suddenly and you did not have the time to process their death. Sometimes you feel that they are still there in your life whenever you need them. 

You live in denial, and it only makes things worse. Accept their death, and give yourself the time to grieve. 


It portends that you are seeking closure from a friend that betrayed you or a partner that left you. 

You’re ruminating on all the things that could have happened, but you can’t find out your mistakes. It’s a sign to confront them.

Common Dreams of Deceased Husband Avoiding Me & their Meanings

When you dream about deceased husband avoiding you for another woman, it portends to the fact that. Again, when you dream of deceased husband avoiding you and asking you to move on, it means that your partner is about to. 

Deceased husband avoiding me due to a fight

This signifies that you are avoiding your emotions. You tend to numb out your emotions, and you go from one task to the next to keep yourself busy.

You try to stay positive all the time, and you minimize every other emotion you have. 

It also means that you don’t have any space for grief, sadness, or anger in your life. You find it hard to recognize your own needs. 

Dream of deceased husband avoiding me for another woman

It portends that your partner is having an affair with someone you know – a friend or a colleague.

Confront him about it, and communicate your feelings with complete honesty. 

Deceased husband avoiding me and asking me to move on

This foretells that your partner is about to break up with you. He may say that he has fallen out of love and that he no longer wants to be in a relationship with you. 

You won’t give up on him easily, but it is time to let go. Realize that he is not the one for you and that the relationship had both good and bad parts. 

Deceased husband avoiding me after finding his health status

It depicts that someone you know is about to die. It might be someone from your office, a close friend, or a family member.

Make sure to check if any of your loved ones have any underlying diseases. 

Deceased husband avoiding me without reason

It showcases that your relationship lacks open and honest communication. All your conversations are about unimportant things. You never share your thoughts or emotions. 

Remember that communication is the building block of every healthy relationship. So, speak from your heart and listen with intent. 

A word from ThePleasantDream

Dreaming of your deceased husband avoiding you is one of the most painful sights. However, don’t let that surge of emotions overwhelm you. Instead, you must focus on the details and current life situation. 

Stay grounded in reality and understand that it has inner meanings. Your deceased husband has nothing against you. So, decode the message and make the best out of life. 

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