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Pigeon Dream Meaning – A Complete Guide

Pigeon Dream Meaning – A Complete Guide

Updated on Mar 14, 2023 | Published on Apr 29, 2021

Reviewed by Katina Tarver, MA (Mental Health and Wellness Counseling) , Life Coach

Pigeon Dream Meaning - A Complete Guide

Pigeons hold an important place in the dream world. Pigeons in dreams are a sign of happiness, peace, fertility, transition, and love.

It tells you about the parts of life that need your attention and things that need to be healed to grow. Like pigeons have the freedom to fly in the open sky, the dream represents that you are free to express and be more of yourself.

Do you want to know the detailed meaning of your dreams? Let’s find out the meaning according to your dream situations.

Pigeon Dream Meaning - A Complete Guide
Pigeon Dream Meaning – A Complete Guide

Pigeon in Dream : Common Meanings 

Pigeons are the sign of divinity and peace. The dream means luck, good news, and commitment. Also, tells you that divine powers are working in your favor. 

Pigeons in the dream appear because it can be a change, need to learn a lesson, or rectify something in life. Pigeons bring a message of joy, happiness, love, peace, positivity, devotion, beauty, faith, and sacrifice. The situation you see yourself in the dream tells about the state of mind or psyche. 

Pigeon dream holds deeper meaning related to the different aspects of life. You can understand it by examining the emotions, feelings, and details of the dream. This is how your subconscious mind communicates with you. The pigeon in a dream is a reminder of a change awaiting you.

Like pigeons easily adapt to the changing environment and go with the flow. The dream about pigeons signifies that you need to adapt some traits that will help you to improve your relationships. Let’s understand the common meaning of pigeons in dreams. 

1. Commitment

Pigeons are good luck and hold significant meaning in occasions like marriage when the couple releases the dove as a sign of commitment. The pigeon in dreams could mean that you have a fear of commitment that is holding you back. Take this as a sign to work on your relationship by putting in work like communicating more effectively and building the trust.

2. Peace

If you are worrying about something lately, the pigeon in the dream tells you to have faith. It is the symbol of peace and serenity. This is time to surrender and focus on things that you can control rather than obsessing over things that are out of your control.

3. Nurturing and Protection

In many cultures, Pigeons are symbols of nurturing, care and protection. The pigeons appear at the beginning of a new phase in life. Moreover, it means prosperity and good fortune. The dream symbolizes that you need nourishment and care. And it’s time to let go of all the worries as everything will be okay.

4. Freedom

Pigeon in a dream symbolizes freedom and openness. The dream is a way of telling you that just like pigeons you are free to choose the life you want to live, express yourself freely and see how it makes you feel. Also, it means having space to grow and do things according to yourself without restrictions.

5. Messenger

Pigeons are known to carry messages from one place to another. If you have spotted a pigeon in your dreams, your spirit guides may be trying to communicate with you. Be open to receiving wisdom and guidance. 

6. Good luck and news

Dreaming of pigeons is a symbolism of good news and fortune. They symbolize luck in love and relationships. If you have seen yourself killing or catching a pigeon, then it is not a good omen. Pigeons bring good luck and exciting news with them. It can be a marriage proposal or promotion in a job. 

Pigeon Symbolism in Dream 

Pigeons in a dream symbolizes peace, harmony, protection, freedom, and wisdom. The dream about pigeons indicates your problem and the possible solution.

Pigeons in the dream symbolize peace and harmony. It represents the gentle and kind attitude of a person. The tranquility of pigeons indicates creativity and freedom of speech in dreamers’ lives. The behavior of the person towards the pigeon indicates their character. For instance- if you are trying to kill a pigeon in a dream, it represents that you are unhappy to see someone growing or envying someone at work due to their creative nature.

Pigeon symbolizes your strong social skills; you are not the person who will shy away in conversation. You can easily interact with people and adapt to the new environment. Also, you can express yourself freely in front of others. And your authenticity attracts people and allows you to connect more.

The pigeon is a symbolism of compassion, and the birds do not harm other creatures. Likewise, the pigeon in the dream symbolizes that you are compassionate towards others. They assure a great level of care and love. Also, the dream denotes your peaceful and helpful nature.

Overall the dream of a pigeon symbolizes the Strong mental fortitude that makes you invincible at the time of adversity. If you are feeling stuck or facing difficulties in life, the dream about pigeons symbolizes living life freely and opening yourself to try new things without restrictions. 

Different colors of Pigeons in Dreams and Their Meanings

1. White Pigeons Dream Meaning 

White is the color of peace and purity. The white pigeon in a dream symbolizes a wedding with your loving partner or the start of a new relationship. Also, the dream indicates that you are at peace with yourself.

The meaning of dream may differ according to the situation. If you have spotted two white doves in your dream then it represents reconciliation in the family. You may be affected by the disputes, and the dream is an indication that this will come to an end soon.

Whereas if you have seen more than two doves in a dream it means that you are going to receive good news and an unexpected opportunity coming your way.

2. Black Pigeon Dream Meaning

Dreaming of a black pigeon implies misunderstanding with your partner. It is not a good sign, and it means that something unpleasant will happen in the future. As it’s uncertain, the dream implies that some things will change in your life. It can be related to finances or the death of someone in your family or close to you. 

Altogether, the dream indicates misfortune, grief, and despair in your life.

3. Grey Pigeon Dream Meaning

Grey pigeon in a dream signifies confused feelings and insecurity. The dream represents your state of mind and inability to make decisions related to life. It shows that you are unsure about your work. You are likely unsatisfied with your current job. Exploring new things and challenges will help you to discover exciting things in life.

Moreover, the grey pigeon also signifies the arrival of guests at your doorstep. The visit will be for a short time, but it will be a surprise and enjoyable time.

4. Blue Pigeon Dream Meaning  

A blue pigeon indicates misunderstanding in a relationship. Metaphorically, blue pigeon in dreams occurs when you are going through a heartbreak or chances of possible heartache in the future.

5. Brown Pigeon Dream Meaning

Seeing a brown pigeon in the dream denotes that you need to be grounded first if you want everything in your life to go smoothly. Grounding helps in having clarity and better connections with people and yourself. Also, beware of splurging your money on unnecessary things. The dream indicates that you have to make difficult choices in the near future. 

The choices can be related to the change of job or stepping out of a relationship. Your choices will determine the quality of your life.

6. Yellow Pigeon Dream Meaning

Yellow pigeon in a dream indicates a marriage proposal from your companion. It’s time for celebration and expressing love to your partner. In addition to the dream meaning, the pigeon represents some unexpected news or information coming up. In general, the dream foretells about surprises and unexpected outcomes.

7. Pink Pigeon Dream Meaning

The dream of a pink pigeon represents the beginning of a new relationship or going on a date. 

8. Multi-Colored Pigeon Dream Meaning

Dream of a multi-colored pigeon signifies new romantic acquaintances. It is going to be a pleasant experience.

9. Red Pigeon Dream Meaning

Red is the color of love and symbolizes passion, power, and a new beginning. The dream of a red pigeon indicates a harbinger of love. You may feel a hurricane of strong and stormy emotions. Along with feeling ambivalent. E.g., Experiencing romantic feelings alternating with scandals.

10. Green Pigeon Dream Meaning

The green pigeon indicates forgiveness. If you had the dream of a green pigeon, it symbolizes forgiving someone who has mistreated you. It is the time to sort out past quarrels and move ahead in your life.

Pigeons in Dream: Various Types and Their Meaning

11. Dream of a bunch of pigeons

Have you seen more than one pigeon in your dream? If yes, then the dream symbolizes gossiping in your waking life. The dream is warning you about the spread of fake news or information. It’s better to maintain distance from Such people.

12. Dream of a dead pigeon 

Dreaming of a dead pigeon can be scary, or the dream may leave you upset. If the spouse dreams of a dead pigeon, it represents the fear of separation from their partner. It can be permanent or temporary. The separation can be due to a lack of commitment or trust in a relationship. However, if you have killed the pigeon in a dream, it indicates change and marriage.

The ordinary meaning of the dream is fear or change in life. Look at your dream context closely to have a detailed interpretation.

13. Dream of flying pigeon  

Birds in general, represent freedom and guidance. The dream of flying pigeons represents change and rebirth. It may be possible that you are feeling stuck in your job, relationship, or other situation. The dream indicates that you need a change and explore different things to open up your horizons. 

The alternate meaning of flying pigeon signifies joy and comfort. If you have children, then the dream indicates that you will provide everything they desire off. Your children will be grateful for the life they have due to the hard work of their parents.

14. Dream of a pigeon in your house

Houses represent happiness, safety, security, and comfort. The dream about pigeons in your house means that you are worried. The house in the dream denotes your state of mind. 

And pigeon in dream represents your thoughts related to children, partners, or other aspects of life that are important to you. 

15. Dream of pigeons in the nest

Nest is the home for the pigeons, and dreaming about a pigeon nest is a sign of loyalty in friendship and relationship. This dream is considered as positive as it signifies that good people surround the dreamer. If the pigeon has chicks, it symbolizes a need for protection from the male member of family or friend.

The nest in the dream represents home. To know the clear meaning of a dream, you need to remember the dream context clearly. If the nest in the dream was hostile, it implies that you are concerned about a family member.

If you are reaching for the eggs of a pigeon, it means taking advantage of women

16. Dream of white pigeon in house

The white pigeon is a symbol of peace, purity,  love, and loyalty. Seeing a white pigeon in the house means happiness and spending quality time with family. A white is also used as the symbol of peace at the time of war. 

17. Dream of killing a dove 

Doves are the innocent creature that symbolizes purity and peace. If you had a dream about killing a pigeon, it means that you deny the truth. The dream represents that you might be finding it difficult to resolve conflict. It is a sign of peace and trust. It’s better to trust your spirit guide to take care of matters rather than trying to take them into your hands.

Also, killing a pigeon represents an argument with a friend or family member. You may hurt them by your actions or words. It’s better to think twice before you say or do anything to avoid regrets in the future. 

18. Dream of wounded dove

Dreaming of wounded or sick pigeons represent difficult times ahead. The dream is a sign that you will receive unpleasant news in the future. It’s better to be mentally prepared to handle such a situation.

19. Dreaming of a white dove while sleeping 

White doves are a sign of a new beginning, love, peace, fidelity, and luck. The dream symbolizes falling in love with your partner. 

The dream symbolizes love. You and your partner will fall in love again. You may feel like meeting your spouse for the first time. It will improve the quality of your relationship and get you closer. Many people may assume that your relationship is perfect due to the newly ignited love.

 20. Dreaming of pigeons In House

The pigeon in your house is a sign of change. The change can be related to personal or professional life. You could likely take a trip with your loved ones. If you have seen a pigeon resting on your shoulder, then it signifies the arrival of a new member in your house. Moreover, if you have spotted the pigeon on your window sill, it means good news awaits you.

The pigeon in your house represents your feelings towards your crush, and you may be finding it difficult to express yourself. However, you also desire to see their reaction.

21. Dream about feeding a pigeon

To have a dream of feeding a pigeon denotes that you need to be aware of sharing your thoughts or secrets with people. As they may use it against you or tell them to others by exaggerating them. 

22. Dream of freeing a pigeon from the Cage

Having a dream of freeing a pigeon from the cage can be liberating and evoke positive emotions. In contrast, the dream signifies that you have to distance yourself from your loved one for short periods. You may sacrifice your relationship to make them realize their dreams. It is not going to be easy, but this change is necessary. Also, you will not be able to witness the success of your partner in front of you.

23. Dreaming of catching a pigeon

Trying to catch a pigeon can be difficult, and it’s a common dream to have. The dream indicates that you are looking for something for a long time, and now your search will end very soon. Catching a pigeon means you are finally going to receive it. 

Furthermore, the dream means it’s been a long time that you are trying to express your feeling to your loved one or your partner. However, your efforts are going in vain. The dream of catching a pigeon is a good omen. And you will finally receive attention and love from your partner.

On the contrary, the dream of catching a pigeon denotes that you will be settling with your partner after a marriage proposal. The situation will move quickly. If you failed in catching the pigeon, it denotes frustration, and there are high chances of breakup or heartbreak.

24. Dream about kissing a pigeon

The dream of kissing a pigeon signifies a romantic relationship shortly. It will be a short relationship. You are someone who loves freedom, and in relationships, also you like to have your own space and freedom. Besides that, you feel sorry whenever you hurt someone, and your freedom is always your priority, and you like to preserve it.

25. Dream of holding a Pigeon in Hands 

Holding a pigeon in your hands is such a wonderful feeling and makes you feel happy inside out. Holding a pigeon in the dream implies your desire to achieve great things in life. The Pigeon is a good sign and you will experience joy in the foreseeable future.

26. Dream of shooing pigeons away  

The dream of scaring pigeons away symbolizes your bad attitude towards life. The dream indicates that due to this attitude, you have to face difficulties in life.

27. Dream of seeing both black and white pigeons

The dream of seeing a black and white pigeon in a dream indicates your mixed feelings. The black pigeon signifies misunderstanding in a relationship, whereas the white pigeon is the sign of love, peace, and purity.

The interpretation of dreams depends on the pigeon you saw first. In general, the dream means that you will have a healthy relationship, and it can turn into a mess or chaos later.

28. Cooing Pigeons in Dream Meaning

The dream of cooing pigeon signifies respect and understanding in relationships. Also, you will settle with your partner soon. It is a good sign symbolizing happiness in life and relationships. If the pigeon in the dream flies away, it means you will deal with heartbreak. Nevertheless, the breakup will be mutual and peaceful.

 29. Dream of a pigeon bringing a message in an envelope

Pigeons are known as messengers that bring news from loved ones. The dream of a pigeon bringing a message in an envelope is a good sign. This dream indicates good news from your loved one with whom you haven’t talked for a long time. Expect the news to arrive on the same day of the dream or in the coming weeks.

30. Dream about a Pigeon sitting on your hand or shoulder

The dream of a pigeon sitting on the shoulder implies trust and support from your partner. The dream is a representation of your expectation from your partner to trust and love you.

31. Dream about pigeon attacking

Did you have the dream of a pigeon attacking or pecking you? This dream must have left you scared or puzzled. It means that you are going to face some troublesome situation due to someone. The dream foretells that the person will push you into a problematic situation instead of apologizing for their mistake.

To understand the meaning, consider which body part was attacked in the dream.

32. Dream of an injured pigeon

To dream of an injured pigeon means consequences of your bad deeds. The dream is a sign that it’s time to pay off for your actions. It might be possible that you have spread negative news or rumors about someone, and now they are aware of your action.

The dream is warning you to avoid speaking negatively and not involve yourself in such matters that may lead you to troublesome situations.

33. Dream about pigeons eating bread

The dream about pigeons eating bread is a sign of good luck and wealth. It symbolizes good business, as luck is on your side. You will be earning a good income from your work.

34. Dream about pigeons fighting for food

The dream about pigeons fighting for food indicates frustration and competition.

It is an indication that you may land up in pointless discussions that will lead to quarrels. Also, such discussion with your partner may lead to breaking up or fights.

35. Dream about eating pigeon’s meat

Pigeons are the symbolism of freedom. To dream about eating pigeon meat represents your desire to have freedom and express your creativity. The dream implies that you are in search of inspiration to create a masterpiece or a literary piece. 

36. Dream about a flock of pigeons

Have you seen a flock of pigeons in dreams? The dream signifies your desire to be free and live life your way. It might be possible that you are not satisfied with your current relationship or job. As a result, you want to move out of it and live to the fullest. 

If you have recently encountered a pigeon in your daily life, the dream meaning is more superficial in that scenario.

37. Dream about a rock pigeon or homing pigeon

Dreaming of a rock pigeon or homing pigeon implies your desire to return home. Moreover, it means that you feel homesick and want that comfort and homely feeling to make you feel good.

38. Dream about baby pigeons

To dream about baby pigeons is a pleasing dream. It signifies that you will meet with the love of your life, which will be a fateful meeting. The chances are that you are going to have a family and raise children in the foreseeable future. 

39.  Seeing pigeon poop in a dream

The pigeon poop signifies wealth and fortune. The dream suggests that you will be making quick bucks. You should pay attention to the conversation around you or any business talks that can be fleeting. It is essential to be aware and mindful of your surroundings. The business idea can strike you all of a sudden.

40. Dream about pigeon racing?

Dreaming of pigeons racing in the dream represents a race at your workplace or in life. You have to prove yourself to win the project or work endeavor. The situation demands feedback and data from others.

41. Dream about tame pigeons?

The dream of a tame dove symbolizes peace and harmony in the life of a dreamer. It is a sign that you have a good understanding of the people around you. You are wise with your words and understand the situation. This quality of yours makes you an excellent conversationalist.

42. Dream about pigeons falling from the sky

Dreaming of pigeons falling from the sky can be a frightening dream. It is a bad omen, and the dream indicates that you will hear some bad news shortly. The news can be related to something you have been planning for a long time or an event getting postponed. 

It will be an unpleasant situation that could upset or hurt you. Don’t overthink about the situation and deal with it with courage. There is something better waiting around the corner.

43. Dream about white dove flying

If you are currently thinking that someone will slander you and it’s going to affect your reputation. Then, the dream of a white pigeon is a good omen. It means you have a good reputation in society and people trust you.

White doves in dreams are symbolic of harmony, tranquillity, and rebirth. A new phase of your life may be about to start.

44. Dream about pigeon pooping on your car

Pigeon poop is considered a good omen. It will bring good luck to the dreamer; popping on a car represents a safe and peaceful journey.

45. Dream of others catching pigeons

In your dream, have you seen others catching pigeons? If yes, then the dream indicates you have a secret admirer. The person is from your surroundings and praises you a lot. It could be possible that the person is afraid to accept it, as one of you has a partner. 

The dream foretells that you can identify the person if you pay attention around you. The decision is in your hands; make sure to make the right choice and balance the situation smartly.

46. Dream of others holding pigeons in their hand

Seeing others holding a pigeon in their hand means beautiful moments ahead with your loved ones. You may spend quality time with your daily or go on a romantic dinner with your partner. It will bring you close to each other, and if you are single, it’s a sign of the beginning of a new relationship.

47. Dream of others feeding Pigeons

If you have dreams about others feeding pigeons, it represents business success. It is the time to shine as your hard work is going to pay off.

48. Seeing a pigeon in a dream by an unwed person

If you are single and have the dream of a pigeon in your house, it means marriage proposals. Also, it is a sign that you will have a love affair, and your partner may propose to you.

49. Dream about male and female pigeons

Dreaming of a male and female pigeon is a symbolism of a long-lasting relationship. If you are single, then the dream means falling in love shortly.

50. Dream about a pair of pigeons

You can easily intercept the meaning, as the pair means couples. The dream is related to relationships. The two pigeons in a dream indicate a healthy love relationship. The relationship will build on trust and understanding. Also, you will have good relationships with your friends and family. 

51. Dreaming of throwing any object on a pigeon

If you dream of throwing something at a pigeon then, it means slandering a woman. Also, it can be a secret action performed behind your back.

Philosophical and Spiritual Meaning of Pigeon in dreams 

Pigeons are the symbols of peace, harmony, transition, fertility and purity. They are known as the messenger between two worlds. Your spirit guides may be trying to communicate with you through the pigeon symbolism. Therefore, you need to look at your dream closely and analyze the meaning according to the feelings, emotions, and context of the dream.

So, the next time when a pigeon appears in your dream, take it as a sign of peace, clarity, and a new beginning & change. Everything in nature is interconnected, and it is constantly trying to communicate with us through signs, dreams, and other means.

Pigeons dream meaning in different cultures

Biblical meaning of pigeon in Dreams  

Biblically, Pigeons in dreams are a symbol of protection and guidance from your angels.  Also, it is a message from a higher self. Pigeons are used as spies in wars and bring peace and harmony. The famous story when Noah sent the bird to see the flood level to find land and the dove bought an olive leaf. 

The pigeon in a dream signifies that you should open to receive as it might be possible that your angels are trying to communicate with you. Noah used the birds to communicate with god.

According to Christianity, the pigeons are the messenger of God, and they carry information and joy, peace and mercy with them. Also, some beliefs say it indicates death in the foreseeable future. 

Pigeon Dream Meaning in Islam

In Islam, seeing pigeons in a dream represents that Allah is answering your prayers, have faith, and keep going.  The pigeon in a dream is a symbolism of a trustworthy messenger and honest friend. If you see eggs of the pigeon, it indicates to your daughter or female neighbor. And the eggs in the nest are a sign of a women’s party.

Pigeon Dream Meaning in Celtic Tradition

In Celtic culture, doves are companions of Venus – the Roman Goddess of Love and known as God’s oracle. The dream about doves means peace and protection for all living creatures. The dream highlights the need for healing. 

Pigeon Dream Meaning in Native America

In Native Americans, the pigeon symbolizes love and uses them in the ceremonies as a sign of peace, joy, and love in life. The doves are a sign of forgiveness and fertility. In Native Americans, doves are associated with longevity and a connection with the holy ghost or spiritual component.

The meaning of the dream depends upon the dream context 

For eg- According to native Americans, the dove in the dream could mean unhappiness, grief, and sorrow. If you have caught the dove in your dream, you may make new friends or get married.

The dream context plays a significant role in interpreting the accurate meaning of the dream.

Pigeon Dream Meaning in Hinduism

In Hinduism, the pigeons are associated with the god of death, Yama. The dream is not a bad omen but is associated with change, well-being, and courage.

Chinese Meaning of Pigeon in Dream 

In China, the dream about pigeons is associated with the change, growth, and balance in the dreamer’s life. The pigeons are connected to the Yin and yang energy. Chinese associate birds with the changing season. Therefore, the pigeon in the dream means a new beginning, hope, and positive energy.

Pigeon Dream Meaning in Occult Tradition

In Occult tradition, pigeons, coo is the symbolism of bad news related to death or something hurtful. Seeing a pigeon in a dream is correlated with mourning or a stressful situation.

For instance- The dream of a pigeon could mean that you need to work on your relationship else it can lead to a breakup or fight. You need to focus more on family relationships to assess the severity of the Situation.

Questions to ask yourself to interpret the dream about Pigeons 

The Pigeon in dreams conveys a message through a different situation, color, actions, and other details of the dream. But there are some vital questions that you need to ask yourself to have an idea about the message that the dream wants to convey. Let’s find out the meaning through these questions-

  1. What were you doing with the pigeon?
  2. Color of the pigeon?
  3. Was the pigeon in your dream alive or not?
  4. Where was the pigeon sitting? Is it your hand or someone else or whether it was your house or nearby places?
  5. What feelings did you experience when the pigeon was around you? Were you sad, happy, anxious, scared, or calm? 
  6. Were you talking with the pigeon or did the pigeon was trying to talk with you?
  7. Do you remember any other detail like the dream background, people around you, or any action performed? 

Connect the dots and try to interpret the meaning. Take what resonates with you and leave the rest.

Parting Thoughts

There are times when we lose ourselves in the chaos of work, daily chores, and other activities. 

It is essential to return to yourself once in a while to connect with your higher self and understand yourself deeply. The dream presents certain aspects of life that you might be taken for granted. It is a way to grab your attention and make you think about what is missing or what needs your attention.

You have all the answers within you. You just need to spend some time with yourself, ask questions, live by your values, and be aware of your surroundings. As the universe is always trying to connect with us in some way. Like the pigeon in a dream is a good omen, and going in-depth will provide you clear meaning.

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