Have you ever dreamed about a bloodstained machete? You aren’t alone if you relate a machete dream meaning with violence, fights, and even death. 

While your guess is correct to some extent, a machete may also convey some very good news. Possibly ones you have been eagerly looking forward to. 

Machete Dream Meaning – A General Interpretation

At first glance, dreamers usually associate a machete in dreams with negativity. But that could be wrong. Because a machete dream meaning can be either good or bad depending on the dreamer and how he or she perceived the knife in waking life.

Indeed, the presence of the knife may represent frustration and conflicts in the family, social circle, or workplace.

In some worst cases, a machete can also augur a separation from a loved one due to misunderstandings and a lack of communication. 

Also, it can reflect your severe animosity towards someone or something. 

But not every scenario featuring a machete is an ill omen. Some could bear positive messages, especially regarding love and relationship

The cutting tool can also imply the need for you to break free from your so-called structured routine life. 

Machete dreams can also be associated with your personality. While a few scenarios may underline your strength, others could be the subconscious urging you to fix some of your traits. 

If there’s someone or someone you genuinely like, the machete is a sign that you will grab it before it slips through your fingers, even though it means resorting to sneaky ways. 

On the other hand, a machete may signify your curiosity about what’s unknown to you. 

A Dream Of Machete – Some Scenarios

For a detailed understanding of the dream, you can refer to the interpretations of some of the most common dreams related to a machete. 

To see a machete in a dream

Generally, a machete symbolizes deep-seated anger and animosity, probably towards someone. 

That said, do not instantly relate your dream with such negative emotions as your dream interpretation depends entirely on the context – what exactly happened, who was present in the scenario, etc. 

Since a machete is used to cut through undergrown bushes and plants, a dream about it can also signify the need or your ability, depending on you, to cut off blockages and limiting beliefs that holds you back from success. 

From another perspective, a machete can also mean someone is refusing to show you his or her vulnerable side.  

Buying a machete in a dream

In this case, the weapon is the higher realm encouraging you to have confidence in yourself and your abilities. 

To dream of using a machete

If you used a machete, it shows that you are furious about something and need to let it out somehow. 

Carrying a machete in a dream

According to the scenario, you need to let go of something in the waking world. Carrying a machete may also symbolize anger, aggression, and destruction.

Holding a machete

Because of a reckless decision, you made earlier, you will soon encounter unfavorable circumstances one after the other. 

What has happened cannot be undone. What you can do from this point onwards is to think about how you can reverse the unfortunate events that have been happening to you. 

From the relationship point of view, holding a machete is an ill omen foretelling a potential separation. 

Getting attacked with a machete

The scenario symbolizes loss and failure in your professional life. You will soon get the results of a poorly made decision. And according to the plot, you might even see yourself on the brink of bankruptcy.

Killing people with a machete

Though the scenario looks sickening, the plot augurs positivity, especially regarding love and romance. 

Cutting plants or trees with a machete in a dream

According to the dream, perseverance is one of your greatest strengths. In the face of difficulties, you do not try once or twice and give up if your efforts show no favorable result. 

Instead, you choose to persist and push yourself until you overcome the obstacles.

Rusty machete dream meaning

You could be mentally, emotionally, and physically drained if a rusted machete appears in your dream. 

If that resonates, consider taking a break, rejuvenate your mind and body and bounce back with fresh new ideas and enthusiasm. 

Spiritual Meaning Of Machete Dreams

On the spiritual level, the appearance of a machete warns you of possible conflicts and fights with friends and family. 


Therefore, a machete dream meaning is generally associated with negative emotions, conflicts, and violence. 

But do not let the horrifying nature of the plot stop you from digging deep into your dream. Because contrary to your expectations, there might be a pleasant message waiting for you to be unraveled. 

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