Dreams about spiders crawling on you can really jerk you up. 

Even though it’s a dream that nobody really enjoys, it can indicate that you feel out of place or that a dark side of your personality will be exposed. 

Alternatively, it can also indicate that a negative influence will suddenly enter your life or that you feel trapped by overbearing feminine energy.

Dreams about Spiders Crawling on You – General Interpretations

The famous psychologist Carl Jung believed that spiders crawling in your dreams are related to the shadow realm or dark things. 

But not all spider dream meanings can be uncovered so easily! Let’s dive in a little deeper to understand better.

  • You feel out of place – The dream indicates that you feel isolated and out of place in a new environment. It might be a new job or moving to a new neighborhood. 
  • You will expose your inner darkness – Another negative meaning of this dream is that you will end up exposing a dark side of your personality which will be a surprise for other people. 
  • A negative influence will enter your life – Since spiders are creatures that suddenly come out from the dark, dreaming of them can indicate that you will also be surprised by a negative influence that will suddenly enter your life.
  • You are trapped by an overbearing female presence – Spiders are representatives of feminine energy, this dream can also mean that an overbearing female presence is making you feel trapped in life. 
  • You are stuck in a sticky situation – The dream scenario can signify that someone is weaving a web to trap you. Or maybe your own thoughts have made you fall into a problematic situation where you don’t know the way out.

Spiritual meaning of dream about spiders crawling on you

Spiritually, spiders represent a higher feminine power, and if they start crawling on you, it most probably means that a feminine power in your life is about to cause trouble. So, your spiritual guide is asking you to be cautious.

Various Dream of Spiders Crawling on You and their Interpretations

Still, wish to know more about your dream based on the details? Then keep reading!

Dream of spiders crawling in your hair

The dream means that your mind is constantly preoccupied with a difficult problem.

Dream of spiders crawling on you in your bed

It represents a female energy in your life who is constantly trying to disrupt your mental peace and romantic life. Try to figure out who this woman is.

Spiders crawling up a wall and then on you

This dream is a good symbol because it shows that your life will soon be peaceful after a whole lot of problems.

You have stressed yourself out for the last few weeks or months, but now the time has come for you to reap the benefits of your hard work

A spider crawling on your body

The dream means that your life will soon turn upside down due to a negative person’s presence.

This person might unwillingly disrupt your entire life by making poor decisions for you. They will try to walk all over you, and you will be furious at their audacity.

A spider crawling from the floor to you

This is a good sign because it can mean great things in your love life.

Perhaps you will get into a new relationship with a wonderful person. Or if you’re already dating, your relationship will progress in the next few weeks or months.

A baby spider crawling on you

The dream represents your innermost desires. Encountering it means that these desires will soon resurface, and you will do everything it takes to fulfill them.

A large spider crawling on you

The scenario indicates that you are chasing a dream that is either very difficult or impossible to achieve.

A spider crawling on your face

Believe it or not, a spider crawling on your face is a really good omen!

If you’re a woman, it indicates that you will soon be pregnant, or if you already are, you will give birth to a beautiful and healthy baby.

If you’re a man, it means that your partner or spouse is going to give birth.

Spider crawling on your leg

The dream denotes that you feel trapped in your current relationship.

Your boyfriend or girlfriend probably makes all the decisions without consulting you, and this makes you feel unimportant. 

Spider crawling on you and biting you

A spider bite can be incredibly painful or even fatal.

So, if you’re having this dream, it probably indicates that your partner will soon try to entrap you in your current relationship.

Killing a spider that is crawling on you

Here, the dream interpretation is quite similar to the details of the dream.

It means that there will be a tough situation that will snatch away your mental peace but ultimately, you shall overcome it through your wit and patience.

Black spider crawling on you

It foretells that you might soon start to neglect your responsibilities. You will be hit with depressing emotions that will make you forget about your work. 

Psychological dream meaning of spiders crawling on you

Psychologists often see spiders as mysterious creatures that are also capable of creative intelligence. 

After all, spiders weave very intricate webs! So, this means that you might be blessed with a creative streak soon.

A word from ThePleasantDream

As we read above, spiders can indicate both positive and negative things, it all depends on the context of your dream.

So, if you read a negative dream meaning, make sure you follow the advice along with it and minimize its impact on your waking life.

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