Key Takeaways

  • Floating dreams should not be confused with a dream about flying as there is a big difference between the two.
  • Almost all dreams related to floating have positive connotations, though there are a few exceptions.
  • Often, the image is a sign of peace and tranquility, freedom, independence, and acceptance.
  • While some are a symbol of success, other plots may hint at the brewing of a connection between you and someone.
  • Freud relates floating dreams with sexual cravings.

Floating dreams are often confused with flying or swimming dreams. When in truth, it is much different from the other two themes. 

The great thing about dreams that feature floating is that almost all scenarios have positive connotations. Whether your burden will soon be lifted off your shoulders or a new passionate relationship is on the horizon, the below sections will give you insights into what will likely happen if you dream of floating. 

Let’s take a glance at the general meaning of floating dreams. 

Floating Dreams - 72 Dream Plots And Their Meanings
Floating Dreams – 72 Dream Plots And Their Meanings

How To Interpret Floating Dreams Generally?

Floating dreams are a sign of rapid progress, freedom, independence, peace, and serenity. At other times it can hint at jealous and fake friends lurking around you or even your ability to hypnotize others.  

In a general sense, floating dreams may signify hundreds of different things. But before you move on and delve deep, first ask yourself a question? 

Are you afraid of heights? 

If yes, there’s no need to interpret your dream as the plot is merely a reflection of your fear. But if you are not, there’s a unique reason why the scenario showed up in your dream, especially if it seems so sudden and out of place. 

Often, a dream of floating is a symbol of your real-life peaceful state.

At other times, the plot may be a sign of progress in various aspects of your life. On the other hand, it can simply be your subconscious replaying your childhood days when you were free from responsibilities and burdens. 

Sigmund Freud, the Austrian neurologist, relates floating dreams to your sexual needs and desires. 

As you have seen, dreams about floating may carry different meanings. What we included, so far, is just the overall meaning of such dreams. 

Though the image of seeing yourself floating in thin air or high above the clouds is kind of creepy, almost all dreams associated with floating have positive meanings, with a few exceptions, of course. 

For your interpretation to be on point, you need to recall the details of the dream, as minutely as possible. Unraveling those mysterious details will give you the actual meaning of your dream, which will unquestionably be unique to you and you alone. 

Now that we are done with the general meaning of the dream theme, let’s take a look at the dream symbols. 

Floating Dream Meaning: Various Dream Symbols

If we dig deep, a dream about floating may happen due to a couple of reasons. 

However, since it’s impossible to take each and everything into account, we have listed some of the most common reasons why you saw yourself, someone else, or even an object floating in a dream. Those include-

1. Transformations and new beginnings

Floating dreams tend to show up when you are on the verge of experiencing something new in your life. The changes that are about to occur may be an utter coincidence or something you have planned and look forward to, such as a wedding. 

These dreams also happen when you are about to do something spectacular. 

Either way, the upcoming changes are all for the better, and it is your subconscious letting you know what’s coming your way. 

2. Freedom and independence

Experts relate floating dreams with newfound freedom and independence. Note that this can refer to any area of your life. 

For instance, you may dream about floating if you have just left your job and a strict employer to start your own venture. Such a dream is also likely if you have moved out from your parents’ house to your own apartment. 

In a dream of floating, you are not chained to any constraints of the physical plane. This interpretation most likely applies if the emotional atmosphere of the dream scenario felt good and peaceful.

This dream also shows that you have a great desire for independence. Speaking of which, if that resonates, it’s crucial to find out what ties you down in life. 

3. Peace and serenity

Many times, floating in the dream world is associated with the peace and serenity you are experiencing in your waking life. 

4. Endless capabilities

Drifting upwards and floating may refer to the unique abilities that make you stand apart from the rest of the crowd. 

Considering that a dream of floating is a sign from the universe that you must make the most out of your potential. Instead of restricting yourself by certain boundaries, aim for the stars and the moon! 

Why let your abilities go to waste when you can soar high above everyone? Don’t let anyone or anything restrict how far you can go in life.

5. Relaxation

You may dream of floating if you have been under a lot of stress recently. 

That said, the plot may be emphasizing the need for relaxation. Because floating is also considered a relaxing experience and to dream of floating in the air, sky, or in any plane could be your subconscious urging you to let go of a few things that stress you out. 

6. You are in control of your emotions

Floating dreams usually appear during life phases where you are well in control of your emotions. With your life well-balanced and everything in order, you are at peace, and you may be feeling like it can’t get any better. 

Note that this applies, only if you were floating in calm water or air. 

7. New perspective

A dream of floating could mean perceiving a problem or a situation from a completely new perspective. 

8. Acceptance

To dream that you are floating implies acceptance, letting go of your problems or worries, and just going with the flow. 

9. Hypnotization

When you dream of floating, especially on air or something intangible, it may mean you possess the ability to project your mind onto others. 

Or in other words, you can hypnotize others. 

This can be either good or bad depending on how you use it. 

10. Uncertainty

Floating may mean you feel lost and unable to proceed as you can’t figure out which option would work best for you. 

If you find that relatable, it would be a good idea to take a step back and analyze it from a broader perspective. 

11. Complications

Floating in a dream also relates to complications in your waking life. It could be anything such as communication issues, financial insecurity, lack of creativity and self-confidence, etc. 

Chances are, these obstacles have slowed down your progress. 

If you find that relatable, the dream could be your subconscious encouraging you to have faith in yourself and your abilities. You may be doing better than you think you are. The complications could be all in your mind. 

12. Impracticality

As you know, humans do not possess the ability to float in thin air. So, if you dream of floating, it could mean you have been trying really hard to pursue something that is logically unrealistic.

This may not be the meaning if you saw yourself floating on water.

Difference Between Flying Dreams And Dreams About Floating

As mentioned briefly in the earlier sections of this post, a lot of people mistake a flying dream for floating and vice-versa.

However, you need to understand that the two and their symbolism are poles apart despite a few similarities. And it comes to one thing: Control!

Usually, in a dream about flying, the dreamer has some degree of control over his or her actions. On the contrary, the dreamer cannot control his or her actions in a floating dream. Or very less control, which is quite rare.

In a flying dream, the dreamer usually has the liberty to fly from one destination to another. Therefore, you can say that flying dreams are goal-oriented, which is not so in a dream where you float. 

Though you are not chained to any aspects of the physical world in a floating dream, you do not possess the liberty to direct your actions.

Floating Dreams – 72 Dream Plots And Their Meanings

There are numerous variations of dreams about floating. The most commonly occurring scenarios include –

1. Floating in water dream

In the dream world, water is closely connected to feelings and emotions. Therefore, to dream about floating on water hints at the emotional turmoil you are presently going through in the real world. 

Also, the scenario implies you are not running away from those issues. Rather, you are prepared to face them head-on because you do not want them to become stumbling blocks in your life. 

Alternatively, to dream of yourself floating in water shows you are maintaining composure about an uncertain matter. 

For example, assume that you got two different reports regarding your physical health check-up from two doctors. The normal reaction here would be confusion and worry about which is true. 

However, your dream notes you have complete control over your emotions and can keep calm even during such puzzling moments. 

From another perspective, floating in water may mean you have the ability to get through life without letting obstacles detain or stop your journey.

2. A dream of floating in calm water

To dream of floating in calm water means you are trying to overcome a difficult situation. However complicated and nerve-wracking the problem is, the scenario indicates you will be successful in your attempt if you put in the work, of course. 

The spectacle may also show up in your dream if you are working on a complicated task/ project/ goal.

3. To dream of floating on waves/ rough waters

In a broad sense, dream scenarios of floating on waves hint at temptations that will test you in the foreseeable future. 

From another approach, the dream is symbolic of your chaotic life, which is devoid of peace. Literally, your life is nothing but a pool of troubles of all sorts. 

The good news is, your dream says you will be able to achieve success, despite the numerous issues.

4. Dreaming of floating in muddy water

Dreaming of floating in muddy water is an ill omen. 

There’s a possibility that people lingering in and around your life are looking for an opportunity to disgrace your name. Avoid sharing information about your personal life with others, however close you are to them. 

5. Floating in the swimming pool in a dream

The scenario portends good news and pleasant happenings soon. 

6. Dreaming of floating in a river

There are two different meanings for this dream. 

The first is that you need to take better care of your health. 

Looking at it from another perspective, floating in a river in the dream world is indicative of troublesome situations in the near future. 

7. To dream of floating in the sea

Dreaming about floating in a sea is your subconscious encouraging you to face your fears courageously. 

8. A dream of floating in an extremely high level of water

The dream is a message from the universe that you will soon be blessed with success, contentment, and happiness. 

9. A dream of floating on ice

A dream of floating on ice is closely related to your willpower to move ahead without letting anything hamper your progress. 

Such a plot may also surface if you have clarity about a matter or an event that had always confused you. 

In the dream world, floating on ice also denotes creativity, success, and pleasure.

10. Dreaming of floating on a raft

Having a dream of floating on a raft symbolizes uncertain journeys. 

Alternatively, it means someone will take advantage of your lethargy and idle state.

What happens on the way and whether you reach your destination or not also matters. If the raft gets wrecked, it hints at an accident or a sickness that will likely befall you or a close one. 

But if you reach your destination without any problems along the way, the plot symbolizes good fortune. 

11. Dreaming of floating above your house

Things are finally falling into place for you and your family. The future looks bright, and you can look forward to numerous fortunate events. 

If you have been working extremely hard on something, the dream foretells its success. Nevertheless, do not let that stop you from trying even harder. 

12. A dream about floating in a room

The plot indicates unexpected and unforeseen negative changes in your life. The dream advises you to stay positive and look for unconventional ways to get through the upheaval. 

13. Dreaming of floating above a place of worship

To dream of floating in a place of worship such as a church, temple, mosque, etc., implies you need spiritual healing. 

Chances are, you were having troubles concerning your spirituality for quite some time. But as per the plot, you have now gathered enough courage to face them and do whatever needs to be done. 

14. Floating from one city to another in a dream

Floating from one city to another or town to town in a dream is associated with love and romance. 

Soon, you may hear a sincere confession from someone or it can also be you declaring your love for someone special. 

15. To float over trees, vegetation, and other greeneries

According to the plot, there’s a probability of you getting into an embarrassing situation sometime in the foreseeable future. 

16. Dreaming of floating in the space

Dreams of such nature indicate trying times in the upcoming days, weeks, months, or even years. But those obstacles won’t be able to stand up against your capabilities and strong will. Which means victory will ultimately be yours. 

On the other hand, a dream of drifting and floating into space can stand for your limitless potential. Just as no boundaries restrict the space, there is no limit to what you are capable of.

You can take this dream as an opportunity to work on the goals you believe are not attainable. 

A dream about floating in space may also stand for a disconnection. Perhaps your ideas and perspectives often fail to fit in your social life.

However, the ‘disconnect’ indicated in the plot can be for the better if it can help you look at situations, events, and people objectively. 

Floating in space may also stand for your loneliness. 

17. A dream of floating above the Earth and looking down at it

You are likely to experience this dream if you believe your life is amazing and a lot better than others. 

In some cases, the dream may denote your arrogance. Say, you may believe you are too rich or too accomplished to be kept on the same level as your peers. Those types of thoughts may lead you to believe the world revolves around you and your riches. 

18. A dream of floating in air

According to the dream, you have a desire to try something new in your waking life. The interpretation applies in any domain of your life.

You may be trying to step into a new line of work. It may also indicate your desire to start an unconventional business or try your hands at a new hobby. 

Having a dream about floating in the air also signifies peace and tranquility. 

This dream can also happen if you believe you are doing incredible things in life – those many cannot even dream of. 

In some instances, a dream of floating in the air could mean you will overcome an extremely complicated situation if you set your mind to it. 

19. To dream of floating up in the air and looking down at yourself 

Most likely, you will dream of the above scenario if you feel high in spirits but low in physical activity. 

For example, assume that you desire to have a great job, earn heaps and give everything your loved ones wish for. But if your physical health breaks down in between, you wouldn’t be able to do anything for yourself and your people.

Then, your good spirits would go to waste, at least, until your doctor pronounced you fit to return to your work. 

20. To dream of floating on airwaves

In the upcoming days and weeks, you will come face to face with a series of challenges. Through the dream, your subconscious advises you to face each of them courageously. 

Do not let negative emotions such as fear and anger hamper your ability to tackle them. 

21. Dreaming of floating straight up in the air

The dream interpretation of this particular scenario may have either positive or negative meanings depending on your real-life circumstances. 

Either you are putting in efforts to reach new heights, or you are slacking off and not living up to your capabilities.

Here you need to know that you have the potential to achieve big dreams. If you put in the hard work and effort expected from your end, nothing will be able to stop you. 

Alternatively, floating upwards in the air may also mean you are trying to break yourself free from limitations that have kept you bound. 

22. Floating down the air in a dream

The above dream event is related to your deep-rooted anxiety, depression, and anger. Perhaps you are trying your best to stay optimistic and away from negative thoughts and energy. 

Dreaming of floating downward in the air is also likely if you feel overwhelmed and bogged down by responsibilities and pressures in the waking world.

If you think this particular meaning resonates, your dream advises you to believe in yourself and your potential. 

At other times, dreams of these types indicate you are trying to delve deep and understand your subconscious mind. 

23. To dream of floating in an air balloon

Dreaming of floating in an air balloon means you should reach out for help whenever necessary. 

Of course, that doesn’t mean you should seek help and rely on others for every single thing. Be a responsible person and learn to be self-reliant. 

But if you have reached a dead-end and can’t think of any solution to resolve your issue, do not hesitate to reach out. 

Share your problem with people you trust instead of tormenting yourself!

24. Dreaming of floating in the air with wings

To begin with, dreaming of yourself floating in the air with wings implies you are an optimistic person. 

You rarely let the negatives shade on your positive outlooks, whatever it is. The dream encourages you to carry on in the same way. Your subconscious assures you that many of your successes and accomplishments will be due to your optimism. 

Also, having a dream about floating in the air with wings symbolizes good luck, success, prosperity, and contentment in the real world.

Nonetheless, note that good fortune will only come to you when you couple your luck with optimism and hard work!

The color of the wings also plays a vital role in the dream interpretation. Check out the below subheads for a detailed meaning. 

25. A dream of floating in the air with black wings

In the above section, we talked about how floating in the air with wings signifies positivity. 

But unfortunately, the interpretation flips if it was a pair of black wings. If you are a regular of fantasy drama and series, you know how angels are blessed with white and shiny wings while the satanic creatures usually have black wings. 

Coming back to the interpretation, floating in the air with black wings portends disappointments in the foreseeable future. 

Now, you can ask yourself a few questions here. 

How in the world does your dream portend negativity when the general meaning of floating with wings bode so well?

Where did things go wrong? 

Did you slack off anywhere in between?

By chance, did you take your supposed ‘good luck’ for granted as you waited for success to strike while lounging around wasting your precious time? 

The answers to the questions above will help you understand your dream better. 

26. A dream of floating on a cloud

Floating on a cloud in a dream reflects your real-life hopes, desires, happiness, and freedom.

27. A dream of floating to the ceiling/ Floating ceiling

Having a dream of floating to the ceiling shows your wit and intellect as you evaluate a difficult situation from a perspective never thought of by others. 

Alternatively, the plot may mean you need to be a little more attentive to your loved ones and their situations. 

28. Dreaming of floating with a group of people

A dream of floating with a group of people implies a responsibility that is of crucial importance to you, and your welfare will soon be lifted off your shoulder. 

Quite confusing, isn’t it? Let us explain that with an example. 

Suppose, it’s your dream to get into a medical university

When the time comes, not only would you need to look for prospective institutes you can apply to, but you would also need to prepare for several entrance tests. 

If any one of your closest friends, siblings, or parents offers to look into the universities for you, you would obviously feel less burdened and will have more time to prepare for the exams. 

29. To dream of seeing birds while floating

Dreaming of seeing birds while floating denotes you will soon be a part of numerous social events. 

30. Floating past objects in a dream

Having a dream of floating past objects hints at impending trouble, disappointments, and shattered dreams in the waking world. 

31. To dream of seeing yourself floating 

The dream may appear if you wish to be separated from your current partner. In some instances, the dream may reflect your desire to abandon a job or something. 

But that is not the only meaning of the dream. It can also mean you have gotten entangled with dangerous people and situations. 

32. Seeing your friends/ family members floating in a dream

The scenario represents the connection you share with the individual(s) present in your dream. 

Understand that you need to recall the exact event that happened in the dream. Was that person floating towards you or away from you? In case you see that person floating towards you, the plot symbolizes the strong bond you share with that person. 

Contrarily, if he or she was floating away from you in the dream plot, you know what that means! The connection between the two of you is slowly weakening.

Speaking of which, the dream suggests now might be a good time to work on strengthening the relationship before it disappears altogether. 

33. Dreaming of a loved one floating in the air

A loved one floating in the air shows the terrific result you can create with that person if you work together.

The dream may also stand for the spiritual connection you share with him or her. 

34. Dreaming of a baby floating in the water

There are various interpretations of this dream.

It can be a reflection of your compassionate and empathetic nature towards others.

Such a dream may also happen if you feel weighed down by your real-life responsibilities. 

Negatively, a baby floating on water in a dream symbolizes a complicated love relationship devoid of trust, understanding, and harmony.

From another perspective, the dream emphasizes the need to let go of the past. To start a brand new chapter, you need to end one. 

35. To dream of a dead baby floating in the water

You can interpret a dead baby floating in water from different perspectives.

Chances are, you feel your lowest as you believe you are being left out by others. 

On the other hand, it may mean you are on a journey to unravel and understand your genuine self.

Positively, a dead baby floating in water may stand for wealth, prosperity, and happiness. 

36. To dream of a baby floating in the air

The dream is a reflection of your dedication and commitment to something in the waking world. If you are presently going through complications with regard to your goals, note that you will be able to overcome each of them if you stay committed. 

From another point of view, a baby floating in the air is a sign that you need to undergo some transformations to achieve the life you have manifested for yourself. 

37. To dream of seeing a dead person floating

If you dream of a dead person floating, the plot means you will soon encounter a series of confusing situations. 

Consider the dream as your subconscious giving you a heads-up of what will likely happen soon.

38. A dream of a floating coffin

A floating coffin in a dream shows you are trying to bring repressed emotions and feelings to the forefront.

39. Dreaming of a floating head

The plot symbolizes significant changes that are taking place in your life. 

It may also mean you feel repentant about something you did to someone. 

40. To dream of a female ghost with flowing robes floating in the air

Have you ever seen a female ghost with dark, long hair and flowing robes floating in thin air?

The picture is creepy enough to give you chills, we get you. But strangely, it is a positive sign. 

According to the plot, you will be able to progress much faster than you expected. And the success, wealth, and fortune that come to you through your rapid growth won’t be a joke. 

Despite your success, you will likely feel incomplete, as if you have missed out on something. 

41. Dreaming of an animal floating on water

An animal floating on water in a dream is an auspicious sign signifying success, joy, and contentment in your waking life.

Furthermore, the plot also emphasizes the need to work hard and be sincere in your approach for more success and blissful times in your life. 

Note that the scenario has a negative connotation if the animal in your dream is a dead one. 

42. To dream of a floating cow

The plot stands for the harmonious relationship between you and your close ones.

Negatively, a floating cow may mean you are taking things for granted.

43. To dream of a white swan floating

It is a good sign to see a white swan or swans floating on water in a dream scenario. The plot is a harbinger of pleasant events and happy days. 

44. A dream of a floating bird

A floating bird in a dream suggests the intense emotions you are presently experiencing in the waking world wreck your physical health. 

45. To see flowers floating in a dream

You are likely to see flowers floating in a dream if you are physically, mentally, and emotionally insecure in the waking world. Not to forget financial constraints that make you anxious and restless most of the time. 

Floating flowers in a dream also stand for neglected thoughts and abandoned ideas. 

If you are having complications in any aspect of your life around the time the dream happened, your dream wants you to know that you will overcome everything if you work hard and stay determined. 

46. To dream of objects floating in the air

Having a dream of an object floating in the air could be your subconscious trying to bring something to your awareness. The particular object in the dream will determine the accurate meaning of your dream. 

For example, a flying carpet may mean you have unintentionally swept problems and challenges under the rug, or a floating fish may stand for opportunities you may miss out on.

47. A dream about seeing an object floating on water

This dream can refer to opportunities created by a negative event or a situation.

Alternatively, it can also signify good things you had to abandon or give up due to an unfortunate matter. 

48. A house floating on water dream

The dream shows how close you are to your goals. Furthermore, your dream emphasizes the need to stay sincere in your approach even after the accomplishment of your goals. 

Dreaming of a house floating on water may also appear if you are presently helping someone fulfill his or her goals. 

It can also mean you have begun to look at someone or something from a completely different perspective. 

49. Dreaming of a house floating in the sky

There’s a possibility that you are running away from reality and the accompanying complications if you dream of a house floating in the sky.

Chances are, you have lost touch with reality and are completely lost in a utopian world. 

50. A floating car in a dream

A floating car stands for significant improvements and the happiness they give you. 

According to the plot, you have it in you to protect your loved ones as well as things that are dear to you. 

Additionally, the plot encourages you to ask for help around, if you believe an extra hand will make your task much easier.

51. Dreaming of a boat floating on water

A boat floating on water in a dream symbolizes uncertainty and lack of clarity. 

52. A dream about a floating bed

A floating bed in a dream reflects the emotional ups and downs you are presently experiencing. 

At other times, it is associated with prosperity. 

53. To dream of a floating mattress

A floating mattress shows you feel exposed, insecure, and vulnerable in the waking world. 

54. To dream of floating rocks

You are likely to see floating rocks in your dream if you are going through major changes in the waking world.

On the flip side, the dream can be your subconscious advising you to let go of ideas, habits, and emotions that have become stumbling blocks on your path to progression.  

Negatively, floating rocks may appear in your dream if you have intentionally or unintentionally taken possession of something that is not yours. 

Other dream analysts relate the scenario to a lack of freedom in some domains of your life. 

This dream can also surface if you are ignoring certain aspects of your life despite knowing that they are slowly deteriorating. 

55. Dreaming of a cork floating

A floating cork in a dream is a positive sign. According to the spectacle, you will be able to withstand your problems and accomplish your goals.

56. A dream of ribbons floating

To dream of ribbons floating around represents good-natured friends, companions, and acquaintances. 

57. Dreaming of bubbles floating in the air

In the dream world, bubbles floating in the air symbolize independence, contentment, and a life devoid of stress. 

58. To see ice floating in the water

Ice floating in the water! What do you think of that?

If ice is kept on an ice tray or any other container, for that matter, it will be able to maintain its solid state for quite a long time. 

But if you throw that same ice into the water it will melt much faster!

From that point of view, dreaming of ice floating on the water means your happiness and high spirits will be short-lived, thanks to your quarrelsome friends. 

59. To dream of feces floating on water

Seeing poop floating on water in a dream may reflect your lustful feeling towards someone. 

60. Dreaming that you float freely

Floating freely without any external force or pressure reflects domestic bliss.

61. To dream of floating without control

If you dream of floating without being able to control neither the flow nor the direction, that is a sign that you are moving too fast in the waking world.

Whatever it is you are engaged in, you need to maintain a proper pace. Moving either too fast or slow will not benefit you.

Instead, it will cause you great harm in the long run. Also, you run the risk of getting weary and burned out if you move too fast. 

62. Dreaming that you float while being seated

Sometimes you may dream about floating in the air or on a surface of water or anything else while being seated on a chair, couch, bed, etc. 

That can be a sign that great things are approaching you and your loved ones. 

You can also take this dream as a warning to take better care of your health. 

63. A dream about trying to stay afloat

In case you dream of struggling to stay afloat, the scenario is a sign of communication issues. Most likely, you have been having difficulty in a situation due to a lack of communication. 

64. To dream about getting surprised while floating

According to the plot, you would soon need to get over a troublesome situation.

65. To dream about being afraid while floating

Chances are, you doubt your potential and self-confidence in the waking world. Moreover, the plot symbolizes your beliefs that you are undeserving and unworthy of anything good in the waking world. 

66. Dreaming that you were threatened while floating

Having a dream of someone or something threatening you while you float is a sign that one of your friends, family members, relatives, or acquaintances needs your assistance regarding a matter in the real world. 

67. A dream about feeling as if you have been floating forever

The above plot is a reflection of your peaceful life. 

68. Dreaming that you have just begun to float

Having a dream of feeling that you have just begun floating implies you have recently broken free from something that has kept you bonded. 

69. Dreaming of uncontrolled floating 

Uncontrolled floating may mean you have less control over your decisions and actions in the real world.

On that note, let us ask you a question here, ‘For how long will you let others direct your life? Isn’t it time you claim ownership over your own life?

Also, uncontrolled floating may hint at internal issues you are struggling with, most likely related to commitment.

70. A dream of controlled floating

If you were able to take full control while you were floating, the plot shows that you are on the right track. You have clarity about your goals, and you know exactly what to do to get there. 

71. Dreaming that you attempted to control your floating dream but failed

The scenario is a sign of your frustration over your failures in the waking world. 

72. A dream of floating and sleep paralysis

In your dream, if you felt as if you were forcefully dragged upwards into the air from your bed, that could be sleep paralysis and not an actual floating dream experience. 

What Do Your Emotions Say About Your Floating Dream?

As you have seen, floating in a dream may be symbolic of bliss, acceptance, freedom, independence, success, etc. 

But the negatives cannot be ruled out entirely as a few floating dreams hint at upcoming complications and troublesome periods. 

So, the appropriate question at this point is –

‘How to know if your dream has positive or negative connotations?’

Well, to figure that out, you need to look deeply into your dream once again. 

How did you feel in the dream? Was the floating experience pleasant, or did you feel any pressure? 

If you were terrified in the dream, you need to figure out which areas of your life make you feel vulnerable and insecure.

Perhaps your workplace and colleagues constantly make you feel uneasy. Or maybe your relationship wears you out and makes you feel afraid of what’s to happen in the future. 

The emotional atmosphere plays a crucial role in dreams interpretation. If there was a good feeling during the dream event, your dream bodes well. If not, you might as well prepare yourself for something unpleasant.

Floating Dream Meaning: 5 Dream Examples

For your reference, we have included a few real floating dream examples. They should help you give direction about how to approach and decode your dream to a certain degree. 

1. A girl dreamed of herself floating on water

In waking life, she was contemplating if she should get into a relationship with one of her male friends. 

In this case, the act of floating symbolizes the state of uncertainty she finds herself in. 

2. A woman saw unborn babies floating in a toilet bowl in a dream

Turns out, she was getting skeptical about her new relationship and the man she was seeing.

Here, the image of the unborn babies floating signifies the problems that will bother her until she decides to break off the relationship. 

3. A mother dreaming about a baby floating in the water

For a mother to see the above spectacle in a dream signifies motherly love. 

4. A man dreamed of seeing a boat floating in the water, which suddenly starts sinking

In waking life, he was trying to resolve a matter. Just when he thought he was doing great, he suddenly got overwhelmed and was unable to proceed. 

5. A man dreamed of walking across a river with raccoons and possums floating on it. He used the creatures as a walkway to get to the other side of the river.

In waking life, he had divorced his wife six years back. At the moment he was facing an issue concerning his daughter that is directly or indirectly related to his ex-wife, his daughter’s mother. 

Despite the problems he had with his ex-wife, he had to ignore any hard feelings towards her to resolve the issue with his daughter. 

Here, the raccoons and the possums stand for the issues with his ex-wife that was making it difficult for him to resolve his daughter’s problem (which is represented by the river).

To overcome the problem, he temporarily had to look past the differences between him and his ex-wife. 

Spiritual Interpretation Of Floating Dreams

From the spiritual perspective, a dream of floating suggests a new beginning. It could be in any aspect of your life – personal as well as professional. 

Why Did You Dream Of Floating – Some Possible Reasons?

Though floating in a swimming pool is not that strange of a dream, you will probably go bonkers over the meaning if you see a ghost or a dead child floating up in the air in flowing robes, dark hair dangling down!

The reason can be bad or good. We have listed the most common reasons why such a dream or floating dreams, in general, occurred in your sleep state in the first place. 

  1. You have released yourself from something you find extremely exasperating in the waking world. 
  2. You have the potential to accomplish incredible things.
  3. Floating, in general, denotes you are at peace with yourself and the world. 
  4. The image can be a sign of an approaching storm – something you will or will not manage to overcome depending on the details. 
  5. It can also mean you need spiritual healing. 
  6. Floating can also be a sign of uncertainty. Maybe you cannot make up your mind about which direction to take and which to forego. 
  7. You are about to undergo major transformations.
  8. You do not let your feelings and emotions disrupt your life flow. If you have done that in the past, you will put an end to that habit soon. 
  9. Floating may mean you have the ability to hypnotize others. 
  10. It could also be telling you to reach out for help instead of trying to do everything yourself. 
  11. You are trying really hard to get better in the waking world. 
  12. You have some untapped creative talent, you are not aware of. 

Questions To Help You Get Your Dream Meaning Faster

Interpreting dreams is not rocket science, but it’s not easy either. When there are hundreds of variations and dream symbols, which is often the case, decoding dreams can get really overwhelming. 

Floating dreams are no exception. Whether it has a positive or negative meaning, which direction to take, and how to proceed – with all these questions at the back of your mind, it’s easy to get lost along the way. 

So, we have listed a few questions to make the process of dream interpretation a lot easier. One thing you need to remember throughout the process is, to be honest with yourself. Your answers should be 100% true. Otherwise, the meaning of your dream may go entirely wrong. 

  1. Are you afraid of heights in the waking world? Do you deal with heights, floating, etc. regularly? 

For example, you can be a bungee jumping trainee or swimmer. If you answer Yes to both the questions, interpreting the dream won’t be of much use to you as there’s a possibility that the plot is merely a reflection of your reality. 

  1. Where did you see yourself or others floating? The landscape is as important as the fact that you saw yourself or others floating.
  2. If you were up in the sky, did you drift upwards or downwards?
  3. Were you accompanied by anyone else, or were you completely alone? Or were you watching someone else or something float?
  4. If you or someone else had wings what was the color?
  5. How did you feel during the dream? Were you afraid, threatened, or indifferent?
  6. Have you recently released yourself from something, say a tiring job?
  7. Are you planning to start something new in the real world?
  8. Do you often let your fears stop you from venturing forth?
  9. Are you suspicious of the intentions of some people around you?
  10. Do you think you are progressing much faster than you had expected? 


With that, we wrap up the article on floating dreams. If you have the honest answers to the questions above, you can consider yourself halfway through your dream interpretation.

All that’s left now is to see which area of your life aligns with your dream. If you have that sorted out too, you can easily find the common ground and connect the dots. 

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