Dreams about spiders crawling on you can really jerk you up. Even though it’s a dream that nobody really enjoys, dream interpreters believe that spiders can actually symbolize positive energies and creative inspiration.

Don’t believe me? Well, keep reading further to know more!

Dreams about Spiders Crawling on You – General Interpretations

If you dream of a spider crawling on you, it can indicate that you feel out of place or that a dark side of your personality will be exposed. Alternatively, it can also indicate that a negative influence will suddenly enter your life or that you feel trapped by overbearing feminine energy.

The famous psychologist Carl Jung believed that spiders crawling in your dreams are related to the shadow realm or dark things. But not all spider dream meanings can be uncovered so easily!

Let’s dive in a little deeper to understand better.

1. You feel out of place

One of the most common dream meanings of a spider is that you feel isolated and out of place in a new environment. It might be a new job or moving to a new neighborhood. You’re trying your best to fit in, but as of now, you feel uncomfortable.

2. You will expose your inner darkness

Another negative dream meaning of a spider crawling on you is that you will end up exposing a dark side of your personality which will be a surprise for other people. Surprisingly, you will feel relieved and will enjoy the fear that people will have.

3. A negative influence will enter your life

Dream analyst Jane Teresa Anderson believes that since spiders are creatures that suddenly come out from the dark, dreaming of them can indicate that you will also be surprised by a negative influence that will suddenly enter your life.

4. You are trapped by an overbearing female presence

Since spiders are representatives of feminine energy, this dream can also mean that an overbearing female presence is making you feel trapped in life. Perhaps this is your mother, girlfriend, or even your boss.

5. You are stuck in a sticky situation

Just like spiderwebs are meant to catch prey, dreaming of spiders can signify that someone is weaving a web to trap you. Or maybe your own thoughts have made you fall into a problematic situation where you don’t know the way out.

Dream about Spiders Crawling on You – 25 Types and Interpretations

Killing a spider that is crawling on you is said to be a metaphor for something that disturbs your mental peace, while seeing a dangerous spider crawling on you indicates a difficult aspect of your life. Still, wish to know more? Then keep reading!

1. Dream of spiders crawling in your hair

If there are spiders crawling in your hair in a dream, it means that your mind is constantly preoccupied with a difficult problem.

You should not think so much and wait for the right moment to take action. If you’re a little patient, you will be able to figure out the solution all by yourself.

2. Dream of spiders crawling on you after walking into a web

If spiders start to crawl on you after you accidentally walk into a spiderweb, it symbolizes that you have violated someone’s privacy, and this person is not going to forgive you anytime soon.

You may have done this accidentally, but even then, the other person is holding a strong grudge against you.

3. Dream of spiders crawling on you when you are in the shower

Now, this sounds like a nightmare straight out of a horror movie, right? Well, if you do have this dream, it indicates that you are going to be entangled in a web of lies soon, most probably in your romantic relationship.

Your partner will turn out to be completely different from who they pretended to be.

4. Dream of spiders crawling on you in your bed

If the spiders are crawling all over you in your bed, it represents a female energy in your life who is constantly trying to disrupt your mental peace and romantic life.

She might be jealous of you in some way and wants to initiate a breakup between you and your partner. Try to figure out who this woman is.

5. Dream of spiders crawling up a wall and then on you

This dream is a good symbol because it shows that your life will soon be peaceful after a whole lot of problems.

You have stressed yourself out for the last few weeks or months, but now the time has come for you to reap the benefits of your hard work. Everything will get sorted out on its own.

6. Dream of a spider tattoo crawling on you

Yes, spider tattoos can’t actually crawl up on you in real life, but anything is possible in the dream world!

This dream suggests that you are not afraid to express yourself, especially your creative or feminine side. Even if others don’t support you, you know that you will do everything to stand out from the crowd.

7. Dream of a poisonous spider crawling on you

A poisonous spider crawling on you is a horrible nightmare, so the dream meaning is also a negative omen.

It symbolizes something dark about your personality that you have been trying to hide for a long time. Maybe there is a part of you that wants to hurt or kill someone who wronged you once.

8. Dream of a spider crawling on you and eating you up

A spider that crawls on you in your dreams and even manages to devour you indicates that you are working alongside someone who is a huge opportunist.

This is actually a positive omen because together, you both will seek great opportunities to try and fulfill your dreams by supporting each other.

9. Dream of a spider crawling on your body

If spiders are crawling all over your body, it means that your life will soon turn upside down due to a negative person’s presence.

This person might unwillingly disrupt your entire life by making poor decisions for you. They will try to walk all over you, and you will be furious at their audacity.

10. Dream of a spider crawling from the floor to you

If a spider starts to crawl from the floor and manages to reach your body, regard it as a good sign because it can mean great things in your love life.

Perhaps you will get into a new relationship with a wonderful person. Or if you’re already dating, your relationship will progress in the next few weeks or months.

11. Dream of a baby spider crawling on you

A baby spider crawling on you represents your innermost desires. Having this dream means that these desires will soon resurface, and you will do everything it takes to fulfill them.

They can either be sexual desires or the need to accomplish something great in your life. However, make sure not to let this go to your head.

12. Dream of a single spider out of many crawling on you

This is a pretty common dream where out of a large number of spiders, only one starts to crawl on you. Well, this indicates that there is a looming threat approaching you.

If you don’t take proper precautions, you might end up getting hurt. So it’s best to prepare yourself mentally to take challenges.

13. Dream of a large spider crawling on you

A big spider crawling on you indicates that you are chasing a dream that is either very difficult or impossible to achieve.

Maybe at one point, you thought it would be a good idea to chase this dream, but in reality, it wasn’t ever meant to be. But don’t lose hope, there are so many other things that you can achieve with your potential!

14. Dream of a spider crawling on your face

Believe it or not, a spider crawling on your face is a really good omen!

If you’re a woman, it indicates that you will soon be pregnant, or if you already are, you will give birth to a beautiful and healthy baby.

If you’re a man, it means that your partner or spouse is going to give birth.

15. Dream of a small spider crawling on you

This is also a good dream that suggests a sudden increase in your wealth.

You will either receive a huge bonus at work, or you will win a lot of money soon, such as in a lottery or a betting game.

However, be sure to spend that money wisely so that you don’t run into financial problems later.

16. Dream of a spider crawling on your leg

A spider that crawls up your leg in your dreams denotes that you feel trapped in your current relationship.

Your boyfriend or girlfriend probably makes all the decisions without consulting you, and this makes you feel unimportant. You’re trying to think of a way to break up, but you can’t understand how to do it.

17. Dream of a spider crawling on you and biting you

A spider bite can be incredibly painful or even fatal. So, if you’re having this dream, it probably indicates that your partner will soon try to entrap you in your current relationship.

Don’t worry, there’s still time to break up and regain your independence. Talk to your significant other and make a decision soon.

18. Dream of a spider and lice crawling on you

This might sound weird, but many people often dream of spiders crawling all over them, along with lice.

This dream symbolizes that your compulsions and habits are going against you. You might believe in something wholeheartedly, but your practical life isn’t allowing you to pursue it.

19. Dream of a black spider crawling on you

A black spider crawling on you foretells that you might soon start to neglect your responsibilities.

You will be hit with depressing emotions that will make you forget about your work. In this situation, it might be useful to talk to a trusted friend or family member for more help.

20. Dream of spiders and beetles crawling on you

If you dream of spiders and beetles crawling on you, it indicates your inner desire to be more outgoing and adventurous.

Maybe you always wanted to be bold but you haven’t had the opportunity. Well, now is the perfect time to go out and show everyone that you love to have fun and take risks!

21. Dream of a spider crawling on you and wrapping you

If a spider is crawling on you and then somehow manages to wrap you around in itself, this is not a positive sign. It signifies that a big problem is about to come your way.

The answer to the problem will be right in front of you, but you’ll take a lot of time to figure it out. Eventually, you will reach the conclusion.

22. Dream of a green spider crawling on you

In the dream world, green is the color of health and nature. So, this dream can indicate that your health problems will soon be away, and you will live a long and happy life.

Alternatively, it also means that you need to go out and be more connected to nature. Your daily life isn’t letting you enjoy the outdoors.

23. Dream of killing a spider that is crawling on you

Here, the dream interpretation is quite similar to the details of the dream.

It means that there will be a tough situation that will snatch away your mental peace but ultimately, you shall overcome it through your wit and patience.

You will calmly solve this problem and become more mature.

24. Dream of catching a spider that is crawling on you

This dream also indicates positive things. It means that no matter how complicated things seem to be, you always know how to keep your calm.

Just like you are able to catch the spider without feeling scared, you are also able to solve tricky problems without feeling intimidated or scared.

25. Dream of a red spider crawling on you

Red is the symbol of love but also danger. So, it can either mean that your love life is about to turn dark or that you have unchecked passions in your heart.

Either way, your recklessness will cause a lot of trouble in your romantic life to the point where your partner will wish to break up with you.

Spiritual meaning of dream about spiders crawling on you

Spiritually, spiders represent a higher feminine power, and if they start crawling on you, it most probably means that a feminine power in your life is about to cause trouble. So, your spiritual guide is asking you to be cautious.

Biblical meaning of dream about spiders crawling on you

In the Holy Bible, spiders are seen as vile and evil creatures that are not to be trusted. So, for a follower of Christianity, dreaming of crawling spiders might be a sign to stay aware of negative influences around them.

Psychological meaning of dream about spiders crawling on you

Psychologists often see spiders as mysterious creatures that are also capable of creative intelligence. After all, spiders weave very intricate webs! So, this means that you might be blessed with a creative streak soon.

Questions to ask yourself to interpret spiders crawling on you dreams correctly

If you’re worried about how to interpret your dreams about spiders crawling on you, don’t worry. Here are some questions to trigger your memory.

1. How often do you dream of spiders crawling on you?

2. How do you feel when you dream of spiders crawling on you?

3. Do you dream of a single spider or multiple ones crawling on you?

4. What color is the spider crawling on you in your dreams?

5. How big or small is the spider crawling on you in your dreams?

6. Is the spider crawling on you in your dreams poisonous?

7. Have you dreamt of a spider crawling on you along with other insects?

8. On which part of your body do you dream of spiders crawling?

9. In which spot do you see the spiders crawling on you in your dreams?

10. In your dreams, have you hurt or killed a spider that is crawling on you?

A word from ThePleasantDream

As we read above, spiders can indicate both positive and negative things, it all depends on the context of your dream.

So, if you read a negative dream meaning, make sure you follow the advice along with it and minimize its impact on your waking life.