Dreams of huge waves indicate that you lack balance in your life. Sometimes, it is a cue to get out of your comfort zone. At other times it means that you are about to face certain hardships in your life.

To find out what else it means, let’s dive in.

What is the Meaning of Dreams of Huge Waves?

A dream of huge waves alludes that you will experience an emotional crisis. Or it indicates that there is a lack of balance in your life. So, let’s get on with the details!

Emotional crisis

You are about to go through a period of emotional crisis. It would become difficult for you to control your emotional responses and life.

Remember that the only way to get rid of difficult emotions is to ride through them. Accept whatever you are feeling wholeheartedly, and don’t try to push your emotions away.


You feel frustrated due to some aspects of your life. You’ve taken a drastic step and don’t know how to proceed. Or, you want to make that major decision but are in a dilemma.


Your professional life takes all your time, and you have none left to give to your family. You are burdened with so many responsibilities that you need more time to address your own needs. 

Remember that a healthy life is a balanced life, so make sure to take care of all aspects of it. 


This is a cue for you to face your fears. You fear the inevitable parts of your life which hinder your growth and stop you from living up to your full potential. 

Bear it in mind that the only way you can get over your fears is to face them in small steps. So, go on and join that swimming class. 

Common Dreams of Huge Waves & Interpretations

A dream of huge waves brings different messages about your life depending on the scenarios. So, let’s unravel those here!

Dream of huge ocean waves

This is a cue for you to get out of your comfort zone. You have been going about your life in small, measured steps. You do your best to avoid situations that will make you anxious. As a result, your growth has been hindered, and your progress has plateaued. 

You adhere to self-limiting beliefs, fear failure, and don’t do anything that will make you even minutely uncomfortable. Remember that to live up to your full potential, you must do things that make you uneasy. 

Dreaming of huge tsunami waves

You are about to face certain hardships in your life. You may experience a bad breakup, lose your job, and your finances will be ruined. 

The hardships will bring you to your knees but bear in mind that you have the resilience to survive each of them.

Surfing huge waves

This portends that you are under a lot of pressure and need help managing all your responsibilities. You have elderly parents who need your care and support all day, every day. And you are the sole bread-earner in your family. 

Your duties and obligations have left you no time to take care of yourself. You’re either drained or constantly stressed.

Drowning in huge waves

It signifies that you find it difficult to control your desires and impulses. You have started acting on your feelings for someone else while in a relationship. Or, you are slowly getting addicted to a drug or even binge eating. 

Remember that we only desire these things when something is lacking. So, it is time to introspect on what you are missing.

Huge waves coming at you

The vision symbolizes that you found that your plans won’t work out. You are afraid of the rough time you might face. 

However, in the same vision, if you control these waves, then you will have full control over your life. 

Swimming in the ocean with huge waves without trouble

The scenario depicts that you will safely deal with all troubles of life. However, if you feel vulnerable and overwhelmed, it asks you to seek help and necessary resources.

Being on a boat with huge waves

The vision conveys a number of things as follows:

  • You want to know your purpose in the world and how this world works.
  • Out of feelings of being constrained, you have diminished your expectations in life.
  • You must be expressive.
  • You will soon earn a lot and must enjoy your life with your loved one.

A word from ThePleasantDream

Dreaming of huge waves mostly conveys negative messages about your waking life troubles. But rarely, it also shares positive messages or suggestions to improve your life. 

So, take time and jog your memory to recollect your exact dream scenario. Study all the broken bits and join the dots to get the message from the higher realm. Once you start working on these areas of your life, everything else will fall into its rightful place!