Dreams about islands may signify your desire for independence and self-confidence, you’re lonely, or you want a change from the daily humdrum.

Island in Dream Meaning – Types & Their Interpretations
Island in Dream Meaning – Types & Their Interpretations

General Dream Interpretations of Island 

Islands are great vacation spots as you find entirely different flora, fauna, and culture on the secluded land. 

Island dwellers lead life a little differently as the rest of the world isn’t easily accessible to them. These secluded lands may even trigger the trauma of being stranded for some.

Everyone has a different story and the same goes for your dreams. So, let’s quickly find their messages through dreams…

  • It stands for independence and self-confidence
  • You desire to break free from this monotonous life
  • Loneliness is eating you
  • Luck is on your side
  • You must move on from the past

Dreaming of Island – Various Types & Their Interpretations

If you remember seeing more than just an island in your dreams, you might find much more interesting interpretations.

For instance, dreaming of being stuck on an island means you’re detached from society. While being stranded on a deserted island implies your desperate wish to escape your troubles in waking life. 

So, to find yours let’s take a dip…

Being stranded on an island

The dream of being stranded on an island shows that you don’t know the way out of difficult life situations. You don’t even know where to seek help.

But the dream is not entirely negative. It may also stand for confidence, freedom, and abundance. However, ensure that you don’t turn these feelings into arrogance or misunderstanding people. 

Vacation on an island

The dream of an island vacation is a portent of your need to stay away from your present problems, at least for some time to rebuild your energy levels.

Lots of challenges are on your way and you are pushing yourself hard and convincing yourself that you can do it.

But you are not a robot and have the right to take a break if you feel tired and need to recharge.

Traveling to an island

Dreams of traveling to an island imply that you are tired of your present life and need a break. You need to re-energize yourself and gain better perspectives in life.

Surviving on an island

This dream reflects your ego and confidence. You know that you will achieve success in your life by hook or crook.

It is also a sign that your projects are extremely vital and you must stay motivated throughout the journey. You will certainly achieve success if you use all the available resources.

Floating island in the sky

If you dream of being on a floating island, it shows you are so powerful that you successfully finished impossible tasks for the world. It’s time to cherish your victory and enjoy the benefits of your success.

But, if you are on the ground and see the floating island, it is an indication that you still have many difficulties left to face in your life.

Watching sunrise or sunset on an island

If you see the sunrise from the island, it means that you have a positive approach to your life and are hopeful about new beginnings.

But if you see the sunset, it indicates that you’ll soon end a life chapter. It can be a job change or ending your marriage. You’ll do something very different from what you did so far.

Island full of people

This dream is a sign that you chose a different path in waking life which led to your better future. Your new paths will lead to success and peace.

Trying to swim to the island

It means you are forced to do things you dislike because you don’t have any choice. You succumbed to the pressure of your life circumstances.

Walking around an island

This dream suggests that you’re in a dilemma with your professional or personal life. Maybe you like two people or two opportunities equally, and you don’t know who or which to choose.

Buying an island

To buy an island in the dream defines your high goals. It signifies that you are a dedicated and highly ambitious person.

Selling an island

It denotes that you will deal with challenging situations in your real life.

Living on an island

If you dream of living on an island, it shows that something extremely bad happened to you, and you shut yourself down from the world. 

Fire on an island

This says that you lack patience. Whenever you land in any difficult situation, you panic excessively due to your habitual overthinking. Your mind imagines all the worst possible situations.

Flood on an island

The vision of a flooded island in your dream is indicative of being in a hazardous situation. You are in this situation because of your careless actions.

Analyze your decisions before making them, else you will keep hurting yourself.

Earthquake on an island

This dream represents that you are standing at crossroads in your life. You cannot decide as you can’t let go of either choice. However, only you can make this decision.

Different Types of Islands in Dreams & their Meanings

  • Tropical island -It means that you will be blessed in your relationship and live happily with your partner. You want peace in your life, and for that, you must start your own family as it will bring you good luck and blessings.
  • Attractive island – It is a positive sign. If the water around is clear, it indicates that it is the correct time to start new projects as you will be successful.
  • Easter Island – This dream is a harbinger of feeling cheated. You are so disappointed that you have lost faith in life. However, it also suggests discovering yourself and becoming aware of your capabilities.
  • Little island – Dreaming of a little island resembles how you must use your energy productively. Use it in the correct direction so that you prosper in life. 
  • Rocky island – This dream is indicative of upcoming difficulties in your conscious life. You may feel agitated, disappointed, and full of sorrow.
  • Deserted island – This dream indicates that you feel overwhelmed. You undertook a lot of responsibilities and felt burdened. All of them are adding to your stress.
  • Ice-covered island – It reflects that you are stuck in your real life. You do not know the way out of the situation in your life.
  • Sinking island – It portends you are about to face rapid changes in your real life. You will have difficulties coping with the extremely drastic changes. 

A word from ThePleasantDream

If you find a negative interpretation, don’t lose hope and pull up your spirits. Life gives you another chance to resist something bad. So, don’t overlook the divine blessings.

If you still have any confusion, know that you can find your accurate dream interpretation, only if you remember it well. Otherwise, you can only seek help from some general interpretations of the dream.