Lesbian dream meaning have less to do with your sexuality and more to do with other areas of your life. Those that are not at all related to sex or femininity?

Because not every dreamer who sees these dreams is homosexual or bisexual. On that note, let’s dig in and find out what these types of dreams imply for straight people. 

Lesbian Dream Meaning - Plots And Their Interpretations
Lesbian Dream Meaning – Plots And Their Interpretations

Lesbian Dream Meaning – What Does It Signify?

This dream reflects your wishes to be more open about what you think and feel. On the other hand, it can indicate a lack of male attention. Also, these types of dreams are a sign that you wish to be acknowledged. 

These dreams do not necessarily mean the dreamer (female) is a lesbian, though it can be for some. However, these types of instances are quite rare. 

Now let’s check out various dream symbolism of lesbian dreams – 

  • New opportunity

These dreams may also surface prior to a new opportunity and a decision that will have a huge impact on your life.

If this meaning fits into your real-life scenario, think of how much that opportunity will contribute to your growth before making a decision. 

  • Your connection to women and womanhood

In simple words, your lesbian dream could simply mean you love and cherish women. Perhaps you are a staunch advocate of women supporting women.

  • They have more to do with emotions and less to do with sexuality

Just because you dream of making out with your bestie or sister does not necessarily mean you have a secret desire to get intimate with that person. 

Instead, the intense feelings you experienced in the dream may mean you are trying to convey your most heartfelt emotions and feelings. 

  • Pregnancy

If you’re a woman and have recurrent lesbian dreams, it might actually mean you are pregnant.

  • You question your sexual orientation

Lesbian dreams may happen if you are questioning your sexual orientation.

You might have lived up to that point as a straight person. You might have convinced yourself that you are.

  • Feelings of insecurity and instability

It is  often a sign that you feel unstable and insecure in some areas of your life.

If the dream makes you feel uncomfortable or disgusted, chances are, you feel downright insecure regarding something.

  • You feel marginalized in the waking world

Despite the campaigns around LGBT equality and awareness, there are still societies and communities that do not accept them.

From that perspective, the dream vision shows you feel marginalized in your waking life. 

  • You want to reveal something

Such dreams can mean that you want to be open about something, most probably about yourself – something you believe won’t be looked upon kindly by others. 

  • A relationship with someone you don’t fancy

If someone you would never go out with has been on your mind 24X7 lately, you may dream of lesbians or homosexuals in general. 

  • Sharing secrets with a person of the same gender

If you share the most intimate of your secrets with a person of the same gender, these dreams are likely to happen.

The same applies if your friend or a close one, who is of the same gender, spills the beans about his or her most personal life to you.

Spiritual Meaning Of Lesbian Dreams

From the spiritual perspective, such dreams can have two different meanings. 

First, the dream indicates a lack of satisfaction with your present lover. The other meaning is that you have not received attention from males for quite some time. 

Common Lesbian Dream Plots And Their Meanings

Seeing a lesbian in a dream

This dream signifies you are at a crossroads regarding your professional life.

A lesbian in manly clothes and makeup in dream

Your subconscious telling you to accept each aspect of yourself. Chances are, some of your traits do not really go along with the rest of yourself. 

But that doesn’t mean you should discard that part of yourself just to make sure everything is in sync.

Dreaming of being a lesbian when you are not in reality

As per the dream, you have come to terms with who you are, your wants and desires in the waking world. You feel secure and confident in your own skin. 

Furthermore, the dream emphasizes the need to love and embrace each aspect of yourself. 

To dream of yourself as lesbian fighting for equality

Seeing yourself as a lesbian and fighting for equal rights has nothing to do with you being an advocate or a supporter of LGBT in real.

Instead, the scenario highlights things you are deeply passionate about. From another perspective, the dream says you love to be in the spotlight. 

Your daughter is a lesbian

If you dream of your daughter being a lesbian, the plot shows your disappointment in yourself for not giving her enough attention. 

Seeing lesbians kissing

Your higher self is warning you of a possible challenge in the near future. It will compel you to make a difficult decision regarding something. 

Speaking of which, your dream advises you to be extremely careful as your decisions will have a huge impact on your life. 

However, you will soon realize that you would need to compromise your principles and morals to achieve the results. 

Being a spectator of lesbian sex

If you were a spectator and did not take part in the activity, your morals and virtues related to your maidenhood will be put to test soon. 

Interacting with a lesbian

This is an auspicious sign. It signifies growth and success in your professional life.

Being a lesbian

If you had this dream then you need to ask yourself if you are genuinely happy with how you are. A lot of times, we tend to repress, or not even realize what we really want. 

Different Dreamers Encountering Dreams about Lesbian

 A girl dreaming of herself supporting lesbianism

The scenario signifies a change in her social circle.

The reason can be anything unique to the dreamer – a change of residential area, a difference of opinion,  etc. 

A woman dreaming of being in a relationship with her best friend

The scenario symbolizes self-doubt. 

A girl dreams of having sex with another woman

The dream is indicative of a chance encounter with someone that will develop into a promising relationship. 

This can happen either in the personal or professional sector. Regardless of that, the dream says the person will have quite an interesting personality. 

A young guy dreaming of two women having sex

The scenario symbolizes the fulfillment of his hidden sexual desires. 

A woman dreaming of herself as a lesbian and caught in action 

According to the plot, the woman needs to be cautious of her steps in the foreseeable future.

Since the dream includes getting caught, there’s a high probability that a mistake on her part will put her reputation at stake. 

A man dreaming that his beloved is a lesbian

It means he is overprotective and possessive of his lover, to the point of crossing limits. 

Who Usually Tends To Have Lesbian Dreams?

Since the majority of females believe there is nothing as feminine as being a mother to a child or children, dreams of such nature happen often in the sleep state of pregnant women. 


Whether you find your lesbian dream meaning disagreeable or not, remember to approach it with an open mind. 

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